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on May 30, 2012
The first nokia 700 I bought had the touchscreen pulling away from the body of the phone so I had to return it (Amazon has great customer service). Now that I've had my phone for a while (on T-mobile USA), here are some random thoughts:

I bought this because it was important for me to have physical call and end buttons. If answering/ending without buttons doesn't bother you, then I'd go with iphone/android. (I am aware that you can sort of answer/end calls with hardware buttons, but the solutions are more half-baked in my opinion).

The size is fantastic for me, but I prefer compact devices in general. The keyboard in portrait orientation is OK if you have small fingers. But installing swype makes texting in portrait mode easy and convenient.

The vibration mode is really weak and hard to feel.

Battery life is good. I can get almost 48 hrs of normal use (mostly calls/few texts/limited web surfing), and maybe 24-36 hrs if I'm using the GPS. I don't watch video or listen to music on my phone. I lose about 0.5% every hour on standby. I do active power saving, though. I keep my phone on GSM mode with wifi off unless I need the 3G/wifi for web access (I find EDGE to be workable, though). Your mileage will vary, of course. The options for turning on and off the network mode, wifi, bluetooth etc are so easy and fast that I prefer just keeping everything off unless I need something specific, to reduce power consumption.

You can charge by micro USB in theory. But in practice, several of my previous microUSB chargers simply will not charge my phone, especially car chargers. I had to buy specific a nokia 700 charger (non-USB) for my car. I have found that most plug in USB sockets will work, though (the ones where you have to supply your own USB cord to insert in one end of the charger).

The offline GPS is fantastic. Fast GPS lock, turn-by-turn navigation, all without using up data. Nokia maps is OK, but you need data access for the maps program to find some local things (e.g. fast food places) that aren't already in the offline database.

One bothersome thing is that my remote locking feature simply does not work (i.e. you send a text with a pre-defined message to lock your phone if you misplace it, for example), so I have to keep my screen locked. This wouldn't be a problem normally, except when driving you're unable to use the phone then except by looking at it and using the touchscreen to unlock the screen (which I won't do). This wouldn't also be an issue, but you can't use voice commands unless the screen is unlocked as well. At least you can answer calls though. If you're on bluetooth, then this won't matter.

That brings me to voice commands (initiate by long press of the call button). ugh. My old old samsung flip phone had far better voice recognition than this device. I can sort of make it work by using a fake robot voice with a pseudo-british accent. annoying but livable.

The proximity sensor is good; no more face hanging up like I had with the iphone.

The app situation is pathetic at best compared to android/apple. If you're an apps person, I would not recommend this phone (the OS is Nokia -formerly Symbian- Belle). You can see the available apps at the Nokia Store, and choose the correct phone. You'll see what I mean. If you can find the apps that you need for the 700, then this of course isn't an issue.

The camera is adequate at best. I like having a physical shutter button. With fixed focus, anything closer than about 2 feet gets really blurred.

Summary, if you want a very compact phone to use as a phone, that also has nice web access and great GPS, this will work well and is a great deal at about $200, carrier unlocked.

Hope this helps
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on February 17, 2012
UPDATED AFTER USING for 1 Year : There is a definite call quality issue. Everybody i speak to mentioned this. Voice is not clear. Did not think of it much initially, but now its a major problem. Waste of time and money, get the newer Lumia 520 if you HAVE to buy an unlocked Nokia or go for a Nexus 4. Cant go wrong with either.

