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on December 1, 2012
The phone is amazing. I at first wanted the Lumia 920 but since it didn't come to T-mobile I had to settle for the HTC 8x or The lumia 810. I went to the T-mobile store to hold and see both of the devices in person.

I was surprised how beautiful the phone looks in person. I couldn't stop looking at it and i held the htc 8x. I like how light it was but that was it the design is that of a flagship phone but it doesn't have expandable memory and that was a huge deal breaker for me. So i choose the Lumia 810 over the 8x. The Lumia 810 accepts sd cards up to 64 GB and it's amazing to store all your music and pictures on. The only con of the phone is that it has internal 8 GB memory so you have to keep all that room for your apps and pictures and music for your SD card. So before you buy the phone, GET A SD CARD with the phone.

I could care less about weight. I also don't care about thickness either. You phone is built with quality and there are much more thicker phones out there then this one. If you think the phone is ugly then i recommend going to see an eye doctor or getting glasses. My friends rave all the time about how beautiful the phone is over and over. I've had some people get interested and even want to SWITCH FROM THEIR ANDROIDS. Seriously my friends ask me to see the phone all the time and play with because of the beautiful and intriguing new start screen on Windows phone 8.

That brings me to another point which is the operating system of Windows phone 8. It's not Android or iphone, no it's something new and in my opinion much more steady and fluent. The tiles are live of course and you can easily pin contacts, groups and twitter profiles if you want while seeing them update from new tweets, pictures, text messages, and missed calls. The tiles comes in three sizes and that can be seen from the pictures of the phone. small, square and rectangle. This can allow you to place much more in your viewing area. The phone doesn't freezes and there is no lag. Xbox music is great and it's easy to order around your music collection. If you have an SD Card installed then your can multi select music to save to you phone or SD Card. You can also delete music if you want. The music you have in the cloud storage is something different since it's not on your phone so it won't take up space on your sd card or phone unless you choose to download them from the cloud to your phone or SD Card. Messaging is great as the keyboard has emoticon dedicated keyboard with categories of faces, objects, food, weather and other whackey things if your that kind of texter but if the person your texting has a simple phone from back before smartphones were invented (flip phones, slide phones) then they won't show up on their phone.

Apps is the main point of deal breakers for windows phone itself. So i'm going to be blunt. Windows phone has a fast growing app selection and of course it's not as much as IOS or Android but it is growing and has over 100,000 apps and that was in September so it's much more now. There are many third party apps to replace the ones you had on your previous phones. For instagram fans there is "" and a popular one "instacam". If you are a app junkie then GET A NOKIA LUMIA. Nokia gets the best apps for windows phone first and are always exclusive to Nokia windows phones. If you get an HTC 8x then you won't get popular games and app for a while because Nokia has an exclusivity on them. If you aren't an app person then you can get an HTC or Nokia but i recommend a Nokia because of the build quality.

You drop this phone it definitely won't break. Believe me since i have dropped this phone face first on the ground, bus and floor of my house. The phone comes out of those still beautiful with no scratches on the screen but maybe on the back but unlike other Lumia's remember this phone has a removable battery so if you want to get a new back you can or just get a case which are available but the phone is much more beautiful without a case.

You have Microsoft Office on the phone. And this phone has sensitive touch! Like the Lumia 920! You can go into the settings to display and touch to switch on high sensitive touch.I was amazed when i could use my phone while wearing gloves and heck i even tried a pencil and it worked. So you won't have worry about having cold hands while using the phone since you can switch on sensitive touch.

The camera for me is great. I'm not a photographer but the settings on the camera are few but simple. The Front facing camera takes good pictures when your in a well lit place. The camera take well sharp pictures but since it's a midrange phone the camera won't obviously beat the iphone 5, GS3, or the Lumia 920 so don't expect the best pictures in the world but don't expect terrible pictures.

