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on December 9, 2011
In the world of tactical everything and ever larger and more powerful gadget laden scopes being marketed as essential for hunting this product is a breath of fresh air. Typical Nikon quality. Light, compact and able to be mounted low. It makes my rifle look and feel like a graceful tool, not a top heavy, awkward showpiece. I have zero distortion issues as I saw mentioned once or twice in other web reviews, mine is clear and bright from edge to edge at all power settings. On one power this scope is very comfortable to use with both eyes open. At four power it's plenty of magnification for big game within the MPBR of most cartridges and shooters ethical abilities. One of the things I was hesitant about when purchasing was the unusual (to me) reticule; In the field I love it, it is definitely my new favorite scope for hunting, I would put one on all my rifles if I could afford to. The three heavy lines give a very good, fast sight picture for quick close up shots while the fine lines allow precision at higher power for longer shots. The low light performance is outstanding; I seem to be able to see more through the scope than with my naked eye at dawn/dusk. In low light situations the crosshairs remain very visible. The included flip up scope caps are nice, when I work the bolt on my rifle it pops the eyepiece cap open, which is handy. The only thing I can't comment on right now is toughness and long term durability but if it's anything like the less expensive Prostaff 2-7 and Omega 1.65-5 I have mounted on my other rifles I expect it to be tough as nails and easily hold zero through the rigors of hunting and travel with no problems. If you've been lugging a 3-9x40 set permanently on 3x through the woods for years give this a try, you won't be giving up anything but weight. I have this mounted in Leupold low rings atop a stainless/synthetic bolt action .30-06 which is my all around hunting rifle for everything from Hogs and Deer to (Hopefully) Elk.
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on June 16, 2011
This is a really nice scope. I live in a rainforest with Grizzly Bears, and I need a quick, accurate scope for low light conditions. The trees are so dense, that I only get one shot, and it has to count.
Out of the box, I love love it. She gathers light and she is really ruged. Just playing around with it, I was able to get it to come on target no mattering what my eye releif was.
After mounting her, I was even more impressed. Each time I brought my rifle up I was looking at crosshaires and a clear background. No mattering how fast I brought her up, I could see my target. In low light she was just as good as she was in in bright areas.
In the field she is sweet. She is built ruged, so I have no issues in rough terrain.
One drawback if you consider it a drawback. She is a little on the heavy side for a scope. But she was made to be strong, and I can live with that. I did not mark it down for that, because she is advertised as being a heavy hitter.
She is one sweet scope.
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on October 30, 2012
I was looking for a nice scope to add to my new Ruger M77 in .357 magnum. I use this rifle for deer hunting, varmint control, and overall just as a handy go-to rifle. I wanted a quality scope, and my general rule is never more than 50% of the cost of the rifle. This gave me roughly $300 to play with.

I've had great experiences with Nikon optics of all levels in the past, and have chosen them OVER Leupold/Weaver etc, mainly because I couldn't see the difference supposedly represented by the prices of the latter brands. If I wanted to spend that much, I'd just got for a Swarovski or Trijicon and actually get my money's worth.

I wanted something light and trim, like the rifle, and with magnification appropriate for the caliber, which with 158 grain (the minimum I would consider) my max effective range is a stretch at 150 yards, and shots at this range are rare where I hunt. At normal range (50-100 yards), on deer/wild hog/varmints, 4X is more than adequate for this caliber/configuration. After getting my hands on one of these, it was love.

With this scope on 4X @100yds I'm shooting 1.5" with wally world 158 Federals (with a pistol round!)

Realize something before you buy... this is designed and marketed as a "dangerous game" scope (that is, moving targets, possibly moving your way with the intent of turning you into poo)... as such it is designed with an amazing field of vision, especially for it's small objective, and on 1X this scope is the nearest to "zero" magnification that I have ever seen in a 1-4 power scope.

I also recommend setting your focus on 1X, both eyes open (proper open sights technique, aside from what grandpa told you)... focus on an object 15-20 yards away, and bring the rifle up... adjust the focus a bit, drop the rifle, do it again, over and over, until you notice no difference (distortion) in the focus between your free eye and your scope eye as your scope moves into your FOV.

