Customer Reviews: Ninety-Nine Nights - Xbox 360
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Now THIS is the type of game I was expecting to get on the XBox 360's graphics! It is simply gorgeous. Hundreds of distinct characters, each acting individually and with his or her own look.

You start by playing a cocky female fighter. I liked this a lot - the character, while a bit revealing in the chest area, actually wears armor and her moves are *great*. The sword trails and combos are visual artistry.

This is of course very similar to both the Dynasty Warriors series and the Kingdom Under Fire series. That's not bad at all, it's a genre of gameplay that I enjoy. If you haven't seen these games, think of the opening scene of Lord of the Rings. When Sauron is swinging his weapon, blowing away tons of elf and human soldiers on each sweep, that's what you get to recreate here.

I did find it annoying that you have to play all the way through as a character to get to start another - I'd much rather be able to choose from a roster of characters right from the beginning. Also, I found many of the names of the characters to be quite silly. It unnecessarily drew away from the game's world.

Finally, although I don't really need a huge, complex plot for games like this, at least *some* plot would have been nice. Some strategy would have been nice too. Organizing methods of attack, or who to attack first, is usually a fun part of games like this. Here, it was more just attack all, then attack all, then attack all again.

To make it worse, there's no mid-level saves. So you could have racked up incredible points, and be at minute 29.5 of a 30 minute level, and one slight distraction like "Lisa, pick up that ringing phone!" and POOF you have to start all over again.

Still, I can deal with that. The game is fun enough that I don't mind replaying a level. Getting to more characters is certainly the incentive of playing through the levels as a set. The character models are gorgeous. The animation of the actions is gorgeous.

Sure, if you're not into this style of gameplay, then there are other games you can buy. But if you're a fan of the sweeping attacks and gorgeous graphics displayed here, you'll be up for a great experience!

Highly recommended.
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on December 8, 2006
There have been some bad reviews of this game but I think they're because people don't understand what they're getting into. This game isn't Oblivion; it isn't incredibly deep. It is a "button-masher," plain and simple. It's essentially the same as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, if you like that kind of game. (The only reason MUA has gotten so much hype and bette reviews is because of the comic book fandom, IMHO.)

The game is a lot of fun despite it being repetitive. Instead of having 4 high-powered characters mashing down on one or two opponents, you have one (with backup which basically just helps hold the line) and you're slaughtering 50+ fiends at once. If you've seen LOTR (who hasn't?), you're essentially like Sauron in the first scene, hacking away at enemies and sending them flying with a few swipes of your sword (or other weapon depending on the character). I still haven't grown tired of charging into a battalion of baddies and launching them into the air and hacking my way through. There isn't any slowdown which is impressive when there are that many fiends on screen at once.

The graphics are gorgeous, I might add. This is the perfect game if you just want to sit down, not worry about how much magicka you have (or whatever else), and just slash away. It's a great "in-between classes" game for us fellow college students. It is repetitive (what "button-masher" isn't), but there are several characters to unlock, each with his or her own weapon and way of dispensing enemies, so that adds replay value to the game.

As long as you know what you're getting into with this game, ignore all of the bad hype. It's a lot of fun and I reccommend it.
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on November 18, 2006
Ninety Nine Nights is a brand new hack `n' slash action beat 'em up game developed by Q Entertainment; the company responsible for the popular portable titles: Meteos and Lumines, along with Phantagram, the developers of the critically acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series on the original Xbox, which Ninety Nine Nights unsurprisingly resembles.

It is difficult to talk about Ninety Nine Nights without mentioning the long lasting Dynasty Warriors series. While Ninety Nine Nights doesn't have the strategic elements that Dynasty Warriors so prominently featured in its latest rendition, it is apparent almost immediately that the storylines are much more inspired, and accompanied by some truly awesome looking cut-scenes. The strength of the fantasy humans vs. goblins storyline helps inspire players to play through the game.

Ninety Nine Nights allows you to play as 7 different characters, each of which feature their own unique storylines. Some stories such as Inphyy and Aspharr campaigns cross over, meaning you may end up playing the same missions twice but from a different perspective and with slightly different objectives. Other Characters - such as the rugged mercenary Myifee's story - are completely independent.