- Extremely slick and cool looking. Quality is top class
- The screen is fluid and just beautiful
- No front facing camera :( :( :(
- Battery lasts one day with heavy usage without any issues at all
- Camera is very average
- Because of its small (read cool) form factor difficult to keep the phone still when taking a photo
- NFC, NFC, NFC - this is going to be a big one in the coming days. It has one in it

- Nokia Belle is pretty nimble and not battery thirsty as Android and iOS
- Support for widgets and they dont crash as in android
- The app for youtube points to a website which is really pathetic
- Major apps missing - Dropbox, Groupon, Mint, all banking apps
- There are some nifty apps like DLNA play, Battery Monitor, Nokia Drop, NFC Apps and the best of all Nokia Maps suite, simply awesome and blows google maps out of the park since you dont need an internet connection for Maps since they are on your phone
- Software updates can be done over the air, no need to connect to PC

One major issue i have faced is that the ambient light sensor isnt what Nokia expected it to be. It kept the screen changing its brightness evry other time which was extremely annoying. There is a third party app for it Nokia Screen Brightness, which can disable it and fix the problem.

Nice cool alternative to android, apple madness. beautiful, small and powerfull package with very limited apps. An almost smart phone
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on December 22, 2012
After waiting a year past my contract renewal for my wireless provider to offer a new phone which combines form with function, I've gotten completely disgusted with the oversized monster-phone phenomena. Who are they making these things for, Andre the Giant? I wanted a phone I could fit in my pocket, drop without breaking, use one-handed, etc. So I finally caved and simply ordered an older, outdated, no-contract phone, because apparently the only way to get compact is to hop in your TARDIS and go back to 2010.

So far, despite the capacitive touchscreen (like many people with decent nails, I find having to use the surface of my thumbs to type be a nuisance, and far less efficient and precise), I'm liking this phone. It's intuitive, it sounds good, it's not dropping calls, and it fits in my pocket, purse, etc. It feels solid. I don't feel like it's a huge step up from my 5530, but if it gives me faster connectivity, it's worth it, especially on a goldbox deal.

So why the missing star? The screen lifts off the phone. And this is the second phone (Thank you, Amazon, for being your own awesome selves when it comes to replacement!) But here's the thing; despite this...despite the fact that, from the box, the screen is clearly not attached securely....I'm still debating keeping this phone, because even if the screen FALLS OFF, it's still better than the bulky, fragile, cumbersome, unwieldy HTC One that I tried for two weeks.

Pretty much because I can actually hold it securely one-handed, and fit it in my pocket.

Update: so I bit the bullet, braced myself for horror, and superglued the screen to the chassis.

Problem solved.

Meanwhile, this phone continues to please. I've dropped it multiple times, gotten it wet, and generally mauled it, with barely even cosmetic injuries (one tiny dent in the aluminum backplate). Do buy a screencover, so many touchscreens, actually touching it seems to result in immediate scratches.

Navigation has been 99% awesome, with one glitchy misdirection outlier. Love the downloaded even if I don't have signal, I can still find my way.

The camera could do better at night, and extreme close ups aren't going to happen, but it is quick; I love having a designated button.

I added a 32 gb SSD. Super easy, and now I have buckets o'memory.

The screens are very, VERY customizable, yet automatically grid to an appealing, tidy layout. Horizontal looks a bit messy; this phone is meant to be kept in an upright position, or at least primarily in one position or the other, but this seems like an inherent issue to screen rotation more than anything.

Sound quality and volume, for a cell, are pretty damn good. People with higher cost phones are kind of stunned sometimes at the music belting from my little 700. You won't be replacing a sound system with it, but if you want some tunes for a small group on a picnic, it does just fine.

Voice functions, even through Vlingo, could be better. There's a bit of lag to Vlingo, especially if you run on, and limited function to the built in. But since I don't even like taking calls while driving, this is not really an issue. Voice activated Google searches have been surprisingly functional. Mostly. Sometimes not, to a hilarious degree. Is this a deal breaker? Pfft. If I wanted a conversation with my phone, I'd connect to a person through it.

The recent software update included Office Mobile. I can now start a new Word doc from my teeny tiny cell...and with Swype, typing is easier than on my iPad. I can open my PDFs and PPTs effortlessly, view, even edit. Heck, there's probably some means of using this phone during presentations. I keep discovering new things.... Most of which I then don't use, because I have a half dozen other devices for those purposes. But if I'm ever stranded on a runway and I can't reach my laptop, there it is; my bitty Nokia in my pocket can do a lot in a pinch.

