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on November 15, 2012
This is a great, high quality controller that I've been using for my Nintendo Wii and will be using with the Wii U. To be clear, it is indeed compatible with both. Here some reasons you might want to pick this up:

1. This has the Motion Plus capability built in, which a large group of Wii and Wii U games require. No need for an attachment, which makes for a smaller, more compact controller.
2. The D-Pad and back cover have a less glossy, more matte finish plastic, which provides slightly better grip - especially if you're someone who uses it without a sleeve.
3. Sync button (for pairing a controller to a specific console) is now on the outside of the controller. No more opening up the controller to sync it to a console.
4. You can use all of your sleeves and other peripherals from your other Wii controllers, as this is the same size as the original Wii remote.
5. This is a genuine Nintendo controller. I have tried non-OEM controllers to save some money, but have not had very good results when doing so (sticking buttons, poor controller response). Stick with the genuine controllers and save yourself some headaches.
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on November 17, 2012
I purchased 3 of these from Best Buy today (Black, White and Blue), hoping to replace my old remotes that did not have the Motionplus built in and were harder to sync. I opened the black one, and it did NOT have the exposed sync button advertised. The packaging looked exactly as it does here, with the Wii U branding on it, but it was just a regular Wii Remote Plus inside. There is no mention of the sync button change on the packaging either. I returned them, but seeing as every review I see online mentions the new sync button change, I hope that if I buy another in the future it will have the change. Perhaps since the packaging makes no mention of the change, they are just filling all the new boxes with Wii Remote Pluses, old and new? It was frustrating, and nobody in the store even knew what I was talking about when I mentioned it.

So it turns out that SOME of the boxes have the old model and SOME have the new ones. The boxes with the NEW model have the letters "USZ" written in small letters on the TOP flap in the upper right-hand corner (you can actually see this if you zoom in on the product image), and the surface of the boxes are glossy, while the boxes with the OLD model have a matte surface and no letters on the top. I found this information in a forum post, went back to the store and found that half of the boxes had USZ, and the other half didn't, so I re-bought the remotes with USZ labels and they DO have the external sync button.

Funny note: It looks like the "external" button is really just a pass-through button on the battery cover to a regular, internal one, so if you took the battery cover and remote sleeve off a new model and put it on an old remote, it would probably allow for "external" syncing on old ones too. Nintendo should sell new battery covers and sleeves so we can use the external sync on old remotes.

That said, great remote! And no worries to anybody who is concerned about accidentally hitting the external sync button: it's sunken in such that you can't even press it without something thin like a pen tip.
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on October 24, 2012
Just got them in the mail, and can already tell its an improvement over my original white Wii remotes I bought on launch day 2006. I decided to buy these Wii U branded ones because most new Wii/Wii U games require the MotionPlus technology. I also decided to get it to match the new black deluxe Wii U I preordered. Some points of interest: The new Wii U remotes have a sync button exposed on outside cover of the remote(very nice), as well as textured B button and a "chalky" d pad and back cover to the remote. Feels different but in a good way. Would recommend to current Wii users who need another controller or who simply want to upgrade, as well as future Wii U users like myself. Nintendo always has made the best remotes and continues to impress. I got to try the Wii U gamepad and its exceptional as well. Buy only first party accessories for Nintendo systems, its well worth the money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 23, 2014
If you have a bunch of old Wii remotes from your original Wii and some money to spare, you won't be disappointed by throwing it towards getting these new themed ones (Mario, Luigi, Princess). They are seriously awesome.

[+] They of course work with both Wii and Wii U systems
[+] They include the Wii Motion Plus built-in without requiring the separate bulky adapter. Many newer games require this feature and won't work with the old Wii remotes (this was a huge selling point to me as those Motion Plus adapters looked ridiculous. I ended up selling mine and replaced them with these)
[+] Sync button is accessible without removing the battery case! This was a huge design blunder of the original Wiimotes. Especially when you have your remotes in silicone sleeves; syncing/resyncing controllers was a pain. Now you can sync them without removing the battery cover.
[+] The theming is brilliantly executed. The colors perfectly match Mario/Luigi/Peach's wardrobes. The + and - buttons are gold/yellow like the buttons on their overalls, the red/green matches their shirts, and the back blue part matches their overalls. The 1 & 2 buttons are a nice-looking brown instead of plain black. They even color matched the included silicone sleeves and wrist straps! Everything about them feels extremely high quality.

