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on November 28, 2012
This is the most fun phone I have ever had. (I replaced my iPhone 3 with it)
I originally ordered the HTC 8x Windows phone but when I went to the store to look at them I compared the HTC 8x and the Nokia 822 side-by-side and chose the Nokia. Holding the two up together, one in each hand, I made the following observations:
1) The screen dimensions appear to be exactly the same
2) The HTC was taller without adding any additional usable screen size. Just extra blank space in each end.
3) The slightly higher screen resolution on the HTC doesn't look any different at all than the Nokia. In fact the Nokia looked better. More vivid, more contrast.
4) The Nokia feels better in my hand. The HTC's tapered edge feels like holding a sheet of glass.. It's not nice to hold in the hand.
5) The Nokia was heavier.. I told the Verizon girl that I wasn't having any trouble lifting it though. hehehe. The slight increase in weight gives you a removable battery!
5) The HTC's screen face was much hotter than the Nokia. It was actually radiating heat.
6) The blue HTC that I ordered looked purple instead of blue. It's too bright of a blue.. looks like a girl's phone to me.
7) The Nokia Drive application does turn-by-turn nav with 3D.. looked better than what HTC had and worked great on my recent trip.
And the deal clincher..
8) the Nokia 822 has Nokia's "City Lens" feature. Way cool. When you are looking for a restaurant or gasoline or store.. just point the phone around and it shows you where those things are and how far away they are and in which direction. I love it.

I could have also bought the iPhone5 instead but it just didn't excite me at all. More of the same old thing in a taller screen. Yawn.
Windows 8 is really cool to use. I think it's going to be a big hit.

After my comparison at the store I canceled my HTC 8x order and bought the Nokia 822 on the spot. I'm very glad that I did.
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I've had the opportunity to use this phone over the last couple weeks and I have to say that I am blown away by how convenient this OS is! Let me get this out of the way first so you know where I'm coming from: I have built and troubleshot PCs since Windows 3 all the way through 8 and Linux/Unix/Ubuntu, owned and used (and rooted) phones and tablets using the Android OS from the original Droid through the Galaxy S3, Droid DNA, and Galaxy Note 2, and have used (but didn't like; don't hate me) the iPhone OS from 4 through 5 as well as Mac OS, and I use anywhere from 50 - 150 GBs a month on my months plans. All that to say I am not your average user and I am not a "light" or "simple" or "easy" user. And I frakkin LOVE this phone!

How is it better than Android?
-I love the integration of all the social networking with the people live tile. If you touch People and slide right you'll get all the status updates on your favorite people in your phone book, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. If you set up a live tile for your special someone, like I did with my wife, I got live updates everytime she posted something and the tile changed background pics based on her uploaded photos at Facebook. So just looking at that tile on my screen I see everything they are doing.
-I love the ease and lack of clutter of the live tiles. On Android I often end up with 3-7 screens full of widgets and icons (and in Ice Cream Sandwich folders) and I still feel like I can't find anything. The app drawer gets messy as well because everything get's dumped in there. In Windows Phone, you pick your favorite tiles and put them where you want. I put the games, Xbox, ESPN fantasy football, and NFL Mobile all the way at the bottom so I just scrolled really fast to the end and got to my favorite non-functionality apps. I left my email accounts (all five) up towards the top with my calendar, texts and so on. It was just a relief to know where things were. I can still access all my apps by merely swiping the home screen right.
-I love the Data Sense. It automatically compresses data, switches to WiFi, and helps save data usage. This is great for those who are on a limited plan.
-I love the Kid's Corner, where you set up apps for your kids, swipe right from the lock screen and only the apps you gave permission for your kids to run are available. Unlike Android or Apple where they still have access to all your apps (and email, calendar, etc) but can't buy things if you set up a PIN or lock, with this your kids never even see those apps.
-I LOVE the integration with Xbox. As a long time Live member I love that if you play a game on this phone (even the free Minesweeper and Breeze) you get acheivements on your Xbox Live. You can also use your phone to control your Xbox 360 (with Smartglass, which is available on Android as well) and see your avatar, buy clothes, see your friends and last games/ apps run, etc. This integration is amazing and gives Windows Phone a killer app that they would be wise to play up.
-Integration with Office and SkyDrive. SkyDrive is amazing anyway, but with free Office built in you use real Word, Excel, PowerPoint in phone with edit.
-Xbox Games. You heard me right. There are some versions of Xbox games available in the app store. Civilization Revolution (the only Civ game on any mobile phone OS), Plants v Zombies, Carcassone, Final Fantasy, etc. (If you had cross platform ownership this would be THE selling point for gamers.)

