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Edition: Super Mario Bros U Bundle|Change
Price:$462.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on November 6, 2013
I'm mostly writing this review to counter balance a 1-star review written by someone complaining about price. NOTE: Currently the item is overpriced, but that is because Amazon no longer sells Nintendo consoles directly. Do some research and you will see why. Basically the prices on here are being manipulated by third party sellers. The MSRP is $299.99, and if you look elsewhere and you should be able to find it at that price. Regardless of the pricing on here though, there really is no reason to bash the product itself.

Anyways, this is a great bundle, for anyone who likes Mario games and wants to step up from the previous generation. In the box you'll receive a Wii U (well, duh!) & a gamepad, both in the sleek color of black. It also includes the latest New Super Mario Bros. games + DLC on one disc, along with power/HDMI cables, and stands for standing the Wii U vertically, charging station for gamepad, a sensor bar, manuals, ect.

The value is amazing (though I wish they had thrown in a pro controller :P) I bought this for my brother for Christmas at Target. He'll love it. Hope you enjoy it too. Don't listen to the one star reviews. Wii U is awesome, I've played it many times.
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on November 30, 2013
Like most people I was hesitant to pick this up because of all the mediocre reviews. I'm a 28 year old married working professional (pediatrics resident) and like many adults I don't have time to spend playing hours and hours of video games. I wanted something I could pick up recreationally and just have fun with (although i do look for a deep meaningful gaming experience, as well). I also wanted something I could use for party games with other people. I strongly considered xbox one. But a couple things really turned me off to that. For one I think its stupid (and genius) that you have to pay a subscription fee for any online service. I already paid $500 and now I have to pay $60/year more! That's ridiculous! Then I also realized that no game in the xbox one or xbox 360 lineup sounded as fun as nintendo games I had spent hundreds of hours playing (wii sports first, then mario, donkey kong, mario kart!!!, the 'trauma' series, just dance). I could pull out mario kart and EVERYONE loved playing it.

So fast forward to more recent. The wii u piqued my interest for many reasons but mostly the price seemed right. The deluxe bundle with two games (mario and luigi) was $299. I also picked up nintendo land at gamestop for $13.50 and two wii motion plus add-ons for like $15 each.

This has been the best gaming decision I could have possibly made!!!

Reason #1: backwards compatible
I can play all my old wii games that I know and love!!! And I don't have to invest in all new controllers and stuff. ALSO, I just found out that a recent update now allows you to do a one time transfer from your wii!!! That means I don't have to re-purchase super mario 3, super mario world, street fighter, or the other games I had bought. No one seems to know about this (even thr nintendo reps I had asked!) But for previous wii owners this is a huge plus!!!

Reason #2: the second screen is a God send to every married man or person in similar situation
I'm with friends and they want to watch football, I wanted to mess around with the wii. No problem!!! my wife has certain shows that I like to avoid (ie real housewives).. this offers a perfect way to do it. You can even use the wii remotes with the screen to make it like a miniature tv.

Reason #3: the FUN FACTOR
Remember the first time you played wii and it was cool because anyone could just pick it up and play. All of a sudden everyone wanted to try bowling... my mom, sisters... people who previously hated how video games stole the tv. I never thought that would be replicated on the wii u. To be fair, I had serious doubts because the interface is less intuitive.. there also have been a lot of updates which take time and could make the most casual gamers lose interest.

But don't let that dissuade you! Nintendo land is literally the most fun I've had on a game system with family since those first days of owning a wii. My wife, who's never been into games (even the wii) has been asking to play nintendo land! The games are simple but just SO MUCH FUN!!! The smiles on her face and our laughs as we play these games more than cover the cost of the system. The asymetric gaming is something revolutionary. It allows people to have different roles in the same game. The uses for the second screen seem to be endless.

The other fun part is creating your mii. They actually look resemble you. And when you see yourself in the game it just adds something to the experience.

Reason#5 - the future
I don't know what will happen with wii u. It may be too late to be successful. But I do know there are new games on the horizon that make it even more worth having (mario kart!!!). And best of all the games look GREAT! They are in true 1080 hd. There comes a point where better graphics only add so much. If you want that I've heard people say a gaming pc is better than xbox or PlayStation. but if you want fun... invest in the wii u. Your kids will not be disappointed, and neither will you.

