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5.0 out of 5 stars Bigger than I thought with same DSi functions!
Firstly I'd like to say I'm a 43 year old mom. I got into gaming several years ago and my kids and I have a lot of fun with the Nintendo DS. We have had the original DS, DS Lites, DSi's, and now the DSi XL. I got an XL for myself. My son has many GBA games so he doesn't want one (because the DSi XL cannot play any GBA - Gameboy Advance- games) and my daughter thought it...
Published on March 28, 2010 by AlexJouJou

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3.0 out of 5 stars DSI XL in-hand impressions
The first Gameboy I got was the original in 1989. The excitement from that was more than most portable consoles I've bought since, but it was the first. I just got home with its great-great-grandson, a spanking-new bronze DSi XL, a few hours ago. This of course can't be a full review, but initial impressions are important too. The first question I asked before even paying...
Published on March 29, 2010 by C. Johnson

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660 of 677 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bigger than I thought with same DSi functions!, March 28, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Firstly I'd like to say I'm a 43 year old mom. I got into gaming several years ago and my kids and I have a lot of fun with the Nintendo DS. We have had the original DS, DS Lites, DSi's, and now the DSi XL. I got an XL for myself. My son has many GBA games so he doesn't want one (because the DSi XL cannot play any GBA - Gameboy Advance- games) and my daughter thought it was too big to be portable. She likes something that fits easily into a backpack or jacket pocket. Although I think the XL could I'd probably agree if you are going for portability then the regular DSi should do you just fine. The reason I chose the XL is because I play primarily at home and I play a lot of puzzle games. Someimes these types of games are hard to see, especially the seek and find. I'm hoping this larger sized one helps that.

Even though I knew it was larger it is LARGER than I thought. That's a good thing because it is almost more like a PDA or something as far as size. Nice and substantial. It is also heavier than I anticipated. This is the only thing I'm a little concerned with as I like to play laying in bed at night and sometimes I'll play for a couple of hours. I would not want my hand getting extra tired holding the unit up. Additionally it is not as easy to hold this one handed and put the stylus in the other. It might be a fine line but it doesn't quite feel as comfortable as the DSi in that regard. It feels similar to how the PSP would feel if you held it one handed. Slightly off balance. Edited to Add: Played for 2 hours last night. Although it took a while I did find a comfortable position to hold the XL. It is not as comfortable for extended periods as the regular DSi but it did not get too heavy and my arms did not get sore. I'm quite relieved!

The top part actually has an audible click when you open up the unit. The DSi did not have this click although one of our DS Lite units did. The regular DSi opened smoothly without any catches--this one does not. There is definitely a click. The hinge looks strong enough. We lost one DS Lite to the hinge crack issue so I'm glad to see these hinges look sturdy. The other thing regarding the hinges is that the top piece moves a little when you move the unit. It is not super floppy but it does move when the unit does. I tested it against the DSi and the DS Lite and it took more effort to make those cover or top pieces move. It may be the weight itself which causes this. I will be keeping an eye on my hinges though just to be sure.

It connected right up to my internet with no problems. I went into the DSi shop and I didn't notice any difference between the XL and my regular DSi. Flawless. I must say, though, that I HATE that I could not take my DSi games with me to this upgrade (Nintendo is so far behind the ball on this and it is one of few complaints I have of Nintendo). Lame Nintendo. Seriously lame!

I got the bronze. It has a nearly black top and the inside is black. The bronze is only on the bottom and sides and it is definitely bronze. From the pictures online it looks more chocolate brown but it is not. I wavered back and forth with this and burgundy. I have not seen the burgundy out of the box but suspect it looks gorgeous. The glossy top looks like an overcoat similar to what is put on cars and trucks. Not like how the DS Lite covers were (although in two tone color this one is nearly exactly the same as the DS Lite Crimson or Blue with the colors in the same places and black in the same places except for the top because this one has the bronze color around the edges and the DS Lite's had the crimson or blue).