Why is this phone better than the 8X?
-Nokia Apps. Nokia has a suite of apps that they developed exclusively for their Nokia phones (8X has more powerful specs but is built by HTC), like Drive+ (turn by turn directions,) music, city lense, and they even developed Draw Something for this device.
-This phone feels more substantial and real than the 8X. The 8X feels like a tall iPod, with that ultra light, soft plastic cover that rounds from flat on the back. It is also a great phone, but this one feels hefty, solid and looks great in white.

How is Android better than Windows Phone?
-Apps. Windows is missing some of the apps that I use the most. Some app developers are MIA completely as of this review (like Google) but have indy developers making apps that work (like Gooroovster, GDocs, gMaps, GoVoice which are indy versions of Music, Docs, Maps, Voice.) But I'm still missing Voxer, Dropbox, most of the games, and a bunch of productivity.
-Lack of keyboard options. Those who don't use Swype will not care about this and will actually like the auto correct, which is much better than the normal keyboards that come stock. But Swype lovers (or Flex T9) lovers like me will balk at having to peck away one key at a time.
-I don't like having to pay for apps on Windows Phone that I already purchased in Xbox Live, especially since the apps are called Xbox Live apps. Why pay for Plants v Zombies on this phone when I already paid for it on Android and Xbox Live?

This is a great phone, at an amazing price. It feels like Android did a couple years ago when we were waiting for all the apps. Once they get here this will be a great alternative for gamers, productivity/business users, and casual users/iPhone users wanting an alternative to Apple's high prices. Great phone!
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on November 29, 2012
The Nokia Lumia 822 from Verizon is an excellent choice for Verizon customers looking to move to a Windows Phone.

I'll start off with the asthetics of this phone. This phone is much more attractive then the photos make it appear to be.
PLASTIC - The plastic is sturdy and thick. The White glossy finish takes a hit in the quality department. The glossy finish gives off kind of a cheap look and feel. I feel the matte black and grey looks and feels much much better. It's sad because I was really gunning to get it in white until I saw it. The back cover uses a snap on clip system that hold firmly and does not flex without moderate force. The back cover features NFC but the WIRELESS CHARGING IS NOT INCLUDED. A new cover is required.
FEEL - The sides of the phone have and inward slant from bottom to top which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to maintain a firm grip.The phone uses a wider display then you see on other phones. I have big hands and it fits well into them. It feels nice weight wise. It has a little heft to it when holding it but not heavy enough to be bothersome. It feels durable but it a little thick. If you like the iPhone 5 for it's size then this will surely let you down.
BUTTONS - The buttons are located on the right side and are thin. They have a firm placement and a nice click to them. The click isn't loud but it makes for an excellent feel. The power button is placed perfectly for your right thumb, I however am left handed and I find it a little more difficult to press.The Photo button is a 2 stage button. It takes a little getting used to as the second stage feels muddy and firmer then the size of the button leads on to be.
GLASS - The glass uses an edge to edge front with the exception of the plastic on the bottom portion of the phone. The bezel around the glass is very slight with no gaps. It sports a nice solid black surrounding the display with very responsive touch buttons below.

