Customer Reviews: Nokia Lumia 822, Black 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on November 20, 2012
I manage mobile devices for a corporation in Rhode Island, USA and chose the Nokia Lumia 822 when we switched our account over to Verizon. I couldn't be happier.

I previously had an HTC HD7 from T-Mobile, and here some some of my observations:

- The AMOLED screen on this device is superb and quite possibly one of the best smartphone screens I've ever used. It is made of Gorilla Glass 2 and easily adjusts brightness to ambient light surroundings, keeping the colors sharp and bright whether in sunlight or in a dark room. Don't be turned off by the lower resolution of the 822 - it didn't make any sort of difference to me. Also, it is true that this screen features Nokia's high-sensitivity glass augmentation that allows it to be used with gloves. I can successfully choose music, tap on tiles, and even text without unnecessary effort.

- Compared to my 1ghz HD7 running Windows Phone 7, this device is incredibly quick. WP7 was not a laggy operating system by any means, but the 1.5ghz dual-core in this device plus WP8 is a dramatic change. I have experienced absolutely no lag, whether I am switching apps, opening apps (the splash screens for most apps appear for less than a second, even with some video games). Alot of this is due to the OS itself: WP7 was built on Windows CE which had its own hardware and coding limits. WP8 shares the Windows 8 kernel for maximum hardware compatibility and optimization.

I'll leave reviews of the actual Phone 8 OS to the rest of the Internet.... but it is elegant, beautiful, fast, capable, and very very under-appreciated in the marketplace. I believe this'll change, and am recommending my company to deploy Windows Phone 8.
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on November 29, 2012
The Nokia Lumia 822 from Verizon is an excellent choice for Verizon customers looking to move to a Windows Phone.

I'll start off with the asthetics of this phone. This phone is much more attractive then the photos make it appear to be.
PLASTIC - The plastic is sturdy and thick with a high quality fit and finish to it. The black and grey is a flat finish while the white is glossy. It is a plastic with no grip coating and a nice textured look. It does not have the rubbery looking finish as seen on the 8X. For the White glossy finish it however takes a hit in the quality department. The glossy finish gives off a cheap look and feel. It's sad because I was really gunning to get it in white until I saw it. The back cover uses a snap on clip system that hold firmly and does not flex without moderate force. The back cover features NFC but the WIRELESS CHARGING IS NOT INCLUDED. A new cover is required.
FEEL - The sides of the phone have and inward slant from bottom to top which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to maintain a firm grip.The phone uses a wider display then you see on other phones. I have big hands and it fits well into them. It feels nice weight wise. It has a little heft to it when holding it but not heavy enough to be bothersome. It feels durable but it a little thick. If you like the iPhone 5 for it's size then this will surely let you down.
BUTTONS - The buttons are located on the right side and are thin. They have a firm placement and a nice click to them. The click isn't loud but it makes for an excellent feel. The power button is placed perfectly for your right thumb, I however am left handed and I find it a little more difficult to press.The Photo button is a 2 stage button. It takes a little getting used to as the second stage feels muddy and firmer then the size of the button leads on to be.
GLASS - The glass uses an edge to edge front with the exception of the plastic on the bottom portion of the phone. The bezel around the glass is very slight with no gaps. It sports a nice solid black surrounding the display with very responsive touch buttons below.

DISPLAY - The display is a 480x800 AMOLED Gorilla glass 2 display. Don't let the resolution fool you though. The screen is bright and the colors pop nicely. I found it to look much better than the 8X display. When the display is turned off or is showing black it blends in with the bezel and looks great. The display sesitivity is great and features an ultra sensitive capacitive touchscreen that works with gloves on although your experience will depend on the gloves. Thicker leather gloves do not work. The touch buttons are just as responsive.
PHONE- Phone calls are crystal clear and other callers hear me perfectly. Easily the highest performing phone I've ever owned smartphone wise. The speakerphone is loud and clear as well. The reception on this phone is great as well recieving a reliable signal in even the most problematic areas.
CAMERA - This camera is amazing, for the most part. Low light shots come out great with the extreme flash good enough to take a good photo in a blacked out room. it does however suffer from oversaturation and sometimes the white balance just does not work out so well. I think it's more of a software issue and I expect the problems to be resolved in future updates. Nokia exclusive software includes Creative studio for photo editing and Cinemagraph to make animated photos. I took a picure with my daughter moving round in front of a mirror and edited it so she was standing still and just the reflection was moving. Everyone loves it. It outpaces my iphone in every way imaginable. The front camera stays on average grounds however.
AUDIO - It features a mono speaker located on the bottom left of the phone. It's really loud but it suffers from a tinny sound. I could hear this thing from across the house though. The earpiece however sounde great and has excellent balance to it. I can hear people even in a noisy room. the headphone jack is on the top right of the phone and features features audio processing from Dolby to include an EQ and "Dolby Headphone". Dolby headphone would be best described as the equivelant of the Beats Audio software. It boosts some frequencies and thats about it. It helped out my high ohm headphones out a little bit but is not a replacement for a hardware amplifier.
BATTERY - The battery is average and nothing to write home about. I use my phone moderately and it gives me about 16-17 hours on a charge. It stays at the 100% mark for about 2 hours and slowly rolls down hill after that. It is nice having the removable battery though. This includes talking, web surfing, apps, games, photos, texting, ect.

