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on May 9, 2014
First, I just want to say this is just in my personal opinion, I am a Pokemon fan and for other Pokemon fans I would definitely recommend this game I still can't put it down. If you love to capture Pokemon and battle trainers I would recommend this as well.
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on December 19, 2013
Not a scratch or speck of dust on the game nor the case. I'm going to really enjoy playing this.
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on August 28, 2014
This is probably the first Pokemon game where I've actually enjoyed the plot. Every other Pokemon game is just, snag all of the pokes, and then make a boss team. This one was different though. I wish more Pokemon games followed this.
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on February 28, 2015
I have White 2 and had been looking for White 1 online and at the game stores in my area, this was the best offer and so I got it. Like all pokemon games, so not much of a need for recaping the story. Love it
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on December 1, 2015
I like it, but to me as a Pokemon fan since red and blue (played Yellow, Gold Silver Crystal, Ruby/Emerald, FR/LG, Colosseum, XD, Diamond/Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Y and Omega Ruby) these games make me feel limited. The initial pacing is really slow. Your 2 friends Cheren and Bianca get really annoying real fast. The Pokemon are great however, and battles are super fun, I had several favorites like Darmanitan, Carracosta, Braviary, Haxorus, and Excadrill and liked most of the Pokemon besides the raccoon and the starters. If you like linear adventures this game is perfect for you, buy I always felt limited in the places I could go in the game as story always came first. I wanted to explore more.
I hear the sequel games fixed these problems and wish I bought one of them instead. (The real reason I bought this, it was cheaper and let me transfer my old Pokemon to gen 6)
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on June 24, 2014
This arrived so quickly, I wondered if the supplier lived in the same state (but didn't)! It was packaged well and included an invoice. The product's condition (collectible, like new) was exactly as described, and my son was THRILLED that the previous owner had caught so many awesome Pokemon that would have taken years for him to catch! All in all, this was one of the best video game purchases I've ever made, esp. for the price! (Game Stop and Hastings both wanted $10 more, and that didn't include anything but the game disc.) This was BETTER than buying a new game by far!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
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on October 5, 2015
I missed 5th Gen so I was at least intrigued to see how it was.
Story was great, gameplay was good, as well as glad there were more steel and dragon types now, only thing that was eh was the weird 7 to 8 level jump in the post-game after beating the Elite 4(who were 48-54). Other than that, great game overall
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on February 12, 2015
A very positive entry into the series, with a welcome collection of new pokemon, this game does suffer from some serious flaws. Coming into play after the general disappointment of the 4th Generation, 5th Gen. starts off with a lot of expectation, and While I personally enjoyed 4th Gen, I can understand why people felt upset by it. The 4th Gen. was the first pokemon game on the new DS console, and as such, was expected to bring a lot of new material to the table, due to the graphical capacity and dual screen ability of the DS. However, while many were disappointed by 4th Gen, I don't believe that 5th Gen. is the great redeemer of the pokemon franchise, nor the next drop into the depths of bad pokemon games, as many like to believe it to be.

Starting off, the game is beautiful, and utilizes the new 2.5D perspective to show off massive set pieces. not only that, but the sprite art, pokemon, and props are all polished and beautiful, and the new addition of the seasons adds a nice variety to areas. This gives the game a fresh appearance for a new Gen, and leaves the game feeling crisp. The mechanics have also been updated, as the battle system is now much quicker and streamlined, making most battles last only about 10-20 seconds. The leveling system has also been tweaked, and gaining experience and leveling has been made easier, dealing with a large complaint of Gen. 4 about slow gameplay. The introduction of two rivals is also nice, as it presents two characters who you become emotionally attached too, and who help immerse the player. And despite the gripes of many that the pokemon are unoriginal or poorly designed, I found many of the pokemon to be nice addition to the line-up. All of these factors help to create a crisper, quicker, and more immersive game, and it really does set up for a good pokemon game. However, while these are all strong points, the game is not without fault.

To start off with, my biggest gripe is the story. As expected, you start off in a small town and are given a pokemon, with the goal of becoming the very best trainer and completing the pokedex. However, where in other games your rival is very antagonistic from the start, your rivals are now passive. While this does make them more likeable as characters, you don't feel any sense of competition, as you will always be slightly stronger than them, as opposed to other games where your opponent would always be one step ahead. This could've easily been avoided by having Cherin, whose very competitive to start with being slightly higher level than you constantly, he is left weaker, and it really dulls the experience. Not only that, but the main enemy, Team Plasma, isn't very interesting, and while their ideal of pokemon liberation is a nice deviation from the norm, their actions come off as hypocritical and whiny. Not only that, but many of their actions seem contrary or aimless, and their dialog ends up being mostly repetitive and nagging. By the end, the story, outside of the gym leaders and rivals, seems intrusive and forced, and the excess of dialog weighs the game down severely. Not only that, but the inability to fish until the Elite Four has been beaten is a glaring flaw, as this leaves few water pokemon before surf is acquired. Not only that, but the much higher spawn rate, while not as bad due to fast battles, becomes annoying as the player is bogged down constantly when backtracking.

Still, the game does provide some nice new mechanics, interesting characters, and pretty areas, and while it is flawed in someways, it's still a good game. I would recommend it for any fan of the series, and although in many ways the sequel is better, this game is still very good for the price. This game gets my rating of "Finish It!"
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on October 1, 2015
Came right on time and everything was grand. The game, case, and the rest of the packaging came in good and well. As for the game? It amazing, honestly one of the best pokemon games I've played in a while! I would place this game as an awesome pokemon game next to heartgold
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on December 9, 2015
Came quickly and works perfectly (bought a used copy) in my DS Lite! Took me a minute to figure out how to start and save a new game but thats just because I never played Pokemon before this. Enjoying trying to "collect them all"!
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