If you have used both Nikon D5100 and NEX 5R, how do you compare their overall imgae quality?
asked by Mohammad on November 6, 2012
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Hi, I used the Nex5R and the D3200. I like the images from the D3200 more, richer color tone and sharpness. In particular, I think Nikon handles skin tones better. I love the Nex5R camera body functionality, but the kit lens is a bit disappointing; the D3200 comes with better kit lens. If you don't mind the extra bulk and weight, D3200 is better value for money than Nex5R; if you can wait, then wait for the Nikon 5200. The D3200 however is just 4fps, and slower autofocus than Nex5R. Otherwise, if you're still considering the Nex 5R, I recommend waiting till Jan. for the new 16-50mm lens, which will be smaller, and maybe produce better images.

If you're going with D3200/D5200 or any SLR, expect to carry a tripod or at least a monopod esp when you use long zoom lens like 55-200 or 55-300; you'll get sharper pictures. Whatever camera you choose, get the fastest SD card you can get; I use sandisk 8gb with 95mb/s and works great, makes a big diff shot to shot wait time.

I've given up on SLR, and Nex 5R type cameras. I'm happy with my p&s Nikon S8100, and may simply buy a superzoom like the Nikon P510 or Canon 50HS to compliment my needs for far distance pictures; I can't see myself wanting to invest so much money in any camera and plus carry all these different lens. The time you waste to change lens may mean missed picture opportunity or get dust inside the body; you can get 18-200mm lens but will cost you a fortune. if you're going to play, you gotta pay. Get good fast lens, not just any lens. Lastly, think about what you want to use the camera for before choosing a camera and what lens to get.
rj45 answered on November 22, 2012

Only hav the D3100 to compare and it is better IQ. The APS C chip on this is the same as the Nikon D7000. I hope that helps. Remember to update your firmware if you get this, it fixed a lot of issues.
Tri D. answered on January 2, 2013
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