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on May 6, 2012
I'm sure I either have a bad copy...or some of the reviewing users here haven't put it through it's paces.

My problems:

1. S9300 will not lock focus when zoomed at or near it's maximum.
2. Selecting one of the Auto ISO ranges...125-800 ISO causes the camera to select very low shutter speeds, so that even with vibration reduction, if you are shooting people, the imgages are soft...appearing OOF...out of focus. (Unacceptable for this price range.)
3. The facial recognition feature, if used on anything but faces...will most often select something other than what you want to focus on...and since this is a menu driven feature, if you're switching between sceens, like at a birthday party, it's a pain to use.
4. Generally speaking, the images leave a lot to be desired across the board. And, this is the general consensus of online reviews...rating the camera a "C" as very average. I have to agree.
5. Portrait mode is way too cool...and there is no way to adjust the color temp in any mode except Auto. Or from the menu when in Auto...again, for the price, this is unacceptable.
6. And this is a biggie...I have lost confidence in the camera's ability to capture the shots that I want.

I tried to like it...I shot over 200 images...and very few were keepers. I had a Canon Elf S600...and it took better images than this model...and the Canon S600 is 4 years old.

I have called Nikon and asked for an RMA and am returning S9300 for a refund. Bottom line, for $349.00, this camera is a poor to average performer...yeilding good to mediocre images.

I don't disagree that if you are outside in bright light that it takes pretty good images...but, still not up to my expectations for the price tag.

I cannot in good conscience recommend this camera to friends or anyone else.

Like I said in my opening statement...I may have a bad copy. These are just my findings on the copy that I received...

Not a happy camper here...

UPDATE: Going on vacation soon and wanted a better point and shoot. Purchased the Nikon P7700 compact point and shoot. I am thrilled to say that this is more like what I was looking for when I bought the S9300. There are lots of external controls...more is better...such as a thumb wheel to adjust your exposure on the fly...way cool.

Image quality is first rate at this price point($399.00.) It is bigger than the S9300 and doesn't have the zoom range...but it does zoom optically to the equivalent of 200mm. Nice.

Just check out the P7700 here at won't be sorry.

I see Nikon has yanked the S9300 and replaced it with an, reviews weren't bad for current S9300 owners. I wonder if Nikon will be offering a discount on the new S9500, if you send in your S9300.
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on April 10, 2012
Bought this camera since i lost my canon powershot sd900. I only buy canon products but since nikon has been advertising the heck out of their products i thought i give it a chance. Overall this camera takes awesome photos. The in camera features are great as well. My only problem is that in order to review your photos you have to turn on the camera you just can't press the review button. When you do take a photo it takes forever for the preview to disappear. You can either have it on or off. With canon it gave you the option of 1,2 or 3 second preview. The last thing is that the flash is in an awkward place but as i was looking at the canon website every company is going to that format. I would recommend this camera to someone though.

