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Nokia Lumia 928, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on May 24, 2013
A User Review on the Nokia Lumia 928.

Got my Nokia 928 a few days ago. First, overall the phone is
GREAT and I would recommend it to anyone. IMO it is the Best Windows Phone to date. I will also say that in comparison to the other Operating System's; Android and iOS, Windows Phone 8 OS is better and faster in my opinion. Of course that is Subjective. Everyone has his or her preference as to the features, apps, size, style, color and specs of a phone that work for them and that's just fine. My sister likes the iphone 5 and it works just fine for here. My younger
brother likes Android ICS and it works fine for him. The point is, I nor anyone
else has to convince each person that they should buy a particular Phone. Having said that this is just a review for anyone not sure of Windows Phone 8.

The Pros and the Cons.
1. The Operating System: The Windows Phone 8 OS is
smooth fast and responsive. It runs faster on a lower processor than a newer Android's faster quad processor. The point is, it doesn't have to have 4 or more
processors to run smoother and faster. Though I have not had it longer the 8
days as of this review I nor the persons I know who have a WP8, have not
experienced the lags, bugs and many reboots I have had with Android Phones and Tablets. I didn't like the Windows Tiles when I first heard or seen them in pictures, but expect for the plain colors (you eventually get use to them) they work great. The Live Tiles update you on all the info you need on one screen without having to click on a bunch of different apps Mail, Facebook, Weather, Agenda, Calender, Messaging are all updated right on the front screen. You can customize the look, size, color of your Tiles and change them with ease.

2. The Camera: This has to be one of the best cameras on a Phone. You will not be disappoint on the pictures it takes in daylight or low light. Nokia is hyping up this Camera and I have to agree. The Camera alone is a good reason to get this phone.

3. Call Quality is good: Both calling and receiving. The speaker on it is loud and clear.

4. The Display is great with the AMOLED Display. It makes the screen sharp and clear and great even it sunlight. The Size at 4.5 inches is also a nice size, not too big and not too small.

5. Xenon Flash: Brighter and better Flash as found on some standalone cameras.

6. HD 1080p recording with great noise canceling mics. Also has front Facing 1.2MP camera.

7. 32 GB internal storage

8. 4G Network: I haven't had the chance to fully test it yet, but my pages load super-fast and my downloads are fast as well.

9. Battery: Battery usage for a smartphone is Good. It also has wireless charging.

10. APPS: There is a lot of criticism with this OS
and lack of apps. This area is where people have to put things in the right
prospective. Yes iOS and Android has more Apps than WP8. I have to laugh a
little when this argument is brought up. First who downloads that many apps?
Second putting thing in the right prospective, iOS and Android is 5years old. Developers have had plenty of time to make apps. Windows Phone is going on 3years old with Window Phone 8 being only 6 months old with over 145,000 to date. Most of the top apps or equivalent is available right now on the WP store, with more being added as the months go buy. The point is, it took both Android and Apple years to get to the app count they have now. Besides most of the apps on those system or useless apps that don't say on a phone for long yet alone even make it to ones phone. Again my point is most of the main or equivalent apps that people use are either on the store or in development. If Windows Phone 8 sells great(and I think it will) more apps will come faster. Anyway Nokia has a set of apps that make this phone stand out itself, Nokia Music, Nokia City Lens: Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive. There are plenty of other apps that make this a great pick.

1. No External Storage. I think Nokia made a mistake here. Even though it has an internal 32 gig storage( 23G usable) they should have made room for external storage. I like having my music, videos and some data on a storage card so I am not tied to a computer or downloading data on a cell or wifi. I almost didn't get the phone because if this.

2. No removable battery. I am a heavy user, both personal and work. I like having a couple of charged batteries to throw in when I just can't charge.

3. Lack of Apps? I put this here because in comparison to the other two OS's, WP8 does have less apps, however I think I make a good point above as to why this is not a good reason to not buy this Phone.