MEMORY - 16GB on board memory provides about 12GB of free space after a hard reset is performed (deletes all of the downloaded maps from Nokia Drive). You can then download only the areas you need from Nokia Drive. It also sports an internal SD slot and the battery has to be removed to insert/remove the card. Apps cannot be stored on it.

CPU/RAM - This phone has all of the same core hardware specification as every other windows Phone currently available in the U.S. The lower resolution display frees up some memory though and enables the OS to be zippier.

APPLICATION EXCLUSIVES - One thing you get with Nokia is exclusive software. Nokia Drive is not on other handsets yet. It also includes a few extra "lenses" (photo apps) such as the aformentioned cinemagraph, Panorama, and smart shoot which takes a series of pictures and then lets you replace peoples faces until you get a shot where everyone is simling. These apps all work great and are fun to play around with. It also includes Creative Studio which is like a photoshop/Instagram filter app. It works well and holds alot of features. Other apps include ESPN, Univision, Words With Friends, Foursquare, Groupon, Nokia City Lens and more. There are currently 32 apps exclusive to Nokia phones on the store as of this writing.

OS - Windows phone 8 is a whole new review, I came from the iPhone and I love it. There are enough note worthy apps available to keep me comfortable and the operating system holds enough features to be more then usable on a daily basis. It has it's fall backs but there is nothing to make me run for the hills. I can say that it runs like a champ on this phone. No stuttering, slow loading times, or crashes have happened on this phone. It outpaces my iPhones performance enough to make me go wow. The Verizon exclusive (for now) Data Sense software works great and tracks your data usage and breaks it down to Cellular/Wifi and each app usage and resets whenever you want it to.

APP STORE - It's got alot of junk, but if you sift through it there is alot of cool stuff on there. Some things are slim pickings while others have a copy of a copy of a copy. It's no better then android or Apple. There are alot of big name developers announcing new titles every day.

Overall the phone is fairly attractive, solid, well designed, high quality and very usable. The only design problems I have is the power button being odd for a left hander and the 2nd stage of the camera button just not feeling quite right. The OS is fast, responsive and zippy. The phone works like a champ, The camera is a little quirky but it still is a great camera considering what you have to compete against. It's big and heafty but not quite a brick and I love that. The display is amazzzzzing even though he resolution is a little below current industry standards. Battery is good enough but could be better, I feel like I will get caught with my pants down one of these days.

For 100$ you cant go wrong with this phone. It is way better quality then anything else you can find for this price and sets a standard by which every phone in its price range will need to improve to outpace it. If your looking into a windows phone This will surely not disapoint unless you really cant settle for the lower resolution display.
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on December 2, 2012
Basaed on reviews and confidence in Nokia, I switched from a Motorolla Droid 2 Global, which I liked, to the Nokia Lumia 822. Here are some of the main reasons why I am delighted with that decision after having a chance to use the phone:

The Lumia 822 camera is excellent; the video and photos are clearer and the lighting more natural than the droid's camera and any smartphone I've seen.

The Lumia music features are amazing. Not only can you sink all of you ITunes material with the Lumia device, Nokia provides a free no-add Pandora-like service. Moreover, I've downloaded an app "Amazing Music," which allows you to stream and store quick links to entire albums.

Nokia/Lumia's driving and mapping services are rated as the world's best. Though I haven't taken a road trip yet, I tested it with my commute to work, which involves walking and taking the metro: It was incredibly accurate and even told me the stops in between the one I needed.

The homepage is incredible. The Windows operating system lets you customize the location and prominence of your apps, and let's you pick a few for live constant updates. For example, when you "pin" your contact to the front page (or further down), you see his or her facebook, twitter, or linked-in updates displayed overtop the app. So, you don't even need to log into Facebook to see what your closest friends and family are posting.

Indeed, the Facebook and twitter synching is the best I've ever seen. It takes seconds to take a photo, post it on Facebook, and tag your friends. It even remembers your recently used tags. It also shows pictures you were tagged in as a banner as you scroll and read upadates, which you can change if you want.

