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on August 31, 2005
The Nintendo 64 in my opinion was the best console Nintendo ever made(and yes I did own a SNES for a very long time untill it died on me)and it is in my mind better then the nintendo gamecube. The console came out around 1996 and launched some amazing games that I'm going to get into in just abit but first let me say that this is also one of my favorite consoles, it had great games, the quality and quantity were magneficent and just about everything about this console is great now how does it sum up?

Sound-Some good some bad but in the end it was acctually far more worse then the Playstation(the first of course)which was such a huge let down for some of the Nintendo fans, I mean I'll be honest it was so mushy in some games it's not even funny! It's a shame cause most of the sound is what brings scores down for games in the gaming industry(seriously it does)but for me the amazing games just make up for it

Graphics-Um........were all of you as shocked as I was when we saw Mario in a full 3d world? If your answe was yes then you are correct, the visuals in N64 were far more superior then the Playstaion and put out some of the best looking vidoe games of it's time(and to me some games that are still good looking to this day). The visuals were just jaw dropping, awe and looks of amazement for me. Simply put...Nintendo scored big time in the graphics departure. It broke out of the 2d cartoony look and braught us new and exciting/pretty looking games of 96 to 2000.

Memory Card-I can't say much other then like the Dreamcast VMU, the memory card with Rumble pack was just awesome...Nuff said

Games- Where the heck do I start? The games for the Nintendo 64 were some of the best games ever created on a console. Mario 64 to many and myself was a friggin legend beyond belief and was hailed to many as the best game ever made. When it comes to RPG's the games for N64 probably gets a 1/10..Paper Mario and that was it......but in adventure departure it gets a 1000000/10, why? THE GAMES WERE FRIGGIN AMAZING! The console braught many, many amazing games. Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64, Mario 64, The Turok series, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Rayman 2(which was one of best platformers I've ever played), Banjo Kazooie and many many more. Those games let alone made Nintendo 64 one of the best consoles ever made(next to the Sega Dreamcast). One huge reason in particular for why I loved the N64 was simply this......Ocarina of Time. Yes folks, to me The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was hands down the greatest video game I've ever played and was to me the greatest game of all time. It had an amazing story, superb visuals and combat and amazing enviroments and everything about the game was just breathtaking and was let alone a system seller for me. Another game in particular other then Ocarina of Time was the consoles last game that was released in 2000 and that was Conkers Bad Fur which was hands down another great game/must own for the console, it not only used parodies and dirty humor to bring the gameplay to life but the game itself was really good! But after that Gamecube made its mark and N64 was.....gone...But not for me(Even today I still play that amazing system). Though alot of people choose SNES I choose this, don't get me wrong the SNES had some amazing games(such as Donkey Kong Country and Yoshis Island which were amazing games)but I still choose the n64 over that console for somereason. If I had to name you the games system sellers it would be Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Mario 64, Rayman 2, Conkers BFD and of course OCARINA OF TIME!!! Yes for a one console that is ALOT of system sellers..ok i'm done ranting about the games

Price-why do I bring this up?...well for one thing the system and like 5 games would would be a total of 50 bucks(heck maybe even less)and the fact that it's really cheap now is another reason you should go out and buy this console. Why spend 100 bucks on PS2 when you can get a N64 for 20 bucks(then again I own a ps2 so I should shut up for saying that)and some pretty amazing games for 10 bucks?...IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR BACK THEN AND EVEN NOW!!...GO AND GET THE CONSOLE!

Overall- One of the best console ever made with amazing games, a cool looking controller, great memory card, and overall great everthing!...Ok I'm done ranting!

Overall = 5 OUT OF 5!
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on June 26, 2007
I missed a couple of generations of consoles during late high school and college, so now I'm catching up. I bought this as a Valentine's gift for my husband specifically so we could play Smash Bros. (since that's how we spent many nights in college), and it's as fun now as it was then. I have very little to say against Nintendo in general, and this is no exception; it's a great console with some great games available.
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on August 11, 2005
This system is as good as any system out today. But that's if you are judging it by its games. The games are great! You can buy games from the mario and sonic series AS WELL as games about sports, starfox, and star wars. However, as fun and enjoyable these games are, you can't expect to play them with good graphics or online capabilities. But it still has the best graphics of its time. Also, since online capabilities for video games were "unheard of" in the mid-90s you can't blame the system for not having them. Overall, it is a great, fun, and durable system and is worth every one of its "five stars."
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on November 25, 2013
I bought this product a couple month prior to use as a birthday gift. My girl friend was so excited when she saw it. But I was unable to get it to work with any of the tv's we had, including one older model. I thought it may be due to compatibility issues, so I went to the goodwell and bought another older tv. The product would turn on but it still wouldn't work with the new tv. I tested the tv and it worked fine with other systems, and an antenna. So I contacted the seller. This is what I got in response

"Im really sorry that the item is not working out for you but i know that the system was working 100% fine before it was shipped to you if you woild have requested a refund i would have been able to possibly help you but unfortunately you are outside of the return policy at this time therefore i cant really help you out im so sorry for that "

So I wrote him back explaining that it was a present and hadn't been used. I also asked for any advice in how to repair it if he would not take it back. I never received another response. Though I can see how it may have been damaged during shipping, due to the fact that it was sent wrapped in news paper in an old beat up shoe box taped together.

