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Nokia Lumia 928, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
Service Provider: Verizon WirelessColor: BlackSize: 32 GBChange
Price:$389.99+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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89 of 90 people found the following review helpful
on May 20, 2013
I had been waiting for this phone for 6 months, as ATT had an exclusivity contract with Nokia for the 920, and I must say that it was well worth the wait. This phone is fantastic all around. I can't tell you how many android and apple users have stopped me to comment on my phone, picked it up to play with, and sighed with regrets that they just renewed their contracts picking up a new Galaxy or iPhone.

A brief breakdown by area:

Hardware: Nice size and weight, not bulky or heavy despite some biased reviews out there, and is certainly lighter than the iPhone once its been "Otterboxed." Smooth and curved on the back for ease of holding, squared off on front. Easy to reach the whole screen with my thumb despite having small hands for a man. Wireless charging with the basic charging pad is quick and simple. Very satisfied to not have to struggle with micro-usbs anymore. Can't comment on durability because I haven't dropped it yet.

Interace: Sleek, smooth, feels very high end and hi-tech, making the iPhone and Galaxy feel dated.

Screen quality: Beautiful. Slightly dimmer than the iPhone at top brightness. Good visibility outside in sun.

Battery Life: Pretty good, with heavy use you will likely need to recharge at least once daily.

Apps: This is the big gripe point with WindowsPhones in general. There are fewer of thost "must-have" Apps, most notably instagram, dropbox, and personally for me HBOGO, however, these are the only Apps I find myself missing. There are decent 3rd party apps that can do the same. Lomogram for instagram, SkyDrive for dropbox. No 3rd party HBOGO app, but Netflix and Hulu are available. Pandora and Nokia music should keep you happy on the music end. Built in email interface is far more robust and streamlined than the android a Gmail user I was very surprised by how much better Microsoft was able to manage Gmail than google based android. Facebook App is more than adequate. The App situation should improve substantially, particularly in light of the 928 now available on Verizon, and T-mobile getting their own flagship 925.

Camera: Best available in the market. I have not picked up my Nikon DSLR because the shots I get off my 928 are comparable if not superior, particularly in low light. I took a photo this AM with family in pitch-black closet, and the quality is phenomenal with the xenon flash. Low light shots without flash are quite good as well. Very cool photo apps like SmartShot(takes rapid burst of pics and you pick the best one), panorama, and an animated-GIF app.

Video: 1080P, better than real life quality. Can't do much better than this.

Sound: On full volume(30/30), the sound can fill the room, although can be tinny at highest volumes).

I can confidently say that if you take a chance and pick up this phone you will not regret it.
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125 of 131 people found the following review helpful
on May 24, 2013
A User Review on the Nokia Lumia 928.

Got my Nokia 928 a few days ago. First, overall the phone is
GREAT and I would recommend it to anyone. IMO it is the Best Windows Phone to date. I will also say that in comparison to the other Operating System's; Android and iOS, Windows Phone 8 OS is better and faster in my opinion. Of course that is Subjective. Everyone has his or her preference as to the features, apps, size, style, color and specs of a phone that work for them and that's just fine. My sister likes the iphone 5 and it works just fine for here. My younger
brother likes Android ICS and it works fine for him. The point is, I nor anyone
else has to convince each person that they should buy a particular Phone. Having said that this is just a review for anyone not sure of Windows Phone 8.

The Pros and the Cons.
1. The Operating System: The Windows Phone 8 OS is
smooth fast and responsive. It runs faster on a lower processor than a newer Android's faster quad processor. The point is, it doesn't have to have 4 or more
processors to run smoother and faster. Though I have not had it longer the 8
days as of this review I nor the persons I know who have a WP8, have not
experienced the lags, bugs and many reboots I have had with Android Phones and Tablets. I didn't like the Windows Tiles when I first heard or seen them in pictures, but expect for the plain colors (you eventually get use to them) they work great. The Live Tiles update you on all the info you need on one screen without having to click on a bunch of different apps Mail, Facebook, Weather, Agenda, Calender, Messaging are all updated right on the front screen. You can customize the look, size, color of your Tiles and change them with ease.