The battery on the phone is amazing. Its at 1800mah but if you don't know what that means i'll say it simply. It's long lasting and can get you through the day. My old phone which was a HTC HD7 had a terrible battery and this phone battery is much more then decent and is impressive. The phone has a amazing stand by time. I kept the phone of the charging after i was done using it for the whole day and so i had at 38% and off the charger for 10 hours. I went to sleep and woke up at and that time it had been off the charger for the night until i woke up and it had 35% with 17 HOURS off the charger with the estimated battery life of 12 more hours if i left it on stand by. This was when it was updating email, facebook, twitter and a news app i keep running in the background to update. Don't listen to anyone who says this has a bad battery. With heavy use of music alone playing the phone will not go below 95% for over an hour. The battery life is just great. I'm glad to have actually picked this phone. The phone charges very fast too. I leave it on the charging and it takes only under 2 hours to charge back up. The phone has wireless charging only available from cases of tmobile but i don't use that since it'll take longer to charge your wireless. If your a person on the go stick to the USB cord that comes with the phone because you won't be disappointed.

If you are experiences battery drain then go to settings and change the background task that you don't use and can drain battery. You also can turn off bluetooth and all the other crap that you don't really use. Remember a app you close is still running in the background but since the phone has a good battery you'll be fine. The phone has NFC which i don't even need or use but like any phone you can turn that off to increase your battery.

In conclusion the phone is great for a midrange device and in terms of performance and apps Nokia has worked hard in bringing a nice device to T-mobile. In terms of looks the design is beautiful, simple and elegant. Of course it's not as good looking as the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8x but IT IS NOT UGLY. If anyone says that to you please be sure to check their mental health and the condition of their eye sight. In all seriousness it's a much better looking phone in person and pictures on this website don't do it justice. Go to a T-mobile store and look at it and you will be surprised how nice looking it is.
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on November 24, 2012
A new breathe of fresh air. After using using various phones of Blackberry, iPhone and Android for the last 5 or 6 years I never imagined that I will go for another OS. Not too long ago whenever I travelled overseas I met and heard people praising their Nokias. I used to be an Apple fan but lately was somewhat becoming disappointed. So I was ready to try something new. As Nokia for Windows Phone 8 was announced I started waiting for Nokia eagerly. To my disappointment my phone carrier t-mobile didn't get Lumia 920 and as I didn't want to leave it so I took the only Lumia they offered. So I got Lumia 810 which proved to be a good thing. This phone does not have have a floating lens camera otherwise I don't miss anything compared to 920. I love it's size, looks and the fact that I can expand it's memory to 64 GB. I am very happy with Windows Phone 8 too. I can find enough apps for my use. To be able use Windows Office on this phone is a big plus for me. Hopefully I won't have to switch to another OS again.
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on November 27, 2012
I'm on T-Mobile and so I don't really have much of a choice when it comes to Windows Phone, but in the end I found myself being endeared to this phone. I initially had some concerns about how boring and square-ish it looked, but having owned it for almost 2 weeks now, I actually think this phone has the nicest form when compared to the Lumia 820 and Lumia 822.

Good things (about the Phone):
1) Doesn't feel cheap, feels very solid and premium in your hand. And probably the thing that endears me to this phone the most.
2) Way faster than my old WP7 phone.
3) Hardware buttons positioning are highly accessible and logical.
4) Removable and exchangeable cover (but I have yet to see any information about where the Cyan color cover can be bought)
5) MicroSDHC card support - expandable storage
6) Large battery = very good battery life
7) Very clear and sharp display
8) Large screen, but still comfortable to hold in the hand and fits easily into your pocket.
9) Nokia exclusive apps
10) Rather significantly cheaper than the HTX 8X, yet still very much an outstanding and top-notched phone despite the lower price point.

1) Night shots (or shots in areas with dim lights) with this phone produces rather disappointing pictures. Can't say I wasn't expecting it, but still....
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on January 18, 2013
I have read some serious bad reviews about this phone. You want to know how to grade a phone? Get it unlocked by your carrier (tmobile) and carry it around the world to Djibouti Africa. Use one of their sim cards and you will quickly come to realize how good (or bad) your phone is. I had a Samasung Galaxy S2. The cell reception is bad enough in this country as is, but I literally, in six months time NEVER received a call, because I never had signal (especially in my office).

A couple co-workers owned nokia phones and a few times their phone would ring while they were in my office. I would look at my phone and ZERO signal - from a $500 phone. It was sickening, their candy bar phone with 3 bars rings, my $500 "Smart" phone had ZERO

Enter Nokia Lumia 810. I am sitting in my office now looking at 2 to 3 bars signal strength, heck I even made a call from my office! While the phone is not the prettiest phone on the market, what it lacks in looks it MORE than makes up for in performance. Windows Phone all the way!

