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on January 6, 2008
I took the plunge on 10x50's after reading a compelling article on the Cornell Ornithology website.

These Nikon Action EX 10x50 binocs are unusually well-crafted for a "low end" product. Their optics are sharp and bright, even at dawn or dusk. Their eye fatigue index approaches 18. Their ergonomics and controls are rugged and smooth. Most of all, the wiggle you'd expect from 10-power binocs are rarely a problem here because the frame is lighter than most products in this price-range. Indeed, without a harness or monopod, you can watch a Bald Eagle fish the surface of a river for a quarter-mile and not miss any of the action.

While I use these primarily to view raptors at distances of 500+ feet, they focus very clearly at 27.5 feet, too. Whatever the distance, the view is bright, the colors generally vivid and the detail superb.

That is not to say that Leica wouldn't produce a superior product; but at a fraction of the price, nearly 50% off retail, they are wonderful. Keep a pair of 8x42 binoculars on-hand, especially if songbirds are your passion; but if you expect to do some long-distance viewing, these Nikons are a sensible buy.
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Since it looks like Amazon is consolidating several of the Nikon Binocular reviews into one, this review is for the Nikon Action Extreme (#7245) 10x50 Binoculars. I wish Amazon didn't do this since the specs are much different between the "Action" and "Action Extreme" models. ...Anyway, the Action Extremes are very good binoculars. They are not the best you can buy, but you can buy much worse. Actually, there is only one thing that keeps me from giving the 7245's a 5 Star Rating. The optical coatings could be better. The binoculars suffer from some internal reflections when used under difficult lighting situations, such as viewing a bright object like a full moon. The optical coatings are better than your average binoculars, but not as good as some other models. Most of the better ones will cost much more though. During normal circumstances though, the 7245's shine. They have excellent edge to edge sharpness and clarity. I have no problem seeing very fine detail at far distances. All in all, I give them 4.5 stars.

Moderately priced.
Waterproof and fogproof.
Rugged construction.
Excellent performance under most conditions.
Long eye relief (17.2mm).
Good accessories.
25 year limited no fault warranty.

Optical coatings could be better.
Slightly heavy.
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on May 12, 2007
I bought the Nikon Action 10x50 binoculars to replace an old "no name brand" pair my father gave me 30 years ago. I didn't use the old ones regularly until we moved to the Gulf coast. The old binoculars were in sad shape so I ordered the Nikon. Wow was I surprised. Bright, clear view, true color, I didn't know binoculars could work so well. The EX Extreme is easy to focus, easy to adjust and light enough to carry around all day. The case that comes with them doesn't provide much protection I'll be looking for something better for travel. I'm looking forward to taking them on my next sailing trip.
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on February 29, 2012
Wow, what a difference in todays binoculars. My 6x32 Bushnell and my 7x35 Tasco that are both over twenty years old don't hold a candle to this one and I don't think they should but wow, what a differnce. I purchased the 7245 model but wanted the 8221. The reason why I didn't get the 8221 is because it had less reviews and had a few 1, 2, 3 scores. The 7245 had nothing below a 3 score and there were only a three of them. I listed their complaints below. In addition, the 7245 recieved the best viewer award.

One person stated that the lens cover over the big lenses were to loose and could fall off to easy. Mine snap in place and you can hear and feel the snap. Others have complained about the eye cups being cheap. I found they were firm and solid but the rubber to me feels a little hard and could be softer. I found no problem keeping the object in sight holding the glass free hand so the 10 magnification factor isn't a problem and glad I took these rather than the 8x42 though with the excellent reviews it was tempting. One person wrote that they bought the 8 power for their brother and didn't want to buy two of the same thing but was concerned that with the 10 power the view would be shakey. He stated that he was glad he went with the 10x42 and had no problems. I took his word for it and I am glad I did but I went one better by going with the 50mm lens instead. Boy if he would have gotten these I bet he would have been even more shocked with the view.

The 7245 binocular is somewhat heavy but it is solid in construction and has a beautifull clear view. The pad on the nice neck strap might help make up some of the differnce in discomfort around your neck. I had problems finding the dial to change the diopter value but after reading the directions I found that they no longer have a lens that turns like a screw like my old glass and it now has a little bar that slides. The bar is faster and easier to adjust. The glasses came set at 0 from the manufacture so I really didn't need to adjust it but you know I paid for it so I wanted to see it work.

I can't believe how clear these are and the big field of view close up and at over 1,000 yards. I am going shooting this weekend and I will compare the veiw with targets at 500 yards against my spotting scope and my range finder and I will post the outcome. Right now, I don't see where I would be disapointed in my purchase.

One note. The warranty says that you need to write down the serial number from the glass on the card. They didn't mention where it is located at and I am not sure I have found it.

Why buy Nikon rather than the others. Save yourself alot of time. I researched for hours trying to determine which brand to get after reading all about the different types of lenses, magnification factors,construction, lens coatings and to gas or not to gas. It came down to this. The only unit I found with a no fault warranty for 25 years. Everyone else is 2 or 3 years at best and they only cover workmanship and quality of product not morrons that drop thier glasses or fall alot like me. In addition one person wrote that Nikon replaced their binocular. Their warranty states that it is their descretion to repair or replace at equal to or better. Sounds good either way to me.

03/03/2012 update. Went shooting with the 7245 today. 22lr holes no problem to see in target at 25 and 50 yrds. Beyond that you cant see them but it is not a spotting scope. Looking at the target 500 yards away you can see the 2 inch orange dot. I am really pleased.
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on January 30, 2009
I have a fair amount of experience with good optics as an avid amateur astronomer. I have a Meade 10" SCT GPS telescope that is used on a regular basis, as well as an 8" reflector scope and really appreciate quality optics. I needed a pair of relatively decent binoculars to use around the rural property I live on.