Ps.. one additional hypothetical app that would make this system even cooler is Skype. If wii u was able to get this app (it already has netflix, amazon video, and hulu plus.. which work GREAT btw... it even shows extra imdb content on the gamepad as you watch!!!). You could leave your wii u on and the second screen could recieve skype calls while you watch tv. How cool would that be!!! Xbox one has gotten a lot of attention for being a total entertainment system but wii u could be comparable. So what if you can control channels with xbox? You can do that with the nintendo gamepad. You can't control dvr or ondemand content so I think xbox is going to be less seamless than people think.

Bottom line: LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!!
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on November 7, 2013
Bought this Wii U bundle at Target November 1st for $292. I had a 5% discount card from my pharmacy awards that I used on top of my 5% Red Card savings. The retail price at places like Target and Best Buy is $299.99. This is a great bundle with two great games. I waited to purchase a Wii U for a year so that more games would be out and the price be lower. Trust me, now is the time to get a Wii U. Buy it now so that you can play it with friends and family this Thanksgiving and Christmas. The new game pad with built in touch screen is awesome. One warning, it took me about 3 hours to hook everything up, download the latest software update to version 4.0, and transfer my data from my old Wii to the new Wii U. Transferring data from your Wii to the Wii U is pretty cumbersome and annoying. You will want to make sure you have at least a 512 MB SD card on hand to do the transfer. Just follow the instructions and remain patient.
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on January 19, 2014
Wow, let me start off by saying that I was planning to pass on the Wii U. Reason being, the negative reviews, the poor marketing, and last but not least, I was holding out for PS4 and XBOX ONE. I was almost convinced to pass, I'm so glad I did not!

Wii U is not bad as it is made to be seen by some. The console does everything I believe a gaming system should do, offer plenty of entertaining software, have innovative ways of playing and interacting, be competitively priced, and most importantly be FUN! In all these categories the Wii U delivers.

I was bit upset at how I was almost mislead by some reviewers into thinking that the Wii U is not worth buying. If it wasn't for the lackluster launch of the PS & Xbox I wouldn't have taken a second look at the Wii U. I'm very glad I did though. I hope others do the same. I think everyone should do their own research and not just go by reviews. Go play the console, all of them (PS4, XBOX ONE), at your neighborhood gaming store and see for yourself.

Here are somethings I thought were important when deciding on a console. The Wii U came out victorious:

- Games
Yes, the most important part of a gaming console is having fun games to play. What makes one console have an edge over the other is when those games are exclusive to that console.

- Graphics
Even though Wii U is not the most powerful of the "next gen", it comes pretty close. Look at some Youtube video comparison or local gaming store and see for yourself.

- Interactive
I was critical when I saw Wii U GamePad, but once I actually used it I was sold. Love the touch screen, it's awesome :D

- Price
The Wii U, its games, and peripherals are all competitively priced. The bundle was a no brainer for me.

- Backward Compatibility
Both software and hardware are backward compatible with the Wii. I like that I can reuse my Wii controllers and not have to dish out extra cash.

- Stability
Wii U has been out now for over a year. I read a couple of issues that the console had early on that recent updates took care of. It's fast, smooth, no weird behaviors or bugs so far.

- Free Online Gaming
Wii U has Miiverse for social and online gaming which is completely free. Free is always a plus.

I think Nintendo did a poor job at marketing the Wii U. It almost seemed like it was an upgraded Wii, when in fact it's a completely new console. Even New Super Mario Bros. U seemed like a remake, when in fact is a completely different game from the Wii version. There is something wrong when I have to do research just to figured that out.

In any case, Nintendo Land, Deus Ex, and ZombiU are awesome games showcasing some of the cool things games can do with the new GamePad. The Wii U graphics are awesome as well. It's all full HD with high framerates.