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on April 19, 2012
Being a happy user of Nikon dSLR's and also my camera of choice for most stuff, there are still certain benefits in a good compact. My last compact being an olympus, which was a very disappointing experience. All the nikons I have owned in the past have always had a good build quality so that's what swung it for this one. When I purchased this camera it was brand new to the market so there was limited reviews but mostly positive. The Lumix zs20 nearly got my money as it is also a fantastic compact with similar spec but i'm a sucker for the nikon brand so I took the plunge. First impressions were that it is smaller then I expected, which is a good thing to me as that is the point of a compact right. The build quality seems good as do the ergonomics. Have taken a few hundred shots with it and am very impressed. Low light shots are particularly good with very low noise. The 18 x zoom is silent, quick and very smooth with decent optics, my only complaint being that at the maximum reaches and the camera being so small it is hard to hold steady enough for a sharp image but that is probably the issue on any small camera with a long lens. Great glove box or travel camera that can be recharged from anything with a USB. Very pleased with it so far.
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on April 9, 2012
I bought this camera to use as a point and shoot camera when I didn't want to carry my SLR. Given that I have been so happy with my Nikon DSLR purchase, I thought I would by happy with this purchase. The design of the camera is terrible and the flash is located in a terrible place that is very inconvenient. The biggest problem that I have though is the fact that this camera takes mostly blurry pictures. I would think the idea of a point and shoot is that you can grab it out of your bag and just take a picture. I recently took a trip to colorado and took a bunch of pictures only to find that most of them had awful color balance and were extremely blurry. I really couldn't be more disappointed in my purchase and I am going to try and figure out if I can return it.
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on April 30, 2012
I had this camera for 3 months of light use, when the lens mechanism failed and I had to ship it to Nikon for service. It has been on "Parts Hold" for 3 weeks, and any attempt to get more information or request a simple replacement has been impossible. The person you can talk to knows very little and will not forward you to someone with more authority to help. The company seems to care very little about customer satisfaction, and I am worried about the overall quality of this camera based on the early failure of the lens system. Also, why does the Nikon service center have to wait for weeks to get parts from Asia? It seems at least one other reviewer on this site its having the same experience. I doubt that I will ever buy another Nikon product. Oh, by the way, the picture quality is OK. Chris Snyder
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on April 14, 2012
So I bought this camera 6 months ago and have used it steadily ever since. I've been a photographer for over 40 years and its a good quality device.
There have been no failures and I've had relatively little trouble learning to use it on the fly. (Although I admit I used the instruction manual once!) I've used the camera in below zero conditions in the snow, backpacking, in low light, in the rain as well as in bright sunlight. It performs excellently in all conditions, giving good crisp and clear photos. Of course, this means that you've actually taken the time to compose the shot ahead of time. No camera will compensate for poor set up. It has never froze, or given me an error message.
As with any new camera there are some things you have to learn to do differently. I've adjusted to the fact that the flash pops up under where I usually put my left index finger and never think about it.
I'd recommend the camera as a good all around camera.
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on April 19, 2012
The camera was good for the first two months, but then the lens jammed. I sent it to the Nikon Service center, where it has been for a month waiting for a part. Nikon now tells me they expect the part in 3 more weeks. 7 weeks for a part for a new camera? That makes no sense. I asked to talk to someone about a replacement or some alternative to another month without, but was stonewalled at every turn. This is my last Nikon, that is for sure.
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on July 1, 2012
I bought this in May of 2011. Within 5 days of getting it, the lens failed and I brought it to an authorized Nikon repair person in Warwick, Rhode Island. He determined the lens was defective and was replaced, finally, under warranty. It took about 6 weeks for the replacement parts to come in. Then this spring it stopped working again so I returned to the same shop and this time he says it can't be fixed. He does not sell cameras so his word is believable I think. He has done work before on my DSLR Pentax, so I know he does good work. He says he is always disappointed in the reliability of Nikon point and shoot cameras. He says to buy a Canon SX and I'll be happy and it will never need repair.
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on December 11, 2012
First thing, I purchased this camera not in Amazon but I found one store in my area that is cheaper with extra stuff with it. However, Amazon did gave me enough information to decide which digital camera I will buy to add to my photography pieces. I owned Canon DSLRs and I don't like Nikon DSLRs but I am surprised by this camera handled the way I want it to be, point and shoot, portable and it gives me freedom to adjust my photos just "like" my DSLR. I took several photos in every angles in comparison to DSLRs and there are few things that it doesn't have that edge in comparison to DSLR but it has the ability to mimic the DSLR. I like the Nikon Coolpix S9300 because the controls are "easy" to navigate unlike those expensive digital P&S camera that you only paying for its name but the quality isn't.

Second, if you decide to buy a digital camera, take this instead. A little heavy, sturdy [unlike those ones that are made of light plastics], you need a tripod if you use to zoom in small or distant subjects so there will be no shaking, battery is acceptable, lots of features that you will like. Geo-tagging or GPS is nice but I'm not a concern about it because what I'm concerned are the photos I take.

Lastly, if you compare digital cameras from one to another be sure to compare resolution, sturdiness and quality of the camera because most of us like to keep it longer and serves us best.
review image
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on July 23, 2012
I bought this camera specifically for a trip to Scandanavia, read all the instructions and did what I was supposed to. No matter what mode I set the autofocus in I got blurry faces. I tried Autofocus Mode in Single AF and Full Time both. I tried AF area mode on Face Priority, Auto, Center and Subject Tracking. All my pictures with people in them are blurry. Scenery shots are fine.

What a disapointment ! A $350 camera that I ca'nt count on. My daughters $120 Canon takes better pictures without any fuss.
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