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398 of 422 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2012
I am and always have been skeptical of buying digital cameras. This is the cheapest entry and also one of the newest from Nikon that has a CMOS sensor rather than a CCD sensor. Let the argument go on who is better. When the lighting is sun light, the Nikon shines and creates wonderful photos. Low light, of course, is a typical offender of ruining a good picture. If the flash is used, most of the time it does a good job to make everything look natural and not "over-toned" in anyway or display odd contrast properties.

I think this is a great product and really sells itself when you view the information offered on Nikons web site.

5/14/2012 UPDATE : The flash stopped firing. I went through the reference manual and played out all scenarios in which the Flash should fire and it is not. The flash has been deemed defective my Nikon and I have been granted a return authorization. This is upsetting but I hope Nikon can give a quick turn around with my camera or just give me a new unit all together. I really do enjoy the camera when it works!

5/24/2012 - 6/12/2012 UPDATE : I finally got the camera back from Nikon, parts hold made it longer than normal. I was quoted in 7-10 business days I would have the camera back and that was not true. 13 business days and a whole lot of horrible communication. I would never buy a Nikon product after the customer "service" I received.

When my Canon scanner broke, without hesitation, they sent me a new scanner and said stick the old on in the new box and attach the pre-paid shipping label. Said it would take 5-7 days and it arrived in 2 days. Canon > Nikon in customer service department.

2/1/2013 UPDATE : Camera still works, takes great pictures, has great battery life. I cannot say a terrible thing about the camera when it works. Yes it was annoying after it broke shortly. Yes, Nikon was over the "scheduled" time period of replacement, but it works now and still takes great pictures. They made this one cheaper, recently, so it is even a better buy unless technology did a 180* in some other direction I am not aware of.

7/27/2013 UPDATE : Camera still taking great pictures, great battery life, great quality shots when the lighting is there. The only thing that I dislike is what I believe to be the most common fault of all point and shoot cameras which is the low light level pictures tend to lose a bit of quality. Sometimes the automatic color picks the incorrect filter but can you really blame the device when light bulbs come in so many different temperatures now a days? I have three different temperature light bulbs in my house, some share the same room and it can throw off the auto colors, a few quick and painless button selections and you can choose your own color filter to make the picture match the natural colors you are trying to capture. During close up shots, the flash can be a bit over bearing but rarely does this happen.
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on July 16, 2012
I bought this camera with great expectations on photo quality and image capture options. Here goes feedback

Pros :

1.Photo Quality : It is upto the mark. Great photos can be captured . Photos can be zoomed in and edited with great clarity.
2.Camera Menu Options: It provides wide range of image capture options with plenty of scene selector modes.

Cons :

1.Battery performance : It is disappointing to see that a fully charged battery can capture only 120 photos. I thought the performance will improve after first few days charging but later realized that it is not very great.
2.Cannot access camera when it is charging. It is very frustrating.

3. Most important one : My Camera is getting hanged every now and then , I need to remove the battery to make it work again. I am not sure is it a fault in my camera only or with all S6300 , need to contact with Nikon to check what is causing this problem.

Hope this will help to make better decision.
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130 of 143 people found the following review helpful
on May 2, 2012
The quality of the photos is amazing. The flash does a great job of taking quality images in low-light, so well that the image looks completely natural. The camera can take consecutive photos relatively quickly and the battery lasts for hundreds of photos.