[-] Really can't think of any! They designed these very well. Perhaps my only suggestion would be to revise them in a way to improve battery life a bit? But that probably won't happen any time soon.

[*] Google the Yoshi version they have in Japan! It might even be my favorite. It's a shame they haven't released it in the U.S. But maybe some day?
[*] Hey, while we're at it, why not release a Toad/Daisy/Rosalina version since they are all playable characters in Super Mario 3D world?

Easy 5 stars! Get all three if you can! Makes it even more fun to play Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Luigi U, and Mario Kart 8!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 17, 2013
I love this remote! After 2 years, our original remotes with the add-on MotionPlus attachment were getting glitchy so we decided it was time for an upgrade. And when we saw these new Wii remotes in blue, we just couldn't resist! Truth be told, they're more turquoise than blue, but they are still a really great color. So much nicer than our old black ones. Plus, the add-on MotionPlus attachment on our old remotes were cumbersome, and often came loose. They were a real pain.

These new blue ones have the MotionPlus built right in, so the remote is a bit shorter, and feels better in the hand. They even came with clear (sort of) silicone covers. We didn't know those were included, but really, it makes no difference, since we were already looking forward to using these remotes without them. The silicone covers are neat, but really seem to erode the remote's accuracy. But we're still glad to have them, just in case. Also, we decided to ditch the Energizer Induction charger and just opt for rechargeable AA batteries. The induction charger could be buggy at times, so we figure the rechargeable AAs will be a nice change. Plus, not using the silicone covers on the remotes makes it easier to deal with battery changes.

We traded-in our old remotes and charger for Amazon gift cards, which covered most of the rechargeables. We got 2 of these blue remotes and really love them. Syncing them to out Wii was easy; just open the small door on the Wii and push the red sync button, then push the red button on the back of the remotes. Easy peasy. These new remotes are Pawesome!

UPDATE: Battery life seems to be much better with these new remotes. It's been over a month, and we're still on the first set that came with the remotes, and we play almost daily, a few hours at a pop. I think having the Wii Motion built in somehow uses less power than having the add-on dongle. Whatever it is, love the new battery life! We decided to put the silicone covers on, since we'll rarely have to access the battery cover. Nice!
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on November 19, 2013
I love this controller! Bought the Luigi wii-mote for my son who loves Luigi. This remote was perfect for him. It has the motion plus built into the remote, so I no longer have to seek out the adapter when he goes to play certain Wii U games. Loved it so much we went and ordered the Mario remote to complete the set :-)
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on June 11, 2014
I love the special edition designs on the Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach controllers. Everyone can have their own favorite controller when I play with other people.

This is a MotionPlus controller, which is required if you are going to use it with the Wii U. It also works with the Wii, of course. If you ever plan on upgrading I highly recommend buying only MotionPlus controllers at this point. I had to replace 2 regular remotes when I got my Wii U. I honestly could never really tell the difference between the MotionPlus and non MotionPlus ones on the Wii.

I like the speaker on Wii remotes, since it works in cool ways in some games (like acting as your "phone" and ringing, and when you pick it up you can listen to the "caller" through the remote.). Just awesome. When a nunchuck is plugged in, it can function as a normal controller.

I'm sure most people know enough about what Wii remotes are at this point and are mostly buying this one for the design.
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on October 24, 2013
I had originally bought the cheap addon for my wii remote. It worked ok for only a few days but it continued to mess up my nunchuck. My wife finally said to me to just buy a new one but I just went ahead and got this. Let me just say this, SO MUCH BETTER!!!! No problems reported at all. Definitely worth it.
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on July 31, 2013
Came as promised, 2 NEW Panasonic AA Batteries, Rubber cover, wrist strap. True original equipment manufacturer. As long as Amazon Sales it and ships it, you're truly good to go. Veeeeeeery easy to sync with wii console. amazing finishing, Glossy A.F. Nice Overall.
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on January 20, 2014
This remote works just like it was suppose to, my only issue is that I did not understand what I was reading. I "assumed" remote came with battery pack, without remote is useless.
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