It does not feel "matte" on the bottom.It has a slightly grainy feel--not sure how to describe it. Kind of like how the non shiny cover of my printer feels. I remember when I got the DSi it almost seemed grainy and powdery. Not so with the XL.

Overall I'm very happy with the color-its classy!

Screen: This was my big worry. So far those worries are fairly groundless. I've tested out several types of games and in most apsects it is absolutely as good as the regular DSi. For the most part I get no pixelation or stretching and I definitely haven't noticed any ghosting or lines. While I was playing Bejeweled Twist I did notice that the gems were not as crisp as they are on the regular DSi. For me it was noticable but not bothersome. They were not blurry just a little more fuzzy than normal.

Edited to Add: I've tried several additional games and haven't noticed any issues except on games like Lunar Knights which already had a more pixelated look even on my DS Lite and regular DSi. Just slightly more noticable here but again not enough to impact. If I wasn't such a video game addict I likely wouldn't notice but I play every day.

My original DSi had several problems (Nintendo sent me a replacement)-this one has none of them. The battery cover does not "cave" in like my DSi and the insert window around the touch screen is solid--no light shows through. This XL feels as if it is a much higher quality console.

I've played with the regular stylus and the bigger pen type stylus. Either is fine but I prefer the regular stylus. The pen stylus might be good for someone who likes to hold the stylus like a pen but it is not a make or break for me.

The other functions (camera and the settings) worked well. No problems encountered. The charger looks to be the same as the regular DSi and this unit fits fine in my G Pak organizer. Edited to Add: Sound--it is actually slightly better sounding than the regular DSi. It feels as if it almost has a deeper sound. More like surround type sound. Also if you have a regular DSi there is a point when you are adjusting sound where it goes from quieter to regular and almost seems like it skips a step. The XL does not do this -- the sound progression is very good. I put in my Dragon Quest V as the music is very majestic and it felt more like it was enveloping me in the sound than a regular DSi (tested it with my daughters).

Overall I'm very happy and will update with the weight issue if it becomes a problem. Other than that I'm excited to go play my games and see them on the big screen!
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5.0 out of 5 stars It is all about the screen size!, March 29, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I am a sixty year old gamer that likes to play Zelda and puzzle games. I had a black Nintendo dsi and loved the unit except for the fact that I was playing games two inches in front of my nose. In my own little nearsighted world, I got along okay and enjoyed the games. Then Nintendo came out with this XL unit......I got the bronze and think that it looks very fashion forward no matter what your age is. It is absolutely stunning and made my little black unit look pretty sad. That being said, Nintendo really did not promise anything other than a bigger screen and this unit delivers! You no longer have to struggle to see the screen. I have played Spirit Tracks on it so far and do not regret the upgrade from the dsi for even a nanosecond. When you think about it, would you rather watch a large television or one with a tiny screen...this is the same thing. The unit is larger but not so large that I would not put it in my purse and play it on the run. So far though, I have not found a small case for it that I like. I will let you know if the extra weight bothers me. I don't think that it will as the screen size alone is totally worth the upgrade. Also, I am not worried about the new 3D unit. I talked to some real Nintendo representatives that were in the store this morning and they had heard that the unit is a year away for US release. If it doesn't have a large screen, I won't want it anyway. UPDATE: I have had the dsi xl for ten days and play it daily. The heavier weight is not an issue for me. I would definitely buy it again and am extremely happy with my purchase. This item was specifically designed for people who need/want a larger screen and it fits this need perfectly. UPDATE 2: I have now had the unit for over a month and still play it daily-this never happened with the regular dsi as I lost interest due to not being able to see the screen well. DSI XL is worth every penny if screen size is an issue and I would still definitely buy it again. UPDATE 3: 09/02/2010 Still love it. My favorite toy ever!
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5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECTION! Nintendo Does It Again =), March 28, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Length:: 2:58 Mins

Nintendo does it again!

