Customer Reviews: Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver
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Price:$79.99 - $352.00
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on July 4, 2006
hi, yesterday(July 3, 2006) i bought the ds lite from game crazy and got 12 free movie/game rentals for hollywood video.

The Screens

the lite, when you first turn it on, you can see the BIG difference with the backlighting and it is a good one. nintendo says that the screens are 3x brighter, but for me, it seems like ten. the brighter screens enhance the graphics in nintendo ds games and gameboy advance games and there are 3 levels of brightness that you can choose from. oh, one more thing the touchscreen seems to not scratch as easily.

The Size and Weight

people may not buy the lite because they think that its the same size as the original, but actually its one-third smaller and that is a big difference for a part of the original wasnt just cut off but its been proportionatly/equally resized. the lite also closes in place unlike the original where dust might sneak in. another thing about the lite's top screen is that it barely weighs anything compared to the original,this is so that the weight is in your hands. with the lite being resized its easier to put in your pocket and easier to hold in your hands.

The Rest

-the bigger stylus does not have a bigger tip but its longer and wider to fit your hand. also, its slot to store it in is on the side for easier access. the only problem for me,is when i have the stylus inserted it kinda wiggles, but i barely notice.

-the headphone jack is the same as the original so you can use headphones for the original ds or the ds lite.

-there is a bigger volume control button

-the power button is now on the side and is a switch instead of a button

-the battery power lights are now on the top so you can see them whether the ds is open or closed

-the ds game slot is the same, its still in the back of the lite

-the gameboy advance slot has one of the best things, but then has the worst thing.

THE GOOD-when you do not have a gameboy advance game in, you can insert a fake game that matches the lite's color so it does not collect dust.

THE BAD- this is not that big of a deal and does not affect your gameplay, but when you do have a gameboy advance game in it sticks out about 1 centimeter, like original gameboy games do on the gameboy advance sp. the thing is, like i said before it doesn't affect your gameplay and your hands dont even touch the game when playing.

-the ac adapter adapter comes with the lite(you also get an extra stylus, but no thumb strap, unlike the original ds) and is the same, but its grey instead of black and the part that you plug in the ds lite is a lot smaller and is shaped different.

-the ds lite is finished with a plastic coating that protects the paint and makes it feel smoother in your hands, the only bad thing about this, even though its really hard to see, it may smudge when touching it with your finger tips.

-the mic is in the middle

-the d-pad is really accurate and precise (i think its the same one as the gameboy micro)

-the start and select buttons are moved to the bottom, are smaller, and make a clicking noise when pressed

-the x b a b buttons are in the same spot and haven't really changed, but like the rest of the ds, there really smooth

Finally you are done reading my review and i hope it helps and you too may enjoy the NINTENDO DS LITE!
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on July 10, 2006
Is it worth it to buy a new Nintendo DS Lite if you have a DS already....or, if you don't own a DS yet at all ?

Absolutely! This new DS Lite is a huge joy, especially if you already use a regular DS. Here are some reasons:

- Much lighter, smaller, and more compact than the regular DS, but much better screens, sound, graphics, and voice recognition

- Fit and finish is hugely better than the regular DS

- The screens are hugely brighter, have vivid dense colors, and produce fantastic game graphics and video

- The battery charges in 1/2 the time and lasts 2X longer

- The microphone and voice recognition is 100X better

- The stylus us much better - longer and thicker

- The game ports are finished better and in better places

- It costs less than the old regular DS

- The games are much more lifelike on a DS

- The new start button location is much better

- The white color and new surface finish is terrific

- The wireless and WiFi works better than most computers

- Playing against others online or all in the same house (wirelessly) works fantastic and is so easy to do

- Run, don't walk, to get a new one right away - online works!

If you do not believe this review, just test one out and you'll be hooked. I know my review is so positive, but I'm a gamer and not trying to sell these things. They're just so good!
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on August 5, 2006
Ok, I admit it, it was the look of this baby that drew me in. But hey, with its sleek white frame and obviously Apple-inspired looks, can you blame me? I knew it was a Gameboy and I had never had problems with my previous ones, so I went ahead and bought it.

After playing with it thoroughly, I have realized this: if the design of the DS Lite brought you in, its gameplay and capabilities will keep you there. The little system is truly remarkable.

