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5.0 out of 5 stars Almost Perfect
Seriously, you cannot buy a better smartphone at this price. I purchased mine at my local corporate AT&T store for $99 during the pre-sale. I received the phone on Friday the 6th and as someone who has had Blackberry's, Windows Mobile (old versions), several Android devices and even tried an iPhone for a while, this is the best phone I have ever used.

Published on April 8, 2012 by K. Struck

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3.0 out of 5 stars Former Android and iPhone user. One of the best phones you haven't tried
I am a long time Android user and have had at least five Android phones including original Galaxy S, G2X and Galaxy S2. I would consider myself a power user having tried many custom roms including CyanogenMod, software mods, Voodoo Sound, and themes on my Android phones. Android is the best for those that love customizing their phones. You can customize pretty much...
Published on May 7, 2012 by audigy

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blackberry, Android, Iphone or Windows Phone!!!, April 13, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
As a long time IT professional, gadget junkie and smartphone user since the beginning, most people assume I love Android devices. While some are great, the last thing I want to do at this point of my life is fiddle with my phone after working with technology daily. I want my stuff to work without a lot of time invested. Add to that my last Android, a supposed dual core powerhouse, was the slowest smartphone I have used to date. With that said if this was my younger days I would probably welcome and enjoy all that Android has to offer, even now I can certainly appreciate it.

I used blackberry for years. Not a very entertaining device but as a communication device it was one of the best. Great reception, great battery life, great email, great phone calls and speaker, and very durable too. In business those are the "must have" requirements for a communication device.

I used iphones for a while and my wife has since the first one. While they are certainly a wonderful device with great build quality they just have/had too many issues with those "must have" requirements. It seemed to me that communication was an afterthought. I also never cared for Apple's approach to customer service. I know many people claim great experiences but that is not the case for me. And that includes for the iphone and other Apples products. I am also a certified Apple technician and had the great displeasure of configuring, administrating and intergrating Apple systems into networks back in the "appletalk" days. What a nightmare!!! Add to that their proprietary nonsense, case requirements and being forced to live the "Apple" lifestyle and they are just not for me. Plus the way the handles the antenna issue just erked me. Once again, that being said I can understand their popularity. With a great industrial design, typical Apple build quality and ease of use, many people find them a pleasure to own. It's a shame really that they require a case that covers up that beautiful design. Antenna issues aside they still need a case due to fragility. What is the sense?

When the new windows phone came out I was not even aware of it. As an old Microsoft beta tester I was asked to try it. I used a windows 6.? phone once and hated it! While it was functional is was huge, slow, had the worst battery life of any phone I ever tried and was just plain boring.

I recieved a Samsung Focus with the first software version. The hardware was typical Samsung, the look and feel of cheap plastic made the build quality seem poor. I powered it up and within 30 minutes of use was rather impressed. Even my wife, a graphic artist and life-long Apple devotee, was impressed with the functionality of the OS. It seemed to have even greater simplicity than the mighty iphone. OK, lets see how it does day to day. I synced up my contacts and put down the Android device I had been using at the time. After a week I was even more impressed. It certainly held up to the claims. I found it quicker to accomplish daily tasks and stay organized. It was fluid, intuitive and a real pleasure. There were only 5,000 apps available and the OS was missing some simple functions that were really requirements, but I saw the possibilities! With the release of 7.5 (naturally I got the update long before the public) I was using the phone as my daily device. The Samsung phone proved to be extremely durable as I am very tough on phones and never, ever use a case. It is actually still going strong as my 6 year old daughter uses it as a gaming/music device now. Last I picked it up it was covered with dings and jelly, or something sticky and nasty. Still working fine though.

So this brings me to the Nokia. I was around for the very beginning of the cell phone days, actually the pager days. Nokia was the king back then. When you wanted great hardware, great reception and the best battery life you looked no further. Most businesses, including the large corporation I worked for, used Nokia hardware for their communication needs. When I saw this coming out I signed up for the pre-order. The first device I ever pre-ordered. While I love gadgets I am a patient man and never had the urge to pre-order anything, forget about waiting on long lines.