I am going to be honest when i say i really wanted the BURGUNDY colored DSi XL. However, when i stopped by my local Toys R Us today, there weren't any on display. I couldn't imagine myself walking around with a Pink DSi XL. I'm a guy after all! Hahaha

This is an extremely well built device. One can feel the quality when the device is in your hand (Even though it says Made in China on the back). After all, this is Nintendo & they always deliver. I never upgraded to the DSi and i am so glad i held off because i didn't want to sacrifice my DS Lite and lose out on all my GB Advance games. I have been waiting for this device ever since i heard it was coming out last holiday and it's finally arrived in the US. I am beyond pleased with my upgrade. For anyone who is debating on whether they should shell out the money for the DSi XL - I would recommend that you do yourself a favor & UPGRADE! For the two huge screens alone, it's totally worth it. I still kept my DS Lite because I do enjoy the backwards capability of the GBA games. It would have been nice if the GBA slot was incorporated in the fourth-generation DS, but its not.

The main attraction of the DSi XL is OBVIOUSLY the two HUGE screens. All the DS games look absolutely GORGEOUS on this thing. All the games look exactly the same as they do on the original DS except they're all enlarged to accommodate the bigger screens. Yes, the blocks/pixels (Whatever you wanna call it) do look a bit more noticeable, but then again it did as well on the original DS. You'll notice it at first, but after a few seconds of playing you'll find yourself completely immersed in your game to even notice something so minor.

I have the bronze version and the only thing that is bronze is the side accent chrome and the back. The cover is a matte finish and yes, it's a finger magnet, but it has a sheik Manhattan trendy look to it (Very Fashion Forward). However, the cover and the inside look more like a charcoal grey and black more then it does brown or bronze. Even with my lamp turned on right next to the XL, it looks like black. It's still a very portable gaming device on the go. Despite what reviewers are saying, it's still a pocket friendly device and its easy to just throw in a purse, bag, or backpack on your way to work. Its exquisite use for a train ride, a plane ride, a scroll around Central Park, or when traveling abroad and you need a good diversion to keep yourself entertained.

Just when everyone thought thin was in for technology, Nintendo does a complete u-turn and marches to the beat of their own drum.

Good quality sturdy build
Internet Browser
Ninety-Three Percent Larger Screens (Absolutely gorgeous)
New Interface (Not for DSi users though)
Music Player (I wish it had a video player)
Three Built in Games (Brain Age Math, Brian Age Arts, & some photo thingy)
DSi Shop (This is probably the future of gaming where everything is digital downloads)

No video player
Micro card (I'd prefer Micro SD)
No Dictionary (I think the Japanese & UK versions had a built in dictionary)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent purchase if you research it first, April 13, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The DSi XL is not for everyone. Nintendo specifically said it wasn't for everyone, so it makes little sense to purchase one if you're looking for an upgrade from the DSi. The XL is not supposed to be a cutting edge/newest technology/must-have portable gaming system.

Here are the people who would be disappointed to spend money on a DSi XL:

1. Techno-geeks, especially those who already own a DSi--you probably already know this and have moved on, but if you're still reading, you won't like the DSi XL. It's graphics are NOT sharper than a DS lite nor DSi. Yes, the screen is larger but if the visuals start as slightly pixelated on a small screen, the effect is magnified and more choppy on the large screen. It's certainly not a dealbreaker but you're about as far from HD quality as you can throw this thing. The camera is a toy not a tool. The memory is limited. The browser won't match the gaming system/smart phone/PSP/3 you already own.

2. Owners of a DSi that like portability and have "young" eyes--you've already worked your way up from a GBA to a DS to a DSi and each one has better visuals than the last. There is no advantage to sinking another $180 into another system unless you're having trouble seeing details in your current games. This model is substantially bigger but also heftier and burns through its charge at a faster pace. Save your money and keep your DSi

3. Nintendo fans that have a large library of favorite gameboy games--you'll hate the larger system that takes up more real estate but *still* doesn't have a GBA slot.

4. DS lite owners with a ton of accessories and a small budget--all those extra chargers and lighter adapters and cases will be useless on the DSi XL.