After extensive research and shopping, I settled on the NIKON Action Extreme 10 x 50. The waterproofing was a nice, and important bonus. However, the real pay off is in the bright, pure image that these glasses deliver. Very little edge distortion, practically no corona, excellent color transmission, and very easy to hold. Focus is smooth and sure. The diopter adjustment actually works (as opposed to not working at all on lesser glasses), and again the images are crisp and rival much more expensive binos. Great field of view and good eye relief round out the long list of attributes for these binoculars.

One very minor complaint concerns the objective lens covers. You'll have to modify them somewhat to make a strap system to permanently attach them to the bino strap. Nikon includes some slots on the covers to temporarily attach the to the strap, but it's not a permanent solution.

All in all, you really should buy these. Stay away from anything less.
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on August 3, 2011
These binoculars are just amazing! I have 2 other brands of binoculars and they don't even come close to these. I looked at my wifes garden in the back yard at some flowers that she has growning and they actually looked like they are in 3D. I gave the bino to her to look at and she said the same thing. This bino is clear and sharp! I couldn't imagine paying five or ten times more money for a different pair and getting anything that would be five or ten times better. I wouldn't go any stronger than 10x just to keep them from moving around so much. I was going to buy the 12x Nikons and I'm glad that I didn't! Buy these and you won't be sorry that you did. These other reviewers that don't give 5 stars for these must have problems with their eyes! These are a keeper!!!!
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on October 12, 2011
I'm very pleased w/my 7245 Action Ex Extreme 10X50mm All Terrain Binoculars. The view quality exceeded my expectations. I purchased these based on other customer reviews, brand, quality & ease of use, price, and shipping choices. Prior to my purchase, I was using my grandmothers opera binoculars. It just means they were ps-poor for bird watching.

My bird feeders are about 20 feet from my window, and my eyesight is bad. So with my All Terrain Binoculars, the birds look like they are sitting in my hand 5-6 inches from my face.

I now have been able to identify a bird that hung out around the trees on my apartment complex all summer long. That bird had the most pretty song I had ever heard. It was difficult to identify anything with my grandmothers binoculars. However my new binoculars I bought on enabled me to identify a "Lark Sparrow". I didn't know there were some many genus of "sparrows" until now.

I did take my time shopping and comparing different brands from different websites. Then took several days to think about my purchase. One drawback for shopping for a product like this online is you can't check out the view.
The reviews and product specifications did not do justice on what 10X50 meant. Besides the time I spent reading up on binoculars, I had still had to depend on the reviews and cross my fingers in hopes I wouldn't have to return them because the binoculars were a disappointment.

I finally came back to when I decided on my purchase. Price was an issue for my budget, and had a ruling factor in my selection as well. My binoculars were about $135, and I feel I got a good deal because shipping was free for 1st class mail. Prices on binoculars at name brand stores were much higher compared to I have never had a bad experience dealing with
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on March 15, 2006
Although I don't have a lot of experience with good binoculars, the Nikon Action Extreme has impressed me with its quality, image brightness, field of view, and image sharpness. It's a fairly large binocular and will tire your arms after extended handheld use. An excellent value for the price.
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on January 7, 2009
A quantum leap up from even name brand binoculars from the big box stores. This is a great deal.

I knew I wanted big binoculars to add to the two (I thought) adequate, smaller binoculars I'd used for outdoors. I knew I'd use them everyday from the house to watch wildlife, and only infrequently use them on the trail. Once I'd looked through the Nikons, though, I haven't picked up the others and know that I'll wear myself out carrying these around rather than sacrifice clarity and brightness by using smaller binoculars.

Remember that the closest focus on these 10 x 50s is about 17 feet. I stand back from the window to watch birds and squirrels close to the house. A squirrel 20 feet away pretty well fills the field of vision.

At this price, buy them. You might want a harness to steady them and spread the weight around if you'll be carrying them a lot, such as when hiking, or looking through them for a long stretch. They are heavier than smaller binoculars, as you might expect, but that's the trade off to consider when buying binoculars--magnifying power, brightness and clarity of vision versus weight and bulk.

Also, if you're a neophyte to binoculars (or, like me, already know how to do everything and thus tend to ignore the directions or anything you can't figure out on your own), read the directions and use the diopter. Embarassingly, I only just started using it when I got these. Maybe I never would have noticed the difference on the binocs I've had in the past, but I certainly notice it in these excellent units.
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on June 14, 2011
Before I purchased these I did a lot of research on binoculars and the objective metrics that distinquish good binoculars from run of the mill binoculars: both roof prism and porro prism. I use them primarily for deer hunting in woodland and mixed cover and Coyote hunting. I tried several pairs in the $150. to $250 dollar range and the 10 x 50 Nikon Action Extremes had better image quality by far than Barska, Redfield, Bushnell, Leupold and several other brands in side by side comparisons, plus, they are waterproof.
The clarity of the image was comparable to high end Stiener and Svarski(sp). What I found to be truly astonishing was the light gathering ability of these binoculars. In the periods after sunset and before dawn these binos turn dark blobs and shadows into distinct, identifiable shapes. Everyone I have shown this "night-vision" to is amazed. I suppose if was spending hours glassing long distances in bright light the $3000.00 binoculars would prove their worth, but I don't and The Nikons are perfect for what I do.
As Porro Prism binoculars they are larger and heavier than comparable Roof Prism Binos, but I felt the trade off for durabilily and optical alignment was worhtwhile, particularly considering the indelicate way I would be using them. I use a hiking stick/monopod/gunrest to help me stabilize them when I want to scope out an area for more than a few minutes. They are one of the most satisfing purchases I have made recently.
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