Eventually (maybe a year or two) I will be able to justify buying a PS4 and XBOX ONE with its high prices and less than stellar lineup. In the meantime, I will enjoy my Wii U to the fullest, and honestly I think every gamer should too.
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on February 7, 2014
We bought this console for one very specific reason. We had beaten The New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country on the Wii and couldn't find anything else like them because the Wii U had already come out. Along with this deluxe addition (this is EXACTLY the type of Mario game we like) we ordered Super Mario 3D. So here we go.

The Wii Console is not plug in and play! The update probably took well over an hour. I wasn't paying attention because I had housework to do. (I am a 24 year old professional/student/volunteer and my boyfriend is a 33 year old professional) Once the updates were run, it was pretty easy to set up. I haven't switched the information from the old Wii to the new Wii U yet, so I can't comment on how well that works. Anyways, since my boyfriend works 2nd shift, I was left to my own devices last night when I got off work so I plugged in one of the games. You cannot get bored simply because between the console, classic controllers, Wii controllers, and gamepad, there are so many different ways to play. Of course I just had to try them all. So I got to a part in the game where the instructions said to blow and had a picture of the gamepad. Blow? What? I shook it all over the place and finally (since no one was watching,) I blew on the gamepad. What do you know? That's what I was supposed to do! Maybe I'm just getting old, but I love this console. We own the PS3 and Xbox360 and I was bored with both of them after approximately 20 minutes. 3 hours into the Wii U I had to force myself to turn it off.

We purchased the Wii U because our quality time consists of Mario games sometimes. We have fun and have a blast laughing together and working together to beat the levels and find all of the hidden items. As a student getting ready to enter the world as a therapist, I recommend this to every young couple as a way to spend time together in the cold winter months .You will NOT be disappointed.
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on November 20, 2013
This set is an exceptional value. I had been holding out on the Wii U for a while, waiting for something like this to come up.

After working a few 60 hour weeks, I paid for my PS4 and decided to upgrade the old lady's Wii to a Wii U. And? Wise decision.

While I'm still not a fan of the massive Game Pad, the sheer amount of enjoyment you can get out of this package is incredible. Two (well, one and a half) games included and you can use your old Wii Remotes (even the non-Motion Plus remotes! Score!). New Super Mario Bros. U is mindless fun with friends and the addition of Luigi U means that you're set up for a sizable amount of gameplay out of the box.

The system is easy to set up (physically and software-wise), but the software setup is a chore. Nintendo still hasn't figured out networking. I have no idea why download speeds on Nintendo platforms are so slow, but the update took over an hour to download. After the update was installed, getting everything connected to various accounts was also a hassle. But after all of THAT tomfoolery, the system was really enjoyable to work with. As much as I'm not a fan of the Game Pad, it's really pretty awesome to control the menus on a tablet over using the screen interface.

I'm really happy I decided to pick this up. Anyone who has been on the fence about Wii U now has the benefit of this package (or the Zelda package... which I was going to get, but the lady likes her Mario games). I would argue that, despite the PS4 and Xbox One launching this year, Nintendo now has the most compelling system on the market. Just my opinion. But I'm probably going to go play Skyrim after writing this.

+ You can use the non-Motion Plus Wii Remotes.
+ HDMI cable included; graphics look super sharp. Finally, Nintendo!
+ Included games will keep you busy for quite some time.
+ System is small, fits easily into entertainment center.
+ Netflix and TV controls are pretty snazzy.

- Game Pad is a clunky means of control; look, I get it- you can take the game with you, etc. But I don't have kids and it just gets in the way.
- Setting up the system takes much more time than is necessary. Nintendo Network/Club Nintendo stuff needs to be bundled together.
- We're going to get next to nothing for the old Wii.
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on March 1, 2014

Being a video game enthusiast, there isn't a console I haven't at least temporarily owned since 1995. That being said, I was entirely convinced that I was going to skip this generation of consoles. The Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 didn't interest me enough to warrant a purchase for any of the 3. I thought maybe I was just outgrowing video games, but I was wrong.

Like a lot of people, I berated the Wii U when I first heard of it. Under-powered hardware. Late-to-the-party HD graphics. Built around the original Wii. I felt that Nintendo was still stuck the the last generation of consoles while Sony and Microsoft have moved on. I learned, though, that the Wii U has moved on, just in a different direction than the other consoles.