5. Super hardcore gamers who are gore-fest lovers--there are very few titles that are those zombie-shooting, parts-flying, blood-splattering type of games that grab the T and M ratings. And on the DS/i systems, you can't really feel that adrenaline rush in the same way. Plus many of the T/M rated games aren't that good on the Nintendo system (there are a few exceptions)

Now who SHOULD definitely get a DSi or DSiXL:

1. DS (or DS lite) owners who have waited--stop waiting. Now is the time to upgrade to a DSi XL or snatch up a preowned DSi. The screens are bigger and brighter and the downloadable games have a lot of very good titles (and some pretty bad ones so read up before buying)

2. People with a means to carry the DSi XL (like women with purses)--yes that sounds so sexist but this system can't fit in a pocket as smoothly as the "junior" version. It's heavier and more likely to fall out. I suspect it will follow the general rule "the bigger the screen, the more often it'll break" But if you have the means to safely cart it around, the big screen is much easier on the eyes. It's worth the inconvenience of the larger/heavier size, but then again, I have a purse.

3. Parents of younger kids--many of the games are geared toward a younger audience and there is nothing more straightforward than a stylus touchscreen as a means of control. It's terrific to hand my DSi XL to my bored daughter when waiting in a long line.

4. Fans of atypical games--like puzzles? Word games? Brain challenges? Interactive cooking instructions? This is the system for you. The selection of games is strong and many are addictive. The "typical" game library is excellent too but don't expect that high-resolution, online multiplayer experience with voice support to be the majority of your gaming experience on this system.

5. Fan of Nintendo games but wish they were easier to see--you don't have to have visual problems to appreciate a larger screen. Many a TV buyer has wished they bought one size up.

In summary, the DSi XL is a great choice if you want a larger screen, portable system (with a means to carry it), and access to a wide variety of games, puzzlers, and atypical applications. I really like mine. The DSi XL is an access gaming system. Like the Wii, it's not intended to wow the gaming world; it's supposed to broaden it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Money well spent!, March 30, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I'm a mom who games with her kids. I was a little hesitant about getting the DSi XL because I already owned the black DSI. I was concerned about the weight; size being portable enough for me to carry around, and the picture clarity.

Well, getting the DSi XL was a good decision for me. The reasons are that the screen is larger, it comes pre-loaded with three games (Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock); Flip Note, DSi Browser, and Photo Clock are already loaded. I tried all 32 of my games in the system to see if the picture quality was affected by the size of the screens. Honestly, the picture quality is really good. The camera truly takes great pictures better than my Blackberry.
My son likes the idea that he can sit with me while I play my games and actually see the screen comfortably.

My only complaint with this change is the fact that you can't transfer games from the DSi to the DSi XL. I was told you couldn't because the games are tied to the serial numbers of your system. So, you have to repurchase those games. Nintendo needs to fix that issue! We are a big Nintendo family and I can't say enough good things about the DSi XL and Nintendo. This new system has made game play a lot easier and this mother happier.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Totally worth it!, April 5, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I already had a DS Lite. I play a lot of games like Bejeweled Twist, Mah Jong Quest, Cake Mania, and seek and find type games. So all have very tiny things to look at. The tiles on Mah Jong Quest were so small on the DS Lite that I quit playing it because it hurt my eyes. Well let me tell you the DSiXL makes a huge difference. I have been playing Mah Jong like nobody's business. I can see the tiles clear as day and my eyes don't feel strained. So the bigger screen is totally worth it if you play these types of games. The color is awesome and the pictures are still really sharp looking.

The internet browser is pretty cool. My husband is a tech guy so he hooked it up to our wireless right away. He did end up having to change our security key because the keyboard doesn't have a backslash or a pipe character. We called Nintendo support and they said our only option would be to change out those characters. Sucks, but our wireless code was ridiculous. I doubt anyone else would have a problem. Once he changed it all was good. The websites I checked looked great and was easy to access. Not sure how much I'll use it but it is still pretty cool.