I recieved the device on Friday, April 6th like most pre-order's. As soon as I removed it from the box I knew it was a keeper. I was already enjoying the OS, the design and build quality was what had been missing. This is a beautiful phone! My wife, the Apple devotee, pulled it from my hands and said, "ooh nice let me check it out".

After her approval I set the phone up, which was a breeze. I must say I am extremely impressed with the design and build. I do have large hands so the size is great for me.

I am not an app nut so I am fine with what there is now. Sure I will play with new apps that come out and possibly purchase some but the phone itself does all I require it to do without apps. I only have some productivity apps and games for passing the time.

Zune has been my choice for a few years now so that is easy.

My initial requirements for a device is for it to work as what it is, a communication device! Besides the great email and messaging features of the OS, this phone has great reception and call quality, actually the best I have experienced since my last blackberry.

The battery is good, not great but it gets me through a day without a cord. I have high expectations and do not think any modern smartphones provide enough battery life.

I have seen complaints about the buttons but I love the layout. I never cared for the power/sleep button on the top of a phone as it required me to use a second hand to easily press it. It only took me a couple of days to become comfortable with the button locations. I have also seen complaints about the metal bezel around the camera lense scratching (petty). Well it is metal and the iphone 4's design scratches readily but you would never know that due to the case requirements. Besides, a little rubbing with a jewelers cloth will make it look pretty agaiin if that's important to you. While I like a good looking design it is still a tool to me, so function over form is always a priority.

Other complaints I've heard:
Wifi goes off under lock screen: Why should it be on wasting battery under a locked screen. I actually like that feature though I guess it would be good to be user selected.

The camera is not great: Why I did expect it to be a little better I can't say I am unhappy with it compared to other phone cameras. The iphone does certainly take better shots in default auto mode, as does my buddies HTC. The Nokia can actually take good shots if you adjust some settings, which I believe is where the problem is. Most people, including myself, want good shots on full auto and the default settings on auto are lacking. I still do not believe there are any phone cameras that are great for photo's. I think a dedicated camera is still a requirement, at least until I can get an optical zoom.

In the end, while I am not married to any system as a whole, the Windows OS just fits my lifestyle and personality for many reasons. It ties in great with the business products I use daily. I am a big fan of the K.I.S.S. philosophy and this OS is so simple and quick to use in daily life. It just works! It is fast, has low hardware requirements, it is buttery smooth and takes little thought or input to get things done. Plus I always disliked icons. I was never a person to have my pc desktop full of silly icon shortcuts like I see so often. It is messy to me and one of my biggest issues with iphones.

Add to that it the great Nokia hardware, which looks and functions great, and for me this is a keeper. Also my middle school age daughter is getting her first phone for her birthday next month. She has a choice of any phone she wants and we were positive she would choose and iphone as she has been using my wifes for years. Well she picked a Windows phone, first the new Samsung Focus 2. But now she wants the Nokia!!!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Phone!!, April 11, 2012
viksav (Somerset, NJ USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
Update !! April 13th.: Laid hands on own Lumia 900 y'day. To sum up the topics I raised in my first review:

I took my phone to AT&T store to activate without going through the activation process mentioned in the e-mail from Amazon.I was able to keep my "unlimited data plan" and "200msg" without changing anything. It was great to save $80 by buying the phone from Amazon. Now I will wait to get the $100 credit from Nokia :)

The setup was breeze and I used "AT&T" contacts/pic transfer feature on the phone. They have a 2GB limit to transfer the contacts and pictures/videos - 1 time. I transferred from Iphone (downloaded the app.) and was able to reload back to Lumia 900. The app. is preinstalled. It took me less than 5 minutes. Note: The contacts get downloaded as part of "windows live id contacts" - i.e. if you go into "People" tile - you can filter the contacts by "Facebook", "windows live id" etc.

One thing that made me unhappy is that Lumia has no "label edit" capability in the contact profile i.e. it has "mobile", "home", "home 2", work etc default labels but I cannot edit the name and cannot add "mobile2" if I would like to. AT&T mobile transfer got all information from my iphone which were labeled "mobile" or "home" but if there was more than 1 mobile - the info did not transfer.