2. The Camera: This has to be one of the best cameras on a Phone. You will not be disappoint on the pictures it takes in daylight or low light. Nokia is hyping up this Camera and I have to agree. The Camera alone is a good reason to get this phone.

3. Call Quality is good: Both calling and receiving. The speaker on it is loud and clear.

4. The Display is great with the AMOLED Display. It makes the screen sharp and clear and great even it sunlight. The Size at 4.5 inches is also a nice size, not too big and not too small.

5. Xenon Flash: Brighter and better Flash as found on some standalone cameras.

6. HD 1080p recording with great noise canceling mics. Also has front Facing 1.2MP camera.

7. 32 GB internal storage

8. 4G Network: I haven't had the chance to fully test it yet, but my pages load super-fast and my downloads are fast as well.

9. Battery: Battery usage for a smartphone is Good. It also has wireless charging.

10. APPS: There is a lot of criticism with this OS
and lack of apps. This area is where people have to put things in the right
prospective. Yes iOS and Android has more Apps than WP8. I have to laugh a
little when this argument is brought up. First who downloads that many apps?
Second putting thing in the right prospective, iOS and Android is 5years old. Developers have had plenty of time to make apps. Windows Phone is going on 3years old with Window Phone 8 being only 6 months old with over 145,000 to date. Most of the top apps or equivalent is available right now on the WP store, with more being added as the months go buy. The point is, it took both Android and Apple years to get to the app count they have now. Besides most of the apps on those system or useless apps that don't say on a phone for long yet alone even make it to ones phone. Again my point is most of the main or equivalent apps that people use are either on the store or in development. If Windows Phone 8 sells great(and I think it will) more apps will come faster. Anyway Nokia has a set of apps that make this phone stand out itself, Nokia Music, Nokia City Lens: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive. There are plenty of other apps that make this a great pick.

1. No External Storage. I think Nokia made a mistake here. Even though it has an internal 32 gig storage( 23G usable) they should have made room for external storage. I like having my music, videos and some data on a storage card so I am not tied to a computer or downloading data on a cell or wifi. I almost didn't get the phone because if this.

2. No removable battery. I am a heavy user, both personal and work. I like having a couple of charged batteries to throw in when I just can't charge.

3. Lack of Apps? I put this here because in comparison to the other two OS's, WP8 does have less apps, however I think I make a good point above as to why this is not a good reason to not buy this Phone.

4. No FM Radio: other Nokia Phones have the radio turned on. Though I heard that it can be turned on in a firmware update.

5. No Etiquette: My own personal preference; a feature that mutes the phone when you face it down.

6. Wish it had a stylus for notes: My own personal preference

7. No Swype Keyboard: My own personal preference

8. Unless I am wrong, No Video output to TV.

Ok so for what it is worth, this is just an opinion for a user and not a article writer,
and Yes I have had both Android and Iphone.
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52 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on August 7, 2013
Background: In the past three years, I have used iPhone 4, 4S and 5. I also used Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me tell you from the start that I am not a loyal customer of any brand. I will give my business to any company as long as they give me the best value possible. Hopefully, this background information will be useful to you since if we are coming from different backgrounds, this review maybe useless to you.

First of all, I am not a heavy user. When I had Android phones, I didn't install custom roms or anything like that due to security concerns. I also didn't jailbreak my iPhones for the same reason. I don't install tons of apps or play many games on my phones. Just to give you an idea, I probably had less than 100 apps in my iPhone and much less than that on S3 since the apps that I would want to download on Android platform would require me to accept their unreasonable terms where apps would want to access my contacts, full network access, phone storage, messages and such for no apparent reason. I log into banks and etc on my phones, there is no way I am giving those kind of permissions to apps!

As a result, I am not a fan of Android. Also, I had a lot of issues with both of my Android phones. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3 had lagging, freezing and rebooting issues after only 2 weeks of usage. Plus, the build quality of the S3 left a lot to be desired. So, I sold it after owning it for less than a month and purchased an iPhone 4S.