Now, it isn't the revolutionary iPod Nano small, but it is a vast change from the old DS and it will fit nicely into your pocket. The screen is also very bright and the colors really do seem to pop out. The stylus also is bigger, so big hands can get a better grip on it, and like always, it stores comfortably inside the system. Another change that should be mentioned is that the microphone is now in the middle of the screen. You'll still look like an idiot though leaning into to talk or blow through it in public though. Sorry about that.

In addition to the obvious changes in physical appearance, the battery life impressed me. It not only lasted longer but charged very quickly, something that I definitely find important in my gaming on the go.

Speaking of gaming, this, the games themselves are what really impressed me. The DS library is ever expanding, and there is something for everyone. I really dig the updated classic New Super Mario Bros., the games that actually make you smarter (gasp!), Brain Age and Big Brain Academy (the fact that these games are highly addictive should also be mentioned), and Wi-Fi games like Mario Kart and Tetris.

Back to the system itself, there is really no reason not to buy it. It is entertaining, and even the casual gamer like myself will enjoy it. The price ain't bad either, costing just a little more than the original.

With this system Nintendo solidifies their rein over the handheld business, and I highly recommend it.
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Nintendo hasmaintained their status as one of the most successful video game companies ever. Since they hit it big back in the 80's, they've maintained to be as synonomous with the way we play video games just as Microsoft has IBM has maintained the computers. A couple of years ago, Nintendo revolutionary changed the way we play video games with the DS handheld system. Not only has it worked very well, but it has changed the way we played video games with the touch of a pen. Earlier this year, the company redesigned the system with the DS Lite. Now, it has been remade, and it is pretty in pink.

The Nintendo DS Lite in Coral Pink, is a video game system not only designed for the hard core gamer, but the color makes it have a femanine touch for female gamers too, from its detailed color to its elequent pink-colored stylus. The screen is very crisp and clear, and deliver beautifully in its display. The graphics are crisper and clearer than the original DS system on so many different titles from New Super Mario Brothers, the action-packed puzzler Meteos, and new games like Star Fox Command and Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Not only that, but if you're a fan of Game Boy Advance games, you can play your GBA games on the system as well. The gameplay is crisper and delivers the best control, for the system, but also a easier way to play games that original DS owners had trouble tackling.

All in all, the Nintendo DS Lite is a great video game system because it is inexpensive and convient for the die hard gamer in not just the price, but the games too. I love this system a whole lot, and if you have the desire to own a video game system, I definitely recommend this one for everyone.

Graphics: A

Sound: A

Control: A

Fun & Enjoyment: A

Price: A

Overall: A 1/2+
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on May 8, 2008
I'm sure everyone knows about the DS Lite - it's a great little machine. But with kids using them, they break. Nintendo support has been absolutely great in repairing and replacing my units.

I bought three DS's (one for each kid) and then I bought a fourth so I could keep one for myself. With three young kids, though, one of the units is almost always getting broken or lost (through misue - not through any fault of the manufacturer). With this system, I lend my DS to the child with the broken one and send that one back. Within 2 weeks I get a new one back, and sometimes they don't even charge me, even if it has water inside or was dropped!

They are excellent support people on the phone, they are kind and understanding, and even though my kids pulled the serial number stickers off the back (they won't do it again, but they love to pull off stickers and didn't know how important those particular sticker were), Nintendo replaced my unit for free.

I can't say enough good things about their support.
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on November 30, 2006
So, this is the first hand held game system I have personally owned. I chose it because of its sleek styling and convenient size. I didn't need all the bells and whistles of the PSP - this works great for me for anytime play.

It is a great size - fits right into about the smallest purse I can find along with a wallet, checkbook and cell phone.

It is really user-friendly, with a self-explanatory menu and easy operation. It has easily used components, and the screens have adjustable brightness.

I like that I can borrow my daughter's GBA games to widen the playing field.

I would recommend the DS Lite to pretty much anyone. It was a great choice for me!!!
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on July 9, 2006
Here's my review for the DS Lite. I do make some comparisons to the PSP in here, because I have owned both and can honestly say that the DS is the best handheld system available, when you look at overall quality, and here's why.

