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on February 5, 2013
Jerseys own Joe Budden is back on the scene with his new album "No Love Lost". This album is basically his re-introduction to the mainstream since his debut self titled album "Joe Budden" which was released 10 yrs ago. Early fans of Joey will understand what he's trying to do with this album, fans who started listening to him when he made the "Mood Muzik" series might not like this album so much though. With him currently being on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop NY, I guess its only right he released the album so quick. Ive been listening to Joe since 2002 when he was killing those freestlyes on the DJ Clue and Cutmaster C mixtapes, but around 2006 I haven't been listening to him that much. For the newer fans ya'll might not know this but before he went the Mood Muzik route, he always made party/commercial songs. In addition to "Pump It Up, he made "Fire", "Ya Bodys Hot", "Gangsta Party", "Cut 2nite", "Nothing To Me", Etc.. So I have no issue with him trying to get that radio play. On No Love Lost he takes the same approach as he did on his debut. The first single is the T-Minus produced "She Don't Put It Down" (featuring Lil Wayne and Tank), its a smooth joint for the ladies and Joe pulled it off. I heard it on the radio a few times, so that's a good look. Tank did his thing, as well as Weezy.

The album starts off with a R&B intro called "Our First Again (Intro)", followed by "Top of the World" (featuring Kirko Bangz), this track sounds like something Drake would make, not to mention the collab sounds forced. "You And I" (featuring Emanny) is smooth as well, Emanny steals the show, he definitely improved as a singer. Jumpoff takes a trip down South on the Vinylz & Boi-1da produced "N.B.A. (Never Broke Again)" (featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana, that has a catchy hook "B****h I'm ballin', b****/ I'm ballin'/ racked up no wallet/ Keep a bad b**** in my team/, I should join the league/ NBA, never broke again, never going broke again/ NBA, never broke again, never going broke again" and "Last Day" (featuring Juicy J and Lloyd Banks, which has a chopped and screwed hook. Quick question, is it just me or does those songs sound like they were recorded a while ago and Joe just threw his verses on them? While I do enjoy those two tracks I gotta admit he seems out of place on them. Anyway, Joey gets back into his comfort zone on "All In My Head" (featuring Royce Da 5'9" and Kobe), "Skeletons" (featuring Joell Ortiz and Crooked I),"My Time", and "Castles". "Role Play" (Interlude), finds him trying to get his Biggie on with a "F****** you" type of skit, and it came off as cheesy as he imitates other rappers voices. The Omarion featured "Switch Positions" isn't good as they're past collabo. "Tell Him Somethin'" (featuring SLV) clocks in close to 7 mins, the song drags and should of been scrapped.

