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Edition: 32GB Deluxe - BlackChange
Price:$364.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 24, 2012
We all know there is a a-lot of hate towards the Wii U, Xbox 360 fan-boys clinging to dear life of a 8 year old console, that still uses a DVD media, and actual replaceable batteries in a controller.
PS3 fan-boys, angry that the PS3 never truly lived up to the hype and expectations coming from the legendary PS2.

Lets look at the pros and Cons of the Wii U


1. The systems ports look better than some fine tuned PS3 and Xbox 360 games.
Normally LAUNCH titles don't look the best, the developers are still fine tuning and learning how to program for the CPU and GPU.
However in this case the LAUNCH titles of Wii U easily surpass or match the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts.
And these games are ports from the Xbox 360, older technology, not made specifically for the Wii U, so that says alot for a system
that the game or multi-plat is not even made for to look better than the game it was made for.
See...Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Sonic Racing, Assassins Creed 3.

2. Drive Media, the Wii U disc can only be compared to the PS3, it can store up to 25GB's of data, therefore this finally means more detailed games, long games, more bang for the buck.
See, the Xbox 360 has been holding back Gaming with it's tiny DVD store of only 8.5Gbs and less.

3. The Gamepad, it is awesome, although it looks odd, it is comfortable and really does give you a better gaming experience.

4. Choices of different remotes, from the Wii U Pro Controller to Wii controllers.

5. Nintendo Network at this point is already more advanced than the PSN "Playstation Network" was during the PS3 launch.
At this point I have the PSN and Nintendo Network almost neck to neck.


1. Gamepad Battery life, is terrible, only 4-5 hours at most, I find myself recharging the gamepad 2 times a day atlest.

2. No built in Ethernet, Im sorry, but either have Wireless 5GHZ N built into a device or you need to include a Ethernet port. The Wii U has neither.

3. Long load times, never have seen such long loading times, it takes about 15 seconds to go from each menu, games load very quickly though!

Overall the console is great.

The console is sure to win the next generation of console gaming, just like the Wii did this generation, but also let it be known that it will not be the
most powerful console next gen, more than likely the PS4 and 720 will be much more powerful, it not just by a tad bit.
The Nintendo Wii U can only get better, lets be serious....Where can you get the games you grew up on as a kid? Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and still get your hardcore titles all in HD?? Nintendo.
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on November 3, 2013
My son has had the wii u for 8 mths now and at first I thought it was crazy how few games they had for it BUT was thrilled that you could play existing wii games on it! Since then they have come out with so many games we can't keep up and we've learned how to download games, use YouTube and Netflix! It's a full entertainment system that basically turns a regular TV into a smart TV! Glad we bought it...even for the price at the time which was more than they go for now!
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on July 26, 2013
Outstanding amounts of effort have come from Nintendo, all into this one console. With new, HD graphics, the console is looking better than it ever has before. And apart from working smoothly, it looks cool too! The games are great, run smooth, and are the perfect piece to a 'house party.' Nintendo has something very special, something very unbeatable, and honestly, I think all of that has been combined, all in all, to make the Wii U console even more fun.
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on October 9, 2013
Considering I had a Wii before I bought this, the Wii U's backwards compatibility came in handy for keeping my save data and Wii Remotes from my Wii. In addition, I actually have the option to purchase many of the titles available as downloads rather than go out and buy them (even if they're expensive), and that's not counting the indie games available and forthcoming. I would love to gather some people to play with me sometime soon.
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on October 21, 2013
The Wii U has majority of the games coming out for other platforms but what makes it the best platform on the market is that it has and will have even more Nintendo exclusive games such as Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Metroid, etc. it has many apps such as a great internet browser and an app for YouTube, hulu, Netflix, and Amazon instant video so it is more than just a game machine! The Wii U has a free online service unlike the other platforms so no monthly online fees. you can download classic games from the old era Nintendo games to the ones being released today right to the console. And if you need the extra hard drive space you can connect up to 2 external hard-drives via USB that are 2 TB as long as there powered by an ac adapter for themselves. It also plays all Wii games and all your content can be transferred from the Wii to the Wii U so you dont lose anything if your upgrading you can also play almost every single game on the gamepad screen without the need for a t.v which is another great feature for your living room. Definitely my gaming platform of choice and many Great games are still on there way for it from Nintendo.
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on March 3, 2014
Well, they sure took their time, but it finally came. Nintendo games in HD. Yeah, they were the last to the party, but when it comes to Nintendo does that even matter? After 30 years of the same characters, the same plots and essentially the same games re-made time and time again, Nintendo's games have still managed to outsell both PlayStation and Xbox combined.

