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on November 16, 2006
When I first got Nintendogs last Christmas, I expected myself to do as normal; love it for the first month or two, and then set it down. However, this game was not the case.

Adopting Your New Pet

I was.. extatic for my first pet. I believe you start out with $1,000 dollars, enough to buy a $600 pet and starter supplies. For me, I adopted a Shiba, gave it a red collar, and wah la! My real life puppy in my hands. Of course you start out with the dogs on the cover, Lab, Mini Schnauser, Toy poodle, corgi, mini pinscher, and shiba inu, and one of those will be your first pet. As you work with your dogs, petting and gaining their love, you will earn trainer points, which will later enable you to the rest of the dogs from all versions. Yes, you can get all dogs.

Trainer Points

You can earn training points from petting your dog (look for the "sparks" to fly), playing in competitions, and a lot more. The more you earn the more dogs and items you can have. For the pets:

Pug- 2,000 points

German Shepherd- 4,000 points

Shih Tzu- 8,000 points

Boxer- 10,000 points

Beagle- 14,000 points

Golden Retriever- 20,000 points

Cavalier Spaniel- 22,000 points

Siberian Husky- 30,000 points

Yorkshire Terrier(Yorkie)- 35,000 points

Dachshund- 45,000 points

Chihuahua- 50,000 points

Dalmation- You must take your dog on a walk and find the firemans hat

Jack Russell Terrier- Take your pup on a walk and find the Jack Russell Terriers book.

Of course you can also unlock items such as a jump rope, but you can look that up via internet. Sorry!


You can take your pup on a walk all over "town". Basically, you can see a map of the "town" and you can drag your stylus around the streets to get to where you desire. Aim to hit the little blue boxes that have a question mark on them as those will be your special events.

Special Events and Destinations

Of course on walks you will have areas and events to do. Aim for the blue "?" boxes like I mentioned earlier, and you can either:

1.) Have your dog stop and see another dog

2.) Have your dog get a present for you

However, it is random.

As for destinations, you can go to one of two discount shops where you can buy food, supplies and toys at a discounted price, go to one of two parks, and go to an Agility Training arena to practice for the competition.


There are three competitions, agility (obstacle course), frisbee and Training (have dog perform tricks). Beat the current first place person's score to win first! You can either get first (most prize cash), second (middle prize cash), or third (not too much cash) or not a place (no cash). Win first to move up to the next level of the competition. Note: three plays per day.

Bathing and Feeding

You will bathe and feed your dogs. Make sure to stock up on that kind of supplies, cleaning supplies every other day, and food and water everyday.


Your dogs will know it's you! The built in microphone will pick up your voice as you name your dog with your voice, and train it with your voice. No more siblings stealing your game! The dogs won't recognize them!

Well, I hoped this helped! I put in about as much as I could think of, sorry if I missed a couple things. Good luck with your game!
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on August 22, 2005
This game is very realistic. You get to pick a dog breed and raise your dog. At first, the game was a little hard because it was hard teaching my dog its name with voice commands on the speaker. It took me 2 hours to teach it its name. After you get that, the game gets fun. You get to teach your dog tricks and use them to win a dog show competion. If you win a dog show, you can buy stuff for your dog. If you get enough money, you can buy another dog! I really like taking my dog for a walk. You can meet other dogs around town. The onley problem I have with this game is that your dog goes to the bathroom on the floor. All you do then is to touch the paper bag with your stylis and it's automatic cleanup! Since my parents will not let me get a dog, this game shows me how to take care of a dog, so it's like my own dog! I recommend this game highly for dog lovers! Woof!(Bye!)
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on January 31, 2006
Hey there,

I got this game (with a ds) for Christmas- and I love it!

First, you choose your dog. When

you're at the kennal, in case if there isn't a special

color you want, go back to choosing your dog,

and keep going back to the breed you want until you get what

gender and color you want.

Then, you take your cute puppy home.

They say that you have to wait for your puppy to

get used to its new home.

In case if it doesn't settle down after a while; give it

love and pet it for a bit.

Then, it'll calm down. Once it has, you have to pronounce

its new name loud and clearly.

Some dogs learn fast, therefore it wont be hard to train

them. Some puppies take a lot of patience to train. When

you buy your new puppy, it'll say what the puppy's like.