Get this phone - you will not regret it!
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on December 5, 2012
I have been using this mobile phone for 2 weeks and have been very happy it. I was using the Nokia Lumia 710 and find the 810 far superior. The screen is very clear and large; the color is quite vivid. The 810 runs faster and smoother than 710 and Dell Venue Pro, which I had prior to the 710. The camera takes great pictures. I take many photos of my dog and usually get the red eyes effect with indoor pictures. It has not happened with 810's camera. It has a forward facing camera for video chat with Skype. The placement of the speakers at the bottom of the phone is a better than on the back, as on the 710. I like the power button on the right side rather than on top of the phone. The touch screen is very responsive. The phone get very good reception and the sound quality of calls is great. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connects very quickly. The micro SD slot is a very welcome addition. The phone has some weight but I would not consider it heavy. It has a very solid feel to it. Battery last over a day for me.

I keep reading about how Windows Phone is lacking in apps, compared to iPhone and Android. I don't find this to be a problem. There are many good apps, that can replace most missing ones. One example is Slacker Radio, which is great alternative to Pandora. But Microsoft said Pandora is coming to Windows Phone. Nokia's exclusive apps are great; Drive is an excellent GPS app. Nokia Transit, Music and City Lens are awesome. One app I am sad that is not available on WP8 is Adobe. It is available for WP7 but not support here. At least Microsoft released a PDF Reader app, in Abode's place. The Facebook and Twitter integration works smoothly. I am able to check my email from Gmail and Yahoo, along with Hotmail. IE and Bing works well.

A drawback to Lumia 810, is the availability of accessories, such as Cyan charging back. The T-Mobile site showed it being out. Now I don't see it. Wireless charging pad is not currently available either. Hopefully that will change soon. I didn't think I would say this, but I prefer organizing my music with the Zune software over X-Box Music. Zune software is does not work with WP8.

I am happy with my decision to switch to Nokia Lumia 810. I think Nokia did a fine job of designing this phone.
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on January 7, 2013
Very glad to be back on a Nokia product after a few years away in Motorola/HTC Android country. The build quality, camera, antennae, and battery life are excellent. The app selection is excellent as I have yet to find something I can't do on WP8 that I could do in Android. Flickr, FB, Twitter, maps, music, Amazon, eBay are all here. The OS and SDK pay a lot of attention to typography, so there is an excellent consistency between the OS and the applications. All are a lot better looking than their Android equivalents. I watched some excellent interviews with Joe Belfiore (OS designer) and Marko Ahtisaari (Lumia designer) and was convinced that they were creating something really nice. I am very glad I took the plunge.

WP8 is excellent
Build quality is top knotch

I miss being able to press-hold on a letter to select a number on the keyboard.
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on December 2, 2012
I purchased four of these for my family last week. Windows Phone 8 on a Nokia is a winning combination. Fast, simple, easy to customize, great display, good feel. Really pleased. I've had blackberry, Iphone, Android and Palm (YES! Palm)...happy to be out of them and have the whole family on WinPhone 8 on a solid phone like the Nokia.
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on March 28, 2013
I'm a fan of Windows Phone - had a Lumia 710 prior. I've used just about everything on T-Mobile -- Android (Galaxy S, SII, SIII), several BlackBerrys, etc.

The Lumia 810 is great. Battery easily lasts more than 1 day, even with fairly heavy use. I'm more productive with this than any of my prior phones. I use corporate email a lot - really easy to manage folders & read/move/delete messages. When I had the GSIII, there was a lot to like but the email integration was abysmal for anything but gmail.

I've been happy so far with the camera on this - most of my pictures are during the day. The colors were more natural looking than the GSIII (now my wife's - we did a side-by-side - snow looked blue on hers, white and crisp on the Lumia 810).

Call quality is fantastic - very clear, signal is strong. There used to be several points on my commute the previous phones regularly dropped calls (BlackBerry and Samsung handsets) - this hasn't dropped them once! I used to dread receiving calls on my old phones - now I prefer it due to the incredible clarity. In fact, I've ditched my home landline for this now - it is that good.