4. No FM Radio: other Nokia Phones have the radio turned on. Though I heard that it can be turned on in a firmware update.

5. No Etiquette: My own personal preference; a feature that mutes the phone when you face it down.

6. Wish it had a stylus for notes: My own personal preference

7. No Swype Keyboard: My own personal preference

8. Unless I am wrong, No Video output to TV.

Ok so for what it is worth, this is just an opinion for a user and not a article writer,
and Yes I have had both Android and Iphone.
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on August 8, 2013
Background: In the past three years, I have used iPhone 4, 4S and 5. I also used Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me tell you from the start that I am not a loyal customer of any brand. I will give my business to any company as long as they give me the best value possible. Hopefully, this background information will be useful to you since if we are coming from different backgrounds, this review maybe useless to you.

First of all, I am not a heavy user. When I had Android phones, I didn't install custom roms or anything like that due to security concerns. I also didn't jailbreak my iPhones for the same reason. I don't install tons of apps or play many games on my phones. Just to give you an idea, I probably had less than 100 apps in my iPhone and much less than that on S3 since the apps that I would want to download on Android platform would require me to accept their unreasonable terms where apps would want to access my contacts, full network access, phone storage, messages and such for no apparent reason. I log into banks and etc on my phones, there is no way I am giving those kind of permissions to apps!

As a result, I am not a fan of Android. Also, I had a lot of issues with both of my Android phones. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3 had lagging, freezing and rebooting issues after only 2 weeks of usage. Plus, the build quality of the S3 left a lot to be desired. So, I sold it after owning it for less than a month and purchased an iPhone 4S.

My experience with IOS was much better. I initially didn't have any lagging, freezing or rebooting issues at all. What they advertised was true, it just worked. It was somewhat boring and had a small screen compared to competitors but it was safer and it worked great. However, after the iPhone 5 launch my 4S started having performance issues following the OS updates. I am pretty sure that Apple did this on purpose to make their customers upgrade to the newest iPhone. They succeeded as well. I upgraded to iPhone 5 only to regret it later. It is light, fast and has 4g lte but other than that I felt it was the same phone as the 4S.

Sorry for taking so long to talk about the product that I am actually writing a review for but whenever I read reviews, I enjoy the ones that make comparisons. I find those reviews the most helpful, so I tried to do the same thing in my review.

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about the Nokia Lumia 928. I will break this review down to pros and cons to make reading easier.

Here are the pros:
- Camera: It takes great pictures. Especially, the low light pictures are very good. IMO, Lumia 92x series have the best camera in the market except for the Lumia 1020 and Nokia 808.
- Skydrive: It's similar to iCloud. You can upload your documents, pictures etc to skydrive. This phone will automatically backup your applist, settings, text messages and photos to skydrive. However, you can go to Settings -> Backup and turn backup off if you want to. I turned the automatic back up for the pictures off because when I take a picture that I don't like, I have to delete it from the camera roll as well as the skydrive. I thought I would rather upload the ones that I really like than delete the ones that I don't like from both locations every single time.
- Battery Life: This phone has great battery life. However, you have to do a few adjustments to get the full potential. Do yourself a favor and search online for Windows Phone 8 battery tips and you'll see a list of adjustments you can make to improve your battery life. I just got this phone a week ago but I've already gotten 2 days out of it with moderate usage after I've made the adjustments. If you need any help, just add a comment and I'll try to help you out if I can.
- Ability to uninstall bloat ware without hacking the device!. Not that it comes with many bloat ware but for example I uninstalled the Verizon navigation without any issues. Its very simple, tap and hold the app and click uninstall. Easy!
- Performance: Exceptional. Very fluid, lag free.
- Build Quality: Very good. Go to a Verizon store and check this phone out, you'll see what I am talking about. My only problem is the soft keys (Windows, back and search buttons have a yellowish color when lit which is not normal) When I searched online, it seems that a lot of people have the same issue. Honestly, it doesn't bother me. But if it's something that would bother you, just make sure the phone that you purchase doesn't have that issue in the store before you take it home.
- Wireless charging: I think it's a nice feature. I welcome any type of real innovation. I believe these type of innovations are not only important for what they actually do currently but also they push competitors to come up with other innovations as well to stay competitive. In my opinion, this creates a better value for customers.
- Screen: Looks great. Very nice colors. You can view the screen in direct sun light with no problems. It won't be the same as viewing it at night but it is much better than iPhones and Android devices that I've used/seen.
- Speakers: Pretty good. Not on par with HTC One's speakers but definitely better than most.
- Nokia exclusive apps: Nokia maps is great. It will give you voice guided navigation with street names. I tested it out once and it worked out great. The biggest plus for Nokia maps is the fact that you don't need data connection. Just download your regions map and you are set. Additionally, maybe due to the phone not having to use data to get map information, it ran much cooler than my previous iPhones and Android devices while using the navigation app which is a big plus.
- Value: You are getting a great device, a fluid and stable OS, 32gbs of standard storage and a great camera for only $30 with a 2 year contract at Amazon or $450 without signing a contract. This is a great value. I seriously don't know if there are any better deals out there. I am very happy with my decision to buy this phone. I think you'll feel the same way too.