Another plus is that Microsoft office is readily available, so you can edit Word documents and Excel documents, which is very useful for work. It also has a family room app that allows you to sink to-do lists, grocery lists, and anything else across phones and accounts with anyone who has a facebook, hotmail, or MSN account, or wants to create one for free.

The keyboard is my only complaint, since I have big thumbs. I moved from the slideout QWERTY from Motorolla to the Iphone-like keyboard here. Still, it is larger, I believe, than the iphone board when you turn it sideways (it has a very wide screen), and the word suggestion tool is very good. I'm getting better at.

The app store is a minor issue too, as developers are still getting use to Microsoft's new and impressive operating system (Windows 8). Yet, there are many excellent apps, and almost all of the apps I used with Google's operating system are available (and often look even better), including: Public transit trip planners, Gmail, white noise, chess, YouTube, a photo editor, Wikipedia, Facebook, a flashlight, bike share services, weather channel, a public parking payment app, and The New York Times. For gamers, there are an increible number of options, including Xbox compatibility, but I don't play games other than chess.

Overall, these issues are minor. The best part of the phone is its elegance and beauty. The image, picture, and video quality are the best I've ever seen, and the tile colors can be easily changed to your mood or preferences. The conversation and sound quality is also superb.

It is easily one of the best phones on the market and is roughly half the price. I highly recommend it.
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on December 17, 2012
I purchased a grey 822 from the Verizon store on November 9th (sorry, Amazon - couldn't find it on your site).

Nonetheless - this phone has some excellent features, and a few nits.

Pro: As has been mentioned, the screen is nice. Surprisingly, you can read it outdoors although direct sunlight reduces visibility somewhat.

Pro: Real, honest-to-God Microsoft Office applications - not knockoffs. I've even edited Powerpoint presentations on the way to meetings, with no problems.

Pro: RF. I have owned cellular phones, both dumb and smart, since 1992. Sometimes the radios are good, and sometimes you can't hold onto a session to save your life. Out of all the smartphones I've used (including Motorola, who normally makes great radios), this has one of the best. I get reception in places my wife's feature phone can't even pick up one RSSI bar and my older iPhone 4 can't get any reception at all. A fine radio. Can't wait to try it out overseas and see how the HSPA radio works!

Pro: Bluetooth 3.0. Very good performance with all my BT devices (including my boat's BT navigation equipment).

Con: Bluetooth profiles missing. Why, oh why, didn't Nokia include the HID profile? iPhone and the higher-end Android phones have it, and it's really handy to be able to whip out a BT keyboard to edit some documents.

Con: So, Microsoft - where the heck is VPN support? This is easily the biggest complaint I have. I NEED VPN support to connect to machines in my office and monitor builds, perform IT support etc. As it is, I have to kludge by with using WiFi connection sharing and hooking through with my laptop, which is slow and lame and uses up my precious GBs. I have heard rumors that MSFT may include it in Apollo+ (or WP8.1 or whatever they're calling it). We'll just have to wait and see, but that was a big mistake, IMHO.

Pro: I concur with previous reviewers on the Nokia apps. They are, for the most part, excellent - especially the "offline map" mode in the Drive and Maps applications. Tested by driving all over the lower mainland (British Columbia, Canada for those of you who don't know it), in offline mode and never got lost.

Con: Another nit is the lack of connection between the Favorites in the Maps application and the Drive application. One would think you could store a Maps fave and have it show up in the Drive app, but no dice. I had to do everything twice. Annoying.

Pro: Audio quality, especially over A2DP (stereo Bluetooth) connection. I play through my BT-enabled receiver and it sounds awesome - especially high-quality rips of discs I own. Who needs an iPod or other player anymore?

Summary - a little over one month in, I still like this phone very much and find it a lot easier to use than Android and generally smoother flow than Apple's iOS. If any of you are software folks, you'd appreciate that this OS's design seems to have taken a lesson from this book The Inmates Are Running the Asylum - almost all of my most common tasks are very easy to accomplish with very few gestures/keystrokes. All in all, very satisfied with this device.
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on November 19, 2012
I just switched to the Nokia 822 from the HTC Trophy. Many in the store were getting the HTC 8X, I think because it seems like a Nokia 920 (only on AT&T for now). I did lots of research on both the 822 and the 8X and I kept coming back to the 822.

This phone is wonderful! The screen is so easy on the eyes, everything is so clear. The Camera is very good. The screen response is spot on. The Nokia FREE apps are fabulous (Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia City Lens, Nokia Music and more).

Not sure if Verizon, MS or Nokia added this, but FINALLY you can change the font size in text/messaging, people, email and more. You can also "magnify" the screen. (See "ease of access" in the Settings area).