Yes, not all of the apps are present yet on WP, but it has improved a lot with recent titles like Pandora, plus all of the Nokia goodies like Nokia music, Maps, Navigation (you can download maps from around the world and store them offline - yes, use it like a GPS without a data connection). I'd still like to see more of the mainstream ones, but there is something about fighting for the underdog - you have a product that has undivided attention - it is great.

All in all, I'm ecstatic about the phone - one of my favorites to date.
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on April 11, 2013
The Nokia 810 is a solid device in T-Mobile's lineup of Windows Phone devices. The Nokia Lumia 810 is actually the T-Mobile variant of the international Lumia 820. The reason a different model has been made is due to T-Mobile's 'unique' spectrum range. At the time of this writing, you either have the choice between this bad boy or the HTC 8X for Windows Phone 8. While the 8X is thinner, this phone is also built like a tank, typical of Nokia's offerings. In fact, the main reason Nokia phones are built thicker is because in the European market, mobile phones are often kept longer than the artificial 'two year lifespan' often held highly in North America. Those looking for a solid phone ready to last years to come, go with the Nokia 810. Looking for the best of the best? Stop reading here and check out the new HTC One Developer Edition.

Build Quality (without a skin or case): 9/10
Unlike it's cousin the Nokia 9xx series, this device is considered a notch down. The reason is that the device features a removable back unlike the poly-carbonate body of the Lumia 9xx. I feel the device could have been a little shorter but should suffice almost anybody, even those with small hands. I really love how this phone doesn't require a case as the matte backing feels like a rubber Otterbox. Please, spare yourself the $50. In addition to this, the screen is built with Gorilla Glass 2 so it is more resilient to scratches and breakage (I still recommend a screen protector to keep in 'pristine' condition). Unlike the iPhone, Nokia builds their phones like tanks. What does that mean? The dreaded 4ft-5ft (1.2m-1.5m) drop shouldn't be too much of a worry comparable to the fragile iPhone 5. The only part you may replace after abuse is a replaceable back cover. I give Nokia props for that.

Screen: 8/10
For the price you pay, I would have expected a more pixel dense screen like that on the Lumia 920. For the next few years a beyond, app developers will 99% likely support the 480x800 screen resolution. It might sound low and I tend to downplay the resolution, but it does put out a nice contrast and should be great for everybody except for those looking for the best. For me, it works great in any lighting condition and best of all, I can wear gloves or other materials that conduct heat to use the device. If you live in a area with harsh winters, gloves only, drop the cash on a Nokia Lumia.

Button Placement: 7/10
Any device I have had, I can really never have the perfect button layout. Compared to the Samsung devices, the layout is much better as the lock and camera buttons are harder to push and placed to prevent accidental pressing. The layout is good for one handed users as ALL buttons are on the right side with the exception of screen buttons. There is also adequate space under the soft buttons to prevent accidental pressing.

Camera: 7/10
The camera on this device does use an 8MP Cal Zeiss lens but lacks the PureView image processing found on other Lumia devices. The camera does take adequate shots for a mobile phone but don't expect it to replace a point-and-shoot. Also, You must release teh camera button to take the picture, not hold until it takes. This feature requires a little familiarization.

Processor: 10/10
Nokia, and all Windows Phone manufacturers, use the same Qualcomm chipset that features the processor, graphics, and mobile antennas in an all-in-one SoC (system on chip) design. This means you have improved response time, greater battery life, and an overall stellar performance. While Samsung is touting octa-core processors in their top line phones, Windows Phone was never built on the greatest of hardware. The statement carries on from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. The 1.5GHz dual-core should work for the next three years at least.

Data Connectivity: 8/10
Those who live in one of T-Mobile's HSPA+42 can experience some of the fastest data speeds found on any network. Their fallback network is their HSPA+21 network. This means that the network has a theoretical peak of 42.2Mbps and 21.1Mbps downlink speed, respectively. The phone uses top line Qualcomm antennas so your power savings are greater and the connect is stable on the device side. A huge slip up is that T-Mobile has promised an LTE firmware update (means you don't need a newer version) to activate the radios. At this time, T-Mobile has confirmed that LTE isn't coming for awhile. HSPA+42 should be great for the time being. Remember, this aspect is regulated by the availability of T-Mobile in your area than anything else. A generous portion of T-Mobile still uses EDGE or 2G so your mileage will vary.

Connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, Qi Charging): 8/10
While I personally have not used these feature often, I have used Bluetooth and the chipset connects in an instant to my devices. The NFC works just like the S3 with S-Beam. Just enable it under 'Tap+Share' under Settings. Due to mobile operator and lack of partnerships, NFC payments is still in it's infancy for Windows Phone. Don't feel left out, Google Wallet is on a rocky road which Apple doesn't use NFC yet. To use Qi Wireless Charging, you must buy an additional back cover which adds two millimetres of thickness to the device. With this, you may drop your phone on any charging pad or station that supports the Qi wireless standard. Powermat charging stations ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with Qi Inductive Charging.

Memory (8GB onboard, 7GB via Skydrive, removable storage via microSD): 9/10
While 8GB does not sound like a huge amount, the Nokia Lumia 8xx series contains one thing the Lumia
920 does not, expandable storage via microSD cards. I have a 32GB card which stores all my music, photos, and videos that offers plenty of room for my device. Not only that, but you may also use 64GB microSDXC cards in this device for maximum space. If you prefer to use the stock storage, 8GB is enough for some songs, pool of apps/games, and your personal photos.

Battery (1800mAh): 10/10
All Windows Phone devices I have offer plenty of battery life for a moderate day of use. When under 'heavy use', none of my other devices can make it half a day though. With the Nokia 810 (I turn on battery saver because I sync six email accounts), my battery lasts from 7:00AM to 11:00PM. During these 16 hours, I stream Pandora for two hours, stream video for twenty minutes, sync my email accounts every hour, and play games/use apps for two or four hours daily. The rest is simply stand-by time on 4G.

Operating System (Windows Phone 8): 10/10
Microsoft continues the strategy set by Windows Phone 7. Building a phone around you. Along with that, Microsoft has added multi-core support, NFC (featured in this device), tile-sizing, and a plethora of features you may read up on their website. With you in mind, Facebook, Twitter, and Chinese Twitter Sina Weibo can easily integrate with Messaging and the People Hub (your contacts). Windows Phone feels like a fresh restart from the grid of icons and widgets seen on iOS and Android. Two things you will notice from Windows Phone 7 is the off-centre space is gone (as with the Zune)and you may re-size your tiles. If you use other Microsoft services such as Xbox Music (formerly Zune), XBOX LIVE, Skydrive, Office, and much more, Windows Phone was designed with integration from the beginning. Earn Gamerscore from your device, sync your Xbox Music Pass to enjoy the benefits on the go, and access to your documents at a moment's notice. The only thing that I feel was undone from Windows Phone 7 is a media organizer like Zune. Unless you own a Windows RT/8 computer, syncing on Windows XP/Vista/7 is more complicated than with Zune on Windows Phone 7. If you are making the jump from Windows Phone 7, remember that quite a lot has changed over in the jump.

Apps: 10/10
The Windows Phone Marketplace is now standing at 150,000+ and counting. I have found all the apps I used to use on iOS before here in the Marketplace/Store. There may be one or two apps that are not available but in general, everything is there and available. With Windows Phone, certain games are XBOX LIVE certified which means you may earn Gamerscore while playing on your phone. No more wasted game time when the console resides in my hands. Pandora recently launched on the platform and until Dec. 31st of 2013, the ad-free streaming bill (Pandora One) is footed by Microsoft. How much better could it get? If better, I mean that Nokia's exclusive app selection put them above the competition as Nokia includes their apps like Nokia Drive (offline GPS) free while no other manufacturer does so. This is a very key decision when buying a Windows Phone device.

My overall feeling is that Nokia has built a solid handset and the Nokia 810 is nothing to pass down. The device can survive the drops, share in an instant, features an outstanding OS, and most importantly is built to last into the future years of ownership. At $300 (the price I bought it new for), the Nokia Lumia 810 is a great bargain and with LTE support (hopefully) coming, this deal couldn't be any better.
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on April 28, 2014
I am on my 2nd attempt to give this phone a chance... After I assumed my 1st Nokia 810 was just defective and returned it for replacement I again experienced the same locking up issues as well as SD card problems. This model is just a waste of money in my opinion and I will never go Nokia again!
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