I really didn't think I would use the camera feature of the DSiXL. Once I snapped the first pic and tweaked it with tools I was hooked. It is really fun. The only problem I encountered was trying to take a picture of someone where the background was close in color to their skin tone (my white dad on a cream background). It kept saying "Take a photo of a face". It couldn't distinguish him from the wall. Annoying. I was able to save photos I took to an SD card and then I can put them on my computer and print them out. You can also post photos directly from the DSiXL to Facebook or Twitter if you are connected to the internet.

The sound game(included) is fun too. You can record your voice and then alter it. The speakers are really good for this as well as games. Also, you can put music on an SD card and play it on the DS.

Flipnote Studio (included) was OK. I probably need to play around with it more because I don't think I did it right.

I really liked Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters. It comes preloaded along with Brain Age Express: Math. The Arts & Letters is cool because you use the camera and the mic in the Themes section. If you have played Brain Age games before then you will like this and if not then it is a good introduction.

All in all upgrading to the DsiXL was well worth it. The screen size really did make a big difference with the type of games I play. The camera feature turned out to be a fun surprise and I think I'll use it a lot. If you are thinking about upgrading DO IT you will not be disappointed!

Oh, I almost forgot about the weight and how it feels. When I held the DS Lite in one hand and the DSiXL in the other I really couldn't tell much of a difference in weight. When you put them side by side the thickness is equal. The XL is longer and little wider than the DS Lite but of course it would have to be. The XL has a textured bottom so it is made to sit on a surface while playing and it won't slide around. Holding either in my hand for a long time was uncomfortable so I always play with my knees bent and a pillow on my lap with the DS propped up on the pillow. So just find what works for you.
The bigger pen stylus is really nice. I always got hand cramps from the smaller stylus. Too bad the bigger one doesn't fit in the back of the DSiXL, but I'll be buying a case for it anyway that it has a pen holder.

Another thing I want to mention is that unlike the DS Lite you cannot play Gameboy Advance games as it does not have the slot for them. Not a problem for me but I know other people may still have some of these games.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Color in Picture is Deceiving..., October 8, 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
After waiting for a LOOOOONG time for a pink version of the XL to come out, i've finally switched over from a DS Lite.. but.. I'm a little disappointed.

First of all, the color shown in pictures is deceiving, the product is more of a copper-ish pink then a "rose" color. The picture makes the color seem a lot more lighter and pinker than the actual product. Besides that, the product is working well.

I've upgraded from a DS lite to this DSi XL, I was worried about how the larger screen would stretch out the pixels but after playing awhile, you barely notice the difference. The size also fits comfortably in my hands, they feel less cramped now which is great because I can play longer. I notice that the speakers in the DSi XL sounds a lot better, more crisp than the DS lite.