Each character's storyline includes around 6 missions lasting roughly 20 minutes each. At the start of every mission you will be given a choice of two groups of soldiers to follow you into battle, these can include swordsmen, archers and axmen. You can then command these soldiers as they engage the enemy. But make no mistake, it is you who will be doing most of the fighting, as your army serves as more of a distraction while you slice up your foes.

The Fighting system in Ninety Nine Nights is relatively basic, but rather fun at the same time. You will find your character pulling-off these insane one thousand hit combos on gigantic groups of enemies. The combo system mostly involves pressing X and Y in the direction of nearby enemies, but as basic as it sounds it can be surprisingly enjoyable thanks to the satisfying sight of watching your enemies fly across the terrain as a result of your deadly blows. Ninety Nine Nights also features an RPG style levelling up system which helps give a little more depth to the mindless hack `n' slash gameplay. As you play, your character levels up and gains bigger and better combos, providing an important incentive for doing the best you can. Sadly few of the campaigns are expansive enough to make the most of the level up feature as they can often be completed within a couple of hours. Thankfully, as you progress through the missions they get more difficult, meaning you may decide to go back and play previous levels to increase your character's abilities. You can also pick up new items andweapons on the battlefield, which subsequently changes stats such as attack range, power and speed, but doesn't effect the style each character fights with.

Graphically Ninety Nine Nights can be very impressive in places. The thing which stands out most prominently is the epic amount of enemies on-screen at one time. A large battle often involves a few hundred well crafted characters, and looks very impressive indeed. Also, the cut-scenes are well animated and very pretty to watch. Sadly some things are less impressive, such as the annoyingly over the top distance blur and the occasionally choppy frame-rate.

On another note, the sound in Ninety Nine Nights won't win any awards. The character voices all sound particularly low quality and even crackly in places. The battle sounds are also rather comical. Unfortunately the music for the most part isn't much better either, and although there are some memorable pieces, most of the in game music will have you reaching for the custom soundtracks in no time.

Ninety Nine Nights is an interesting addition to the hack `n' slash action genre, but it could have been a whole lot better. Aside from the basic RPG elements and decent storylines, Ninety Nine Nights remains a shallow game with little to make it stand out. However, fans of the Dynasty Warriors series who could do without the strategy elements in favour of a stronger storyline may want to check this game out.
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on August 16, 2006
I can see how some people would write this game off as a button mash fest, if they've only played it one day at a friend's house. However, I've played this for most of today, have gotten pretty deep into it and I must say, the previous reviewer is way off base.

First, yes it's true, you only start off with 2 combos and 2 orb attacks at the start of the game, but as you progress thru the game, you unlock new abilities, powers, moves and combos to unleash upon your foes giving you many attack options during gameplay - not just mindless button mashing. In addition, as you progress in the story you unlock other characters that you can play as who have their own unique abilities, powers and attacks that will provide tons of replay value. Also, objectives are constantly being added during the heat of battle to keep you on your toes, it never gets dull. And the Orb attacks and Max Orb attacks are visually stunning to witness. It's really cool to pull off a Max Orb attack and wipe out an entire battalion in one spectacular move! And don't mistake this for an easy game either. As you become more powerful, the objectives and battles become more demanding and you need to plan out not only what attacks work best against certain enemies, but you must also learn to assemble and command the battalion's that join you in the fights. This is the best attempt at merging the worlds of battle strategy and all out action/fighting gameplay and if you go in gung-ho, you wont last long as the battles become more intense.

The cut scenes are gorgeous, and are right up there with Team Ninja's work on games like "Dead Or Alive 4" and "Ninja Gaiden". The graphics are stellar and I personally have encountered NO slow down even in heavy combat.

If you were disappointed with "Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II" on the Xbox 360, like I was, then you've gotta try this game! It easily soars past it in quality, graphics and overall entertainment value. Plus, at under $50, it's the best priced new 360 game out now. My only complaint, and this is small, is that the original Japanese audio has been replaced with English. Just like in DOA 4, I prefer the original voice actors, I don't mind subtitles.
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on March 6, 2007
My wife and kids gave me a core Xbox 360 for Christmas along with this game. This game rocks. It's very pretty, and I love launching enemies through the air. I usually don't like straight "hack and slash" type games as my tastes tend more towards games like Civilization 4. However, this has become very addictive and stress reducing after a hard day at work and after the kids are in bed.

The graphics are incredible. My very first game system was a Sega Genesis, and it's amazing how far games have come. N3 looks great on my 46" Samsung DLP.