Your puppy's name can only have seven letters. Shame, I wanted

to call mine butterscotch!

After your puppy has learned it's new name, time to train

it sit. Again, it might take a while to train your puppy.

When it has learned sit, it'll be time to go to the store.

You'll need to buy food, water, shampoo, a brush and a collar.

In case if you don't know if your puppy is a short-hair

or long-hair; when you're at home you can click on it's name

and it'll tell you. It'll also say how dirty or hungry it is.

If you don't have much money, take your puppy out on a walk to

the discount shop. Everything's cheaper there. When you're

drawing the rout you want to take, go ontop of the question

marks- they could be other dogs or presents. If you find

presents you don't want, you can sell it at the discount shop.

When you're out on walks, you must obey the law and pick up

poop. Disgusting, I know. Tap on the poop to pick it up.

If you find presents on the floor, grab you puppy's leash

and drag it to the item. When you meet other dogs, drag your

puppy's leash towards the other puppy.

After you've been on your walk, your puppy's probably thirsty.

To keep them healthy, give them water and dry food. If they've

won a contest, you can treat them by giving them milk and

a can of dog food.

Your puppy might be dirty. Take a look for yourself.

If they are, get prepared. With the shampoo you bought,

scrub your puppy and soak it with suds. When the shower icon

blinks, it's time to rinse. I'm sure you know you have to

wash off the suds.

The dirtier your dog is, the longer it'll take to get them


After you've bathed them, it's best to brush them to get them

REALLY clean.

It's best to make them this clean if you're entering a

contest. If you want to enter them in an agility contest,

take them on a walk, a half an hour later than last time, and take them to the gym. Oh yeah, the more you take them on walks,

the longer you can take them. Make sure when you're drawing

the rout to end it back at your house.

So, practise makes perfect. The more you take your dogs in

contests, the better they'll get. My dogs walk all over town

and they're champions in every contest. Now, I do diagree with

other reviewers about the contests. I think it's good that

you can only take them three times a day because that way they

wont be tired out! Going in contests and selling things

you don't need at the second hand shop is a good way of

making a little money.

After such a big day, your dog will be hungry. With the food

you bought, you must feed them when they need it.

Make sure you have enough food, drink and shampoo before

you go out buying toys. If you've bought tous, it's time

to play! After you've played and your puppy is happy

you can train them. Don't train them too much, otherwise

they wont want to until the next day.

The more you go into contests, the more points you'll get

and they'll add up. Sometimes you'll get new dogs in

the kennel.

The more you play with your dog at nght, the more they'll

spend the daytime sleeping.

If you want another dog, you'll have to save up a bit

more than the dog costs because you'll have to buy more.

And if you have a long-haired dog, the more expensive

things are. You can only have three dogs at home. But, you

can always let the dog hotel look after a dog or two and you can buy more. Bot I say that having more than three dogs is

hard because you have to swap them in the hotel.

If you don't want a dog anymore, if you go to the hotel,

you can donate a dog and they'll be adopted by another

person and you'll never see them again. I think this

is a great game for those who can't get a dog. The graphics

are very good and very realistic.

I have all the nintendogs packs, and I'd recommend all three

of them to anyone who loves dogs! Oh, and one last VERY

important thing. Nintendogs are almost real, and since you

have to ick up they're stinky business, you must bathe, feed and water your dog every day. If you don't, they'll think

you don't love them and they'll run away for a while.

You must play with them everyday, too otherwise they'll

run aay because they're lonley. When they come back,

don't yell. Give them lots of attention and love them

twice as much.

Enjoy the game, and if you don't have it,

stop looking at stores and get it, already!
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on August 27, 2005
Chapter 1: Intro

Welcome, you are reading the Unofficial Guide to Buying Nintendogs by a kid. You are purchasing a video game where you are the owner of your very own dog! But, don't think that this is going to be a piece of cake. It is very hard taking care of a video game pet. It's like a pet without spending so much money. (at least not in the game)

Chapter 2: Choosing Your Dog

In the Lab ans Friends version, there are 6 different dogs and 3 differnt colors and personalities for each one. Each coat even has a different personality. But the prices are the same between the 3 coats. Here are the dogs. The Labrador Retriever costs $535. The Miniature Pischer costs $565. The Toy Poodle costs $595. The Miniature Schnauzer costs $525. The Welsh Corgi costs $530. The Shiba Inu costs $560. It's all you here. You start with $1,000, so don't worry so much about those prices.

