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This is actually a Nikon S9100 Nikon COOLPIX S9100 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 18x NIKKOR ED Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full HD 1080p Video (Black) specially made for BestBuy's loss-leader deal for Black Friday 2012 ($99) which you can also buy today as long as they still have some in stock. The only difference is Nikon tweaked the optical zoom down a bit--but other than the zoom being a little shorter, the cameras are the same.

There's nothing at all wrong with this camera, I'm surprised at the ratings, but some people buy these not knowing how to properly take a photo. I was reading some of the reviews for this camera on BestBuy's site and determined some people post reviews that know nothing about cameras and shouldn't be rating them. I know, we all have to start somewhere....I paid my "ignorance dues" in 2003 when I got my first digital camera. It seems most are complaining about blurry photos when they aren't allowing the camera to focus. (press shutter button halfway, wait for the beep and the green dot, then press the shutter fully). And above all, read the MANUAL!!!

This is a fine basic point and shoot camera for the ridiculous price of less than $100. Quality build, takes excellent photos outdoors (most do), indoors good as long as you use the flash-otherwise some things can be a little noisy, but for the most part, good. Good battery life, acceptable shutter response, ok HD video and a CMOS sensor! You really don't need more than 12 MP, especially when the sensor size in most of the cameras in this range (and even into the $400-$500 range) is small itself. Some complain about the manual pop-up flash, but I am liking this more and more on my recently purchased cameras -- YOU choose when you want the flash, not the camera where it may overexpose your shot.

I bought this ahead-of-time for a relative's upcoming birthday, but decided to test it first before wrapping it up.

You will need extra memory, this is a good card to use and it's inexpensive:
Transcend 8 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS8GSDHC10E)
(No, you don't need a Nikon card, I even spotted a reviewer on BB's site giving this camera 1 star because he/she couldn't find a NIKON card for it (sorry, but I wish I had a shaking-head icon to insert).
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on December 26, 2012
Pros: Features (truckloads of them), does not touch up photos, great range of focal length, reasonable low light performance, flash does not flatten out colors in the picture
Cons: Image Stabilizer is slow, focusing system is slow
Others: camera is bigger than normal, has sturdy build and is easy to handle.

That means that the lens quality is good, and photos have good detail. Camera won't touch up right after the snap, so you will feel that photo quality sucks. If you open in a laptop or take a print out, you will be definitely surprised with the quality, detail and its closeness to real life colors (almost all Sony cameras seem to touch up the picture to enhance colors while the picture is being saved).

Camera has touch up options built into it. The number of modes is stupendous and needs you to read documentation. Give yourself time get used to this camera or to read documentation. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

I have owned it for almost a month now, went on a vacation and have used it for Christmas gathering.

I would have given it 3 stars if not for its low light performance, which I believe is reasonably good for a travel camera. You can employ the flash without the risk of flattening out the picture.

I got this for BF from BestBuy, so got it for a good deal. I probably will not spend more than hundred and fifty for this one.
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2013
I've had Nikon cameras before and I really like the make. User-friendly, Good optics, always.

The camera itself is heavy for its size, but fits well into the hand. My former camera, a Fuji was bulkier but lighter, because of the plastic components, some of which fell off....., so I respect the heft of this Nkon Coolpx S9050. The controls a-aplenty are for me to learn about and get used to. The manual that comes in the box is good for starters but there is a 200+ page manual online that IS quite comprehensive. There also is software. I have yet to install it, as my puter is a used one that I bought for $200 so I don't hold any high hopes for this process, but will get back to this review after I attempt to install the software.

The Nikon Coolpix S9050 is a winner with me. It is compact, fits in a pocket, and replaces my faithful 9 year old Fuji (and its identical twin, which was a workhorse, but had some plastic parts (the same ones) that literally fell off both after a while).

The only thing I need to get in duplicate will be the charger. No batteries in this Nikon to replace, so I can't carry any spares, which is what I'd do for my Fuji, but I don't want to get caught with a low system when I'm not home.
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on August 9, 2014
No matter what the setting, what the lighting, what the subject is IMPOSSIBLE to take a photo in focus.