DISPLAY - The display is a 480x800 AMOLED Gorilla glass 2 display. Don't let the resolution fool you though. The screen is bright and the colors pop nicely. I found it to look much better than the 8X display. When the display is turned off or is showing black it blends in with the bezel and looks great. The display sesitivity is great and features an ultra sensitive capacitive touchscreen that works with gloves on although your experience will depend on the gloves. Thicker leather gloves do not work. The touch buttons are just as responsive.
PHONE- Phone calls are crystal clear and other callers hear me perfectly. Easily the highest performing phone I've ever owned smartphone wise. The speakerphone is loud and clear as well. The reception on this phone is great as well recieving a reliable signal in even the most problematic areas.
CAMERA - This camera is amazing, for the most part. Low light shots come out great with the extreme flash good enough to take a good photo in a blacked out room. it does however suffer from oversaturation and sometimes the white balance just does not work out so well. I think it's more of a software issue and I expect the problems to be resolved in future updates. Nokia exclusive software includes Creative studio for photo editing and Cinemagraph to make animated photos. I took a picure with my daughter moving round in front of a mirror and edited it so she was standing still and just the reflection was moving. Everyone loves it. It outpaces my iphone in every way imaginable. The front camera stays on average grounds however.
AUDIO - It features a mono speaker located on the bottom left of the phone. It's really loud but it suffers from a tinny sound. I could hear this thing from across the house though. The earpiece however sounde great and has excellent balance to it. I can hear people even in a noisy room. the headphone jack is on the top right of the phone and features features audio processing from Dolby to include an EQ and "Dolby Headphone". Dolby headphone would be best described as the equivelant of the Beats Audio software. It boosts some frequencies and thats about it. It helped out my high ohm headphones out a little bit but is not a replacement for a hardware amplifier.
BATTERY - The battery is average and nothing to write home about. I use my phone moderately and it gives me about 16-17 hours on a charge. It stays at the 100% mark for about 2 hours and slowly rolls down hill after that. It is nice having the removable battery though. This includes talking, web surfing, apps, games, photos, texting, ect.

MEMORY - 16GB on board memory provides about 12GB of free space after a hard reset is performed (deletes all of the downloaded maps from Nokia Drive). You can then download only the areas you need from Nokia Drive. It also sports an internal SD slot and the battery has to be removed to insert/remove the card. Apps cannot be stored on it.

CPU/RAM - This phone has all of the same core hardware specification as every other windows Phone currently available in the U.S. The lower resolution display frees up some memory though and enables the OS to be zippier.

APPLICATION EXCLUSIVES - One thing you get with Nokia is exclusive software. Nokia Drive is not on other handsets yet. It also includes a few extra "lenses" (photo apps) such as the aformentioned cinemagraph, Panorama, and smart shoot which takes a series of pictures and then lets you replace peoples faces until you get a shot where everyone is simling. These apps all work great and are fun to play around with. It also includes Creative Studio which is like a photoshop/Instagram filter app. It works well and holds alot of features. Other apps include ESPN, Univision, Words With Friends, Foursquare, Groupon, Nokia City Lens and more. There are currently 32 apps exclusive to Nokia phones on the store as of this writing.

OS - Windows phone 8 is a whole new review, I came from the iPhone and I love it. There are enough note worthy apps available to keep me comfortable and the operating system holds enough features to be more then usable on a daily basis. It has it's fall backs but there is nothing to make me run for the hills. I can say that it runs like a champ on this phone. No stuttering, slow loading times, or crashes have happened on this phone. It outpaces my iPhones performance enough to make me go wow. The Verizon exclusive (for now) Data Sense software works great and tracks your data usage and breaks it down to Cellular/Wifi and each app usage and resets whenever you want it to.

APP STORE - It's got alot of junk, but if you sift through it there is alot of cool stuff on there. Some things are slim pickings while others have a copy of a copy of a copy. It's no better then android or Apple. There are alot of big name developers announcing new titles every day.

Overall the phone is fairly attractive, solid, well designed, high quality and very usable. The only design problems I have is the power button being odd for a left hander and the 2nd stage of the camera button just not feeling quite right. The OS is fast, responsive and zippy. The phone works like a champ, The camera is a little quirky but it still is a great camera considering what you have to compete against. It's big and heafty but not quite a brick and I love that. The display is amazzzzzing even though he resolution is a little below current industry standards. Battery is good enough but could be better, I feel like I will get caught with my pants down one of these days.

For 100$ you cant go wrong with this phone. It is way better quality then anything else you can find for this price and sets a standard by which every phone in its price range will need to improve to outpace it. If your looking into a windows phone This will surely not disapoint unless you really cant settle for the lower resolution display.
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on December 6, 2012
To start off, I have to disclose that I bought this from VZW directly and not from Amazon. I should have since it might have saved me $50, but that's OK. I just don't like reviewing things on Verizon's website. Still, the Nokia Lumia 822 is a pretty slick device. I'll break this review down into cons and pros to make it a little more coherent. Let's start with the cons since there are so few.


