NIkon D80 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera
$1,205.82 - $1,999.00
Nikon D80 Packages on Ebay Has anyone purchased any package deals? They almost sound tooooo good to be true!
asked by T. Larson on February 24, 2007
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I've been checking out some packages on eBay as well--be sure to Google the store name. I saw "cheap" packages from Barclay's Photos and there are numerous complaints about that store (which has changed its name a few times on eBay) about calling to confirm your order and then trying to upsell, horrible customer service, slow shipping, etc. The one eBay store that looks promising is Cameta Camera. They've had 170k+ positive feedbacks, are a real brick n mortar store, have their own warranty on top of the manufacturers and their prices are also very reasonable.
C. Schwab answered on March 3, 2007
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Whatever anyone does, DO NOT BUY FROM OR DEAL WITH BEST PRICE CAMERAS .COM. They have given us nothing but the run around after having an order on hold for over 2 months. They of course had the same camera, but a much pricier package available. You aren't allowed to speak with anyone high up ever, they all treat you like crap...100% bad experience.
Kelley C. Loynachan answered on May 16, 2007
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The package deals on ebay are anything BUT deals. They get the great Nikon camera body and pair it with cheap lenses (worse than kit lenses usually are) cheap memory cards and usually a bunch of stuff that you will never need. One I saw was offering 2gb memory cards in the form of 16 64MB SD cards. Not many people are thrilled about having to change the card every 20-30 shots, but it is a great way for them to mark-up cheap stuff and move it quickly.
Surfseventy8 answered on April 7, 2007
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i bought a d80 package from digital tech and it all worked out alright. i did have to call and persist that they send me a lens that was on backorder...which they then ended up talking me into "upgrading" since i was going to have to wait for weeks for it to come. but in the end, i'm glad i upgraded. i would recommend them...but make sure you get every person's name you talk to, and tell them you're taking note of what they promised would be with the package, and you want an email confirming your conversation. i've been burned before by not getting things in writing...i know better now! the camera is awesome and i got a ton of accessories for what i paid. good luck! OH...and to 2nd what kelly loynachan said...don't go with best price!!!! i almost bought from there and i ended up backing up at the last second...and i'm so glad i did. they are rated HORRIBLY by the better business bureau...i can't believe they're still even "in businesS" if you wanna call it that. horrible company, devious people.
Chismatla answered on September 11, 2007
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I saw that website. Everything looks really cheap so I figured that there had to be a catch. So glad I got my D80 from Amazon.
Surfseventy8 answered on May 19, 2007
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There are alot of "gray market" cameras out there. Ask the seller to provide a serial number so you can see if it's a good camera. If they can't or if Nikon's website says they don't show it as "certified" then don't buy it. If you ever need the camera serviced, Nikon will refuse to do it if it's not certified for your country or obviously a knock-off.
A. Foster answered on October 25, 2007
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Cameta Camera is for real. They're an Amazon partner and have a good rep.
Marty B answered on September 13, 2007
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I checked them out on a couple of months ago and almost everyone that rated Best Price Cameras had a horrible experience when dealing with them. They do so much business through Ebay that customer complaints seem to be totally ignored by Ebay.
David G. Baker answered on December 10, 2007
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Here is the worest on-line shopping experience I have ever had with Best Price Cameras(
1-800-281-1724 ):
1. I order a SLR camera Nikon D80 on 03/25/2008 from Best Price Cameras.
2. 03/28/2008, got email from them said "Your item has been placed on
3. I called them, they told me it would take 6 to 10 weeks.
4. Every other week, I call them to check the status, I was told it took another 4 weeks or 3 weeks,... There is no way I can check the order status on-line.
5. On 06/08/2008 that is more than 10 weeks after I placed my order, I called them to check the status. The person who answer the phone said :"your order has been cancelled".
I asked:"When it happended? I didn't get any email notice from you?"
His answer was very rude. He interrupted me before I could finish my sentence:"Cancelled!!!!!!!!!! No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and hung up on me.
W. ZHANG answered on June 8, 2008
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If you want to order online, I strongly advise you to check out the sellers rating by going to RESELLERRATINGS.COM. I wanted a D80 with lens, etc. I went to this website, clicked on the Store Ratings tab, then under Browse Stores, I clicked on the link that says Ratings, which sorts the ratings. The stores with the highest ratings are listed first. I read the reviews and ordered from 17th Street Photo Supply because they had the highest rating. There was a special on at the time that was going to expire on July 6th. I ordered online on Friday, July 4th, my order was shipped out on Monday, July 7th. I received the special price with no problems, no hassels, everything was perfect. The prices were good, not as cheap as some of the others, but when I read the customer reviews on the cheaper sites, I decided to go with someone dependable, and am extremely pleased with everything I received.
Beverley answered on August 17, 2008
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