My experience with IOS was much better. I initially didn't have any lagging, freezing or rebooting issues at all. What they advertised was true, it just worked. It was somewhat boring and had a small screen compared to competitors but it was safer and it worked great. However, after the iPhone 5 launch my 4S started having performance issues following the OS updates. I am pretty sure that Apple did this on purpose to make their customers upgrade to the newest iPhone. They succeeded as well. I upgraded to iPhone 5 only to regret it later. It is light, fast and has 4g lte but other than that I felt it was the same phone as the 4S.

Sorry for taking so long to talk about the product that I am actually writing a review for but whenever I read reviews, I enjoy the ones that make comparisons. I find those reviews the most helpful, so I tried to do the same thing in my review.

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about the Nokia Lumia 928. I will break this review down to pros and cons to make reading easier.

Here are the pros:
- Camera: It takes great pictures. Especially, the low light pictures are very good. IMO, Lumia 92x series have the best camera in the market except for the Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808.
- Skydrive: It's similar to iCloud. You can upload your documents, pictures etc to skydrive. This phone will automatically backup your applist, settings, text messages and photos to skydrive. However, you can go to Settings -> Backup and turn backup off if you want to. I turned the automatic back up for the pictures off because when I take a picture that I don't like, I have to delete it from the camera roll as well as the skydrive. I thought I would rather upload the ones that I really like than delete the ones that I don't like from both locations every single time.
- Battery Life: This phone has great battery life. However, you have to do a few adjustments to get the full potential. Do yourself a favor and search online for Windows Phone 8 battery tips and you'll see a list of adjustments you can make to improve your battery life. I just got this phone a week ago but I've already gotten 2 days out of it with moderate usage after I've made the adjustments. If you need any help, just add a comment and I'll try to help you out if I can.
- Ability to uninstall bloat ware without hacking the device!. Not that it comes with many bloat ware but for example I uninstalled the Verizon navigation without any issues. Its very simple, tap and hold the app and click uninstall. Easy!
- Performance: Exceptional. Very fluid, lag free.
- Build Quality: Very good. Go to a Verizon store and check this phone out, you'll see what I am talking about. My only problem is the soft keys (Windows, back and search buttons have a yellowish color when lit which is not normal) When I searched online, it seems that a lot of people have the same issue. Honestly, it doesn't bother me. But if it's something that would bother you, just make sure the phone that you purchase doesn't have that issue in the store before you take it home.
- Wireless charging: I think it's a nice feature. I welcome any type of real innovation. I believe these type of innovations are not only important for what they actually do currently but also they push competitors to come up with other innovations as well to stay competitive. In my opinion, this creates a better value for customers.
- Screen: Looks great. Very nice colors. You can view the screen in direct sun light with no problems. It won't be the same as viewing it at night but it is much better than iPhones and Android devices that I've used/seen.
- Speakers: Pretty good. Not on par with HTC One's speakers but definitely better than most.
- Nokia exclusive apps: Nokia maps is great. It will give you voice guided navigation with street names. I tested it out once and it worked out great. The biggest plus for Nokia maps is the fact that you don't need data connection. Just download your regions map and you are set. Additionally, maybe due to the phone not having to use data to get map information, it ran much cooler than my previous iPhones and Android devices while using the navigation app which is a big plus.
- Value: You are getting a great device, a fluid and stable OS, 32gbs of standard storage and a great camera for only $30 with a 2 year contract at Amazon or $450 without signing a contract. This is a great value. I seriously don't know if there are any better deals out there. I am very happy with my decision to buy this phone. I think you'll feel the same way too.