I covered the focus with my scope caps and haven't touched it since. This focus has carried well for me up into 4X. Scope has been very clear, bright, light gathering is excellent, cross hairs are sharp and clear, and I love the way they turn gold against a dark background. it definitely lives up to the "Monarch" tag IMO. Which brings me to my last point...

There are several bad reviews by others on this particular item, read them, and realize as I did that THEY NEVER EVEN MOUNTED THE SCOPE TO A GUN before deciding it wasn't good enough. I suspect the manual is also still folded and crinkled up, never having been inspected. Again, this is a small objective scope (24mm) and as such there isn't as much room for error (in eye alignment OR focus) as a larger objective scope. It DOES require a consistent cheek weld. It DOES require proper mounting/eye relief, and lastly, proper use of the focus on the rear glass of the scope. Once you get it dialed in, there is no dark around the outside of the scope (which I also saw initially), and the eye relief on 1X is the absolute same as on 2, 3, or 4X. Focus may need to be different for different shooters, too. It is NOT like your Nikon deer scope, and in that sense it will take some tinkering and getting used to, but once you do, I'm sure you will never take it off the gun.

As for the negative reviews, I suspect either a lemon, which is more of a hassle than the fault of the scope, and no worry due to Nikon's lifetime warranty, or someone is not reading the instructions or giving the scope a fair shake. Don't listen to them, give it a try, set it up right, and you won't be disappointed.
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on January 1, 2012
As an FFL Class III Dealer I have the opportunity to personally use any scope I choose
As a long time hunter and competitive shooter I have alway been a Leupold fan...until l my first Nikon and I have never looked back
I was sick of Heavy tricked out scopes with no real world practical application except to impress your buddies.I bought a new Arsenal Inc AK 47 21-61 and topped it off with a new Nikon African 1-4x20 with German #4 reticle .Great choice. As a tactical scope for up close and personal the German reticle is awesome on 1or 2xpower and at medium yardage of 100-150 yards, incredibly clear and
Precise on 4x all in a simple,easy to use and lock in zero with no tricks or gimmicks.Excellent low light and parallax correction at any yardage.You can't do better than the African for a lightweight scope able to withstand heavy recoil.Just a simple,well made scope with Nikons usual fantastically clear optics.A fantastic buy comparable to scopes costing 6 times more!
Beats Leupold to death when comparing cost to quality and optics.I still use and like Leupold but to me, Nikon's optics are better at a much lower price. Nikon scopes are the true bargains of the shooting world,In my opinion.
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on November 26, 2012
Bought this scope several years ago to mount on a lever gun in 450 Marlin. Incredible clarity; can truly shoot both eyes open at 1X. This scope was designed for heavy recoil, up close applications so it was perfect for the punishing recoil of the 450 Marlin round. I like it enough that I'm buying a second one to sit atop my 300BLK AR build. I looked at the Leupold VX-Hog, but could not swallow having the words "Pig Plex" written in the reticle. The Nikon African 1-4X is all business, and has never had a hiccup or needed an adjustment after >100 rounds of 450 Marlin (if you've ever shot the round you know that's a tough test). I am a big fan of Nikon scopes in general, and this one is my favorite.
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on August 25, 2010
Having owned several of the Buckmaster series of scopes, and noting the increase in quality of the optics over the Prostaffs, I thought I could look forward to the same when I purchased a Monarch scope. Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, this is not the case. The scope showed very heavy distortion at the edges, with only average clarity. Even the Prostaff line doesn't suffer from such awful distortion. I was so disappointed with the optics in this one, I never even mounted it.
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on February 7, 2014
The Nikon Monarch 3, is the scope I received. This is the same scope as the older "African", so it all worked out just fine,
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on October 2, 2014
One of my favorite rifle scopes
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on May 16, 2012
To much distortion at 1x. spend a little more and get the loupold. I have many Monarchs, but this one is just ok, not the great nikon Glass i am used to
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