1. Screen Resolution- Now I'm not a resolution snob, but moving from an iPhone 4 with a retina display to this gave my eyes a little trouble for the first few hours. The pixel density is lower, so some of the images and apps that run across both platforms lose a bit of visual fidelity in the translation. Still, the 822's color palette mostly makes up for this by producing some of the most vibrant contrast I have seen on a small screen.

2. Iffy body design- I hate to keep comparing this to the iPhone, but that thing had a solid body design. Even with the glass front and back panels, the thing felt substantial and well constructed. The 822 feels like it is made out of lightweight plastic, because it is. The phone feels nice to hold, and it doesn't weigh as much as you would think, but it lacks some of the rigidity that I like in a phone. I've used a number of different smart phones over the years (blackberries, Android devices, iPhones), and most of them felt solid, but the Nokia just falls short here. Every time the phone vibrates, the housing rattles just a tad too much for my liking. The side buttons are a little bit too flat against the phone for my fingers as well, and they feel spongy when pressed unlike the tactile feedback of the volume keys on the iPhone.

3. Strange reception issues- I'm not sure if this is a 4G thing or not, but this phone has trouble getting more than two or three bars of reception at my house, and all of my past phones would pull either full or just under full reception. I haven't had the chance to test this thing out in lower reception areas, but not getting good results at home is a bit concerning. All calls and data tests have been favorable so far, so maybe the indicator is subjective. Time will tell.


1. Super Intuitive interface- If anyone is looking for a change from the mundane Apple interface, then Windows 8 phone is the way to go. Everything from the initial setup of the phone, to customizing the arrangement of tiles is exceptionally simple and easy to follow. There isn't much in the way of bloatware on the phone out of the box, but there were a few programs that I chose to delete. I would suggest going to the marketplace right off the bat to download many of the Nokia apps that are available though. Several of them serve to enhance the camera software which is pretty basic from the start. The new functions will be worthwhile. Setting up multiple emails is extremely easy, and the integration of my Xbox live account, I can use the Lumia 822 to control my Xbox 360 or transfer music and pictures across platforms! Everything about the Windows 8 interface works well on a mobile platform. The only thing I don't like is that I would rather use Google search than Bing, but I can always use the browser for that.

2. Speedy Processor- My iPhone 4 feels like a bit of a slug now after using this thing for a day or two. I know the iPhone 5 now has a better processor, but nothing else feels different enough about that phone to make me want to stick with the brand for another 2 years. I 822 offers the same functionality of more expensive devices, and the Nokia apps sweeten the deal even more. I loaded up the Nokia City Glass app yesterday, and in the blink of an eye the device pulled up information about my surrounding area. I never got any mapping tools to work so well on my iPhone 4 or my wife's 4s. The 822 might not have Siri, but I don't need it with how well everything flows together on the Lumia.

3. Solid battery life- Phones perform so many functions these days that it's hard to remember that I probably only charged my phone once every two or three days back before I had a smart phone. Still, when a phone is able to go a full ten hours on a stock charge while I'm fiddling around with getting it set up and playing with apps and so on, it gets my endorsement. It's true that it would be best to charge the 822 every night, but there are battery saver settings for those of you who don't use the phone all day like I do. The standby time on this phone isn't setting any modern records, but it's good enough. Still better than that HTC incredible I used 2 years ago. That, and as long as you back out of programs properly instead of hitting the home button, they shut down automatically without having to run a task manager/killer.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 822 is a great value for the price. It keeps up with more expensive devices quite capably, and offers several features that it's HTC 8x cousin does not which made my choice just a little easier. The 822 is not without its flaws, but for someone looking to change things up a bit, this phone definitely hits all the right notes. Windows 8 doesn't disappoint.


One week in, and I'm still liking this device pretty well even if some of the initial new phone excitement has worn off. There are just a few more things that I have uncovered over the course of the last week that I would like to point out. The first has to do with the app store, but I'm not here to complain about the lack of content. I know that it will take a little time for the app library to grow enough to satisfy most early adopters, but that's not why I bring it up. In fact, my issue is primarily with just one app that came preloaded on the phone which is Nokia Music.