Setting up e-mail accounts - yahoo and work was easy. Gmail account is giving errors - [...] error(85010017). It looks like many people are having this error - Lumia, HTC, even Ipads to some extent. Something I believe is going wrong at gmail servers. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Playing with the screen, settings and apps was fun. Downloading the maps on Nokia drive was quick too - u can download each state individually. Ring tones are awesome. Some might not like the "font" size but it was awesome for me reading my e-mails and browsing explorer. The visibility is great and you don't need to strain u'r self to read the information. It might take some time to get used to swiping up/down after being used to swipe right/left on Iphone.

Overall I'm very satisfied so far except for letdown at few instances. I'm hoping future s/w updates will take care of "label" issue and gmail synch problem.

April 11:The phone was amazingly slick during my testing at AT&T store. The screen colors were vibrant and I was bowled over by the windows operating system. I spent about ˝ hour with the phone and there was no looking back. I hope to spend more time on the phone and give a technical review once I lay hands on my personal phone. Maybe I will update my "star rating" once I start using the phone more but for now it's definitely a 4.0 star phone(wish the size was little smaller - other than that I don't think I can compalin). Personally, I believe "Black" is a better choice for regular professionals and Cyan is for those who are in marketing/advertising/college world - bright and catchy.

Here's some quick info for who are about to upgrade -

I have unlimited data and 200msg plan and I wanted to stick to this plan. On AT&T website I was given the option to continue using my existing plan if I bought the phone there and similarly the option was available if I walked into AT&T store.
I bought the phone from Amazon yesterday mainly due to the incredible offer of $20 for the phone. Unfortunately on the Amazon website, you don't have the option to select your existing plan. I spoke to Amazon rep. and was told that they had no control over the plan and I was more than welcome to change back to my old plan if AT&T honors it. So I did select a 3 GB plan.

I spoke to AT&T representative at customer service and at AT&T store. They promised me that I can change back to my old plan within 30 days even if I opted for 3GB plan on Amazon. They said my phone is not activated until I call them and walk through the activation process after I receive it from Amazon. During this process I can request to continue my old plan. I really hope this works else I plan to return the phone to Amazon and buy it from AT&T website. I will know it tomorrow/Friday. Will keep everyone posted.

I believe everyone has heard about the software glitch (loss of 3G connectivity at times) in the phone - it looks like Nokia is giving $100 credit directly on the bill no matter where you buy the phone - AT&T or Amazon for all purchases before April 21st. They are planning to release an update on 16th. This works out great for me as now I will get additional $80 dollars for activating the phone on Amazon :)

I have to commend Nokia for being proactive in addressing the issue. As a product engineer I understand there might be glitches once released for production - especially considering the complexity of the software. Atleast they are being honest about it and providing compensation instead of giving "Zune " gift card / saying it's normal to have this issue like Apple did. I hated it when they just casually said that I should not hold my Iphone 4 in a certain way to avoid losing the signal or that I should buy a casing. Ridiculous!!

I look forward to enjoy my Lumia 900.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Phone Don't listen to the media Microsoft haters!, April 11, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
I have 20+ years working IT and am currently a System Engineer for a software company. I have owned a smart phone since the inception and have used and supported all types. I have had all iPhones recently and bought this WP 7 on my upgrade because I liked the Windows 8 consumer preview so much. Let me say at least twice the battery usage compared to the iPhone. The display blows away the 4S, the camera is equal or better. I love the controls having no problem with their location. The media has already attacked the phone for these issues. The phone runs cooler and is way faster. Most of the reviews I have read by the so called experts are not even close to being accurate. The only negative I can even think of is that yes there are less applications available RIGHT NOW. The apps that are available are quality apps. 98% of the apple apps are crap anyways. I use my phone as a tool and not a toy so maybe the lack of apps doesn't bother me as much. The Office apps and Sky Drive are incredible and FREE. 25GB FREE space. You never have to worry about loosing any pics or docs.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great phone, April 8, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
This screams quality, feels great, love the design. Screen is great and the OS is super smooth.

Great price, call quality is tops. Zero bugs unlike my android. All the apps I need. and the facebook integration
is way nicer than Android. The included Nokia drive is great. Offline turn by turn navigation normally costs a ton on
my other phones.

Web browser rocks also, pinch and zoom works now!