Chapter 3: Daily Needs

Water bottles are used for thirst. They cost $0.60 each. Dry food is what your dog eats. They $1.50 each. Shampoo and brushes are needed for when your dog gets dirty. Shampoo for short-haired dogs are $1.30 each, while shampoo for long-haired dogs are $1.80. Rubber brushes for short-haired dogs costs $6.00. While wire brushes which are for long-haired dogs take on a crazy amount of $40.00!!! Once you buy 1, the price goes up. Both red and blue flying discs cost $6.00. Red and black collars are $10.00. Red and yellow ribbons are $6.00 each. You do start with a few items, so check before you buy.

Chapter 4: Walking Your Dog

Taking your dog out on walks can take you to new places in your little town. You may find gifts, or CPUs with dogs. But, you might find garbage, too. Yuck! This will give your dog excirsise and take you to places like the discount store, which has the same items but for lower prices. Look for yourself and have fun. Make sure you pick up any poop, but as for pee there's no law. When you get back you must give your dog water, but make sure you check your status, by clicking your dog's name to see if he is hungry, too.

Chapter 5: Competitions and Trials

The Obedience Trial is where you can show off your dog's listening skills. The Disc Throwing Competiton is where you make a catchable toss for your dog to get points to win. The Agility Trial shows obstacles for your dog.

Chapter 6: Other Places

The secondhand shop has a few other items that aren't need like a bubble blower. The dog hotel is a day care. You can only fit 3 at a time at your house, so use the day care for those extras. The interior decorator changes the decoration of your room. There's a designer condo for $500. There's an early american for $1,000. Finally, there's a tami room for $5,000!!! That's right, $5,000!!!

Chapter 7: Voice Commands

Normal DS games only use the touch screen and the buttons. But, in this game you can call your dog. In the beginning, you teach your pet to sit and to come over. (call its name) But, you can teach it to roll over, spin, jump, and more. You don't have to use a microphone or something like that. You just speak and there you go. You first get him usto it, and then you give the command a title.

Chapter 8: Bark Mode

What is bark mode??? The answer to that is multiplayer. In multiplayer, you have your dog visit someone else's dog. Sadly, there's no online so they have to be 65 feet away at maximum. Give your dog a good time, by giving him a fun playdate.

Chapter 9: Categories

There are a few categories of items. Sports holds tennis balls and discs. (frisbees) Toys hold things like bubble blowers. Accesories hold food and water. Care holds food, water, brushes, and shampoo. Clock shows different clocks, such as digital and so on. Music holds records. Finally, etc. holds other things like sticks which you can find on walks.

Chapter 10: Audio

The audio is definitely solid. The dogs barking, walking, drinking, and eating are all sounding like the real thing. They are past decent.

Chapter 11: Graphics

The graphics are very good. They are excellent for a DS game. The dogs don't look wonderful, but the backgrounds are very detailed. The items, such as food and brushes look great. All I can say is that they're well-done.

Chapter 12: Conclusion

This is a long life with a loyal companion, but it's worth it. So, buy this game and have a good time with it. I wish you good luck!!!
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Nintendogs ushers in a new era of handheld pet simulators with crisp, fresh graphics, touch screen interaction and voice recognition. In Nintendogs, you first have to decide which puppie you want (each version has diiferent breeds). Then, you raise the puppie and feed it, give it water, wash it, play with it, and train it. The game is real time, so you can't completely forget your dog for weeks without it completely disliking you. You use the stylus to play and pet your dog, and certain strokes of it will cause the dog to sit, lay down, etc. While doing the stroke, you can say the command (for example, rub you stylus across the dog's back and it will sit, if you say sit when you do the stroke, it will learn that you saying sit means to sit.) Nintendogs look like an incredible game and truly shows the power ofthe Nintendo DS.
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on November 7, 2005
This is a good game. You raise a pet and come to love it. You can get 2 others and watch them play around. The only problem with the game that not alot of people are mentioning is the fact that the game won't let you do stuff repeatedly.