Now time for the Cons:
- As I mentioned before, even though this phone has great build quality, the yellowish buttons puts a dent on its greatness.
- No sd card slot. I appreciate that this phone comes with standard 32gb of storage space. I also appreciate that we get skydrive for no additional cost but I would have still liked if we had the micro sd card slot so I could pop in a 64gb micro sd card and have 96gb of storage.
- Notification bar. It's not a big deal and I understand that live tiles are the notification bar of Windows Phone 8 but I think it wouldn't have hurt having both. There are rumors that the upcoming update will give us a notification bar but nothing for sure yet. Not having it doesn't bother me much but I would welcome it if they added it.
- Closing apps: I haven't seen anyone mention this and maybe it's something that I am doing wrong but when you have open apps in WP8, you have to close them by pressing the back button. However, if you for example open the internet explorer to browse the internet and you visit a few different links, you will have to press the back button multiple times to be able to close the app. I find that annoying. Also, to close the apps that are running in the background, you have to press and hold the back button which lets you view all the open apps in the background. However there is no "x" button on the right upper corners (just like iPhones do) to be able to close the apps easily. I have to open each app and press the back button to actually close that app. I think it's a big flaw and they need to address this in their next update. Again, I only had this phone for a week so maybe there is a very intuitive way of closing apps that I am not aware of but AFAIK, that is what you need to do to close apps.
- Apps: As I mentioned earlier, I am not a heavy app user so I really don't miss any apps from the IOS. However, I understand that not everyone is like me and some people may have certain apps that they use and are not willing to give them up to move to WP8. So, make a list of your most used apps and see if WP8 has them or not.

I really like this device. The more I use it, the more I like it and the less I miss the IOS. I would highly recommend that you give this phone a try. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and I will try my best to answer your questions.
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I wanted to try the W8 phones out because honestly, I just wanted to try something new. I was a little bored with my Android phone(though otherwise very happy) and not ready to jump to the Iphone since it was the same thing I had been doing with my ipod touch for years. I first tried the HTC 8x as I was a very satisfied HTC android user. The phone was beautiful but I didnt really like the feel of it in my hands, it dropped calls terribly, and some of the software that I was use to having for free on my Android device, such as the turn by turn voice navigation, just wasn't there, and the camera was just serviceable. I had a few other qualms with it that were really making me consider jumping back to Android.I looked at the BBz10 (nice phone but a little complicated) and the Samsung S4 ( wasn't available yet on Verizon), and the HTC One ( would have gotten this but it is not a Verizon phone). I also though of waiting to see what the next Iphone would look like but as it was like just to be a 5s, I couldn't imagine it being exciting enough to make me jump to that platform. Then this phone came out to good reviews. So I decided to try it out. I have to admit that I am surprisingly happy with this phone. Everything that I didn't like in the HTC 8x is improved with this phone. Nokia just has more software, and that sofware makes the user experience. Also I think call quality is superior and I have only had 1 dropped call since I have had this phone. The camera is very good as well.