I love my classic Nintendo characters, and being able to play them in High Definition is really easy on the eyes. Because most of these games (Mario Bros, Donkey Kong etc.) don't rely on intense visuals like many PlayStation and Xbox games, the characters look perfectly rendered. The Wii U, which I still think is kind of a dumb name, features it's variety of games with the potential to perform at 1080p and 60 fps. While there technically aren't any Wii U specific controllers the new console has implemented the Gamepad, which I think is unique and effective. The Gamepad provides a great 5th player experience and is used in a variety of neat ways.

One of the things Nintendo has done better than anyone else is allow the use of backwards compatibility to the fullest extent. The Wii U is the only next-gen console able to use discs from it's previous console (the Wii). In addition, many of the past Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and NES games are also available on the Nintendo Store. Like it's prior incarnation, the interface on the Wii U is very similar to the Wii, the difference mainly being that it's much sharper. Also like the Wii there is no Blu-Ray drive, but there are video apps such as Netflix that do support other HD video playback.

When it comes to a Nintendo console, the Wii U offers pretty much everything you could ask for in a Nintendo gaming machine.
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on June 5, 2013
Let me start off by saying I am a long time Nintendo fan. I started out in the early 90's with an NES, followed by an N64, followed by the Wii, and now the Wii U.

I love Nintendo for allowing backwards compatibility on the Wii U and for allowing us to transfer our content from the original Wii onto the Wii U. I have to say this though, the instructions made it tough to transfer at first between the two consoles. I ended up having to go to a youtube video just to see how it was done and I finally managed to do it. Just make sure you have an SD card, as well as your original wii remotes ready (preferably 2 wii remotes if you have them. 1 will do the job, but that requires constant syncing and unsyncing between the Wii U and the original Wii console. If you have 2, then you just need 1 remote synced to each console, making it much easier and faster to transfer your content). Keep in mind, once you transfer your content, your original Wii is empty. Everything you did is now on the Wii U.

Now, let's move onto the Gamepad. The gamepad is an interesting way to play. I personally did not think I would like the gamepad that much (I am very picky when it comes to controllers), but I actually do find it to be quite fun to play on. Some games, like Nintendo land, have you use it a lot. Then there are others, such as Super Mario U, that give you the option to use the gamepad or the original Wii Remote. With Nintendo Land, you can do fun things such as tilt the remote to move your character around. Then there are others that allow you to use the gamepad to look around, almost giving you that full 3D effect in a sense. It's definitely different from any other console out there!

Furthermore, the gamepad makes navigation a lot easier in comparison to the original Wii. On the original Wii, typing on the keyboard required you to use the wii remote to point at each letter on the TV screen (this was a pain in the behind because it was such a slow process!!!). Now, on the Wii U, the keyboard is on your gamepad, allowing you to select each letter the same way you would on a tablet. This makes navigation so much quicker and a lot less frustrating!

The TVii is a good tool to have as well. I have not played around with it too much yet (I rarely watch TV these days anymore), but I have checked it out. I do enjoy the TV guide they provide for you on the Gamepad, allowing you to scroll through it and select a particular show you want to watch. If you already have a TV guide on your TV to begin with though, then you probably won't be as amazed by this feature because you already have it. Personally, for me, I love it because we are old school in my house. We just have regular cable with no guide, so having it on the Wii U gamepad is really useful for me.