You can't go wrong.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Quality Phone, Stunning looks, Nice OS, Alternative to IOS/Android, April 12, 2012
M. Dunbar (Englewood, NJ) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
Excellent Quality Phone, Stunning looks, Nice OS, Alternative to IOS/Android. Joy to use for beginners and power users alike.

Looks as if a few reviwers here are giving the phone 1 or 2 stars have not even used the phone or are completely biased to iPhone or Android.

Rest assured, you cannot go wrong with this phone, contrary to what these people say. The build quality is top notch and has great head turning looks. The Windows Phone OS is excellent and a good competitor to IOS and Android. I own this phone and i'm coming from a Galaxy S2, IMO this phone is better and more fun to use. You won't be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This is the next big thing:Best Mobile device for the Post-PC era, April 15, 2012
Lijin Wen (Toronto, Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
First of all,I do not have any bias over any brand,I like both Apple,Google,Microsoft,Nintendo products, even some products from Sony, Toshiba,etc.Whoever make the best product with good value,I will use it.Not Samsung products,2 of my Samsung products both failed me.

My first smart phone was Sony Ericsson P910i, that phone was great.

Then I changed to Nokia E61, boy, the build quality of that phone is amazing! Like a tank!
I still use that phone at home as a VoIP phone (connect with Asterisk SIP server over WiFi),
still using that phone as a back-up GPS (Tomtom with cool Austin Powers's voice. )

Over the years, I used P910i, Nokia E61, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G,3GS, Samsung Galaxy S and more.
(And use many more phones in short period of time, like BB curve, HTC 8925, Palm 650, iPhone 4, 4S, about 20 different models )
We just bought an iPad 3 in March break. My wife love it, but it's nothing inspire to me.

After reading good reviews on Amazon, I bought black one from Rogers Wireless in Canada the second day was available, I bought the last one in the store,so it was selling well even no Ads, no display, no poster, no dummy phone in the store!!!

Nokia Lumia 900 is the only phone I keep playing after I got it since the iPhone 2G, the original one.
And it impressed me more than the original iPhone.

Apple and Google are talking about Post-PC blah, blah.
But Microsoft is the one really sit down and re-think what the future should be!
They seems find a vision(with Ray Ozzie's help?) on the next-gen mobile communication/computing platform.
The way WP7 link,search,organize,display the information, wow, will make billions of people's digital life better.

With this OS on the Nokia hardware and services, the Nokia lumia 900 is miles better than any smart phone!

Many other reviews said many great things about the phone, I just want to add a few things:
0. Dont worry about Apps, Microsoft Visual Studio is the best IDE, (Better than Eclipse. ) writing apps in .net is very productitive,
Nokia is selling Lumia in good volume now, developers will jump in, I may even write some apps myself!

1. You can link contacts from everywhere, google, my old hotmail account, rarely used facebook, etc.
And use the picture on the facebook with the contacts on Google!

2. When you upload a picture to the Skydrive or facebook, it will detect faces in the picture, so you can add tags!

3. You can press and hold the middle button to make call, just say it, it even recognize my accent!

4. press and hold search button, you can do music, image search, and it can do OCR! Will translate words in the picture!

5. I like the edge of the screen, you can feel where the glass ends.

6. The first version of Nokia Drive won't allow offline search, you need to update to the newest one.
Nokia drive is offline, very good if you go oversea or your 3G/LTE connection is not very good.
Nokia Lumia 900 use both GPS and GLONASS, it lock in very fast, much better than my old Samsung galaxy S, even quicker than iPhone.
Nokia drive also have voice in many language, I remember my Vietnamese friends asking me about voice guide in Vietnamese,now he can have it for his parents!!

7. To install Skype, you can go to Skype web site, then send a SMS to your phone, then you can install.

8. If you need Google Voice, You can use GoVoice.It's ever better than for me, because I can use it in Canada.
Google Voice app for android will not allow you to use it outside of USA.

9. There are many very useful Chinese Apps, Bing dictionary, '''' dictionary, '', '''''''etc.

10. For users in Canada, you can add apn to temporarily fix the data connection problem:
apn: rogers-core-appl1.apn
user name: wapuser1 password: wap

11. Speaker phone very clear and loud, not as loud as Nokia E61, but way much better than any Samsung/HTC I used before

12. Battery life is good, finally I can sync my emails every 15 minutes! I had to turn off email sync on my old Samsung galaxy!
I always wondering if Samsung lies on their specs? Battery life on spec always look good, but not in real-life.