So far, the only thing I would change would be to round the edges slightly and to take the weight down a little more. Other then that, I am a pretty happy Nokia W8 phone user. Happy enough to want to see what the next operating system update will add to the phone. Happy enough to stick with w8 platform until I can see what is the next great thing Android and Apple comes out with. I don't know about os loyalty at this point but I'm more than satisfied with this phone.
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This really should be your next Smartphone!

I have lived with Android and the defragmentation of the software releases with different versions on different phones. I have experienced the high cost of the Apple products and have seen so many friends that encased their iphone with a big ugly case. I have also experienced the "great at first...than behind the times" Blackberry Smartphones. Now I am experiencing the Windows 8 Phone from Nokia and I can tell you I am not going back to any of the other options. The excellent hardware quality of this phone and the additional Nokia Apps make this a super easy to use and that integrates with my desktop. Other reasons to own this phone:

- The offline GPS is fantastic as I never have to worry about having a data connection to get a route (I found out that the Nokia mapping data base powers the majority of the car systems in the world and I can see why)
- Nokia music is not something I would buy, but similar to mapping where you can download to your phone and then use without a data connection, this is fantastic to have a HIGH QUALITY sound mix on your phone that doesn't require a data connection to listen to.
- Yup.....the camera can't be beat, especially with the Zenon flash and the Nokia Apps for the camera.
- Battery charging is another goody that you have love. First, it has a feature that charges the battery up to 40% faster. Although most other new smartphones have this feature now, you really do notice it. Second, you can find the Nokia wireless charging plates for $25 and once you use wireless charging you won't want to fiddle with the plug in cable again. (I bought 2 plates and it is worth it)

There are many other items I could list, but most reviewers have already listed them when reviewing Windows Phone 8. This really is a great Smartphone!!!
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on May 30, 2013
After owning Motorola android smartphones for years, I came to expect slow and buggy operations and defective hardware and a complicated and inconsistent user interface. I saw this and thought I would try something new.

This is a fantastic phone that is actually stable. It is fast, good-looking, and inexpensive. And again, best of all, it's stable!

I will never go back to Android again. Windows is designed to work out of the box, and it does.

If you are hesitant to buy this because of the "lack of apps" on windows phone, then either you are in the <1% of users that pay for esoteric apps or you are misinformed. Every major application is available on this platform as well. Pretty much whatever you want to do, there's an app for that. And it actually works.
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on May 21, 2013
Barely 6 months after Nokia delivers on the revolutionary 920, here it comes again with the 928. Finally on Verizon!! An improved, lighter version of the 920? Sweeet! Love the wireless charging. Love that industry leading camera. Love the design! Sign me up! =)
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on May 7, 2014
I find this phone heavy and very awkward to hold due to the square corners and buttons relatively low on the right side. Unfortunately this resulted in my dropping the phone several times, which eventually shattered the entire screen. However, long before the phone was ever dropped, it had some issues:

1) Poor call signal with any case on the phone.
- I was instructed to remove the case (tried 3 different ones) because every time I put one on, the signal and call quality dropped significantly

2) Microsoft tech support finally confirmed this one: the Windows OS automatically modulates the master volume
- so every time it goes to sleep or is turned fully off, the volume resets itself to 13/30 (was 19 then went down after an update)
- volume adjusts itself down if it thinks you're listening to something that is too loud (i.e. to protect your hearing)
- unfortunately the volume on the entire phone goes down, so you have nearly inaudible phone calls, alarms, ringers etc.

