Customer Reviews: Nikon COOLPIX S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 12x Zoom (Red)
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on February 14, 2013
I recently got the camera at a local store; although, it was cheaper at Amazon, I needed it right away.
After going through all the cameras in my price range; I found that this camera has features found on much more expensive cameras that I was looking at.
Its compact size makes it easy to carry around. The ability to take good quality pictures as well as Full HD video eliminates the need to also carry a video camera.
The camera has several shooting modes to select from such as Portrait, Panorama, etc... Pictures look realistic, they are sharp and the colors are vivid and natural. The image stabilization helps take sharp photos; I found this especially useful when using the zoom for long distance.
As they claim, the pictures at low-light are very good, much better than I expected. At my daughters dance show, they allowed the audience to take photograph without flash. The pictures and videos came out real good considering the distance that I had to zoom and the low light.
The built in HD video camera (CMOS) recording quality is very good. There is a separate button to record videos. You can also pause the video recording so you don't end up with a bunch of short clips.
The camera has editing features to do things like lighten skin tones, whiten teeth, whiten eyes, reduce dark circles beneath the eyes, and apply a blush-like effect to cheeks.
With the built-in wireless you can quickly send your pictures and video to your smart phone, tablet, etc... to email them to your friends and family, or post them online. This beats having to take your memory card out of the camera or plug the camera to a computer to share your pictures. You are also supposed to be able to control the camera with your smart phone; however, I haven't tried that yet.

Options for Image size: 16MP - 4608 x 3456, 8MP - 3264 x 2448, 4MP - 2272 x 1704, 2MP - 1600 x 1200, VGA - 640 x 480, 16:9 (12MP) 4608 x 2592
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on June 6, 2013
I bought this camera a week ago at Costco. It is $159 (after $40 rebate) with 8gb card and leather case. I got the red color, as it is nice, and "different" but not as bright as the orange. I was replacing my Nikon Coolpix S5200 (I believe) that had the touchscreen (horrible). I had bought it in March at Costco for the same price as this, but it was horrible....

Anyways, I haven't used the camera that much, but so far I am impressed with the pictures I have taken. The speed could be faster, from wake up to processing between photos' but I don't want to be too picky.

I wanted to explain the WiFi as I couldn't find that much information on it before purchasing....

If you have a Iproduct (Phone, Pad, etc), you download an app from the App Store called "Wireless Mobility Utility". You go to the settings on the camera, and you turn the Wifi on, it starts "searching". During that time, you go to your I"product" and you go to your Wifi Settings and choose "Nikon Coolpix" as that is now your Wireless "hot spot". (you can do this anywhere, you do not need to be near any other wifi hotspot). You open the App and you can either use your I"product" to "take a picture" remotely (great for family shots, but the camera still has the 2 second and 10 second timer mode), or you can View the photos on your camera, and upload them to your iproduct instantly. It is GREAT!!!! There is no need for any special attachment for your ipad/phone to insert the SD card (I already have this, but won't need it now).

When you are done, you turn the Wifi off on the camera, as it is a battery suck, and your wifi on your iproduct goes back to whatever hotspot you were usually using for uploading to social media, or whatnot.
review image review image
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on April 4, 2013
Overall this camera has lived up to what I expected from it. It is a very good camera for a casual photographer like myself. Awesome optical zoom (I'm amazed by what they can fit into the slim cameras nowadays). It takes amazing pictures. And it does really well in low lit areas.

My only complaints are that you have to charge the battery while it is in the camera, and the WIFI capability drains a lot of power when used.
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(Edit 2/2015): The price of this camera has dropped quite a bit since I originally wrote this review when the camera was still new. Given the low price now, my review might come across as overly critical. I still like and use this camera. My main critique had to do with the misleading WI-FI feature. It seems to be (partly thanks to reviews like this one) that this is more well known now. I think that this camera at the current price is a very good deal for what you do get. If you want a camera with true Wi-FI it is going to cost you, but there are some nice ones around now such as the Samsung Galaxy's. (end of update)

If you want to buy this for the wi-fi feature, dont bother, or at least make sure that you understand what this feature really is.

I wanted a wi-fi capable camera. I saw this one and was drawn to it's name. The word "wi-fi" is prominent right there in it's name, appearing even before the word "camera".

Nikon COOLPIX S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera.

That's why I was disappointed to learn what that really means (or rather doesn't mean). No you can't use this "wi-fi" camera to shoot pics and upload them to the net, cloud storage, social media or anything like that at all. You cannot connect this wi-fi camera to your home network or any network, let alone the internet. What Nikon means when they say "wi-fi camera" is that it connects to your smart phone and then you can transfer pics to it wirelessly. In a sense that sounds something like a Bluetooth connection, but If I wanted a camera with blue-tooth I would have shopped for a camera with blue-tooth. What this does is turn into a "hot-spot" that you connect your smartphone to just as you would browse for routers or hot-spots and connect to them. You just connect to your camera instead.
This is how it is supposed to work in theory any way, but I have yet to be able to actually connect my Motorola Droid 3 to the wi-fi camera. If that sounds like a wi-fi camera to you, then you might not be dissapointed (or if you don't care about having a real "wi-fi camera."

