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on December 26, 2012
Well first of all I LOVE the color, purple is my favorite color! This is a great portable game console! There is nothing wrong with this when I got it for Christmas. The battery life is 4-6 hours, and the 3ds works great (for a little bit.) It gives me a headache if I have it on longer than five minutes. The camera and video recordings are great, it comes with some games that are really fun! I am nine and a girl. I hope you love this as much as I do! :-)
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on September 14, 2012
I will say this about the 3DS: I was not expecting it to be this cool! I have a couple of games for the 3DS and I have a bunch of games for just the DS and I will say that I love everything about this. The Midnight Purple is awesome and I love everything about it!
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VINE VOICEon March 7, 2013
The original DS is probably the bestselling console of all time. At some point it felt like if you ran into someone who played video games, they had a DS. With the rise in popularity of 3D Nintendo released the 3DS. It seemed as though the 3DS would fade out pretty fast. The launch, as many may recall, wasn't a very strong one. Mostly because it didn't have a lot of good games out there. It was a console that felt dead on arrival. As time has gone on, however, the 3DS has slowly molded into a system worth having because there are a good selection of games to justify spending money on the console itself.

So let's begin with the basics of the 3DS. Like the original, it has two screens. The one on top is a little bigger, offering a wide screen view of whatever game you're playing. On the home menu the top is primarily used to display the "title card" of whatever app you're using, or display the game title up there until you actually select to go into the game or app. The bottom screen of your home menu is where everything is organized. The 3DS comes with an SD Card for you to store your data. While the default one will be more than enough, you may find yourself in need of an upgrade at some point. Especially if you choose to start downloading full 3DS games to it from the eShop.

The interface is pretty easy to use. You can click and drag your applications and things on your menu however you choose to do so. The 3DS is small and light and will fit in your pocket pretty easily. If you ever decide you want to take a break you can close it whenever you feel like it and it'll go to sleep. You can open it up and it will always resume from where you left off. This works in game as well, and it's a good step up from the original DS that did it for select games (or where you had to manually put the game to sleep via in game).

There is plenty to do on the 3DS. Much like the Wii you can create a Mii that you can use. But what the system pushes more is the Spotpass and Street Pass stuff. When you turn your 3DS on and close it to put it to sleep and choose to head out, you'll automatically transfer data when you pass by someone with a 3DS. In some games you may exchange high scores. In others you may exchange well needed information. In games like Street Fighter IV a match will take place. In games like Super Mario 3D Land you can see just how quickly someone ran through a level. It's not a necessary feature, but it's a pretty neat one.

The eShop also works well, but continues to show some of Nintendo's problems when jumping into the online arena. For one, while the interface is simple, it's not always well organized. You'll find yourself scrolling for a while when you find demos or classic games you wish to download. This is especially daunting because they're not in alphabetical order. There is, at least, a search option to find things rather easily. The eShop, however, is pretty invaluable. If you want to download some classic games onto your 3DS (or your SD Card) then this is something you'll most definitely need. You can download classic Gameboy Games whenever they come to the virtual console. You can also download some classic NES games (some of which will be in 3D) to your console. The virtual console works great. The only issue is a minor one. That being that you can't change out how the controls map for playing those classic games. Classic Gameboy Games use A and B, and the placement here makes it feel cumbersome at first to play some of those games. Especially if you have big hands. Which is a problem in and of itself because the 3DS is pretty small (and in that case I'd recommend the XL model).

That aside, you can also download DSiware games as well as other original creations and small indie games. Most of them are pretty cheap. Some will utilize 3D and some will not. But they are worth investing in. The 3DS also has apps for you to use, although the 3DS will never be enough to replace a smart phone or a tablet in this manner. Video streaming apps in particular aren't quite as good on the 3DS. It takes longer to load and you'll no doubt notice a lot of splotches. The video quality is not nearly as good as a smart phone, tablet or a laptop.

You can also download demos from the Nintendo eShop any time you want. They have a limited number of plays, but at least it's nice to see Nintendo finally offering demos for some of their games in a downloadable format.

There is a much greater emphasis on the Touch Screen however. On the original DS if you wanted to, anything that was on the touch screen could be accessed via the D-Pad and face buttons. Here, if it's on the touch screen you will more likely than not have to use your stylus and touch screen to do so.

When playing actual games the 3DS is pretty awesome. The circle pad is smooth whenever you need it. It's designed is catered to allow your thumb to be firmly placed. The button placements are also acceptable. The D-Pad is right below allowing for easy access. Most games run smoothly. What isn't quite as graceful is the 3D. The 3DS is capable of quite a bit graphically. It's like carrying around a mini version of the Wii or PS2 in most respects. But it handles all of this quite well. Most games are crisp and detailed. Games like Resident Evil Revelations or Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance look pretty good.