THE PRICE. The DS Lite only costs $130, which is the same cost as the old DS. Can you name me any other company that put out an upgrade that cost the same? I don't think Nintendo is trying to rip off anyone. Not to mention that if you trade in your old DS, the DS Lite will only cost you around $60. Not bad for the best handheld out there.

THE GAMES. The DS Lite has the best selection of games out of any handheld. The system can read both DS games and GBA games. Put those collections of games together and you have hundreds of awesome titles to choose from. Not to mention the fact that the games only cost about $20-$30, maybe more for a really excellent game, but rarely. Try comparing that to PSP's $40-$50, and then think about the fact that these games are HARDY...they survive a that to PSP's discs...yeah, right, good luck if you are too rough on your games.

THE LOOK. The old DS had zero sex appeal. It was "fat", so to speak, and everyone knows LITE is in. The reinvetion of the DS may not be phenomenal as far as technical aspects go, but as far as LOOKS go, it rocks the face off of the old DS. The new DS also goes nicely with my iPod, with it's brilliant white color. Very classy.

THE SCREENS. The screens are apparently only 3x brighter than the old DS, but they look 3984938895x brighter to me. Gameplay is more enjoyable in any setting you can imagine. No need for perfect lighting, just adjust it from the main menu. Very handy. The screens are the same size, and aren't anything spectacular alone, but put the two together and you have the same size screen area as the PSP, and does PSP have touch screen? I think not.

THE BATTERY. Wow. Seriously, The battery on this thing is AWESOME. For someone who plays games more than five hours daily (that'd be me), a long battery life is very important. My DS Lite's battery lasts anywhere from 10-18 hours depending on the settings and gameplay. Then when it's dead, I can just recharge the battery. Very nice.

CONTROLS. The controls on the DS Lite aren't much different from the old DS. The one very noteable difference is the mic. It's in the middle now, which is so much more compatable with enjoyable gameplay. The D-Pad is also nice, and the buttons don't get jammed or stuck like other systems I can think of (PSP).

CONS. The very few and far between bad things about the DS Lite would probably come down to these.

1. The outer casing does in fact get fingerprints. Trust me, this is NOTHING compared to the PSP and it's black, fragile casing. Just take a cloth and wipe it down. It'll be okay.

2. The GBA games stick out of the slot a bit while playing them on the DS Lite. No biggie, and hardly noticeable, but would be nice if they didn't stick out.

3. No adjusting screen light from a game. You must be on the main screen...and that sucks! Exiting out of a game and going back in is a huge inconvenience...but I am sure Nintendo will fix this the next time around.

4. The DS Lite is top-heavy. It'll lean a bit due to this and can cause some discomfort for the person playing a game. It's not REALLY noticeable, but still can be bothersome.

5. The distance in which you can connect with outher players still sucks. Nintendo needs to work on that. Wireless works really well, however.

So that's it. Don't hesitate on whether or not to get the DS Lite -- DO IT! This is, as I said, the best handheld system available. And take it from someone who knows. I've had the PSP, DS, DS Lite, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance...yada, yada, yada.

So go for it!!!
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on October 17, 2006
I had an old skool ds, and it was ok. When they released the lite, I was skeptical about it. It was right after the Microsoft 360 scandal, and I was critical of new technology. I wanted to wait until it had been out a few months to pick one up, to see if it had any glitches. I'm glad I waited, because they released the coral pink one! I picked it up the first day, and it's so adorable and perfect. The ability to change the light levels is great, the old ds was hard to play outside because you couldn't really adjust the lighted screen.

It's a soft pink color, glossy, and tiny. I marveled at it's size compared to the old ds. It's super hot. The charger from the old ds DOES NOT fit into the ds lite, so if you have the old charger/old car charger it won't work. :( That's not such a big deal since it comes with a charger, but I was kinda sad that the old car charger wouldn't fit.

The stylus is better, with a soft rubber tip instead of the hard plastic one the old ds had. The colors on it are amazing! The sound is pretty loud, I find that I don't have to have it up very much to hear it fine.

I'm glad nintendo finally realized that not every gamer is a d00d.
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VINE VOICEon July 3, 2006
I love this game system, but I tried to give a review so that people could understand if the system would be equally great for them. Go ahead and skip to the area you want to read about.