The program works in much the same way as Pandora or Spotify, and it gives you the ability to choose genres of music or specific artists to choose mix radio lists for easy access. The only problem is that if you choose a specific artist so that you can hear similar artists the program doesn't add tracks by your original artist to the rotation. I listened for around 3 hours the one day without hearing a single song from the artist that I used to start the search. Maybe this is just an issue with how I am using the program, but I haven't been able to work it any other way. It's not a game breaking flaw, but it's puzzling.

On the up side, there is a Google search app now for Windows that I use instead of the Bing search programmed into the phone. Bing isn't bad, but I don't like the way the search results are displayed. Google is what I'm used to.

Another thing that I was initially concerned about was photo quality after so many others had raved about the 8 MP camera on the 822 before I purchased it. Most photos taken with the camera will look pretty so so on the phones screen which is a bit off putting, but once they are transferred to a PC, they really look much better. It's a bit puzzling why such a nice camera was paired with a standard definition screen when the display is not capable of showcasing the image quality properly, but it's not that big of a deal.

All in all, still loving the Lumia 822.

Update 2:


After two months carrying the Lumia 822, not much has changed regarding my initial opinions about the phone, but I will say that the general phone boredom that comes with having a phone for a while may be setting in somewhat early with this one. It has nothing to do with the interface or with the basic smartphone functions, but more to do with the lack of any substantial app support for Windows phones.

I know I originally said that a lack of apps wasn't that big of an issue, but even though the Nokia apps are pretty rock solid and the Windows 8 OS is great, I want to expand my experience in ways that the relatively empty app store won't allow. I'm not talking about games or ringtones or productivity tools, but rather the lack of some of the more basic multimedia and social networking apps that Apple and Android phones have been offering since they launched.

For example, there has yet to be a solid Facebook application built for Windows Mobile OS that works as well or has the level of functionality that other OS platforms have. The free Facebook apps that ARE available allow you to view status updates, post pics, or like and comment on posts, but every time you back out of a post, you are bounced back up to the top of the feed. How frustrating. Also absent are many of the streaming web radio apps like Spotify and Pandora. At least the Nokia phones have the Nokia Music platform, but as I have discussed earlier, they are a poor substitute for more time tested programs.

Not having these smartphone staples hasn't broken my experience with the Lumia 822 yet, and there may be some hope for the platform once they earn more developer support, but it's not clear when or if that will actually happen. I really like the Windows 8 mobile OS, but it may be difficult to stick with that option when it comes time to upgrade. Hopefully Microsoft steps up their game, or Apple and Android offer a more compelling alternative by then.
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on December 1, 2012
When I first heard about this phone, I was rather curious about how good the phone itself would be. Microsoft had been advertising the new Windows Phone 8 for a while and for a bit, I was divided between this phone and the HTC 8X. What really convinced me to buy this phone was its price. But when I started using it, I started to like this phone even more.

This phone has 16 GB of memory with 1 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core processor. Unlike the HTC 8X and even the Lumia 920, this phone has a Micro SD slot to expand its overall storage which is a real bonus for me. It features a screen with a 480 x 800 resolution. Despite the low resolution, the screen quality is excellent with bright and vivid colors. To be honest, you won't notice much distortion of text except in small fonts on web pages, but that can be fixed by pinch-finger zooming.

It features the Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, Nokia's windows phones all feature Nokia apps which are a real blessing since without the apps, the phone would lack a voice navigation app. The Live tile feature is also quite useful for checking things quickly. For instance, I can use the calender app's live tile to see my to-do list for the day without having to open the app itself.

The phone features both an 8 megapixel camera on the back of the phone and a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front. The quality of pictures from the front camera leave something to be desired, but most people will rarely ever use the front camera aside from taking pictures of themselves. The back camera on the other hand has superb quality and is also capable of recording video in 1080p. The camera has a couple issues related to the software, but that should eventually be fixed with a couple of updates.

For me, the battery life was excellent. I was messing around on the web watching videos, listening to the music and just web surfing in general. The battery lasted around 11 hours despite the workload I put on the phone's processor. I can easily assume that the battery will last much longer when the phone is on standby. Turning off NFC (Near Field Communication) will help increase the battery life further.