You can only go out on one walk every 30 minutes. You can only teach your dog 3 tricks a day. You can only enter 3 contests a day. You can't pet your dog for too long else he becomes agitated. You can only feed him once and a while.

It's amazing how they limit you, because after maybe 15 minutes you can't do anything else with your dog and you have to put the game down.
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on December 18, 2005
I've wanted this game since August and finally got it for my birthday. I thought the breeds were very convincing and adorable. my virtual family now consists of two shiba inus, Zeus and Athena, and Dallas my german shepard dog. I love the different personalities of my dogs. You have to do most of the things that a real dog needs such as feeding, brushing, walking, and (was that a flea that leapt from my dirty dog?) cleaning. I enjoy watching the sunset and taking moonlit walks. It is truly magical practicing frisbee late at night in the park with noone around. If you are considering getting an Nintendog, get it! But be prepared for a bit of work too! Training for competiton is hard, especially when your dog decides it refuses to go across the tetter totter no matter what. Older children may find the game a bit easy, but if you are a true animal lover, who like myself cannot have a dog because of housing, you will learn to enjoy just spending time with your dogs, and dreaming of the day when you can have a real dog.

P.S. Could there be nintendohorses too, where you muck, groom, train, and compete in numerous events of all disciplines? Just a suggestion.
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on May 3, 2006
NINTENDOGS is the best thing that nintendo has come up with yet! The game has the BEST graphics!! You can interact with you're dogs by using the Nintendo's touch screen and microphone, so you can teach your dogs tricks by using voice commands! You can also play frisbee, jumprope, and fetch! You can even put cool collars and silly hats on you're dogs(I'ts so cute!!)Some of the funnest things about NINTENDOGS are...

1.)You can go on walks to find items and interact with other dogs and their trainers.(and run you're dog's energy out!)

2.)you can go to the park(get there by going on a walk)

3.)you can give your dogs baths, but you have to use the right kind of shampoo or else you're dogs won't get clean

4.) you can brush your dogs( you have to use the right kind of brush too.)


On NINTENDOGS the dogs stay puppies for ever so they can't die! Some people say that some of the versions of nintendogs are better than others, but you get all of the kinds of dogs by earning trainer points, and the only other difference beetween them are the locations of the buildings when you're going on a walk! So if you're looking for a game that's fun for all ages, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!!!
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on May 2, 2006
This game is the best!! Don't waste your money on that cheap immitation POCKET DOGS! Nintendogs is good practice for a kid that wants to take care for a real dog. I myself want to get a dog someday, so,I got nintendogs and boy was I glad I did! There are a couple of responsibilities though. Some of them are...

1. you have to feed your dog every day.

2. you have to give it water every day.

3. you have to spend lots of time with it.

4. you have to give it baths with the right kind of dog shampoo.{but that's sort of fun.}

5. you have to brush it with the right kind of brush.{the game shows if the dog has long or short hair.}

There are also lots of good things about it!Using touch-screen technology and the nintendo's microphone, you can interact with you're dog and do things like take it on walks, enter it in competitions, and play frisbee and jump rope. The dogs even know how to dance! You can also dress it up in hats and collars on it! I play this game at least 5-6 times a day and this game never gets old! Nintendogs blows the competition far away!! So if you're looking fore a great game about dogs, this is the one for you!
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on March 8, 2007
Verified Purchase
Well, it was a bit of a hassle getting it to my grandson who lives a 1000 miles away, because of the Christmas rush and demand, so he received Nintendogs Lab after Christmas, and it was the one gift he really really wanted! He is nine and a half and LOVES this game! My son, his father, says he has worked up to 6 dogs and has them do tricks as sit, lie down, fetch, etc. My grandson recently told me, however, he's cut back to 4 dogs as that number is easier to keep. Even three months after receiving Nintendogs Labrador he still loves the game and has not grown tired of it. I know absolutely nothing about it, never have seen it, only know what my son and grandson tell me. My grandson is quite easy to please, but rarely gets this enthusiastic about a gift given. He would rate this game 5 stars for both fun and overall. It appeals to him in both entertainment value and intellectual stimulation. I not sure how happy I am with children glued to little "Gameboys," as our 4 year old granddaughter got hers also at Christmas [from our daughter], but at least with Nintendogs there is some educational value about it.
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