It's too bad there's no Netflix app. That's one of the big drawbacks to going Nokia Belle; it's not iOS, it's not Android, so app availability may be limited. But most of the major functions I need are well met by the available apps. Meanwhile, my iPad was declared pbsolete and unupdatable by the lovely folks at APple after only 2 years, so it can't get the newest apps either, and it most certainly doesn't offer as much for free.

I remain very, very pleased with this phone. Smug, even. I paid $130 and got something sturdier, smaller, more reliable, and just as functional, as the handheld tablets that seem to be the new trend in phones. I would buy this phone again in a heartbeat, and really wish it'd been on sale a year ago when my contract initially ran out. I recommend it to all my friends who aren't looking for a monster screen. Could it be improved? Sure. But for my needs, it's the best option I've tried.
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on August 5, 2012
First off, I believe I may have gotten previous reviewer Stevie's returned phone (lol). I purchased mine through the Amazon Marketplace for $180 - darn good price for an unlocked pentaband phone, I think. I noticed the screen pulling away from the frame in the upper corner area. Debated whether to return it, but decided on a quick home remedy - a touch of glue applied very sparingly on the end of a toothpick and, voila, problem solved. There's a fellow on Youtube- Le55ons -who will completely disassemble, remove components, replace screen, reassemble and restart this phone in about 12 minutes. Now that'll give ya' confidence to perform your own repairs. Anyway, about the 700 itself...
Simply put, this is a beautiful phone. Elegant and gorgeous to look at and to hold. I love the small size. Everyone these days has their face buried in their large brick-of-a-phone device, but that's not what I want. My wants and needs are few.
I want an excellent PHONE, first and foremost. The ability to send and receive calls. Nokia handles all telephony duties easily and well. 'Nuff said. I have read of some people having issues with T-Mo 3G connectivity and/or freeze-ups and reboots with their Symbian Belle phone (not just the 700), but I have had absolutely no such problems in over 4 months of use. I believe the fix is a new Sim card from T-mobile, but I have not needed it.
Secondly, MUSIC playing ability- including streaming of internet radio (real internet radio stations - not that Pandora crap!) Nokia is known for their music phones, and the quality of sound coming out of this little device (whether through headphones, cable to speakers at work or car stereo) puts my friends Androids and Iphones to shame. The Nokia store has a very good free Internet Radio app, but I use LCG Jukebox.
Wi-fi works flawlessly and connects easily for music streaming or lite web browsing.
The GPS is fantastic. I use it for trips and it tracks and displays my route well. I haven't used voice guidance so can't comment on that, but free REAL GPS for life is just amazing.
Now, about the app situation: I feel that I have the apps that I need for a productive, useful and entertaining phone. I mean, does anyone REALLY need Netflix on their phone?!? I don't want to watch movies on such small screens. For that I have a 60" tv with 2 pc's connected via hdmi. A laptop or tablet for on the road. Ditto that for e-books.
Data plan: When I got my first Nokia phone about 2 years ago T-Mobile was promoting the 5230 Nuron with a $10-a-month UNLIMITED data plan (real unlimited data- not this "$30 unlimited data = read-the-fine-print 4GB stuff they all pull now). With this Symbian phone T-Mo doesn't detect any change, and my plan is unaffected. Hallelujah!
External lock key (I love this feature), physical phone buttons. Smooth, fast interface. Customizable. Multi home screens, each with different wallpapers if you like (I do).
Downsides? The camera is the only negative I have. It is weak at best, which is why I am seriously thinking of upgrading to the 808 Pureview. But I will keep the 700 regardless.
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on October 11, 2012
Never!!!!! again will i buy the nokia 700... the phone looks very nice, but nokia cut to many corners when they made this sent me twice this phone and they both came with the touch screen peeling off with really bad data connection.i had to return both phones.i wasted two weeks waiting for the phone back and i have no phone..the pros the phone is sleek and cool looking the screen colors is bad it was poorly made, i would had liked this phone...