Although I talked negatively about the Wii U, I hadn't actually played it until about a week before from the time I'm writing this review. My first playing experience was a blast. I had tried it with my friend at the Wii U demo station at GameStop. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I forgot why I had originally went to the store. It was then that I decided that I have to get a Wii U.


I bought the Wii U Deluxe Set with the New Super Mario Bros. U and New Luigi U games for $300. At $50 off the original price and 2 free games, I thought this was a great deal, and it is.
The Deluxe Set comes with:
-Wii U Console (32 GB)
-Wii U Gamepad
-Power cable
-Gamepad charging cable
-HighSpeed HDMI cable
-Sensor Bar
-Gamepad Charging cradle
-Gamepad Stand
-Console stand
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-New Super Luigi U
-10% cash back from digital purchases until 2015


The Wii U console bears some resemblance to the original Wii, but you can definitely tell it's a new system. It is about a pound heavier, and about 2 inches longer than the Wii. Basically, the Wii U will fit just about anywhere your Wii fits. It's rounder and more sleek, compared to the original Wii, and the black will blend in with almost any entertainment setup, provided your other electronics are black as well. The front of the console has a slot-loading disc drive capable of playing both Wii U and Wii games. Of course, there are the standard Power and Eject buttons, a sync button to connect your controllers, and a small door that flips down to reveal an SD card slot and two USB 2.0 ports. The Wii U CAN support additional memory via SD cards and external USB storage devices, should you ever need to expand the memory. On the back of the console, you have your main power port, HDMI out, sensor bar port, two additional USB 2.0 ports (for a total of four), and a video out port. (The video out port is only needed if your TV does not have an available HDMI port, and you choose to use standard composite or component cables instead. These cables are not included and need to be purchased separately) I won't get into the internals of the Wii U for the sake of this review, but the Wii U DOES support and output 1080p full HD that is on-par with, if not better than, the Xbox 360 and PS3!

Overall, the console looks very simple yet sleek and professional. I'm pleased that Nintendo included an HDMI cable with the system so that you can experience the full HD right out of the box, and the support for external storage drives ensures that you will never run out of space for games. One drawback I do have with the console though, is that they chose to use a very shiny, glossy, black material that seems to attract fingerprints like a light attracts mosquitoes. This shouldn't bother most, nor affect their opinion on the Wii U, but it will bother those who are OCD about keeping their console clean!


The Wii U Gamepad is what really won me over for the system. The increased power and HD graphics are nice, but if it plays exactly like a Wii, anyone would grow bored of this system fast. Nintendo took a risk when implementing this gamepad, but I think it's a very intuitive and fun way to change the way games are played. It incoporates motion controls just like the Wii controller, but that's where the similarities end. The Gamepad is rather large, though it weighs in and just slightly over a pound.
It sports a 6.2-inch (non-HD) touchscreen in the center, which is where most of the Gamepad's features will come into play. Above the screen is a 1.3 megapixel camera, which can be used to take pictures and stream video-chat sessions.
Below the screen lies the Home button, which takes you a home menu similar to the Wii, and a mic. Off to the right a little bit, you have a battery light indicator which will let you know when the Gamepad's rechargeable battery gets low, a Power button that can be used to turn on and off the console, and TV control button which I will get into more later.
To the right of the screen, you have an analog stick, ABXY buttons, a Start (+) button, Select (-) button.
On the left side of the gamepad, there is another analog stick, a D-pad, and a NFC chip, which I will also get more into later.
The front of the gamepad also houses 2 audio speakers, which allow it to output stereo sound separate from the TV.
The top of the Gamepad is home to the left and right bumpers and triggers (L/R and ZL/ZR respectively), a stylus holder (with stylus included of course), volume slider, infrared sensor, 3.5mm audio jack, and charging port. The back of the gamepad features a sync button to connect the gamepad to your console, and a removable battery cover should you need to replace the battery.
The bottom of the gamepad features an expansion port, which will presumably be used for future accessories that attach to the gamepad.