It's been over two months, and I'm still working my way through this. I've opened up three characters with four to go. I imagined if I played a few hours every weekend, I'd already be done with the game, but since I only play an hour or two a week, this is giving me a long period of fun.
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on August 24, 2006
99 Nights is an unabashed fantasy clone of Dynasty Warriors. It is a true next generation title, showing off the power of the XBox 360. Characters are well designed and well modeled. Dozens of characters, both friendly and enemy, appear on the screen, with none of the fog and draw-in problems of Dynasty Warriors on the PS2 or original XBox. And there are real, lush environments to fight in, rather than the blasted battlegrounds of Dynasty Warriors.

Unfortunately, in copying Dynasty Warriors, they didn't go quite far enough. While the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors, like 99 Nights, consists mostly of button-mashing melees against hordes of enemy grunts, in Dynasty Warriors there is an element of strategy. You are given an overview of the battleground, and you can choose whether to go after the enemy chief, pick off enemy generals, support your friendly generals, defend your chief, or attack the enemy reinforcement gates. 99 Nights is far more linear. Even though there is a map, and occasionally branching paths, there is no appreciable strategy involved. It's more like a traditional beat-em-up: You just keep plowing through grunts until you reach the boss.

And unfortunately, it borrows something from Dynasty Warriors that it shouldn't have. There are no save points. If you fall to the end boss, you go all the way back to the beginning of the level, losing perhaps 20 minutes of play. Dynasty Warriors also has pretty sparse save points, but there at least you have the option of trying a different strategy. In 99 Nights, restarting the level means pure repetition. The flashy, combo heavy gameplay is fun, but that much repetition gets old in a hurry.

So when is a real XBox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors coming out?
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on January 24, 2007
this game is awsome! great graphics, easy control system, and very indepth story line.when i first looked at this game in best buy, i never thought id be playing an rpg like this. i mean, i never liked rpg's before so why now right? wrong! this game is awsome and i would recomend it for any fan of rpgs or non- rpg fans to. this game IS adicting and you will like it. but dont take my word for it, play for yourself. but i garentee youll love it to. it has verygood re-playability to its just plain fun.
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on November 18, 2014
Pros: Terrible story, voice acting, dumb A.I., fun characters
Cons: Frustrating level grading system, real slog to get 1k achievements

If you are buying this game you probably are doing so out of nostalgia or easy achievements. Lets me tell you the grind is too boring to bear, but this dynasty warriors clone is otherwise ok depending on who you play as. This game is definitely a sold 6/10
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on January 12, 2014
This is a great first attempt for the publisher at making a hack-and-slash game on a console. It suffers from pacing issues (large portions of the map are uninhabited by enemies and you end up just kind of wandering around from goal to goal). The character's power abilities are a little weak as well. The lack of a targeting system hinders accuracy and ends up getting you hurt in your attempts to get rid of the enemies on screen.

Don't let these things deter you from buying this game though. It is a solid entry in the hack-and-slash genre of games and (if you ignore the awful voice acting) has a somewhat interesting story.
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on January 28, 2016
Personally, although I can't objectively defend many aspects of it, I really love this game, and always felt it deserved an at least somewhat better reception than it received. As other reviewers point out, your enjoyment will depend to a large extent on your expectations -- it's a shallow button-masher of a game, and it'd be hard to argue otherwise. But, man -- the particular itch that this game scratches, it scratches incredibly well. I've played a handful of games similar to 99 Nights, but none match this in terms of the sheer pleasure of diving into a visual ocean of enemies, and button-mashing like crazy to produce profoundly satisfying chaos. Although the background graphics are nothing special by 2015 standards, the game has a lot to offer in terms of visual pleasure. It also offers six diverse characters/fighting styles (which must be unlocked) and a lot of weird loot to find and try out. The character you start as has always remained the most satisfying to me, but the others grow on you in their way, once you level them up a bit and find their best attacks.

I think you'll enjoy the game best if you approach it sort of like a quarter-sucking arcade game -- it's just about big battles, visual pyrotechnics, unleashing crazy attacks on hundreds of enemies at a time, and vacuuming up all the weird power-ups they drop. The narrative is lame, the cutscenes annoying, the combat is shallow. The structure/sensibility of the game is unmistakably Japanese. But if you just want a game where you can rip into tons of enemies at once and rapidly become enormously overpowered, don't hesitate to give this one a chance.
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