Now time for the Cons:
- As I mentioned before, even though this phone has great build quality, the yellowish buttons puts a dent on its greatness.
- No sd card slot. I appreciate that this phone comes with standard 32gb of storage space. I also appreciate that we get skydrive for no additional cost but I would have still liked if we had the micro sd card slot so I could pop in a 64gb micro sd card and have 96gb of storage.
- Notification bar. It's not a big deal and I understand that live tiles are the notification bar of Windows Phone 8 but I think it wouldn't have hurt having both. There are rumors that the upcoming update will give us a notification bar but nothing for sure yet. Not having it doesn't bother me much but I would welcome it if they added it.
- Closing apps: I haven't seen anyone mention this and maybe it's something that I am doing wrong but when you have open apps in WP8, you have to close them by pressing the back button. However, if you for example open the internet explorer to browse the internet and you visit a few different links, you will have to press the back button multiple times to be able to close the app. I find that annoying. Also, to close the apps that are running in the background, you have to press and hold the back button which lets you view all the open apps in the background. However there is no "x" button on the right upper corners (just like iPhones do) to be able to close the apps easily. I have to open each app and press the back button to actually close that app. I think it's a big flaw and they need to address this in their next update. Again, I only had this phone for a week so maybe there is a very intuitive way of closing apps that I am not aware of but AFAIK, that is what you need to do to close apps.
- Apps: As I mentioned earlier, I am not a heavy app user so I really don't miss any apps from the IOS. However, I understand that not everyone is like me and some people may have certain apps that they use and are not willing to give them up to move to WP8. So, make a list of your most used apps and see if WP8 has them or not.

I really like this device. The more I use it, the more I like it and the less I miss the IOS. I would highly recommend that you give this phone a try. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and I will try my best to answer your questions.
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38 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on May 23, 2013
Just the background...I got this phone as an upgrade on Verizon Wireless. I was previously using an Android based Thunderbolt (first LTE android phone for VZW). I had watched a buddy use her Lumia 920 so I had a decent idea of how Windows Phone 8 works. I have never previously owned a Windows based phone.

1. Speed. Initially I was worried that this phone would be slower than it's 4 core Android counter parts. This phone only has 2. I was honestly surprised. It is as fast as any of my buddies Note 2s and even their new S4s. Speed to use this phone is really fast.

2. Camera. This is best thing about this phone. I would suggest going to Youtube and watching some HD test videos (user videos...not Nokia commercials). The camera is truly amazing. The Xenon flash is great at night but just the day to day video and camera work is awesome. I love that I can just touch the screen where I want the camera to focus. Nokia has given you some really great applications like the panorama application which basically guides you through taking 3 photos that it stitches together to make a panorama shot. Applying a filter like Instagram is quick and easy. I also like that you can upload to SkyDrive automagically. You don't have to but you can. The 100GB storage is $50 or $6 a month if you need the maximum. It is the least expensive of the large capacity cloud storage solutions. *NOTE: There is a dedicated camera button on the Lumia 928 that takes you directly into the camera.

3. Battery life. I finally have a phone that I can go through the whole day on one charge. I can charge it at night and that is all I need for the whole day...whether I am surfing the net or my daughter is watching Netflix. YES!!!!

4. Nokia Here/Navigation. This took a little getting used to. At first I was frustrated with the maps because they weren't up to date. I then realized that you could download the maps directly to the phone in case there wasn't a data connection (nice to save on bandwidth). After downloading the new map for the US everything worked beautifully. *NOTE: If you leave Here turned on Nokia is smart enough to know what the speed limit is and will "ding" at you if you are going over the speed limit. This sounds trivial but I have to drive through several school zones on the way to work and occasionally find myself 2-3 miles an hour over the posted 25mph speed limit. Instead of having to watch for kids and also my speedometer...I just get a handy "ding" from the phone that lets me know that I need to slow down a little.

1. Apps. If you are an app geek you will be disappointed in the selection of apps. On the plus side you can load up your apps and still get the same speed out of the phone vs. an Android phone. My daughter likes the way games look on the Lumia 928 better than on my old Android. I would say that is just the hardware upgrade. For a limited time if you buy a Lumia 928 you get $25 from Microsoft and Nokia to use towards apps in the Microsoft app store.