Some of the production comes from Mizfitz Soundz, Cardiak, A6, Sean C, LV and others. With all that said, at times Joe comes off like hes trying too hard to fit in with the mainstream. After the the Slaughterhouse album got criticized bad you would think Joe would of taken notes but he didn't. His "A Loose Quarter" mixtape was sick and it built anticipation for the album amongst Joe fans. The album is a little above average. This album is not really bringing nothing new to the table, I figured he would push the envelope, especially after the success of J Cole and Kendrick Lamar who are considered lyricist as well and just made the music they wanted to make. The main problem is that he always says he's a standout and doesn't do what other artist do. Instead of leading by example, Joe ends up playing follow the leader. In his recent interviews he said hes in a brand new space and not angry no more, so that's the reason for the new sound.
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This is a very commercial album from a guy who had problems within the industry since 2003. A grammy nomination in 2003 led to nothing as he claimed Def Jam under-shipped his album, while he also was sabotaged by Jay Z. DJ Clue has admitted to telling Jay Z that Joe Budden was to replace him at Def Jam once Roc A Fella Records contract expired. Well, things change, Jay Z started a "beef" over pump it up and then when the President of Def Jam, pushed Joe's album "The Growth" back until Joe had to leave the record label. Joe on this album says he is clean of drugs and alcohol again. He is done with dating the video girls and models who kept him bitter. He isn't angry about the industry screwing him over anymore, he is just making the music he should have always been. He has been my favorite rapper since winning mixtape artist of the year in 2001 at the Justo awards. His music has always seemed to fit into to my life as the mood or subjects touched can be understood by real people. He wasn't like Wiz Khalifa just talking about how much money he had or like Lil Wayne just spouting off nonsense just to rhyme words. He was deep, he was a junkie/alcoholic. Before his music though. He said in a song the only rappers who have nothing to hide are him and G Dep, another junkie. True, but only Joe Budden fans cared. Slaughterhouse helped him by bringing Eminem into his life, causing a world tour. He came back with his first solo album since 2009, not counting studio mixtapes or Slaughterhouse albums. The intro is typical Joe, some soul sounding eery song, nothing much to it.
2. Top of the World ft. Kirko Bangz- A braggadocious song, every rappers typical song these days. Kirko Bangz does his best Drake impersonation for a 2 line chorus.
3. She Don't Put it Down Like You ft. Lil Wayne and Tank- Very good song, fast paced, catchy, good production. Lil Wayne is unneeded as his verse is again stupid ramblings. Tank is perfect for the song and Joe does well.
4. NBA ft. Wiz Khalifa and French Montana- I didn't think I would like this song, being that Wiz Khalifa is a deush who dies streaks in his hair and wears girl clothes, only talks about money and is annoying. The song is very good, Wiz verse is only bad for his first two bars. French Montana proves again that he is terrible at rapping and that is why he only makes songs with features. The hook itself is worth listening to this song.
5. You and I ft Emanny is a good slow song, these two have a very good resume together.
6. Castles- My favorite song on the album as the content of the song is real, the imagery is real, it is a complete song.
7. All in My Head ft Royce da 5'9" and Kobe is a good filler song, Royce does his thing
8. Skeletons ft. Joell Ortiz and Crooked I is unnecessary for this album as it is the same song as All in My Head, just worse. Ortiz is good, but Crooked I is terrible and I don't like what he talks about.
9. Ghetto Burbs ft Emanny is a filler song
10. Last Day ft. Juicy J and Lloyd Banks is a banger. Joe is raw, Juicy J does his typical rendition and Lloyd Banks comes hard, its so funny that a few years ago the industry beef between Joe and Banks to hear them now do a song together.
11. Is a skit, a funny skit, but is a skit
12. Switch Positions ft. Omarion is ok, Omarion is gay, point blank period. His voice sounds hoarse.
13. Tell Him Something ft. SLV is a good song about an outside dude telling the girl he is sexing to tell her boyfriend/husband.
14. Runaway is another deep song by typical Joe standards.
15. My Time a decent song to round out the album.
16. Outro- another good Joe album, maybe too much commercialism, but whatever it takes.
17. She Don't put it Down Like you remix ft Fabolous and Twista- Fab was once one of my favorites, but recently he has tried to sound like Meek Mill or whoever else is popular to the young kids, he doesn't sound good on this song, but Twista rips it again and Joe spits a different verse that should have been on the 1st version.
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on February 6, 2013
After being a little disappointed with the latest Slaughterhouse album(I like it but I thought I was going to love it)and reading some mixed reviews for No Love Lost I was hesitant to pick this up. I needed something new for the gym so I figured Id give it a shot and I'm glad I did. Its a very solid album, for the most part I can just let it play which doesn't happen often for me lately with hip hop albums. Also thank you Joe for not releasing a deluxe edition, I am getting so tired of artists doing that, this album has as many tracks as most deluxe editions for the regular edition price.

A couple of my favorite songs so far are...
1. Last Day
2. Tell Him Something
3. She Don't Put It Down and the remix
4. Skeletons
5. Switch Positions
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on June 14, 2013
I've been a Joe Budden fan for a few years now checking for every mix tape he's in. Sadly the production on this cd seriously lacking and with the exception of his Slaughterhouse brethren and Fabulous, Joe takes the low road by bringing on features of those that are clearly lyrically impaired by comparison all for the sake of commercial success. I honestly understand the need for it but the songs featuring Juicy J and Lil Wayne still fall short.

This is disappointing since the "Loose Quarter" mixtape that came out a couple months earlier was so much better and presented more of what we'd expect from Joe. So with the exception of maybe 4 tracks, one of which was already on the Loose Quarter cd I sadly I must admit that this cd was a big letdown.

