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I owned this trash can for over 6 months and I am very pleased with it.

In case someone reads only the first few lines of this review, I'll start with the correction to the product description. At some point Nine Stars changed the design from using 4 D batteries to using three C batteries but did not update the product description (see photo of the trash can lid upside down - Photo#1). When I purchased this can and was anxious to try it out I had "D" batteries ready, but then had to rush out to get "C" batteries. Not a big deal, just FYI!

Photo #2 and #3 shows the trash can open and closed.

The outside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover on are:
28" height x 16" width x 11" depth
The inside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover OFF:
22" height x 15.5" width x 10" depth
The tall can with the lid open is 37 inches
The inside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover ON:
11.5" wide left to right and 6.75" front to back
A dinner sized paper plate of 9" in diameter can be deposited without bending width-wise, but has to angled down since the front to back is narrower than 9".

The tall can with the lid open is 37 inches
The trash bag that fits this can best is 13 gallon trash bag. My favorite is Kirkland extra lager 13 gallon Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags - 13 Gallon - Xl Size - 200 Count

The Trash Can operates on three "C" batteries. The battery compartment is under the cover. The battery compartment is easy to reach, and batteries are easy to change. The switch to turn on the Trash Can is also under the cover. Photo #1 of the Trash Can cover upside down. After 6 months of constant use the can is still operating on the first set of batteries.

The cover operates smoothly and closes well preventing odors from escaping. The Trash Can automatic opening mechanism is rather sensitive so I turned it around to face the wall so when I walk by it does not open automatically. It is still convenient to use, yet this prevents it from opening and odors escaping when I go by.

The Trash Can comes with a handy ring, which allows you to neatly tuck in the trash bag inside the can. The first time I put it on the trash bag was visible on the outside. The correct way of using the ring is to insert the bag into the ring, fold the sides of the bag over the ring, place the ring on the sides of the waste basket inside the Trash Can and tuck in the sides of the bag between the basket and the Trash Can.

The two problems I encountered are related to the batteries.

(1) Wrong size specified in description as I mentioned earlier
(2) I normally prefer to use rechargeable AA batteries with jackets that convert them to C or D batteries as needed. However the construction of the large Trash Can is such that the batteries with jackets do not make proper contact in the compartment and are ejected. The regular "C" batteries work fine.

As I was doing research on this product before the purchase, I found a comment by H.Campbell that described how to solve a problem when the lid does not fully open even after the battery has been changed. This problem was mentioned by a few people, yet the solution was hard to find and easy to miss. I am including the solution in this review so it is easier to find as several people mentioned this problem.

Resetting the lid mechanism after the battery change:

PROBLEM: The lid only opens 1 inch even after a battery change.
SOLUTION: Manually push the lid into the fully open position and then forced the lid back a little bit more until you hear two clicks from the hinge area. Release the lid (it will go back into the closed position). From there on the automatic lid opener will works like new, going into the fully open position, as before.

Overall I am pleased with this Nine Stars Trash Can. The small issues I encountered are not deal breakers. The Trash Can looks good, and opens and closes well, and still runs on the original set of batteries.

Update 6/24/14
Someone asked me where to find a replacement ring for the large trash can. I searched Amazon for "replacement ring for DZT-50-9" and found that it is being sold separately:

I am enjoying the convenience of touch-less trash can! It is like having a helpful hand whenever I need it. Recommend!

Ali Julia review

Update 7/26/2013 The trash can is still running on the original set of batteries (26 1/2 months)
Update 10/21/2013 Still running on the original set of batteries (29 1/2 months)
Update 12/1/2013 The original batteries are still good - 2 years and 6 months of daily use.
Update 4/26/2014 This week the original battery died! 2 years and 10 months on the original set of batteries. This is much better than I expected!
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on March 21, 2012
I purchased Nine Stars DZT-50-9 trash can two months ago and I already have a problem with it: the lid does not close all the way. I called Nine Star for warranty service and I was told that I have to send it to them for repair. I have to be responsible for the shipping cost, which is not trivial for an item of that size. The customer service representative was not friendly either.
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on April 15, 2011
I loved the concept so much I bought another one when the first one went on the fritz.
But plain and simple This company produces very low quality products.

The garbage can is guaranteed to break in less than a year.

There is a major problem with the circuitry that has nothing to do with "a dirty sensor" or "low batteries".
Being a technical person I spent some quality time with this garbage can after the second one mysteriously stopped working properly. I took the entire thing apart hoping for a faulty switch or a faulty wire. It's just bad circuit design.

I can get the garbage can to turn on if I discharge all the power from it and leave it for a bit. Then sometimes you can turn it back on. If you turn it off again, just by clicking the button, it will stay off until I discharge it again. That's bad circuitry. There is a control card inside, and it's pooched. Cheap garbage - pardon the pun.