...overall...I am extremely happy with this phone. It is the first phone I have owned and really liked in about 4 years.
review image
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on May 29, 2013
I purchased my phone on May 16th, release date, and have enjoyed it ever since. Beautiful, clear screen. Amazing pictures. Terrific sound from the speaker and solid smooth system. I know it doesnt have all the apps that Apple or Android have, but it has enough to cover most, if not all, task that you want to do. Battery life is terrific. Used my phone for a memorial day BBQ and family and friends were amazed at the pictures i took when compared to the shoots taken with Iphone 5's and Android phones by others.
I am not a true fan boy for Windows, but am happy to say that my Nokia Lumia 928 is a great phone. No issues like what i had with my 2010 AT&T HTC Desire phone and I dont get bored with it, like I do with my wife's old Iphone 4 - wife has left Iphone for a Galaxy S4 because she was bored with IPhone also, almost got the Lumia 928, but didnt want to be the same as me, but she is still a little jealous that my phone take better pics than her new Galaxy, but I think they both do a great job.
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48 of 54 people found the following review helpful
This really should be your next Smartphone!

I have lived with Android and the defragmentation of the software releases with different versions on different phones. I have experienced the high cost of the Apple products and have seen so many friends that encased their iphone with a big ugly case. I have also experienced the "great at first...than behind the times" Blackberry Smartphones. Now I am experiencing the Windows 8 Phone from Nokia and I can tell you I am not going back to any of the other options. The excellent hardware quality of this phone and the additional Nokia Apps make this a super easy to use and that integrates with my desktop. Other reasons to own this phone:

- The offline GPS is fantastic as I never have to worry about having a data connection to get a route (I found out that the Nokia mapping data base powers the majority of the car systems in the world and I can see why)
- Nokia music is not something I would buy, but similar to mapping where you can download to your phone and then use without a data connection, this is fantastic to have a HIGH QUALITY sound mix on your phone that doesn't require a data connection to listen to.
- Yup.....the camera can't be beat, especially with the Zenon flash and the Nokia Apps for the camera.
- Battery charging is another goody that you have love. First, it has a feature that charges the battery up to 40% faster. Although most other new smartphones have this feature now, you really do notice it. Second, you can find the Nokia wireless charging plates for $25 and once you use wireless charging you won't want to fiddle with the plug in cable again. (I bought 2 plates and it is worth it)

There are many other items I could list, but most reviewers have already listed them when reviewing Windows Phone 8. This really is a great Smartphone!!!
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
I wanted to try the W8 phones out because honestly, I just wanted to try something new. I was a little bored with my Android phone(though otherwise very happy) and not ready to jump to the Iphone since it was the same thing I had been doing with my ipod touch for years. I first tried the HTC 8x as I was a very satisfied HTC android user. The phone was beautiful but I didnt really like the feel of it in my hands, it dropped calls terribly, and some of the software that I was use to having for free on my Android device, such as the turn by turn voice navigation, just wasn't there, and the camera was just serviceable. I had a few other qualms with it that were really making me consider jumping back to Android.I looked at the BBz10 (nice phone but a little complicated) and the Samsung S4 ( wasn't available yet on Verizon), and the HTC One ( would have gotten this but it is not a Verizon phone). I also though of waiting to see what the next Iphone would look like but as it was like just to be a 5s, I couldn't imagine it being exciting enough to make me jump to that platform. Then this phone came out to good reviews. So I decided to try it out. I have to admit that I am surprisingly happy with this phone. Everything that I didn't like in the HTC 8x is improved with this phone. Nokia just has more software, and that sofware makes the user experience. Also I think call quality is superior and I have only had 1 dropped call since I have had this phone. The camera is very good as well.

So far, the only thing I would change would be to round the edges slightly and to take the weight down a little more. Other then that, I am a pretty happy Nokia W8 phone user. Happy enough to want to see what the next operating system update will add to the phone. Happy enough to stick with w8 platform until I can see what is the next great thing Android and Apple comes out with. I don't know about os loyalty at this point but I'm more than satisfied with this phone.
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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on June 17, 2013
I've had two Android smartphones in the past... 1) The original Motorola Droid & 2) The Droid Bionic. Here's the stuff about Droid that drove me to Windows Phone 8...