Where the 3DS stumbles it the 3D itself. The big selling point of the 3DS was that you could look at things in 3D without the need for glasses. This is pretty cool mostly because there are times when the 3D isn't the gimmicky "Pop Out" kind. Games like Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus Uprising or Super Mario 3D Land make great use of the 3D. It's just that, as so many have probably noted already, you have to have the 3DS a certain distance away from you and have it tilted at a very specific angle in order to keep from seeing double vision. This is especially daunting when you play games that want to make use of the gyro controls. With Star Fox 64, for instance, I couldn't ascertain why anyone would want to use Gyro Controls AND play in 3D. The gyro controls mean you have to move your 3DS around. You'll see plenty of double vision. There is a slider to adjust the depth of the 3D, if you so choose.

When the 3D is good (the kind that immerses you in the game world as opposed to making things "pop out") then it can be rewarding, but I rarely see a point to playing a game with the 3D Slider cranked all the way up. There are no games that require 3D for the game in and of itself. At some point most of the 3D gives me a headache anyway. At some point there is hardly any benefit, visually or gameplay wise, in turning up the 3D slider. It's better to just play games in standard 2D. They'll still be fun.

When the 3DS first launched there were hardly any games to play. This happens to a lot of systems when they launch, but the 3DS was hit especially hard by this because it took a while before there was even one game that was a "must have" on the system. But it has now gotten beyond its rough start and actually has a variety of games worth playing. Combine that with some of the classic gameboy games and some of the DSiWare games and the 3DS is a pretty solid gaming system. Lastly, your old Nintendo DS games will work with the 3DS. There's no port for GBA games or anything like that, but this isn't really too big of a problem.

The only real mark against the 3DS is that the battery life is pretty short. Usually only lasting around 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much you have that 3D slider up. It's not a very long batter life and you'll have to charge it frequently. There is a charging dock that comes with it, as well as the charger itself.

The 3DS is a pretty remarkable gaming device. It's simple and has a good selection of games out there. Enough to make it worthwhile and it's now more affordable than it's ever been. It is, in the end, a very good system.
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on July 29, 2012
I'm a purple lover; so naturally this product caught my eye!
I adore all shades, but THIS color, oh my.

The photo on this DS product is NOT the color they give you - its not a fuscia pink/purpley color.
It is a deep, ROYAL purple. BLUE and purple mixed! Its a gorgeous colour and fantastic! I am so sad I have fingerprints on it now! Its so gorgeous!

Other than that, recently I bought it to upgrade from my DS lite which was red and black.
This did not disappoint. It was absolutely amazing when I took it out of the box.
A dark, creamy color! It was stunning! The 3D effects were also fun, and entertaining - it was trippy I admit, but it was so awesome to have that without glasses! You can turn off the 3D effect as well. Parental controls, internet, netflix. An application where you can send your friends letters and drawings, books, mail, google, the 3DS has it ALL!

HOWEVER, If you cannot choose which color suits your fancy, I suggest reading these things that describe the colour purple!

* Creativity & Imagination
* Suggests Royality
* Deep purple such as this suggest luck in wealth. (And I'm not kidding! This theory has been around for AGES!! Google it!)

The real color can be seen here:
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on November 9, 2012
The product was in good shape, new as advertised, no problem at all. I don't use the 3d but is not really the important of the console, is just a bad focus advertisement of Nintendo, the important are the games and this are great.

Now the 3DS has an amazing catalog of games for a wide number of gamers, for me is perfect, if you don't like the game offered by Nintendo and third parties to Nintendo just buy another console.
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on May 14, 2013
The color is a beautiful deep purple and the system itself works great. I had debated getting a DSXL just because I've heard the 3D is easier to see, but I personally have no troubles seeing the 3D on this screen. My only complaint is that the smaller battery size is a bit of a pain, but I tend to only play at home so it's not a deal breaker for me.
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on May 6, 2014
I bought this last autumn as a treat for passing my psychology midterm and I must confess that ever since I've had it, I can't imagine going hardly anywhere without it. Obviously the best part of the system is the games you can play on it, but the quick-and-easy automatic updates keep me excited for what Nintendo will do next.

I can't say whether purple is better than blue or red or both because it's just my color preference, but I do like how elegant the color is. Like I said before, I've had this since the fall, and it still retains its shine.

It takes about 6-7 seconds for the 3DS to boot-up after turning on, but it's no worse than waiting for a laptop or a WiiU to boot-up either. Besides the booting-up, there really aren't any significant loading times and the handheld console runs pretty quickly.