3) In addition to the automatic volume modulation (which is irritating even for someone like me with good hearing), my Nokia Lumia 928 would decrease the volume (audibly), but the volume setting still said 30/30 (this is not a Windows "feature," and is a problem)
- no matter how many times you turned the volume down then back up again, it still stayed at a low volume (even though it said 30/30)
- the only solution to this was to turn the phone completely off and back on again, at which time it would display the true volume (13/30) and could be turned back up
- except that the volume went right back down the minute it went to sleep or was turned off.

4) After 2 months of use, calls could no longer be heard reliably through the handset (i.e. had to use speakerphone or Bluetooth at all times).
- I would call someone/receive a call and hear nothing until I turned on the speakerphone

5) After 3 months of use, the phone randomly would not place or receive phone calls despite good signal, and would randomly fail to send/receive texts.
- this problem never happened when hooked to Bluetooth for some reason.

6) Phone repeatedly disconnected from certain wifi without picking it back up, even though the secure username and password had been entered
- had to manually hook to some wifi every single time

7) The screen orientation randomly got stuck on vertical
- so at times, I could not take or rotate pictures/videos/internet anything to the horizontal position

All that said, the call quality is good if you can make or receive calls. The screen looks great, and this phone takes beautiful pictures with an outstanding flash for a phone. A major plus compared to many phones is that the Nokia Lumia still has an actual button for taking pictures/videos. Unfortunately this button is right where you need to grip the phone for doing anything other than taking pictures. Although heavy and fairly thick, it’s narrower than many phones. The wireless charging is a nice bonus, although I would rather give up this feature if the phone could be lighter. Overall, I suspect that the Windows OS is responsible for some of the glitches with this phone. So perhaps the Windows 8.1 update will fix some of the problems. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone before I could send it for warranty service, so I had to buy a new phone. I would probably not recommend this Nokia unless you mainly email and take pics/vids, but don’t talk on the phone or listen to music much. All together, I spent at least 20 cumulative hours on the phone or chatting with various tech supports (Verizon, Nokia, Microsoft) dealing with this phone's issues over the 8 months that I had it. I got a Samsung windows phone yesterday, and you guessed it, the volume still automatically goes down since it's the Windows OS.
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on July 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon, and this is the first review I have been compelled to write here. This phone is that good.

I am coming from a Droid X2, which I wasn't really unhappy with except for the battery life. I won't get into the battery life issue as I am not reviewing the Droid, but let's just say it was atrocious. I was not unhappy with Android OS, but I didn't love it either, so when my contract was up I was willing to take a look around to see what else was out there for me.

All of the phones I was considering (Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Iphone 5, Droid Maxx) were $200 or more, so I was surprised to find this Nokia for $29.99 here at amazon (It can be had for $19.99 right now at, but I am a Prime member so the basically overnight shipping and support was worth the extra $10). I read about the issues with app availability and synching to Google, then I went down to the local Verizon store and played with the phone. I loved the interface and the look of the live tiles, but it still took me a couple of days to decide I was comfortable moving away from Android. I am so glad I did.

-price. There just is not another deal like this out there.

-Windows8 Phone OS. It is so simple, visually attractive, fast, and stable. My apps launch now, switching between apps or from apps to the home screen, the phone never hangs. It just runs silky smooth everywhere, and everything is easy to find and work with. Apps just work in WP8, and they work the same way every time. I had a lot of on again/off again functionality with the Droid apps, they would work like they were supposed to most of the time, but sometimes they wouldn't. The Droid OS did the same kind of stuff to me, sometimes it would sign on to the wireless at work or home automatically like it was supposed to, sometimes it wouldn't and I would need to do it manually. I also love being able to uninstall any app, I hated the amount of pre-loaded crap that was on my Droid. There is a ton more to love about WP8, like the way it consolidates all of your contact information from multiple sources into one contact (so facebook profile, LinkedIn profile gmail profile, etc... for the same person are all presented to you as a unified profile with all the data from the separate services, but the profiles all remain distinct in the background and can be edited individually), but I won't get into every bit of it, you should just try it yourself.