The video is not bad.
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on January 26, 2013
This camera has many options and it records HD video (1080). Going to get straight to the point in my review. Read many bad reviews about the picture quality. Thought I'd take a chance because for the price, you get many options. Bad mistake. In "auto" mode, you expect a great picture. With this camera, maybe 35 out of 50 pictures were decent. I also own a Canon DSLR camera and wanted a small point and shoot for those quick shots and so I wouldn't have to lug around my DSLR all the time. I have a baby on the way and needed something I can pick up real fast to take a quick shot and be confident in the quality. With the Nikon S9050, I believe you can get that quality you want but you have to mess with the settings, as it has many. For me, if I want to mess with my settings to get a great picture, I'll use my DSLR. With my DSLR I can get an AWESOME picture. With a point and shoot, I wanted a GREAT picture. Sadly this model didn't give me that. I purchased at a local merchant and returned it the very next day.
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on February 26, 2014
I love this camera. I use it all the time. Learn how to use your camera. Read at least the basics! Know how the picture taking button works! Learn how to let the camera focus. Also learn when to use the flash.
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on March 1, 2014
OK, I was disappointed with this S9050 when I first tried it. It wouldn't focus completely. I know I need reading glasses, but I don't need some little device making it worse than it is. So I kept on using my Panasonic zs19. But I kept trying to take comparison shots with the two cameras. The Panasonic beat out the Nikon. But I didn't know to change the focus setting.
Then I went in the <menu> and changed the <focus mode> to <Center Weighted> and that made all the difference. Now it focuses pretty well, and the colors are very good. Focus time is pretty fast and it even focuses on the fly without pre-focusing.
I am still getting used to having to manually raise the flash. My S8100 would automatically pop up, and the Panasonic is on the front. I do not like the flash on the S9050 because it doesn't illuminate the subject evenly ay close range, (10 feet).
I like it so far, but haven't used it a lot yet. My Panasonic is tires and doesn't want to wake up anymore, so now I have to use the S9050. 15.5X zoom is quite enough for handheld shots because most people can't hold a camera still enough at high zoom.
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on February 24, 2015
Love the camera specs vga, 595 picture storage, I love everything about this camera, except the fact that I paid for a protection plan (square trade) and have not received it yet, and now I need it to replace the one that won't work. Heck it won't even turn on. The lens goes in and out and then lens error and it won't stop when I try to turn off. I have to take battery out to make it stop. I was also told it was not a refurbished one. But it is, it says so on the box. When I purchased these two cameras they said they had to put refurbished on them because of resale. But they are refurbished. I really don't care if they are refurbished as long as they do what I need them to do. Really pictures are my working life line and I need a camera I can depend on. I paid 141.76 for both plus 29.68 for protection plan. Total for both and protection plan for both 171.44.
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on October 18, 2014
I was very disappointed with this camera. I bought it because the guy in the shop told me that for the price they were asking was the best option around with a quality only comparable with much more expensive cameras. The truth? This is the worst camera I have ever owned and the quality is really not good as a lot of the photos are out of focus. I used to have a little Sony which was around the same price but had an extra feature I like which is the panoramic photos, this camera has not. This is a camera with a lot of features you will probably never use but the most important thing in a photo which is a well-focused, well lit photo, that it doesn't deliver. Too bad I didn't try it out right away and when I had taken enough photos to really prove to myself that the quality was bad it was too late to give it back. It has been for repair for a month but it came taking exactly the same out of focus photos. Nikon said that it is normal so you are warned: if focused photos is your thing? Look for another camera! By the way, to start with I sent the photos to Nikon who told me that there was indeed a problem till... there was no problem at all! I used to be a photographer, I should know what a good photo looks like? By the way, the sofware that comes with the camera is rubbish! And don't try to make dramatic photos like a sunset as the camera will light the photo and the ambiance will be gone!
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on September 23, 2014
Takes great pictures in low light.
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