Here are the stand out songs:

All in my head
You and I
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on June 23, 2013
It's a decent LP that follows the theme of the latest Mood Muzik mixtapes. It is somewhat slow and dark and nothing like the original Joe Budden self titled first cd. So if that's what your after then this may not be for you, but if you're a fan of the latest Joe Budden music then this may be right down your ally.
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on February 6, 2013
Joey B never dissapoints...from his first album to Mood Musics to Slaughterhouse to No Love Lost. This is what hip-hop is. If you listen to his library you can see his maturity and music grow. Just the next step in his evolution. 201 stand up!!
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on March 13, 2013
Or is Slaughter House not what they used to be. I purchased Joe's first album and I liked it, too bad not too many other people did. So I purchased this after hearing the first SL, which was excellent and buying the last one leaving me in a state of "what's this". It's almost as if you can hear the record execs in the backround saying, change this song, more radio friendly, Slaughter House who?, get Lil Wayne on this project, people like him...this was to be a reprieve and I was let down...
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on March 17, 2013
The mixtape prior to this album is slightly better just because I think he spend more time on the writing. This album to me lacks quality word play that I'm used to from Joe. I'm a fan of his music but I think this could have been better. Just like the mixtape, its a little to focused on one topic.
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on March 7, 2013
Well how disappointing is this? It's been four years since Budden's last album and No Love Lost serves as his third studio album, fourth if you count Escape Route. Going into this I had a very strong feeling that I was going to be disappointed by the end product. As I looked over the tracklist it didn't look very promising, but I still went in with an open mind. Sadly, No Love Lost wasn't able to prove me wrong.

The beginning of the album is atrocious as Budden quotes one of the most overused phrases in the history of mankind: "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." The album's intro does a fantastic job at setting the mood for the entire album, even if the mood is extreme disappointment.

While the album's intro was poor to say the least, the next three songs only make it worse. Within the album's first 15 minutes or so we have Budden, along with a bunch of terrible "rappers", talking about generic topics such as women and money. It isn't until track five, "You and I", where we actually get the Budden that most of us are familiar with. Still, even though the lyrics have changed from generic to heartfelt, it lacks the same power that we've heard from Budden in the past.

This somber side of Budden continues until track ten, "Last Day", which is more bragadocious rap. Not a bad song, but the production definitely sounds like it was meant for Banks and seems out of place considering its position on the album. This is followed by an extremely corny skit which is followed by a few sex-rap songs. The heartfelt Budden comes back around on track 14, "Runaway", and continues until the end, with the exception of the very last track which is a remix of "She Don't Put It Down". As if the original version wasn't bad enough.

Now I wanted to like this album, I really did, but it felt like Budden wanted to take the easy route with this one. While there is deeper material on here, it sounds like it was forced because he knows fans enjoy that. Sadly, part of me thinks that he's in too good of a place right now to be making stuff with a lot of heart and that's why it lacked the raw power that we've heard from him in the past.

Honestly there were only a couple of tracks here and there that actually felt worth it, but there were some that had potential but got dragged down by a negative element. Track nine, "Ghetto Burbs", would have been my favorite song on the album hands down. However, the song is dragged on for far too long as Budden lets Emanny ramble on for two and a half minutes at the end. I don't know what Budden sees in Emanny, but he really isn't that strong of a vocalist. "Last Day" would've been dope, but Juicy J ruins the overall flow of the song and "My Time" would've been nice if Budden didn't use auto-tune on the hook.

The album's guest appearances leave a lot to be desired. Emanny makes five appearances, and you also get appearances by Kriko Bangz, Wayne, Tank, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Royce da 5'9", Kobe, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Juicy J, Lloyd Banks, and Omarion. I could have done without most of those "rappers" and I definitely would have enjoyed some better R&B vocalists. Finally, the album is just too long. Clocking out at approximately 72 minutes, this long running time didn't do anything to help my overall distaste for the album.

Standout Songs: "All In My Head (Feat. Royce da 5'9" & Kobe)" "Skeletons (Feat. Joell Ortiz & Crooked I" & "No Love Lost (Outro)"

Overall Score: 5/10 - Coming from a big fan of Joe Budden this is a very weak effort. There's some nice things scattered on here, but there's not enough to warrant making a purchase. Honestly, I regret spending the 7+ hours I did listening to this just to write the review. If you've been a fan of Budden for a while I would say skip this. If you got into Budden because of the awful Welcome To: Our House then this will sound like the realest album in the world to you. In the end the choice is yours. All I know is this is getting deleted from my hard drive. Albums like this are the reason why I download before I make the purchase.
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on July 31, 2013
This is the first time I've ever purchased a Joe Budden album and I must say it goes! I wouldn't say it goes hard but it's an easy listening album that goes, you listen and you get a feel for the type of entertainment that only a guy like Joe will bring you
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