-email client. This really belongs under the WP8 OS heading, but that was getting long and the email interface is so nice on this phone that it deserves it's own section. It's the little things, but it really is the most pleasant email interface I have used. Gmail works flawlessly here too.

-Integration with other Microsoft services. I love how smooth the MS Office apps work here, they are so useable it is just a pleasure to work with Excel, Word, Outlook, PP, etc...

-MS SmartGlass integration. I am a gamer and Xbox is my proffered platform for consoles (I have and like a PS3 as well but the 360 is what I use for multiplayer so I use it a lot more). The SmartGlass app works so smoothly and is so cool, it is just a great feature. I know it is available on Android/iOS as well, but it just functions flawlessly here on WP8. Spartan Assault is also very cool, really good Halo game on a phone.

-Nokia phone. I have always loved Nokias and this is no exception. Good solid build quality and well thought out overall.

-Performance. This phone blazes and switches between tasks so fast. It is only a dual core, 1.5 GHz processor but it really works great. From what I have read (and experienced), WP8 is not the processor hog that Android is.

-Battery life. I can go a whole day and part of the next without a recharge unless I am hammering it with games/video and tons of downloading. This was my main complaint about my Droid and I am really pleased with the Nokia battery so far. It also has built in wireless charging. I didn't think I cared about this until I tried it, now I won't be going back to plugging in a phone to charge, ever.

-Reception. I get 4G reception with this phone in areas where my wife is only getting 3G, and I get signal in pretty remote areas where others are getting nothing. I hike and ride my mountain bike pretty deep in the boonies, so this is really great. I will add here that while the Nokia Here maps program doesn't have as much "places" detail as Google maps, it does give you the option to download the maps to the phone so you can view it offline. Handy feature for those aforementioned trips to the boonies. The maps themselves are good as well, and I like the directions feature better than Google maps.

-Camera. The camera is great, it is a champ in low light conditions and the xenon flash produces great looking (if not quite true to life) colors, I love it. That's all I am going to say on he camera, but there are lost of detailed review of it out there.

-Screen. The screen is beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. Pics and video look great as well, best phone screen I have owned.


-App selection for app hounds. I have found an app to replace most all that I used on Android, but there is not even close to the selection. The big ones are here though for the most part and the app list is growing daily.

-Google integration is not seamless as it is with Android. I hesitate to put this under "Cons" because I have gotten Google to work pretty good here. It is not automatic as it is with an Android device however. The niggle is Google Calender, it doesn't integrate fabulously yet because Google hasn't supported WP8 with an app, but it does work via the email section with alerts etc..., you just have to use the Google mobile site to work with the calender itself. Google maps must be used on the mobile site as well.

-Can't expand internal storage. The 928 has 32GB of internal storage, so you have a lot on board, but you can't install any more. This is mitigated by really easy and free access to MS SkyDrive. You can set the phone up to automatically backup your pics, videos, docs, whatever to SkyDrive so you don't need to keep everything on the device. I don't mind but other might, so I am including it on the "Cons" list.

-Can't replace the battery manually. I never carried an extra battery with me until I got my Droid, and I haven't carried one since I got rid of my Droid, so there's that. I also have a roll up solar charging mat I carry in my backpack, so I don't need an extra battery when I go out in the boonies. If my internal battery starts to significantly degrade before my 2 year contract is up, this will turn into a problem for me.

These are the only negatives I can come up with yet, but I will edit my review if I come up with some more. I was initially worried about committing to two years of WP8, but I couldn't be happier with my choice. It's rare to get a truly superior option for a dirt cheap price, and that's what compelled me to write this review.
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on August 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this phone for approximately three months. Been very happy with Amazon's service when I needed an exchange. There was an initial smudge on the screen and my order was promptly replaced with no questions asked. This second one is looking very good.