The basic apps the 3DS comes with are the Mii Maker, Mii Plaza, a few other minigames, a Music Player (which you can use to play your favorite songs if you import them onto your 3DS's SD card), a camera, and of course the e-shop in case you want to buy some extra software.
I've spent a few hours messing around on the Mii Maker, creating characters that look like my family members and a few cartoon heroes of mine (including characters from Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist). While there are limited features, the Mii Maker has a ton of combination possibilities.
The Mii Plaza is the reason why I bring the device with me wherever I go. If you leave the wireless option on and close the console while it's on, you can Streetpass with other 3DS's if you come into close enough proximity with them. The Mii Plaza not only "collects" the other 3DS's main Mii's, but it also has a few minigames you can play with the Mii's you collect. You can play "Puzzle Swap" and build a collection of animated moments from some of Nintendo's top games. You can also play "Find Mii", which is a fun -but challenging- adventure game in which you play as heroes trying to save a kidnapped king from disaster.

Last but not least, Nintendo has given their 3DS's the option to connect to the internet, and also given them direct access to Miiverse, which is Nintendo's social network for gamers. The only thing you need is a Nintendo-Network ID (which is something you need anyway if you're to buy things or download free apps off of the e-shop). Miiverse is sectioned into multiple game forums where you can post questions, doodles, or comments about your favorite games.

Overall, it's really hard to get bored with the 3DS. I'm glad I bought one and would recommend it for all who enjoy handheld games. :)
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on March 30, 2014
Wow! This is definitely the most impressive handheld gaming console I have ever had, coming from someone who has played since the days of Game Boy Color!

The library of games is growing and growing, so there's really no excuse not to get one of these. I now own a 3DS and a 3DS XL [the XL definitely has the superior screen]. The 3DS itself is capable of playing DS games, as well as the 3DS ones designed for it, which means there is really no shortage of games to discover. Not to mention, you can easily buy retro and indie titles off of Nintendo's E-Shop as well as demos or full downloads of current games.

I personally do not use the 3D slider on mine, as I find it hard to see 3D [whether in movies or gaming], possibly attributed to an astigmatism, but that doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the system. I can use it a bit in games that only utilize it for adding depth [ie 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure] and that alone is so amazing to me.

It comes preloaded with a couple of fun things, such as StreetPass [which I always enjoy] and Face Raiders. StreetPass has 2 "games" with it at start, "Find Mii" and a puzzle piece collector game. From a later update you can buy other games to add on to this. Just keep your 3DS in your pocket and you'll "find" people [their avatars, aka 'Miis'], who can share puzzle pieces with you or help you with the dungeons in Find Mii. Find Mii helps you collect hats for your avatar to personalize your Mii.

Only real complaint is how hard it is to add friends through Nintendo's network - you need to add someone's friend code [3 strings of 4 numbers] and they need to add your code back to even begin interacting, and there isn't a lot to interact with on a base level.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this handheld and it is certainly my favorite.
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on October 7, 2013
My brother and sister got the teal and pink Nintendogs bundles last year with the regular DS in them so I've had a chance to try them out. I wasn't sure whether I wanted the Nintendo DS, PSP, or anything like this at all. However, I decided to go with the DS now after playing around with theirs.

Playing video games on the DS in a whole new experience. There are lots of games to play for all ages. The microphone and touch screen get you involved and interacting with the game in a way a joystick or game pad alone just can't do. The wireless feature can't be overlooked either. Locally, we can play against each other including our friends even in different rooms. You can also pictochat (a picture and text chat program that comes pre-installed on the DS). You can also play against others worldwide too! All you need is a compatible router or a Nintendo Wi-FI USB connector for that which was set up by my parents. Playing against others makes it exciting, and a chance to tryout our skills against others. My parents try them out first for "our safety". I think they like to play them too :-). My favorites so far are like Mario Kart which only gives out your user name (we use nicknames instead of real names) and Clubhouse Games which displays your user name as well as select from a list of already made text messages--as far as I know you can't add your own text when online for this games. Other games may be different so it's a good idea the parents do check. So far I haven't come across any usernames that should be bleeped either so everyone seems to being playing nice or Nintendo has a way of screening them out. My parents still took the time to make sure my younger sister and brother knew why they shouldn't give out personal information even when playing locally.
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on September 9, 2013
Playing games or the camera mode ... I'm not sure which she loves more. Now, she just wants to buy more games. :) Handy, fun to keep around for long cups of coffee sipped by slow-moving parents ... a perfect gift for a wiggly 10 y.o. girl.
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