**Battery life - crazy bad to the point where I had to install the extended battery and cover (also true of my friend's Samsung phones).
**Connection issues - 4G showing up in the display and the phone telling me during a navigation session "Data Connection Lost". Really? I'm navigating somewhere... now what?
**Random reboots - Oh yeah, never during a call but I'd be in the middle of web browsing session only to have the phone reboot itself.
**Browser crashes - happened all the time.
**4G to WiFi to 4G transition - a nightmare. I'd have to turn off WiFi, wait a couple of seconds, and then turn it back on.
**Bloatware and the inability to delete Verizon apps. There were a LOT of unused apps, taking up space, that I would have loved to delete if I could.
**Cost - $299 w/2-year contract renewal.

Comparison to the Nokia 928

**Battery life - you can't change the battery but you really don't have to. It lasts all day with power to spare
**Connection issues - there are none.
**Random reboots - never happens. As a matter of fact, I haven't had to manually reboot this phone for any reason whatsoever.
**Browser crashes - none
**4G to WiFi to 4G transitions - smooth as anything - there's no interruption in the data flow.
**Bloatware - I actually LIKE the apps that came with this phone especially Nokia Drive, HERE Maps, HERE City Lens, and all the Nokia photo apps. The one "already installed" app I wouldn't use, ESPN, was easily erased.
**Cost - $99 w/2-year contract renewal.

Notable features of the 928 & Windows Phone 8...

Beautiful display
Easy OS - One screen for shortcuts (tiles) and one screen that lists ALL the programs.
Great camera - pretty good low light photos, beautiful daytime photos, and a bunch of creative photo apps from Nokia that are fun and impressive
Call quality - very good; no complaints
Processor speed - very smooth; no lag
Live tiles - not the "nightmare" that I've heard of... some are kind of cool, some are functional. All in all a nice feature to have.
Navigation - works without an active data connection (map file is pre-installed).
Apps - This seems to be a huge issue for some people. Are there less apps available for WP8?, yes. Do I care?, not really. Why?, there really hasn't been an app that I wanted I couldn't find, or find an acceptable substitute. I have Facebook, Skype, Open Table, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc. More apps are being made available daily. I found a decent tip calculator, a Drop-Box & You-Mail interface that's fully functional, and a bunch of games. I know there's a zillion apps for Android and Apple IOS, but most of them are crappy or repetitive (how many flashlight apps do you need anyway?). Oh by the way, all the apps I downloaded and installed were freebies.

Thing I don't like about the phone...

**Volume control... there's seems to be one control that affects everything (ringer, notifications, alarm, media, etc.) A minor annoyance, but I would like to have more controls.
**No FoxFi (I didn't use free WiFi tethering THAT often, but now I'll have to deal with its absence).


I don't miss the Android OS at all. There were too many issues with it for me to continue using it. I was waiting for this phone to come out on Verizon and I'm glad I did. It's not perfect, but it works really well. Even though there are less apps than Android, they seem to be better written (more polished, more functionality, etc.) and there hasn't been anything I needed or wanted that I couldn't find. I can't believe I got this newly released phone for $99.

If you're in the market for a new phone, don't listen to the FANatics, think for yourself, and take a good look at this phone.
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on May 21, 2013
Its been a long time coming and I must say, I am not disappointed.
Weight of the phone is not really an issue but it would be perfect if it was a thinner phone.
Other than that I am perfectly satisfied with the 928. Camera is fantastic and apps to aid pictures if that is your thing.
Sound is great.
App ecosystem is slowly getting better and 3rd party apps make up for need to have apps that are unavailable.
Look of amolded screen is fantastic.
What can I say, I think this is the best phone I have had to date.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2013

I owned the Iphone 2g, which was a spectacular phone for its time. I stuck with iphone until around 2011 when I started to think it was boring and I bought a Droid razr, which was also a good phone but not spectacular, I eventually broke it and upgraded to a galaxy nexus. I became very accustomed to android and its ecosystem. I used TONS of different apps, launchers and eventually ROMS for my Gnex. I loved the phone and I loved androids customization. However by 2013 the phone had lost its luster, I was sick of the poor battery life, instability and LAG. So I thought about getting the Galaxy S4 or Note2 or even waiting (I'm on Verizon) for the HTC one. The problem was I was worried about the battery life of all of those except the note 2. I knew I didn't want to go back to Iphone because even though it is super stable, with tons of apps, its just so boring to me. So I thought I might try the lumina 928, that was a week ago.