The camera is a perfect size, is very portable, and takes amazing pictures (they also look very sharp when printed). The zoom is good and the image stabilization feature is excellent. Nikon truly makes great lenses and digital cameras, and you can't go wrong with the Coolpix S6300.
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59 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2012
I have had this camera for about four months. My final verdict is I love it and here is why.
1. It is user friendly. I was able to figure out how to use it without using a guide. Will except for the formatting of my SD card, I had to make a service call for that one. (Service rep was friendly and helpful) The camera took two good pictures when I first got it, then froze up, and would not take any more pictures. I came to find out it used all of its internal memory and since my SD card was not formatted the camera had no were else to go. Once I formatted my SD card it worked great.
2. The options. I like the fact that I can choose to take 16 mb picture down to VGA quality picture. It does the same with the video. It has about 6 different video/ picture gradients to choose from. The fun features it comes with is well just "wow". I love the sepia and all the different scene shots. I Love the continuous shooting options. I do have more trouble getting crisp pictures from this, though.
3. The video is so amazing. I can hardly believe, that I own a point and shoot camera that takes video at such an amazing quality. It still blows my mind. I almost think the price of the camera is worth this feature alone. And recording is so easy just hit the record button. Love it, absolutely love it.
4. The auto focus mode. It takes really good idiot proof pictures. Not the auto scene mode just the plain full auto mode. They are Crisp, vibrant and everything I want in a picture
5. 10x optical zoom main reason I bought the camera. It works great.
I researched this camera heavily before I purchased it. The battery system is not a problem for me because, [...] I made this purchase on amazon at the same time. I now have three batteries and really good recharger.
Yes this camera can take terrible pictures. I have taken some, but I would like to know of a camera that doesn't. All of my bad pictures, I blame on me the photographer and not the camera. But one of the short comings of this camera, that I have noticed, is that I have gotten a lot red eye shots with the flash. I did not expect this and have not made the verdict if it is me or the camera, because in my research others have gotten great flash shots without the red eye.
Bottom line this camera has met or surpassed all of my expectations and was worth every penny I put into it, and I gladly recommend it to anybody looking for a good point and shoot camera.
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99 of 112 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2012
This camera is wonderful. It is simple to use, takes great pictures and is very compact. The zoom lense is easy to use and close up pictures are very clear. When the pictures are printed they are sharp and crisp. I would buy this camera again!
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37 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2012
I bought this camera about 2 weeks before my brothers destination wedding. I had looked at numerous cameras before I chose this one. I wanted with 10x zoom on it. I like this camera a lot, and it was very easy to use, considering I was not able to test it out before I left on my trip. I broght the manual with me, just in case I needed to know how do do something, and I never opened it once. The only con I would give the camera (and I am still not sure if its a con) because I need to use it more, is the battery life. My battery died during my brother's wedding ceremony, when I needed it the most, and I had to run back to my room to charge the battery. That might be also because it was the first time I has used the camera on that battery charge. But that was my only downfall on this camera. I might update this in a few weeks after I use my camera more.
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56 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on May 2, 2012
I bought this camera for my trip to the UK and let me just say it was a great choice. I've only purchased Sony cameras so I was hesitant to switch to another brand but I'm glad I did. The photos turned out wonderful, colors were vibrant and details were excellent. The zoom is great and pictures still turn out awesome even zoomed in all the way. The only issue I have with the camera is that it lags and takes few seconds to record the picture. Overall, I am happy that I decided to make the switch and I highly recommend this camera.
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31 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2012
The only negative I had read about the camera was a few owners complained about the lens protector getting stuck half opened, received the Nikon one day before a two week trip from LA to Florence OR up US 1. The camera was great for the first 5 days. Picture quality is excellent and the variety of different modes is outstanding. On the 5th day, the lenses protector jammed half opened. Most upsetting. Stopped and ordered a new camera to be delivered to our next stop. Love Amazon. Later in that day, I turned on the camera again and the lenses shutter remained half opened. I poked my finger nail in between the lenses and cover and poof, the lenses shutter opened and has worked perfectly since then, about 30 days so far. So, order the camera, use it, enjoy the 10x zoom, the panorama, various settings and brilliant picture. Make sure you have a manicure before your next use and you will have no problems.
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78 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2012
This Camera and all the following series have a defective lens mechanism. The gear to pull out and contract the lens has a defect that makes the camera unuseful. It has happened to me with two cameras of the same type. The first I bought did not work since the first time, it was replaced and after six months of use, the second camera broke down too due to the same defect. After calling to different repairing companies, all of them commented that this defect is common in this cameras and the spare parts to repair it can take long time to be supplied.
Although the pictures are great because of the color capture, the zoom and the wide focus range; this defect makes this a dispensible camera.
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53 of 66 people found the following review helpful
on March 27, 2012
Wonderful item. Worth the wait (pre-release purchase) and so worth the money! The size and shape make it easy to hold, and it has many features that I am still learning how to use.
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