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187 of 197 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2008
Now that gas cans are no longer allowed to have vents, most of them are clumsy and spill prone. Not this one - it is the best gas can I've owned! Well worth the money. The button makes it easy to control the flow of gas. This is especially helpful when your five-gallon can is full and the tank that you are filling is in an awkward location (such as my old sears garden tractor).

Also, the "CARB" lining of the can will help keep your gas fresh (as well as being environmentally correct). It turns out that some components of gasoline can evaporate right through the plastic the traditional cans. This means that after a month or so the composition of your gasoline will be changed. The lining on the new cans prevents this from happening.
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on September 2, 2011
Background - I purchased two of these gas cans to provide fuel storage for a back-up generator. I wanted something that would allow my son or wife to fill the generator without spilling fuel everywhere when I am away.

Research - I went to the local "Big Boxes" and looked at the cans that they had. A gas can is not a gas can, and what I found was that they were still selling the same style I had bought two years ago for my lawn tractor. I found that the style sold most places did not flow well and lacked a filter to keep contamination out of the generator. I went on to Amazon, then to this companiy's website. Based on the features described on the website, I decided that I would give these a try.

Out-of-the-box - Amazon did not take much care in packing these, not that they are fragile, and it just would be nice if you could not see inside the box from sloppy taping and the receipt was not taped half in and half out of the box. I buy a lot from Amazon, and never have issue with their packaging, so I was very surprised. The can was assembled and ready to use. I just removed the label and loaded them into my truck bed.

Valve - Look, this is really what you are buying. The valve here is push button and has a screen filter. It appears to be of good quality and the design was thought out. One of the two I purchased fuel nozzles was loose, although it did no effect operation, so I deducted a 1/2 star. Quality is what I do, so I have high standards here!

Size - I have a Honda Ridgeline with a bed cover. typically, I have to leave the bed cover open becasue, once the fuel cans were full and could not be laid on their side, the fill nozzles were higher than the cover would allow. These fit GREAT.

Use - I also purchased the fill extension tubes to give me more reach. I think that these should be included and I recommend you purchase them with the can. (minus 1/2 star). A handle on the side and top make positioning the can easy. once I had the can over the opening and the fill tube in the tank at the level I wanted, a simple push of the button filled the tank to the desired level then SHUT ITSELF OFF AUTOMATICALLY. This is a GREAT FEATURE! The fuel flowed more smoothly than any gas can I have used without the normal pause and surge that you get with most gas cans. The flow rate was adequate and I felt it was under control, although I would not say it was fast. Releasing the push-button shut off all fuel flow with no spills are leaks.

Summary - Best gas can I have ever used.

Recommendation - I would (and in fact just did buy two more to replace the two I have for the lawn tractor) purchase again and would recommend it to others.
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48 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2012
OK, I know, it is "just" a fuel container, but with all the regulations being forced on us and the industry, CARB compliant containers are also "just" not made equally, however this little beauty gets high marks for design and features and when matched with a companion flexible nozzle (ordered seperatly) it for me then becomes PERFECT.

Like you are doing right now I started reading reviews on various portable fuel containers, all the new regulations on ventable containers really set the market into a tizzy to be compliant and they all seemed to have "the answer" to the best way to handle fluid disbursement and venting. The two recurring issues that appeared to be common across various manufacturers were 1. SLOW, painfully SLOW to disburse the contents and 2. They leaked.

A few early reviews (I ordered and used mine in August of 2012) of this manufacturer has some of these same comments, a youtube video also show a video of how that persons leaked around the cap. I can tell you that the manufacturer has listened and made what ever changes they though necessary because I experienced no issues at all. So, onto my observances.

I ordered this container from Amazon as well as the flexible fill tube, both had free shipping and surprisingly they shipped from the same place in seperate packages, one shipping and arriving two days ahead of the other. Both came adaquatly wrapped and packaged for the contents, lets face it, these are NOT fragile items so cardboard and paper packing were just fine to get them to me without any damage.

I looked for the locking "teeth" on the cap that others had noted, I find only one tab and it is an easy squeeze to disengage the teeth from the locking pin (molded onto the container). This allows the cap to be twisted open for filling the container. I find this appears to have been a modification to earlier models and for me just posed no problem whatsoever.