Lumia Review:

-Build quality-

The phone is really extremely well built. Especially coming from a samsung phone it seems very durable and study.


No Sweat. The phone added all my verizon backup agent info and then nearly seemlessly merged it with my contacts from my google account.

-Call Quality--

wow, no really wow. Loud and clear. You can tell the phone has 3 mic's and advanced background noise cancellation.


Since this isn't android the keyboard better be good and luckily it is very good, and very accurate. I was worried coming from swipe that this might be a deal breaker but it's so smooth and it autocorrects very well.


The screen is beautiful, Just go look at one at the store, its great. I read before I bought it that the white has a greenish tint if you look at it at a sharp angle and that is true. However since I am the one using the phone I don't really have to worry about that.

-Windows 8--

I am actually really impressed with the OS. I always think of microsoft as old-school but the interface is very clean and minimalist. The apps are lacking like you read in every other review but I don't have anything that I miss that much other than my bank app (USAA) I can use pageonce instead or just go to the mobile site but I really do miss that app. Otherwise all the apps I really use are there and more are coming all the time.

While windows 8 is not in the same realm of customization as android it is much more fun and customizable than IOS, while maintaining the same stability as IOS. I like that live tiles of different sizes, they don't replace widgets from android but they do hold some information and flip from front to back or scroll through photos...etc.

I also really like the Theme aspect of WP8. I used to customize my nexus from top to bottom and make it a black and white theme or a super-hero theme or a family theme....etc. WP8 can't do everything that android can but you can quickly change tile colors or from a black or white background. This may not seem like much but its cool and it takes only seconds and everything remains stable, smooth and fast.


The camera is very good, I am not a huge camera buff. I use it to take pictures of vacations or kids or events and so on. I have used it quite a bit and the Nokia photo suite is really useful and intuitive. The Xenon flash works like a charm and works for flashlight apps too. The talk about it being a great camera is true, however it does sometimes seem to change its white balance very quickly. Like I said I am not a camera buff and that might be fixed in the settings but out of the box, its one of the things I noticed.


This was and is one of the deciding factors for this phone, I hated charging my nexus all the time. So far for me the battery life has been great. I did get it down into the 30% range in like 6 hours on the first day but that was with near constant use. With normal use it makes it though the day no problem. That being said I was trying to get all the info I could on the battery before I made this purchase so I will tell you all I know.

With the GPS on (Nokia Drive+ is great BTW) I think the phone will last a little over 3 hours with no charging. That is much longer than my android phone but still a huge battery drain as most GPS's are.

The phone is SUPER efficient in standby, I mean I think it uses .5-2% per hour if you just leave it. My nexus would easily go down 7-10% per hour and this is much better than that.

The lumia 928 comes with a "battery saver" in the settings. You can set it to turn on manually, when low, or always (not recommended). I am not sure why always is not recommended but I have it activating when the phone is "low" which I think is at < 40% (when the battery turns yellow). The phone gets more efficient below 40% and seems to last as long if not longer than the last 60%.

The battery has done really well so far and I liken it to an Iphone battery, doing more with less. If you are coming from a razr maxx or Note2 you may be disappointed otherwise I think this will do surprisingly well for you.

-Recommended apps--

If like me you are coming from one of the other platforms with 6X as many apps you may want to know which apps you should pick up.

-The new Facebook and Twitter work well I think they have been updated since most of the reviews.

-I like USAToday and WSJ news apps, I missed apps like stubleupon, pulse and flipboard so I started to use weave but I didn't really like it.

-UC browser is better than IE. IE is ok, it will work but you should try UC browser.

-Customizable tiles(wifi, bluetooth, location) getting one of those apps is handy

-Netflix works well

-Audible is an app I use daily and It works well

-ebay and amazon are good

-Pageonce is a good app if your bank isn't in the windows store like me

-I love the roku remote app (if you have a roku), I really like not losing that little remote

Overall I really recommend the phone. I think its stability is great and its not boring at all, the camera is a standout and the usability of the phone is through the roof!
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