Also, similar to the original Wii, you still have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, etc. Again, these things are FAR more easier to navigate thanks to the keyboard on the gamepad now.

One thing that disappoints me so far is the lack of games. I currently play two games: Nintendo Land and Super Mario U. No other games really interest me at this moment, but I do hear they are in the process of making them later on in the year, which is good news. You can either be an early bird like me and get this console now, so that way you are all set and prepared for the new releases in the fall. Or you can hold off and just wait until the titles are available before buying the console. I personally like to be prepared ahead of time, so that way I'm not forking up all my money at once, but that is just me.

Lastly, I want to talk about MiiVerse. This was another feature that I did not think I would use much, but I actually find myself posting quite a bit on there. MiiVerse is a way for you to connect with anyone worldwide. You can share comments, start discussions, give each other tips on how to beat a level, etc. You can even draw and post your drawings. I have hand written messages on there, as well as typed messages, and some drawings. The pen that comes with the gamepad makes drawing very easy and fun. You can draw just as good as if you were using a pen on paper. It is that accurate!

Overall, the Wii U is a great console! As I said, it just needs more games, but the games will come as time passes. What we have now are just the launch titles. So again, either hold off and wait for the games to come, or get yourself the Wii U console now and just play your original Wii games on it until more Wii U games come out.
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on March 15, 2013
Nintendo really did itself this time! I always played Wii at friends houses, but never owned one myself. I did have to buy a couple of Wiimotes so I could play the old games. What fun! But, of course I HAD to have ZombieU, New Super Mario Bros.

There's no option to go to the Miiplaza when you go in Wii mode. I thought it would be nice to hang out there with Wii friends. You can't email them either. Its' like a neighborhood you can't visit. But, you can still shop at Wii store. Why would I want to buy Wii games if I can't play with anyone online??

Downloading at Nintendo e-shop is fun too! The only thing I don't like about downloading is you can't trade the games in at you local game store. And, if the game is discontinued or you delete your Nintendo Id, not only won't be available for download anymore, but you lose all your money you have on account at the store. Huh....not very good! I only plan on purchasing cheap games at the e-shop. Lots of folks at the Miiverse downloaded Lego City: Undercover. Its a 22 gig download, $50 game that can take 4 hours or more to download! Isn't it easier to just buy the disk??

There are USB ports so you can have a external hard drive, but I'm not sure you can keep an uninstall copy of the downloaded software on it as a reserve copy. I think its just for saved play. Any advice someone can give me on this would be appreciated :)
There is no Ethernet port on the back, none....I was quite unhappy with this. I like options. But, you can buy a Wii Lan adapter ($24;) you insert in the usb port on the back then your Ethernet cable in that! Viola! You can get online without wireless if you choose to.

Lots of people are complaining about the battery. Dies after 2 hours? People play for more than 2 hours?? I don't have to worry about that I don't have 2 hours just to play games, so I'm good! LOL!

Anyway its still Merry Christmas to me in March! LOL!
You can even watch tv while someone is playing with the game pad, play your old Wii games on it (not Game Cube though).
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on February 24, 2013
Nintendo always seeks the innovation in their products, that is why it is an attractive option always, "Gamepad" provides new possibilities to developers with a new touch screen control. If you want new experiences Wii U is the best option at the moment.
Deluxe versión included Nintendo Land that is actually a set of mini-games that will help us to familiarize ourselves with the new Gamepad and discover its functions, between them the asymmetric game, that is the possibility that the player who has the gamepad has a different perspective than the other 4 (wiimotes), It also includes a promotion for digital content.
While it is true as soon as they appear to be competitors in terms of power it will be exceeded, the hardware is the most powerfull in consoles at this time, I have no doubts that has much potential; If you are a long time player in know found in Nintendo products.