The case comes in two parts like a little computer. When you snap the lid closed, the DS goes into standby mode, with your game ready and waiting when you open the lid back up. The case is definitely small enough to slip into a man's pocket, but a girl would need to use a purse.

Screens/Battery Life:

Both parts have screens, but the bottom screen is special because you can touch it to select things and use the stylus to write. It gets about six hours of battery on the highest screen brightness, which is really bright. Games look completely different and are easier because you can clearly see everything on the screens.

Touch screen:

This screen accepts input from a stylus, which snaps into place inside the actual unit. I found it easy to write on the screen, and the computer recognizes my handwriting about 95% of the time. Sometimes, I need to rewrite letters, though. Nintendo has tried to make good use of the touch screen, and they succeed in many cases such as with the great game Brain Age and in some very cool new Tetris games.

Game Choice

If you're a hand-core 3D gamer, then my guess is that the PSP is going to be your best choice. The games for this are more just fun diversions, which is perfect for me. I love Brain Age, Tetris, Big Brain, and the New Super Mario Bros -- basically, just really fun, addictive games. Nintendo does have some good 3D games, but generally the processor on this machine isn't quite up to good framerates on its two screens.


The Nintendo DS has a microphone that picks up your voice. This translates into using voice commands for some games such as Brain Age. I found it works very well if you use a normal-volume voice, but it occasionally made mistakes. Generally, I'm impressed by how far voice recognition has come, but it's not perfect.


I have average-size hands for a man, and I found the controls very comfortable. After playing Super Mario for about 2.5 hours, I did get a little cramp, but that's because I was holding on way too tight in my excitement. If you had extraordinarily large hands, this my pose a problem, but for most people it's perfect.
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on June 20, 2006
People interested in the DS Lite generally fall into two categories: those who are considering upgrading from a standard DS, or those new to the system who are considering a purchase. Whether or not to ugprade can be a tough decision, given the $130 price tag, but I personally think that it's well worth it in the long run. If you currently don't have a DS of any flavor, then it's hard to go wrong with a Lite.


- Four brightness settings that range from slightly dimmer than a standard DS to an almost painful brightness that works splendidly outdoors.

- Crisper screen quality in general.

- Relocation of various aspects of the system; the start/select buttons have been moved to the lower right corner, the microphone has been centered, the power button has become a sliding switch on the righthand side, and the stylus slot goes right below the power slide. All of these were incredibly convenient changes.

- Better interface sensitivity: the touch screen almost comes across as more responsive, the buttons are raised and provide better feedback, and the D-pad is a little more forgiving. In addition, the volume control slide gives a little more resistance, which allows for more fine-tuning.

- A false GBA cartridge has been provided that slips into the GBA slot, 'capping' the opening to provide a more seamless look and prevent dust accumulation.

- The stylus is thicker and a little easier to hold.

- Finally and most obviously, the system itself has been redesigned to be smaller, compacted, sleek, and generally pretty.

- The DS, Lite or otherwise, provides an innovative new avenue for games. The touch screen, microphone, and even the (somewhat lacking) 'Nintendo WiFi Connection' provide for a great experience. In addition, wireless multiplayer usually works well, and sometimes only one cartridge is needed between systems for "DS Download Play" - a sort of demo'd version of a game shared between friends.


- When a GBA cartridge is in the system as opposed to the cap, it sticks out from the slot a little bit, ruining the 'smooth' appearance. This is purely aesthetic.

- It's impossible to adjust between the brightness settings unless at the system's home screen.

- Neither the DS nor the Lite support older GBC or originally GB games. Only GBA and DS games are supported.

Overall, it's a fantastic system. If you're new to the DS line, then I'd highly recommend picking up the system. Some good games to look at are Trauma Center: Under the Knife (a surgery sim of sorts that makes extensive use of the stylus), Mario Kart DS (solid racing game), Mario 64 DS (port of a classic with new features and minigames), New Super Mario Bros (reworking of the old sidescrolling version of Mario, very well done), Tetris DS, Metroid Prime Hunters (strong FPS/adventure game, excellent multiplayer), and perhaps Brain Age.

If you already possess a DS, then the purchase is entirely dependent on your willingness to part with $130. I think it's worth the money, and eBay is always a viable option for parting with the old system.
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