A few minor things: (Thanks for db's comment, I found solutions for 3,4)
1. Google finance web site looks bad in IE.
2. Email client can't archive gmail.

Overall, amazing phone, go get it, play a few days, the more you use it, the more you will appreciate the OS/hardware.

Nokia Lumia 900 is the next big thing:Best mobile device for the Post-PC era
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone ever!!! can't wait for Windows 8 phone!!!, May 3, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
An app called TouchDevelop by Microsoft Research won me over!!! It does multi-step dialing to enter access number, followed by the pin code. I can now safely dial into conference calls while driving. Could not do that on iPhone!
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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone!, April 25, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
Listen, I am reading some of these reviews on different online sites and I can't believe how ignorant some people want to sound. Statements like this phone sucks with absolutely no explaination is just plain anti-Nokia/Windows Mobile bashers venting with a smile.

If these people had actually used the phone and were able to give you a true review of the device it would likely be a 4 out of 5 STARS or better in my opinion.

I mean lets see, I have had the phones for almost 1 week and there is obviously a learning curve for me as you will see below because I had no prior Win Mobile IOS experience.

The learning curve was not that tedious and I can tell you that on day 1, I was fidling around a little longer than I wanted to trying to text or make calls from my phone list but once I got all my contacts transfered and placed as I wanted, and got used to the voice commands, I am one happy camper.

Got my 2009 Chevrolet Silverado pickup all set up with bluetooth and mount accessories as well as the 3.5mm male to male plugged into my stereo and within a week I am now wondering how I got by without all these


Phone is FAST....NO (FACT!)

Phone is great size and weight. (Personal Opinion)

Phone Screen is vivid and sharp. The touch while typing is very responsive. The keyboard and texting ability is better than any phone I have ever used. (Personal Opinion)

Phone is user friendly. (Personal Opinion)

Win. Mobile 7.5 OS is great. (Personal Opinion)

Batt. life is OK and could be better (Use Batt Saver Setting). (Personal Opinion)

No Flash Video support for Win Mobile 7.5. sucks. I mean come on what is the deal it's Windows....hello. Definitely not a deal breaker for me just a little inconvenient as most sites I use it on have apps that work for the phone just like Apple iPhone has to have and hopefully Win Mobile 8 will have the support. (Personal Opinion)

Zune Music Pass for $99.00 a year and my in car stereo linked is...can I say it...yes....a Pandora killer!!! Zune Music Pass is amazing and I am loving it. (Personal Opinion)

XBox Live for gaming....GREAT...nuff said! (FACT!)

Nokia Apps including Nokia Drive means bye bye Garmin. This app is sooo great and it is FREE!!! Used it all last weekend in Detroit Suburbs and it worked flawlessly. (Personal Opinion)

I have used a few smartphones/tablets, Samsung Epic (android) and the Apple 3gs (IOS) and Motorola Xoom wifi (android) and they had some good features and some I absolutely hated. I do not like clutter or searching redundantly for apps/options and the Nokia Lumia 900 just absolutely WORKS for me! I love the voice command controls and how freaking amazing the voice recognition software works.

This is my first smartphone with Windows Mobile OS and I can say I am a fan of it now and am eagerly anticipating the release of 8 and hope it is slated for release via update to the Nokia Lumia 900.

I have the black one and my wife has the white one and they look awesome....kind of wish I had got the white one also it looks sweet.

Oh and BTW, thank-you to NOKIA for stepping up to the plate with the data issue that was quickly addressed and updated via software fix. I mean, I never saw the problem because there is no LTE available where I live yet (coming in 2013 ;-))and I bought the phones after all the issues were resolved and still get the $100.00 credit on EACH phone as well as having got the $100.00 in accessories for each phone from AT&T. All that and $99.00 for each phone.

