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on February 25, 2011
With the help of her best friend Milo, Princess Helen of Sparta manages to make her way aboard The Argo disguised as a boy and hiding from her older brothers - who are also aboard the legendary ship. She forges new friendships, falls in love, discovers Hercules has fallen in love with her (as a boy), and suffers heart-wrenching tragedies. Along the way she discovers one painful truth: people aren't always what they seem.

Nobody's Prize is not a particularly long book, but there is so much action packed into it that I felt like I'd traveled so far, only to discover I was merely 20 pages into the book.

Helen seemed a little to unobservant at times for my taste, but at others she was quick witted and cunning. She nearly managed to think her way out of every problem she got herself into (which was a lot), and the ones she couldn't think her way out of, she just used her sword.

Helen seems a very capable and human heroine. She manages to wear many faces during the book and slips into each mask perfectly. She is truly a wonder.

There was one tiny detail about the ending that I was disappointed with, but I see why it had to be that way.

Good read. A little bit of language, some suggestive references, as well as very mild homosexuality.
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on February 15, 2012
Nobody's Prize (Princess of Myth) by Esther Friesner continues the story of Helen of Sparta as she sets out, disguised as a boy, to join The Argo and Jason's quest to find the Golden Fleece. To make matters worse, Helen becomes more of a woman and it's becoming harder and harder for her to hide who she is.

Nobody's Prize picks up right where Nobody's Princess left off, where Helen and Milo must find a way to The Argo and join with them, all the while avoiding her brothers. It does have some complications that come up - such as Herakels happens to think Helen's cover as a boy is pretty and he might want a little bit of it (mild homosexuality - along with hints of Herakels with another as well.) Then there's the crazy Princess Medea who becomes obsessed with Prince Jason as soon as she sees him and believes that Helen is there to steal Jason, no matter how much Helen states otherwise.

There are a few other things that come up, but I just don't feel like it's all that much that would stop Helen from accomplishing her goals, whatever her goals are. There doesn't seem to be a big climax anywhere in the book and the end is kinda, well, cheesy and just clears things up too smoothly that it doesn't make it believable. It's not bad of a book, but I feel like it could have been better and the first one was better than this one. Still, they're not bad to read. They're quick reads. I think I'd still recommend this to anyone, along with the first book as well. If you're not sure, check it out from the library and see what you think.

Though I'm giving this a lower rating, I'm not upset that I purchased them. They aren't bad to read and it wasn't much that I spent on them. If this was a bit better, I'd give it a higher rating.
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on July 16, 2008
Nobody's Prize is on par with its predecessor in terms of style and content and is not a disappointing sequel. The imagery is rich and one feels, despite some modern phrases, transported back into Ancient Greece. That said, I was a little disappointed at the lack of any real romance. Other men fall for Helen, but her own interests are quickly crushed somewhat early in the novel. Anyone reading this should not expect Paris to put in any real appearance, although the end of the novel alludes to events to come concerning Helen's more famous activities. All an all, an enjoyable and interesting read.
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on June 12, 2013
I absolutely loved this, a great take on history showing off a woman who wanted to stand on her own, yet society told her she couldn't. My only regret is that there was not a third book, one where like in history she is kidnapped and a war begins because of her. I would love to read that. =]
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on November 4, 2012
The series started off great. It is the story of Helen of Troy in her preteen/teenage years. I found it very interesting how the author gave this usually static character life and dementions. This last book was very disappointing. It became completely unrelated to the tone in the previous story and did not segway very well into the adult mythology of Helen. Best to just skip this series all together.
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on May 1, 2011
This is the sequel to Nobody's Princess, read that first, simply because of character introduction. I got this book for my kindle and enjoyed it greatly. The ending is sweet...if not a little too mysterious, and sent me searching for a sequel. The only problem I had with this book was Helen's lack of awarness. This characterist, although annoying, builds her appeal and can be easily ignored.

If you want to get this book for a younger individual make sure to be avaliable to explain a bit about homosexuality.
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on November 18, 2012
I'm actually not done with the book but i just want to share my opinion on the book for a second.
They made Herakles gay.
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on December 27, 2009
Esther Friesner did an amazing job creating three dimensional characters and an interesting plot, but it got a little bit repetitive during this book because it was adventure after adventure after adventure. Yes, we get the idea that Helen is a girl with extreme determination and confidence, and not only that but beautiful as well. She's growing up during the voyage and discovering new things. The plot does have s twists and turns, which keeps the story interesting, but what irked me the most was the her best friend Milo suddenly vanishes from the story. The ending is where things got a bit choppy and convoluted. She totally forgets about her old adventures and just moves on too quickly.

I was kind of annoyed by the fact that Milo, whom you can pretty much tell <SPOILER!> has a huge crush on Helen, suddenly disappers, and when he reappears in the story he's suddenly with this character whose not really so important, and all the while you're wishing that he's still in love with Helen. It was a huge twist for me and threw me off. I was kind of T.O.'d. But nevertheless, the story was, overall, a fun and entertaining read.
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on January 10, 2013
Esther Friesner is one my favorite authors! Nobody's Prize has lived up to all her other books! I highly recommend it for everyone to read!
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on March 19, 2010
I picked this book up from the library and I realized that I was lucky and got it when I did because it's been gone every time I've gone back.

I really liked this book because I felt I could realate to it well. The introduction restates who Helen is and why she's doing what she's doing without going on for a whole chapter that retells the first book (since this is the sequel). Even if you haven't read the first book (which I recommend!) this book will still make sense. It's an easy read but it's not easy enough to make it unenjoyable...I completed it in about 5 hours.

It never got boring but I felt like some of the events in the book were kept at a slow pace just to make the story longer....I didn't really mind but I got a bit tired of reading some of it in one sitting.

Maybe greek mythology isn't your thing but I still think this is a great story about a young woman fighting for her identity, rights, and freedom.
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