Nintendo siempre busca la innovación en sus productos, es por eso que es una interesante opción siempre, con un nuevo control "Gamepad" brinda nuevas posibilidades a los desarrolladores. Si quieres nuevas experiencias Wii U es la mejor opción al momento.
Viene con el juego Nintendo Land que en realidad es un conjunto de minijuegos que nos ayudarán a familiarizarnos con el nuevo Gamepad y descubrir sus funciones, entre ellas el juego asimétrico, que es la posibilidad de que el jugador que tiene el gamepad tiene distinta perspectiva que los otros 4 (wiimotes). Además incluye una promoción para contenido digital
Si bien es cierto en cuanto aparezcan competidores en cuanto a potencia será superada, el hardware es más potene que las consolas en este momento, no me quedan dudas que tiene mucho potencial; si eres in jugador de mucho tiempo sabes que encontrar en los productos Nintendo.
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on February 20, 2013
Ordered this last week and it came today, I chose the 32 GB because it was a better value. I mean 32 GB + Nintendo Land + Gamepad Charger + Gamepad cradle + Wii U stand + Black color for 50$ more? Hell yeah.

I only played the game "Nintendoland" (the game it came with) so far and I love it! It's a whole new gaming experience. It's innovative and most importantly F-U-N!. I can tell right now when the new Zelda, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros come out I'm gonna have a blast. I can only imagine how aweseomely they're gonna incorporate the gamepad into these big titles and future original games.

Nintendoland, first off, is a great game when your with your family or friends. It shows off what the gamepad can do. However, I would not recommend buying this separate as it is NOT worth 60$ as you'll find everywhere online. I think it should go for 39.99 separately. Tops. I recommend the deluxe set where it comes free.

Some of the best NintendoLand Games to play with your family are:
-Mario Chase
-Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
-Pikman Adventure
-Luigis Ghost Mansion

The main reason I got this system, is because of the New Super Mario Bros U. I'm a die hard fan and I NEEDED to play it. I tried selling the Nintendoland (unopened) online so I could get money for the Mario game. But it seems everyone is putting their Nintendoland game up for sale! So if your trying to sell Nintendoland online, good luck. Also if you want to trade it in at a local gamestore. TOPS they will give you, even if it is factory sealed, is 10$... Yeah, I know. They gotta make money somehow right? Haha...

Anyway I'm gonna list some pros and cons.

-The OS (Operating System) is very welcoming and smooth.
-The gamepad is very responsive
-Stunning graphics. (1080p ... Finally) HDMI Chord included!
-It's up to par, if not beyond, the graphics of the PS3, and Xbox 360
-The gamepad controller isn't too heavy or too light, it feels very comfortable in your hands.
-The gameplay is beyond any you'll find on ANY other gaming system.

- System update takes about 60-90 Minutes. (Only have to do it once and your set)
- Gamepad and Wii U attract dust easily. (I'd recommend a case and screen protector for gamepad)
- Some long loading screens when the system is being set up.

Other than that, I can't think of any other cons. It truly is a great gaming device. It's fun to play with friends and family. It's also fun to switch from tv to controller in less than half a second. I'd recommend buying this now because I know there will be great games for it in the future.

Update 3/7/12

Finally purchased the New Super Mario Bros U game! I have only beat the first 2 worlds and all I can say is WOW! Hands down THE best (2D )Mario Game ever released (Super mario 64 will always be my favorite and have that special place in my heart).. Haha but anyway, first off the graphics are crazy good! But like the director of Nintendo said... "It's not about the graphics, it's about the gameplay!" And I agree. Remember when the first 8-bit super mario came out? Everyone was blown away. I think the graphics have been perfectly updated for the time we live in.

Graphics aside.. The gameplay is awesome! You can switch from TV to gamepad in a matter of seconds!
The game is an overall win and I can't wait to beat it:)
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