So far, I'm very happy with this purchase and recommend anyone with a DS lite to switch on over to the DSi XL. If the reason you don't want to upgrade to the DSi XL is because you want the GBA port, then i'm here to tell you that there are definitely ways to play GBA games on the DSi XL using a flash kart.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, March 30, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I just got home from work and couldn't wait to play with my new Burgundy DSi XL. First off it is a deep burgundy color, not pink, not purple, more like merlot so both guys and gals will be ok with the color. I finally had to stop playing so I could give it a full charge. I played the Brain Age game that was included and it is just like the Brain Age games of past. I am a 50 plus female and it is nice to be able to see the screen much better. I did notice that it is a little tiring holding it for a long period of time but I am sure I will get used to it. All I can say is this is money well spent. I am going on a long vacation later this year and I am taking this with me for all that time in the air.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, March 29, 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I was very surprised at how big the screens really are. A local store in my town had a "trade in" offer and after trading in my blue dsi, I was able to pick this one up for $99.00. Talk about a deal! Besides the screen size, it doesn't have any great features that sit it aside from the original DSI, but the screen size is so worth it! I am 42 years old and not getting any younger, so the screen size makes it so much easier for me to see the puzzle games that I love! My 16 year old son was surprised that it was so light. I got the burgandy and it is just beautiful. I've played several games and haven't noticed any problems with pixels or blurry words, in fact, the screen size actually makes the games easier to play because obviously it is easier to see. It breathes new life into some of the games I've had for a while, it's makes them fun to play again. I don't play only puzzle games, just mostly puzzle games, Zelda looks great on it too! It is still going to fit fine in my purse and I have been able to slip it into my front pocket with no problems, just a little more bulk than my old DSI. Love the new "pen" too, doesn't make my hand cramp up as much as holding the smaller, thinner one, but do wish it could store somewhere inside the XL. All in all, It is great for what I need it for and I'm very happy I got it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars DSi King Size, March 29, 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
There is no doubt about the success of the Nintendo DS handheld game systems. Since the original came out back in 2004, many gamers have been going all-out crazy for what Nintendo has deeply done to change the way we play video games on the go. The original one set the benchmark for so many great games to play like Super Mario 64 DS, Bejewled Twist, and new games like America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking, WairoWare: D.I.Y. and so many other games to have a unique light to new gamers of all ages. Since then, we've seen the DS develop steadily to other incarnations like the DS Lite in 2006, and last year with the Nintendo DSi, with a ability to take digital photos wherever you go, and send pictures and download video games online. Now, Nintendo is unveiling a bigger DSi for gaming on the go, and this is just a snapshot on the mind.

The new Nintendo DSi XL brings in all that we've loved from the DSi last year, by making the DSi a much bigger size, by meaning bigger-sized fun for gamers of all kinds, as you play all your favorite DS games in a larger-sized screen, which makes it easier for you to play games that are hard to see, with a screen nearly twice the size as the original DS was. All the features are here including the ability to take photos, download video games through the Nintendo DSi shop with games that you can download like Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2, and Art Style: Base 10 which is a fun and challenging game to download, where you can try and beat the clock by getting number that add up to 10 and making them evaporate in thin air, befor the clock runs out. The new system also includes a few pre-loaded games Brain Age: Express Math & Arts & Letters that're fun, but there is more to play that you can download online through the Nintendo DSi shop.

You also can take great photos that can be fun with the new bigger DSi camera, that makes it easier for you to take great snaphots, with great lens shots like the mirror image lens, the folding image, where you can fold and morph the shape of your photos, also by others by adding flowers or saying a nice message to greet all your friends. You also can send those photos through Facebook, as part of Nintendo's partnership with the website, which Nintendo announced last year. The camera is tough at first, but you can easily take the photos with ease once you get the hang of it. There are also other things that you can also do including recording messages, and storing music onto the DSi, and saving them onto a SD Card, so you can then send them to others online, and take your photos wherever you go, and print them up at you local photo shop.

Yet, with all the new features the new Nintendo DSi XL have, there are still the few disadvantages that it has, that could've been improved where the original DSi left out. The first disadvantage is the ability to play some Ninetdno DS games. Like the original DSi, you don't have the ability to play certain DS games, without the original Game Boy Advance Slot. So if you own any of the music games Guitar Hero: On Tour, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades or Band Hero, you unfortunately won't be able to play those games on the system. The second disadvantage is just like before, you also cannot play several music files that you download online, unless you convert them from MP3 Files to the lesser-known AAC format, and store them on you SD Card, that you can use to store your photos and music.

All in all, despite the few flaws here, the Nintendo DSi XL brings in a lot of the fun-filled enjoyment that we've loved from the original Nintendo DSi, only in a bigger-size. I absolutely love it, from its bigger stylus pen, to a wider-angle to play your games and take your photos. While there are those who want to upgrade from their prior DS systems, others just are eager and waiting to see what develops with the upcoming Nintendo 3DS next year. Nevertheless, if you've never owned the Nintendo DSi before, I absolutely recommend this a whole lot for anyone who wants great gaming wherever they go.

Graphics: A-

Sound: A

Control: A

Fun & Enjoyment: B+

Online Compatability: B+

DSi Camera: B+

Price: B

Overall: B+
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