Personally I found that " DawgFrankDizzl85" was completely unprofessional, and would encourage others to look at other options prior to his equipment
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on March 24, 2015
This is great gaming at its core. Its simplicity and all-around great design is great on the eyes. The games that it holds are some of the best that have ever been created. Controller is comfortable and easy to get used to. (And it's incredibly unique) What I noticed right away and actually frogot about as a kid is that when you press power, the game starts right up. There are no menus on the console. It's not an entertainment system; it's a gaming console exclusively. If you like quick start-ups, no loading screens, and pretty graphics, then pick one of these up. They're classic and hard to find for a good price. And the games are also hard to find for good prices, too. Definitely worth some money, though because this is the pinnacle of gaming systems.
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on December 8, 1999
For all those people looking for the honest reviews of the N64, then here it is. The N64 has boasted some of the best graphics for a home console (now passed by Dreamcast)since the Playstation was released. And if you know the game industry, you know that PS and N64 have been at each others necks since N64's release. The quality of games that PSX boasts are true, but that dosn't mean that the N64 dosn't have any of there own. Zelda, Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Rouge Squadron, 1080 snowboarding, Turok 1 & 2, Star Fox, Episode 1: Racer, Shadows of the Empire, F-Zero X, DK64, Super Smash Brothers.... I could go on. All these games have some of the best game value on the market now, and can still hold there own. Now, the actual power of this sytem, now that it's been passed by Dreamcast, can still be qualified as one of the best home consoles. Going with Nintendo, for my family, has never been a wrong move. We love every second of it. Congrats Nintendo.
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on October 30, 2005
In my opinion the n64 was(and still is)the best game system on the market today.Thats saying something because I have the Nes,Atari 2600,Playstation,Playstation 2,Gamecube and the sega genesis.It is fairly small and light and has some of the best games ever!The controller is very comfortable in your hands and is very easy to use.The game s for it are amazing,some of the best ones are

Donkey kong 64- this game has vibrant 3-D graphics and provides hours of fun.Very good for kids as young as 6 though most adults might find it too easy

Zelda Orcarina of Time-One of my all time favorite games with imaginitive worlds and days of fun.Best for ages 8-100 because it might be a little frightening for younger gamers

Star Wars Rogue Squadron-Even though this game is nearly ten years old it has suprisingly good graphics with 3-D craft.Follows the star wars story very well.

One of the best things about it is that most game don't take a million years to load like for the ones on the psone and has much better graphics than it.
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on November 16, 1999
My friend's son, now eight, and John, his father, 54 years old and I,51 years old (a friend of both) have experienced Nintendo '64 and Mario '64 since John brought them home for us to play over two years ago. David has since moved some distance away due to divorce, but we always had Mario and Nintendo to share as our own secret world that was the one constant in our changing lives. We have had hours of fun exploring the exquisite graphics and colors of Mario's world. From the sandy desert world to the haunted house ghost world to the underwater Pirate world to the snow worlds we have fought together to save the Princess from Bowser (you haven't experienced anything until you've fought Bowser a few times! )This incredible game must be experienced first hand; it's something that is so unique to try to do it justice by mere description is not possible. This wonderful toy bridges the gap between children and adults by giving them a common goal...and the fun you'll have along the way! Come join us and treat yourself and your family . We finished Mario and are waiting for the the meantime we enjoy Goldeneye 007, Starfox and Banjo Kazooie. Get it! Play it! Live it!
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on January 2, 2000
Whoever said this system is just for kiddies is dead wrong. I am 25 years old, and two years ago I purchased both the Nintendo 64 & Sony Playstation together; and I can honestly say that my Playstation has not seen much action. Who can argue against the fact that the Nintendo 64 is far more SUPERIOR than Playstation ever was. Yes, PSX has a vast library of games, but quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. I believe the minds behind the N64 intended to produce a console that would appeal to QUALITY conscious gamers. Nothing Playstation offers can rival Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Jet Force Gemini, or Mario Kart 64....the list goes on. After renting several disappointing games for my PSX, I've concluded that the Nintendo 64 rules the videogame universe. The only good titles made for the Playstation are casino games and Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey/Exodus--I require more. On a final note, I certainly will not be one of those misguided gamers who'll line up for the arrival of the Playstation 2; instead, I'll be at the head of the line marked, "DOLPHIN".
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on September 28, 2000
when you cruise down the videogame aisle of your local toys r us and see 100 games for sale for the playstation, versus 50 for n64, you might get the impression that with more games, the playstation is better. it just isn't so. a quick comparison between the two: 1) the n64 comes with 4 controller ports out of the box, while playstion has two. 2) the n64 pioneered "forced feedback" in their controllers. it wasn't until well after the n64's release that sony saw the benefit of that feature and made their own forced feedback controller. 3) no load times on n64 games. 4) although people seem to loathe cartridges, a very valid point is that they are a very durable storage medium (especially if you have children) - drop a cart, brush it off and keep going. drop a ps cd-rom, might as well buy a new game. 5) the game libraries. using the scenario above, 100 ps games to 50 n64 games, you can easily get overwhelmed in the playstation section because of an oversaturation of tried-and-true genres. looking for a racing game? well which one do you choose because there are 15 of them to pick from. on top of that, which one is any good? tried-and-true genres also apply to n64 games, but game quality is usually far more superior. take super mario 64 versus, say... crash bandicoot on playstation. both mascot games. the difference? one sits in the list of "greatest games ever made", while the other is a wanna be. take goldeneye - one of the greatest console shooters of all time, versus a playstion counterpart of ...? you got me. legend of zelda: ocarina of time versus a playstation counterpart of ...? you fill in the blank. you get the idea though. one genre the playstation gets its due over n64 - rpg's. in my opinion, that is the only arena where playstation shines. not enough to warrant a purchase, unless you are a rpg fanatic, but the choice is yours. one last parting shot - people seem to have this misguided notion that n64 games are kiddie. i don't know where that notion came from, but i betcha won't find teletubbies on n64! you'll find it on playstation though. and you won't find hello kitty on n64! you'll find it on playstation though. but n64 is kiddie, though? (un)likely story.
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