The only negative I have found with this phone, is the hard edge where your ear touches the phone. I am already adapting to that.
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on November 27, 2012
I switched from the HTC Incredible to this phone. I absolutely love it! It is very fast, the free apps (Nokia city lens, free music streaming - with offline play mode, etc.) work wonderfully, it's really easy to customize just about everything, and the layout is very easy on the eyes...I just love it!

Pretty sure extended life battery will fit in an Otterbox case.

Now for the cons:

There are a limited number of apps at the moment. So far - the only app I have not been able to get that I wanted was the Nook app (although it seems like it will be coming any time now). Furthermore - I think the app dev's will come once more people pick up this phone.

Battery life on this puppy (without using the battery saver) is about one to two days depending on your usage of the music streaming, etc. Although, I am NOT using the extended life battery - so that would probably significantly improve.

TL: DR -- really nice lookin, easy to use phone; not alot of apps right now & battery life can be short. Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons imo.
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on December 5, 2012
I purchased this phone directly from a Microsoft Store based on many positive reviews. After using the phone for a couple of days, I seriously question whether the reviewers actually use this phone as their primary smartphone. I consider myself an average smartphone user, and based on the Lumia's still lacking features, I have since returned the phone. However, I would highly recommend buying products from a Microsoft Store as they are very helpful answering questions, and have a good return policy.

Here are the things that I liked about this phone:
* The screen is bright and crisp.
* The email and calendar apps have nice features and are easy to use.
* The battery life was very good.
* Call quality was good.

Here are the things that I did not like about the phone:
* The Nokia Drive navigation app does not announce street names. It does show the names on the screen, but having to look down at the phone defeats the purpose of using voice enabled navigation.
* Many websites do not recognize the phone as a mobile device, so the page is the desktop version. As such, the text does not automatically wrap across the screen.
* A widely used podcast/mp3 was not recognized by the phone, so I was unable to download.
* There are still quite a few popular apps that are not designed for Windows 8.

In summary, if the above items were addressed, I would definitely purchase this phone.
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on May 30, 2015
I needed to get another phone as mine was giving me some problems. I had a Windows phone several years ago and liked it but I had a few issues with it and upgraded to an Android phone. After two android phones I thought I might try a Windows phone again with a much better operating version, Windows 8 or 8.1. I bought this phone as a "refurbished" unit. About two weeks after I received it the USB port failed so I had to buy a QI charging back so I could continue to use the phone (I already had a QI charger). I bought a spare battery at the time of Amazon order to make sure I had at least one good battery available. Overall the the phone had been a good buy. I have also changed to a Windows 8.1 computer some the process was a little easier using the similar OS. I follow the Windows 10 news each week, looking forward to a final public release of W10. I am not sure I will make it to the W10 release before I will want or need to upgrade again. I think Microsoft needs to speed up the release if possible. I am sure a lot of people are getting tire of waiting on a new OS, especially in the Windows Phone area. If MS will help developers port apps from Android or iPhone to Windows universal apps, that will be a good selling point for the windows Phone world. So far I am not willing to try the Windows 10 developers preview software mainly because of the broken USB port. The USB port would be needed if I needed to go back to the current 8.1 software. If you want to try Windows 8.1 this is an inexpensive way to get started.
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on February 28, 2013
I've had this phone since mid-November. Windows 8 is very easy to learn and works well. Internet surfing is exceptionally fast, especially when on wifi or 4G. It also seems to be durable, having dropped it twice while standing. Both times the battery and cover flew off but putting it back together it worked fine. I would subtract a half star for thickness and weight if possible. Additionally the screen is bright and clear and the camera works great under most conditions, lacking a bit in low light as most small digital cameras seem to. Battery - twice since I've owned it I've run out of battery during the day after quite a bit of game playing/web surfing so that seems good to me. Haven't experienced any functionality problems. Highly recommend the phone.
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on October 2, 2013
Windows Phone 8 is the best. I have a Windows 8 PC and once I got the Nokia Lumia 822, my Windows 8 experience got better. I can transfer files with ease. With the PlayTo option I can play videos and music to any compatible device, such as my Xbox 360, and watch them on a larger screen. Plus, with 7gb of SkyDrive, I can save my photos, PDF files, etc and view them on any Windows 8 device. It also takes a micro SD card, up to 64gb, so I can store music and videos on my phone as well and save my phone's internal storage for the apps I install on it. I sometimes feel like I'm in Star Trek TNG with the way it all works together. Now when I see Lt. Commander Data with his data pad, I keep looking at it to see if he's on Facebook. Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 8 is truly TNG. I like the Family Room option a lot, too. My brother and my sister's fiancee also use Windows Phone 8 and, even though my sister's fiancee is on another service provider, we share the Family Room to post pictures, events, and news to each other or just simply keep in touch. To truly appreciate it, you have to try it out.
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