When I first held the gamepad, I initially thought that it felt very awkward and bulky. However, I quickly became adjusted to it as the design is very ergonomic and comfortable. The large touchscreen is nice, and will hit home with anyone who uses tablets. The analog sticks (which click, allowing for even more functions!) and buttons are nicely placed so that you can play games with ease, unlike the Wii controller held sideways. I have not used the camera yet, so unfortunately I cannot give my review on any of it's features. I have not used the NFC chip either, however, for those who do not know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a type of wireless technology used to transfer data, most commonly found in newer smart phones. In the future, Nintendo will be able to use the Gamepad's NFC to transfer data between real-world objects (that are compatible) and probably smartphones as well. I'm very interested to see how Nintendo uses the increasingly-popular technology!

Anyway, the Gamepad does function very similarly to a tablet. Nearly anything that the Wii U displays on the TV, can be displayed on the gamepad. This includes full games, internet-browsing, video-streaming (Like YouTube and Netflix), and even the original Wii menu. This is incredibly useful (and in my opinion, under estimated) as the Gamepad almost functions as a second Wii U console! This is very handy if you want to continue to play games, but someone else wants to use the TV. As far as games utilizing the gamepad, developers seem to have created very fun and clever uses for it, namely in titles that contain minigames. The gamepad has so much potential, and I can't wait to see how it will be used next!

There are some drawbacks, however. Some games I've tried seem to have not bothered with the Gamepad's second screen, by either throwing in some gimmicky features or not even using it at all. This is really disappointing, as there are so many creative ways it can be implemented. Also, the gamepad has a relatively short battery life of about 3 hours (according to Nintendo). My gamepad did drain power pretty rapidly, and although you can play while you charge it, it does become a nuisance for gamers who play for long periods of times.


The Wii U menu is actually 2 menus. The first, called the Home menu, is similar to the original Wii's menu, and shows all your different "channels" (games and apps) in a grid of squares. This menu appears naturally on the Gamepad screen, where you are able to tap or click (via buttons) what you wish to do. This menu can also be accessed at almost any time by pressing the Home button on the gamepad. The second menu is called the WaraWara Plaza and is displayed on your TV. This menu displays various Miis, including your own, in a large circular plaza with different apps and games displayed floating above. Here you are able to see which games are currently "hot" and being discussed, and you can join in conversations through the Miiverse if you wish. The two menus can be swapped from the TV to the gamepad at will (by pressing a button on the gamepad screen), however the gamepad will only have control over the menu that is being displayed on it's screen. This can get a bit confusing, especially since it wasn't explained well in the initial setup.

On the Home menu, your Mii is displayed in the top left corner. Pressing this icon will allow you to change the current user. There is your "Play disc" app, Mii Maker, System settings, Activity Log, Parental settings, Wii U chat, Wii Menu and Health & Safety Information. Along with this, the Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Plus apps are pre-installed on the system. These apps are interchangeable and can be placed in any order you wish. Below these are 5 permanent apps: Miiverse, the eShop, Internet browser, TVii, and Notifications.
-Miiverse is a community-style app where you can connect with other WIi U gamers and chat and draw about your favorite games. I haven't played with this too much, but it seems Nintendo has finally created a way where gamers can interact with others not on their friends list.
-The eShop is just what you would expect it to be: a virtual shop where you can spend real money to purchase digital games and add-ons. This is similar to the Wii eShop, but is now much more clean, snappier, and responsive.
-The Internet browser is also self-explanatory: a built in browser in which you can browse the web. Like the eShop, the internet browser seems to have gone through some drastic improvements, becoming MUCH quicker at loading webpages, able to play videos, and eradicate any lag or staggering seen with the Wii browser. It's also very handy that the browser will display on both the TV and gamepad if you wish, making navigation a breeze.
-TVii is a cool feature... that I don't know how to use! You can turn your Wii U gamepad into a TV/cable box remote (remember that TV Control button?) to do functions such as power on/off the TV, change the channel, adjust the volume, and even change the video input. The TVii app specifically finds channels, movies, and TV shows that you enjoy and displays various information about them. Using this app, you are supposedly able to watch shows on your TV, while sharing moments and comments about the current show ion your gamepad. Again, I have not experimented with the feature a whole lot yet, but it seems like it has a lot of potential!
-Notifications will display any new updates about your system or games when they are sent to you.