Off to the fuel station to fill the container, remembering how a previous review noted that once filled the sloshing of gas inside while driving back home had leaked from around the cap and into the trunk area of their car. I note the container has 1 - 5 gallon markers on the container (this 5 gallon version does not have a clear strip to see the fluid levels as the smaller versions do), in the light of day it is easy to see a dark shadow line to easily dectect the level of fluid inside the container, in a night setting this may not be as easy BUT the fill hole is very large and easy to see into. I fill the container to the 5 Gallon mark and stop. The container has a larger than 5 Gallon capacity, several inches remain from the 5 Gallon mark to the top of the container but I cautiously leave the air void to ensure no back pressure against the cap on the drive back home. I note the inside of the cap has a black rubber "O" ring, I believe an issue someone noted in the past, but it looks like this may have been a change by the manufacturer as well, not sure. I twist the cap on and click it through a few of the teeth on the cap to insure a tight fit.

I arrive home from a three mile drive and when I open the trunk I can not even smell gasoline much less see any on the outside of the container. This container has a handle on the top and along the back, nice wide ones, but not so wide that a smaller hand can not securly wrap around them, these handles make it easy to pick up and hold the container, a PLUS as far as I am concerned.

I am going to fuel my generator, which has a opening on the top - this is going to be a good test of just how useable and liftable this container is going to be having to hold it with one hand and press the release button with the other. I remembered a previous review about the fluid leaking from around the cap and I have some paper towels at the ready.

VENT VENT VENT, important to do while the container is sitting flat on the ground. I remove the protective cap from the end of the nozzle (it has a molded strap to keep it hanging free and from getting lost) and slowly press the release button, the container vents itself of pressure and no liquid comes flying out, I recommend a slow press of the release button to keep from a massive venting all at once.

I contemplate using the flexible tube that I ordered, but decide to give it a try without it first. Lifting and tilting the container over 90 degrees I look for any leaks around the cap...NONE at all. I slowly depress the release button and start fueling the generator...still no leaks. I let the relase button go and the fluid flow stop immedietly...still no leaks, I start fueling release again and let it flow at maximum and note it is fast, yet controllable by slowing letting pressure off the relase button. I can regulate the output from a slow trickle to a steady flow with no problems at all. It takes me less than two minutes to release 4 gallons into the generator, some of this time is from stopping and adjusting the flow as well, it would be much faster if I just let it rip until I really needed to stop.

NO LEAKS, period. I still have some fuel in the container and take it over to my lawn mower, to fill that tank up. This time I test the auto-shutoff feature, I tilt the container over, move the nozzle down into the tank and press the release button, when the fluid level in the gas tank hits the end of the nozzle, just as advertised the flow STOPS, period, it is the same as if I stopped pressing the release button.

Overall Comments:
I find the release button a handy feature for more than just the obvious - it allows me to tilt the container and get the nozzle into postion without any leaks or spills and release the fluid when I am ready, not when gravity is ready.

I find the two handles and their placement to be sturdy and grippable, not danty, not overly large - someone thought this out and found the perfect size to accomodate hand sizes and still handle the weight of a full container.

Any previous issues noted in early reviews appear to have been addressed, bottom line my container did not leak. The two tabs of teeth for locking the cap in place is down to one on my model and not a problem to use in engageing or disingaging the cap from the container.

Weight, well folks it IS five gallons, if this is an issue fill it only partially, or get a smaller container version. I did not finde this to be an issue for my use. I will say that my useage is not for a moving object such as a boat, in that instance I would still get this container but use it with a hand pump syphon hose to transfer the fuel from the container into the fuel tank of a moving or rocking object.

IF you are going to use this container to fill something where the fuel opening is not horizontal to the ground, you will as others noted have an issue dispersing the entire container contents as the nozzle is at a 90 degree angle to the container. For this situation I recommend ordering and using the flexible nozzle extension, I did and so far have not had to use it but can see how it would be necessary for some situations.

I would purchase the container again, and I would and have recommended to my friends...who have already came to borrow it while theirs is in transit from their order.
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60 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2010
Purchased this No-Spill gas can the same time I purchased my Honda Generator.

This is a good can, doesn't rust, and won't chafe you or anything else it bumps against.

Smelt gas in the garage the other day. Found out that the black cap, although it looks pretty robust had cracked in half. Can no longer tighten the spout system or use the can. The can is in perfect condition, just that there's no spout sytem due to the broken cap. I donot over tighten the cap, it has an "O" ring so I just make the cap snug.