- Well designed and constructed. My HTC Thunderbolt had issues that I don't see here.
- One of the best things I can say is that this phone is fast. Loading apps, switching, closing, playing is all snappy and fluid. I trust it will hold up with future OS updates.
- It's a bit of a heavy phone if you're going to compare it to the iPhone, though much larger. I likely the matte finish of the black over the glossy finish of the white. It fits in a pocket well. The main issue I have with this is that when it's sitting flat on the back the Carl Zeiss shiny area rests a bit higher than the rest of the phone.
- Wireless charging is a huge plus. I rather enjoy not having to plug this thing in when I get home.
- The screen is fantastic. Nokia's PureBlack tech is good to have and it has some vibrant colors.
- Camera is also great. This takes amazing low-light photos. I was recently out at a party after sunset and was able to take portraits with little flash needed (if any). Nokia has some good apps to help take advantage of this capability.
- It's mostly rectangular with slightly curved edges but has a slightly curved back to help the stereo speaker, which sounds great.

I do like Windows Phone and I think the platform has something going for it. It integrates well with my Surface and xBox. So you can clearly see I'm in the platform deep. Good SkyDrive compatibility and I can edit Word docs with no problem. Sure there are some apps to be desired but that's mostly items I check every now and then. Development is good from Nokia and independent developers (i.e., Using "Instance" as an Instagram app and 6sec as a Vine app). Some features Microsoft really needs to communicate better about. For instance, using the people hub to connect to multiple social networks is really great. The photos hub can filter out all these social interactions for just photo-related posts from my contacts. The gaming hub notifies me when my xBox friends come online and want to play a specific game. So overall I think it's a great option that needs some better marketing.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Appearance: Looks nice and feels very solid. The matt texture on the back is very pleasing. I like the bevelled edges; it makes it easy to pick up off the table. The screen is bright and the colors are vivid. I also like it that all the buttons are on one side, it makes it neat and tidy and harder to press a button by mistake when picking up the phone.

Camera: Quality of the camera/pictures is excellent. The flash is unbelievably strong and can light up all corners of a dark room. I like that there is a camera button on the side instead of just something on the screen like other smart phones. There are a multitude of photo-editing apps available.

Windows8: The operating system is the biggie here as it is the interface between you and the phone. I'm not a great fan of Microsoft forcing Windows8 on desktops or laptops but it's great for mobile devices. It's easy and quick to learn and easy to customize. One thing I love is the return button. If you click something by mistake, you can simply hit the return button and go back, with Apple products you have to go home and then click the app again. Another thing I like is the search button, no need to find the app to search; the bad thing is that the search engine is Bing!

The browser is fast and I can load up image/content heavy websites fast. Actually the whole phone is fast.

Battery: Hard to say so far. It's supposed to be good, but I've been using the phone almost non-stop playing games and it's lasting less than a whole day. I like the charge port is at the top, seems more convenient that way. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the permanent battery for a fresh one. This means I will have to keep a charging cord with me while out and playing marathon games. But at least it doesn't use some kind of proprietary cable.

Phone: Call quality is fine. This phone will be a good choice for Verizon customers.

Apps: Migrating over from Apple products, some of the apps I use like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are missing but that's the price of Windows. It was a long process to download the initial app because you have to go through a tedious initial set up. Update: There are some complaints about the lack of apps but I'm starting to find a lot of apps now, including an app that gives you Google. And I really like Nokia's Map Here which is even available offline.

Overall very satisfied with it. The important things are that it's very fast and the operating system easy to learn. I give it 9/10, the 1 pt deduction being the permanent battery and on Amazon's 5 star rating system, that is still 5 stars.

Update 1: The phone has also survived it's first drop on the floor.
Update 2: 5 mins ago, the phone was dropped again by the same culprit, this time on its corner. The top part of that corner actually popped off about 1mm along the edge but we just popped it in again.
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