Overall the Wii U menu is sharp and clean, but pretty static. The WaraWara Plaza menu does give you some connectivity to the rest of the world, but it can get confusing.

Of course, what is a game console without games? The most important part of the Wii U is how it incorporates it's gamepad to new play styles within games. So far, I have found this very enjoyable! For example, in New Super Mario Bros. U, a player can play the game solo using the gamepad. They can play off the TV, or keep their eyes on the gamepad the entire time if they wish. But if you choose to go multiplayer, one to four people can play through the game normally using Wii remotes, while the person with the Gamepad can watch and assist the others play, by tapping on the gamepad screen to build platforms, stairs, bridges, or to distract enemies! This is a very cool new way to introduce asymmetric gameplay, and is great if you have a sibling or friend who would prefer to watch you play, but can still affect the outcome of the game and directly assist you along the way.

Another example of a game that used the Gamepad intuitively is ZombiU. This survival-horror game is all about being limited on supplies and carefully making decisions in order to survive. One wrong move and it could be game over for you! The gamepad becomes the core element of the game, and is essential for your survival. The screen will display your inventory and equipment, including weapons and your flashlight, and you can quickly switch between these with a quick tap. The gamepad really becomes fun when you use the radar and scanner functions! The environments in ZombiU are very dark and eerie, and it's hard to tell when a zombie will pop up from the darkness to attack you. Using your Wii U gamepad, you can scan the surrounding area for enemies and adjust your survival plans accordingly-- all without pulling any sort of menu up on the TV screen. The scanner is a bit different. When you activate your scanner, your point of view and focus shifts to the gamepad. Moving your gamepad around, you can view the virtual game world around your character. Doing so, you can spot and scan various elements that are important to your survival, and mark them for future reference. This gamepad mechanic puts you in the game like no other Wii game before, and really heightens the suspense and thrill of this game.

These are just 2 examples, but there are so many more games that use the gamepad in clever ways that will surprise you on how fun it can really be!

I intended for this to be a full yet relatively short review, however that's not easy considering how much the Wii U has to offer! Here's a summary of the pro's and con's of the system:

-First HD and most powerful Nintendo console, allowing games to play smooth and look stunning
-Expandable memory fully supported
-Gamepad included with each system, and all Wii accessories and games are compatible
-Allows for very unique gameplay that sets it apart from the Xbox and Playstation, and even the Wii.
-Variety of video-streaming apps, with fast speed and no lag
-Family friendly and appealing to both gamers and non-gamers alike
-10% back in all digital purchases made before 2015
-Ready to play out of the box. 2 games included, no memberships required for online use, and HDMI cable lets everyone experience HD

-If you didn't own a Wii beforehand, you might miss out on some features as the Wii controllers and accessories are all used with the Wii U
-The Gamepad has short battery life, so you will find yourself charging it a lot
-The TVii seems a little lackluster for the time being, and could feature a whole lot more
-Updates. Holy cow do updates take a long time. The first system update I had took over an hour and a half, and I have a speedy internet connection. ZombiU's update took about a half hour and the YouTube app took almost an hour. Not sure why Wii U has tremendously slow updates.
-Nintendo is known for prioritizing it's first-party games and having a small amount of third-party titles. If you love a lot of Nintendo's offerings, such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, etc, this won't be a problem for you. However, some big-name third party titles may be left out.
(I actually disagree with this, however. Wii U has gotten numerous popular third party games so far such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and the upcoming game Watch Dogs)

My final verdict? The Wii U is a great console that has received a lot of heat, probably because of poor marketing choices and how on the outside, it can seem a lot like the original Wii. The Wii U offers a ton of new gameplay styles, with endless possibilities thanks to the gamepad. Like the Wii, however, it is a system that can appeal to anyone, and you'd be hard-pressed trying to not have a good time with the Wii U!
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on December 16, 2013
We have had our Wii U for about a year now and we love it. Since we got the Wii U, our Xbox360 has gone from being the most used game system in the house to really not being used at all because the Wii U gets all of our attention.