This unit only lasted a couple years. I only store gas in it for emergencies, filled it maybe four times this past two years.
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32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on February 20, 2014
Bought this about a year ago, recently discovered it had warped beyond being usable. When I tried to pour gas it leaked everywhere. Previously it had worked terrific, but what good is a product like this that only lasts for a year? I tried several times to contact NoSpill for a warranty claim (they advertise a 3-year warranty). I filled out their warranty claim form on their site. Never received a response. Finally called them, and was told that, although their online warranty form says they just need the stamp info from the bottom (which I had provided already), for my warranty claim I'd have to mail it back to them (not even sure if that's permitted since it had gas in it already?). Clearly not worth the time or cost of mailing it, so here I am, letting the rest of you know what you may be in for if you have to put in a warranty claim on this item.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on April 1, 2015
Okay. So I have 2 five gallon "No Spill" gas containers. Both of them have leaked profusely from where the cap attaches to the bottle since I bought them. Transporting these from the gas station, or trying to refuel something, causes so much gas to spill it's ridiculous. I bought replacement nozzles to hopefully fix the problem. There was no difference. Each cap was snug tight on the bottle. My favorite part is the medicine bottle style "child lock" to, I assume, prevent children from removing the cap and spilling gas. All a child would have to do is knock the bottle over and the "sealed" container would leak everywhere. I attached a picture of how much gas leaked from the containers on my 2 minute ride from the gas station. Both caps/nozzles are brand new taken right out of their packages. Sadly, I don't think there are many other options available. I saw a guy at the gas station once putting gas into a gallon Poland Spring water bottle and thought how unsafe that was. But I'm guessing it would work better than this product.
review image
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127 of 160 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2010
Great container, but two issues: You must push the button for gas to flow, and the spout is too short to use this to refuel a vehicle. If you're lifting a 5 gallon container to pour gas, it can be tricky to free up one hand to push the flow button. I was unhappily surprised to find I could only get about two gallons of gas into my truck the first time I used it. The can is cube shaped, and the spout is so short and stiff that I can't tip the can enough to get the gas into my tank. They sell an extension to the spout, for about $10 with shipping, but I don't know how well it works. Even if the extension fixes it, adding the cost of the extension makes this a very pricey gas can.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2010
I bought this item from amazon, very speedy delivery. The product is well built, good design, very aerodynamic and robust. The only major problem is that it leaks if held upside down. You will need to pull the green button back in order to stop the leaks, however a few seconds later it starts to drip again. The nozzle is a good idea but poorly manufactured. It is better to use a regular good quality tru No-Spill cap on this one and you have a good product. Despite my admiration of the jerry can built quality, I am dissapointed in the nozzle assembly. So three stars is more than fair.

Update: I took the jerry Can to the desert and it did not leak, I held it in all possible angles, yet it maintained its seal. It seemed that for some reason it leaked the first time. I now use it also as a water dispenser (a clean one of coarse). I must adjust my review to give it 5 stars. Be carful with the nozzle assembly because it is not transport friendly and could easily be damaged if not taken care of.
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45 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on November 21, 2010
No-Spill gas cans, I bought 2 a 2.5 Gallon & 5 Gallon before the law went into effect, in the beginning of 2009. Right off I had problems with both gas cans swelling, from sitting in the hot sun. I use the 2.5 more then then larger gas can, I use it for per-mixed gas for 2cycle equipment. I`d have to vent the can before trying to filling hand held equipment. If I didn't the pressure inside the gas can would blow into the fuel tank, I was filling with enough force to blow back out of the tank and blow gas all over my hands and that piece of equipment. I figured I just wasted my money and another company just made a product that didn't do what it was suppose to do. So I Just used them both and just vented them before filling. One thing I did like was I could control the fuel flow, once vented. I had spent over $50.00 for both.

The start of next mowing season, I went to put fresh gas in both cans and to my surprise both nuts on the spouts that connect to the gas can, were split. I know enough to not over tighten a nut made out of plastic, The constant swelling caused this due to the pressure build up and then they started leaking fuel. To say I was upset is and understatement I found No-spills web site and got their email for customer service fired off a email and told them of my problems and how unhappy I was with both of there two gas cans.

Also told them about the blowing of fuel out of the swelling gas cans and how dangerous that was and how I had to vent them before filling. I got a quick reply asking for my name and address so they could mail out two new replacement spouts, these spouts came in the mail in about three days and they were different then the old ones, I did know it but these gas cans have a three year warranty on them, the labels came off with use. I don`t know what they did to them inside but no more problems and I now very happy that they just didn't blow me off. I can now use then like they were intended to be used. I only gave it 3 stars because of the problems, but I`ll give customer service a 5 stars rating.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2012
I purchased two 5 gal & a 2.5 gal Poly Gas Can in mid 2009. Around a year ago one of 5 gal
can's spout cracked causing it to dribble fuel; a bit later the the filler cap split
so the can was unusable. Today Mar 2, 2012 I found the second 5 gal can cap had
also split when I went to refill it. The smaller can is still OK. No problem with
the cans but the caps do not stand up. Not a good value for such short product life.

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