Other issues: It will randomly go into a choking fit every so often, where it wants to open part way but immediately slams shut. It will do this for hours sometimes...again random... you can try "Rebooting" it, but I find the only way to get it back is to turn it off for a while, and hope that the next time it starts up it works again. Again the problem is not dirty sensors as their crappy troubleshooting would have you believe. Sometimes it randomly dies for absolutely no reason.

The concept is a great one, and I have gone through my second one in less than 2 years.
In short: Don't buy it unless you plan to throw it out in 6 months. It's a great idea, but very very poor implementation.

(PS The smaller bathroom one that comes with it has never had a problem...It's the taller upright that always seems to break.)

Good luck getting in touch with the company. They know there is an issue with these garbage cans. Many people have the same problems.
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on July 18, 2011
Description: The top and lid of the Nine Stars DZT-**-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 13.2 Gallon is of plastic construction and sits on a stainless steel body with a black plastic bottom. There is a seam which runs straight down the back of the stainless steel body and so the trashcan is not reversible. There is a plastic ring which sits inside the stainless steel body on a lip which makes it possible to hide your trash bag.

The top on the model we purchased over 5 years ago has a narrower opening than the trashcan body. (I understand the DZT-50-9 is actually a little better designed now, though, although the picture here is not of the newer design which we found on the Nine Stars site when purchasing a replacement inner garbage bag ring to replace the ring which a friend threw out unaware of its purpose.) The model I am reviewing is the one pictured here but I understand they now deliver only the newer top with the larger opening. This is good because the top's narrower opening was one of my few complaints. The other is that the top's plastic construction does not match the stainless steel body. It is not obvious as the plastic top is silver with a black lid but is noticeable upon observation.

We have had to replace the batteries about once per year during 5 years of light to moderate use and so I do not recommend purchasing the AC adapter accessory because batteries are so long-lived and the effect of cordless is a nice one. There have been two or three instances of the lid remaining open after the trash is thrown requiring the manual pushing of the close button. There were also a couple of instances of the lid not opening when hand is in proximity requiring the manual pushing of the open button followed by manual pushing of the close button. Those few instances were mostly long ago. The unit is durable and continues to work well after 5 years.

We have found this trashcan serves our purpose. My mother is hemiplegic in a wheelchair and this allows her to throw away her own trash without assistance. New guests are still surprised and kids are simply delighted to throw away their own trash. If the top's appearance could be improved it would be perfect.

So, if you need an extra hand and want a touchless trashcan this is definitely that. If you want a fully stainless trashcan, this is not that because of the top. I cannot vouch for the durability of the newly-redesigned top but can say that the top on the trashcan I purchased continues to do the job.
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on June 30, 2015
I loath writing negative reviews for products. However in this instance the after sales support for this product is highly questionable and I would steer any potential customer away from purchasing this product. A few months ago I cam home and found the trash can lid had broken - the plastic lid has a metal rod which is held in place by two flimsy plastic hinges and connect with the motor to open and close.

With the hinges gone the lid is extremely feeble and I contacted Nine Stars customer support to try and understand how to get the bin repaired - given that the lid is so fundamental to the touchless bin concept you can imagine my surprise when I was told by email, and I quote, "We do not cover under warranty the flap if broken from the hinges. This part is not electrical so it is not covered. Whether you reached us 2 months ago or 6 days after you would have received the same response."

The lid is clearly poorly designed and should have metal hinges and connectors to ensure a strong connection and have the plastic lid clip into the metal for better support. Nine Stars should have a) designed the product better or b) institute a more sensible warranty / repair policy.
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on January 7, 2016
Only buy this can if you want extra tedious annoying uncalled for work. They put a giant sticker on the front of the can that does not come off easily. As you can see by the attached photo, this is after about 20 minutes of silly work. I did not sign up for extra stupid work when I am buying a trash can for god's sake. Supplier should be ashamed of themselves, just plain dumb.
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on January 19, 2016
What complete idiot would put a giant sticker right in front now it looks like crap and I can't get it off!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to use paint thinner took forever to remove. Did anyone else have this problem?
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on April 26, 2009
I purchased this item as a replacement for my original infrared can, when a plastic gear broke after several years of use. I thought it was a direct replacement based on the picture. The item I received is a different design. The on/off switch is on the inside so it can be flush against a surface without accidentally turning it off. The opening runs along the widest demension of the can making it much easier to deposit larger items like plastic plates. Best of all, it is almost silent unlike my original purchase.
Although I could be disappointed that I didn't receive the pictured item, this turns out to be a much better design.
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on December 1, 2012
terrible! sensor stopped working in less than two months. The door opens and closes irregularly and trash smell spreads all over the house.
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on November 29, 2011
I loved this garbage can for its hands free operation until the hinges broke on the lid. When I contacted Nine Stars they told me that the hinges are not warranted and that I would have to buy a completely new unit. great concept - cheap materials
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