Verizon overall has been an excellent service for me. I've had Verizon phones since I was 16 years old and I never want to stop. The people at the Verizon stores are always friendly to me and I rarely ever find a spot without reception. For those of you who hate Verizon, but still want a windows phone, consider the Lumia 920 that's AT&T exclusive.

The phone has exceptional call quality with a microphone that picks up my voice with exceptional clarity while I can easily hear what the person on the other end is saying with my speaker. It can be a bit loud for some, but adjusting your speaker volume will easily fix that.

The App store has some good apps, but is overshadowed large number of 'junk' apps, but that may have to do with the fact that there aren't enough good developers creating apps for Windows Phones yet. However, I believe that in time as more people buy Windows phones, developers will take their time and begin developing more excellent apps in the future.

I must tip my hat to Nokia for creating such an excellent phone at such an excellent price. Nokia has always had a reputation of creating durable phones that last a long time. I will easily recommend this phone to anyone and everyone who is thinking about buying a new phone. You can't get a better phone for $99.99. Period!

Update: I'm seeing this phone available for $0.01 on Amazon. I thought a price of $99.99 was worth it so getting it for $0.01 is a steal!
Update #2 (March 4, 2013): Three months later, I still like this phone. I've found that it syncs nicely with Windows 8 on my laptop and my Surface Pro with Office, SkyDrive, and its calender.
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on December 9, 2012
This is a great device, which I found to really exceed the reviews and attention it has received. I was originally hoping to get the Nokia 920, but it was not offered by Verizon. After a careful review of the specs between these two phones, I came to find that they are virtually identical with 4 main differences.

822 has over the 920: Removable battery (very important for me as I use my phone for tracking long bike rides and hikes using GPS and need to replace the battery) and Expandable Memory using a micro SD card.

920 has over 822: Improved screen (not really that noticeable side by side), image stabilization in the camera optics.

This phone does everything I want. The NFC (Near Field Communications) is great for sharing photos and contacts with a friend. Its very fast and snappy, and the Microsoft Windows 8 software really impressed me. Everything (settings, photos, videos, etc) syncs to my private web storage on Skydrive, so when I take a photo, I can easily access it via the web site. The integrated Microsoft office is also really a nice feature.

This phone is a great combo of quality hardware and well designed software. I'm really pleased with my switch from Android to Windows Phone 8.
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on February 8, 2013
Bought "used" off eBay. Got a sim from the Verizon store and activation was easy. This phone feels great in my hand. Bought an extra battery for $40. I bought a wireless charging plate and back for my phone for about $70. 25% off when you order over the phone instead of an in store purchase. Feels heavy and solid with the wireless charging back on. 32 gigabyte SD card. All that money an I still dropped it from 3-6 feet about five or six times. No broken anything so far. Thank God. Downloaded Nokia maps for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Love Nokia drive. Great directions and I don't have to worry about a cellphone connection. This is especially useful in California. Windows 8 is incredibly smooth. Customizable tiles are awesome. I shut off the ability of all apps that I have power over from running in the background. My battery life is 1 1/2 - 2 days without charging or battery change on a conservative to moderate usage. Checking emails, making calls, short game play. Overall I love and recommend this phone. What I don't like about it is the camera. My HTC Trophy took better pictures. Sad. Camera is slow too. For a phone that is free with contract it's a steal. Even with the crappy camera.

this phone became glitchy and started freezing and crashing as of 4/13. this is why i left android. i'm going to try apple
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on November 30, 2012
what a great experience. love this phone. really fast, great display and feels great in my hand. I enjoy the window os. MSFT did a great job with the social connectivity and ease of use.
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on July 8, 2013
I upgraded to this phone coming from the Moto Droid X2 back in March of 2013 and all I can say is that I will never go back to Android. The software is fluid and the phone is top notch. You will not be disappointed with Windows Phone 8 and Nokia. Blazing fast and a head turner this phone has it all.
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on March 7, 2015
I now use the HTC but had Nokia for a couple years.
The camera doesn't zoom and its thicker than the HTC.
The battery will come out of the Nokia.
The HTC on the other hand is a bit longer but its thin. Had to get an aftermarket battery for the Lumia.
The battery doesn't come out of the HTC. They both have similar features so you don't have to learn to use both. They're both the same in alot of ways.
The Nokia 922 is a Nice backup phone.
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