For anyone that plays video games and lives in a household with other people, the Wii U is a great choice for a few reasons:

-Nintendo systems really shine for local multiplayer games (far more than MSFT or Sony).
-Nintendo systems offer a lot of games that are family-friendly.
-The Wii U has the ability to play MOST games using the LCD screen on the gamepad without the needing the TV. Now, the TV can be used for other content and you can still play a game at the same time. This works great for my family and allows me hang out with my wife and play a game while my wife is watching TV.

Things to know: the Wii use has the ability to play all Wii games and use Wii controllers so you don't have to start over if you have a Wii. You also get: a GREAT Youtube application(can browse and watch on the gamepad or TV), movie/TV streaming Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, the ability for the gamepad to control your TV and SAT/CBL box, MiiVerse,, a really nice web browser, and a lot more.

Most of the "negatives" that usually get listed usually come down to personal taste.
-The controller size: Yes, it is larger than a typical controller and looks odd but once you use it, you quickly get used to it and never think about it again. Instead, you will miss some of the handy features that the touchscreen adds when you use a different controller.
-Online limitations: This is a myth. The Wii U can and does support online multiplayer games. The issue is more the fact that many of the games that focus on online multiplayer are simply not as big on the Wii U (COD for instance) because those gamers are already part of an online community on other systems. I would even say that the Wii U eShop has surpassed the online stores that are on PS3 and X360 and keeps getting better. Also remember, with Nintendo, online play is FREE.
-Lack of games: While there were not many games coming out for it in the first half of 2013, but the ones that did get released were quite good. In the past few months, there have been a lot of great games and the system now has a pretty nice game library with a lot of variety. Unless all you live for is FPS and sports simulators(Madden, Forza, etc), the Wii U has a lot to offer.

Games we love on the system so far:
Super Mario 3D world (awesome single or multiplayer)
Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover (under-rated and is the best Lego game we have played)
Mass Effect 3
Wii Fit U (free when you buy a $20 Fit meter)
Wii Party U
Sonic All Stars Racing
Zelda Windwaker
Super Mario U
Wonderful 101
Need for Speed
Earthbound (virtual console)
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Assassins Creed 3 and 4
Wii Sports Club Bowling (eshop)
Marvel Lego Heroes
Sonic Lost World
and more...

Don't forget that 2014 will also bring Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros 4, X, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Watch Dogs, and a lot more.
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on December 17, 2013

1. Nice HD graphics

2. Backwards compatibility (Wii games & some Wii hardware like remotes, nunchucks, classic controller, and more)

3. Great games for varied tastes.

4. Miiverse is a very good and cool gaming community

5. The e-shop has very good titles & demos

6. The gamepad offers a very unique experience

7. Up to 5 players in some games

8. The browser is excellent

9. Many entertainment apps (Netflix, Hulu plus, Amazon instant video and more...)

10. Virtual Console service

11. Comes bundled with two very fun games which would be around $80-$90 if you were to buy them separately


1. Gamepad's battery life is quite short; 3-5 hours

2. The initial system update took me around 2 hours (although it made everything feel smother and faster afterwards)

I literally couldn't think of any other negative aspect for the moment, but I'm very happy with my purchase (and quite anxious for future releases like MK8 and Zelda U!)
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on September 5, 2014
I researched and struggled with which next-gen console I would buy. I currently have an XBox 360 and a gaming PC. I've been leaning heavily toward getting an XBox One, but I have a 4 year old daughter and kept trying to justify why I would need another Xbox to play basically the exact same games I play on my PC. In the end I decided that the WiiU made the most sense for the types of games I wanted to play with my family. When it comes to specs the Xbox One and PS4 blow the WiiU out of the water, but that doesn't matter to me if there aren't excellent games to play with my family. So far I have to say it was without a doubt the right choice for my family.

We have the WiiU for family gaming and I still have my PC for the bloodier types of games I like to play after my daughter is asleep. If you have another console or PC to cover the more mature kinds of games, the WiiU is a great addition to give you games that you can actually enjoy with your kids. Sharing that Mario joy from my childhood with her has been a wonderful experience!
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