So take it as you see it but this is my 2 cents and I say the phone rocks and I am a fan.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the cameras. All good, I use canon cameras home and work and I can tell you that if you want a Really Great picture from this camera all you have to do is make some setting adjustments for ISO and light but I have found that the camera works very well in auto settings just able to take better photos with ISO and light adjustments. Camera is GREAT!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Phone I Have Ever Used, April 13, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
As the title states, this is the best phone that I have ever used. The social media integration is perfect, the phone is blazing fast (due to OS, not hardware), the battery life is better than advertised (I get about 7 hours of heavy use) and the UI is both beautiful and easy to use. To top it off, the screen is amazing! Despite the 800x480 resolution, the clear black display with the super AMOLED screen is vibrant and does not wash out in the sun like other phones *cough*iPhone*cough* do.

I had initially heard reviews saying that the Google Apps integration was no good; I would like to say that those reviews were wrong. The phone works perfectly with my Google Mail and Google Calendar, although it does lack the features of Android in terms of Google Docs and Google Play support.

Furthermore, the phone looks slick! The soft polycarbonate case looks more professional than an iPhone and has a design that trumps most Android alternatives with its curves and amazing build quality. With how sturdy this phone is, I am not afraid to drop it even without a case.

But, that is not to say the phone does not have its flaws. Despite the hype about the "Carl Ziess" lens, the camera is not as good as others I have seen on phones. Still, it is among one of the better phone cameras available.

Also, the Zune Marketplace is lacking in apps when compared to that of the Android or iOS market, but most of the "staple" apps are present such as Netflix or Spotify. I had to pay for a good YouTube app though.

This brings me to another issue, the Zune integration of the phone. Honestly, I hate both the Zune and iTunes software. I prefer my phone being mounted as external storage like and Android device so that I can choose what goes on and off the phone and where rather than having to go through extensive syncing processes. This is more of a personal preference rather than an objective issue with the phone.

My last complaint is the lack of support for EAP-TTLS networks. This prevents me form being able to use my works secure WiFi connection and means I have to use the slower and less secure open network if I want to use WiFi. Oh well, at least the phone's 4g speeds are faster than my works secure network :)

Ultimately, despite the slight flaws the phone has, I can say that I have enjoyed using it more than a previous iPhone and Android phone. It is fast and intuitive which leads to enhanced productivity and has all of the features one might want for a great multimedia experience.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful phone! with a slight flaw, April 9, 2012
This review is from: Nokia Lumia 900, Black (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)
Alright, I am gonna write this review the way I talk and hope it helps people. Seriously I have been waiting for a very long time for this phone and no not a long time like a month or whatever I mean since it was announced last year. I told you that cause you have to understand the high hopes I had for this phone. I pre-ordered the phone at an ATT Corporate store of course since it was a pre-order I had to wait for it to arrive. Well the Friday before launch I got a special surprise in the mail! When I opened the box the first thing I snagged was the instruction manual.. j/k. The phone feels extremely solid, no give anywhere on device, unlike my Samsung focus that had a ton of creaking going on. The software which I have been using since launch day feels just as awesome on the beautiful Nokia Clear black screen. Blacks are black and colors are almost floating across the screen, amazing!

Here are my gripes about this phone, the main camera while amazing has a strange effect. It has this ghostly shading in the middle of some white and grey objects, it can be distracting (I'm sure they can fix this with a software update) the flash is amazing but for some reason is a lil too hot. The front facing camera is amazing but for some strange reason flips your image around when it saves which is strange, (I never had a front facing camera on a phone so it could be normal but I don't like it). Before your like well forget it I love taking pictures and now I don't want this phone. Hold your horses! The Camera is actually AMAZING! on most circumstances it takes very clean detailed pictures and has a great macro mode that is shockingly great! The front camera can let you video chat in almost complete darkness ahaha it was kinda funny cause I skyped (Skype beta available if you bing search it) with the lights off to see if it worked and my friend was surprised as I was!

Final thoughts, this phone is just a pleasure. Everything is quick, fluid, attractive and solid. Other than the few hiccups with cameras I have nothing negative to say about this phone. I'm sure the app store obsessed people out there are going to say hey what about the fact that Windows Marketplace only has 1/10th of the apps of other app stores. Yes its very, very true and yea I do wish it had more apps but the ones they do offer are much better than other app store versions. Not to mention more are on the way. At 99, or 49, or 0 dollars this phone is an amazing buy and everyone should seriously check it out.
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