I'm not reviewing the rest of the camera since that is done well enough by others here and on the photography sites. Yes, it's small, cute, stylish looking (I chose the orange color which is quite nice) and takes great pics especially given it's size and price. I want this review to strictly highlight the wi-fi issue. Another thing to be aware of is that it is very small and might even feel awkward for some, so I'd suggest a hand-on at a brick and mortar store before purchase. Yes it deserves more than 3 stars on the camera itself and I am partly to blame for not thoroughly vetting this before ordering (the low price-point had a lot to do with that and admittedly that in itself should had tipped me off. I feel though the harsh deduction is justified given the labeling "Wi-Fi Camera" and lack of clear information on just what that actually means.
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on December 9, 2013
Although the zoom is great I did have a problem when the camera 'froze'. I was turning it on and off quite a bit while on a tour. It got quite warm. You probably should turn it on and leave it on. I had to remove and reinsert the battery to recover.

I reported it to the maker and was told to check the memory card to see if it is was the correct one and to check to see that the software was current. The memory was the correct one. The software was one level down from where it could be. But, getting the memory upgraded is not just a matter of plugging the camera into a USB port and downloading it into the camera. Evidently you have to buy a device that lets you plug a memory card into it in order to upgrade the software. It also seems to be a very technical process.
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on August 5, 2013
I bought this camera for some trips I was going on. It replaced a camera I had with 3x zoom and 8 mp. First I used it at home to try it out. I took pictures with this camera and my old one of the same trees, car and sky. This camera blew my old one out of the water. THe pictures were crisp, clear and the zooming was amazing even close to its maximum zoom. The only problem I had was that I didn't change the scene to "beach" before taking the pictures of the sky. Once I did that, they were awesome.

Now for the best part. The wi-fi. I took the camera to work becasue a co-worker needed some pics for a project. I took the pictures then realized that I forgot the USB cable. So I synced it to my iPhone and transferred the pics. Then I emailed the pictures from my hpone. It was so easy! I also used it on my bicycle with a bike mount for a Go Pro like experience and it worked perfectly! (bought the camera mount on Amazon)

Now I am no way near a camera expert and don't even know what the mechanism is that makes the lens zoom in and out (don't judge me) but it seems like if anything were to break, it would be that. And if it does, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. My final recommendation would be that should you buy this camera, you spend some time getting to know it. I have found that some of the negative reviews would not be quite as negative if the people who boughtthe camera could navigate it a bit faster. I hope this helps!
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on December 27, 2013
I had several issues with this camera, some were with the design. But ultimately it just stopped working after 2 months and I had to return it. Lucky for me I bought it at Costco and they have an excellent return policy. I'll admit I didn't do much research before buying this, as I needed to get it fast before leaving on vacation. It's been a few years since I've bought a digital camera so now I know what to look for.

For starters, there's the Wi-Fi feature. The camera creates a mini network or hotspot that your phone or tablet can connect to, and you use an app to transfer photos. This worked ok, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I was more hoping to connect to the camera similar to a network drive (smb protocol). What really annoyed me was the app on my tablet transferred all the photos at a lower resolution than they were taken. Being on vacation, I was hoping to transfer photos and make room on the camera, but not deminish the quality in the process.

Second annoyance is the proprietary power connection on the camera, which is not micro-USB. Not only does this mean you have to bring this specific cable along when traveling (I'm already bringing micro USB cables for my phone/tablet), but there are two slots side by side on the camera this connector will fit into, the other being a mini HDMI (I think). Many times I've fit the plug into the wrong hole. I'm not sure if this is what ultimately contributed to the camera not working.

There is no tightening clasp on the wrist strap. Seems like such a simple little thing, but my Canon Powershots always had them. So if you're walking along with your camera in hand, you can't rely entirely on the strap to keep it secure.

Picture quality could be very good, but could really suck too. I didn't have it long enough to experiment with all the settings, and you need to play around with it a lot before you want to capture those fleeting moments that really count.

No GPS feature. The phone app will "add" a location when you transfer the pictures. Unfortunately this is usually many miles and days away from where the photo was taken, so what's the point?

No share with Facebook or email. This is what I was really expecting with a WiFi-enabled camera.

The camera finally stopped working. I could plug it in and charge it, and the green LED would then on, but no response when pushing the power button, plugging into a computer, out pressing the play button to review pictures. So back it goes.
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on March 20, 2013
First, I am not a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures of my grandchildren and the outdoors. I had been looking for a camera that would give me sharp, crisp pictures and I have finally found this in the Nikon S6500. Even when usng the zoom. the pictures are great. Kids are never still when trying to take pictures and this camera catches every moment.

Yes, this is a great camera and I would recommend that you at least try it.
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on April 16, 2013
I really enjoy being able to add different effects to my pictures right in the camera. I especially like the painting one. The camera takes fabulous photos. Small enough to fit in my jeans pocket.
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on April 5, 2013
Bought this for my husband after months of comparing digital camera features. HE LOVES IT! Easy to use, fits in your pocket, and the photo quality is amazing! The zoom feature is truly awesome. Can't wait to take this baby on the road!
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