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on December 22, 2012
Thanks for your reviews,
I was not surprised when mine showed up today with top half of screen out of frame. Still a gorgeous phone,replacement on its way. Nice surprise is the 4GB card inside (not mentioned anywhere). This phone will replace my Nokia 5800 NAV (junked up and blown speaker),can't wait, 3x faster at 1.3 (after FP1),better OS,more Ram, more storage and thinner.
Great deal for one fifty and no data plan (on t-mobile). I also like the N9 but it is soooo beautiful that it is girly (got pink one for the wife a year ago). Too bad I won't get to use NFC since I am not allowed to touch her phone :(
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on February 12, 2013
I chose the rating by balancing between my bias and what people would expect in a smartphone. I love Nokia, but it's not Android and it's certainly not iPhone OS.. With that said, obviously I would recommend this phone to anyone who likes Nokias. It's Symbian Belle, which is impressive. I honestly wasn't expecting much due to all the bad reviews of Symbian smartphones, but this one managed to impress me. Nokia does a great job creating Nokia software for the symbian phones, they are the reason why their phones are great.. NOT Microsoft.. it's Nokia that makes the good software (Windows phones)..
I WOULD ALSO RECOMMEND this to anyone willing to try Nokia for a change, since Nokias are terrific phones and you do not need to worry about compatibility for certain GSM networks... they have great microphones and speakerphones, and any problems you have with hearing probably have to do with the phone on the other end.
THIS PHONE (N700) has a problem with the glue sometimes not being properly done, the display will peel off and pop-up, this causes a problem with the proximity sensor. These phones are under warranty and you can get it fixed for free by sending it to Nokia repair locations. I personally superglued it and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT AT ALL!! I was lucky to get it right the first and only time I had.
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on June 28, 2012
This phone is absolutely stunning. It impresses with its build quality and it's snappy performance makes it a joy to use. If you want elegant utility from your phone and don't mind giving up the app field that ends up making a toy of what should be a communication device, this is it.
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on December 21, 2012
Phone - excellent
GPS - just perfect. connects in a couple of minutes and the download of the free maps is easy
Design - small and slim enough to fit in my wallet, so when I am looking for my wallet, I could simply call my phone from someone else's phone.
Web and e-mail - works just fine, even though I almost never use those (except for downloading maps which does not require me to type anything). I find reading and responding to e-mails on a smartphone sort of nonsensical. Real, full-blown PCs are everywhere (at least in the office and at home, places we spend most of our time at) and it is SO much easier to see and type on full-size keyboards. If there is an urgent message, people would normally call. No one who sends an e-mail should expect an immediate response anyway. Similarly, I prefer reading The New York Times on my laptop's screen which is more pleasant than staring at my phone whose raison d'etre is different.
Touchscreen - very sensitive, albeit non-responsive to finger nails (not a problem for me but may be an issue for some women)
Camera - decent and worth using when on the go.

I have owned several cell phones over the years and this is by far the best.
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on February 4, 2013
Nokia is loosing their business by making this kind of cheap phones. Atleast they lost my business.

I loved Nokia Phones in past and wanted to go for them once again. I bought Nokia c3-01 touch and type phone before buying this one. The phone was nearly perfect but the only thing that bother me was i hear a ditch-click sound during calls after every couple seconds or minutes (irregular timing). Amazon replaced the phone with another one and the same result. Even Nokia could not fix that. I returned that phone. I then bought this phone Nokia 700. This was the worst phone i ever bought. There was a lots and lots of problems and returned the next day. The phone was really nice in terms of design and looks but had a screen popped up from top. Sensors were not working, screen goes blank when on calls so there is no options to do anything other than talk. you cannot even turn on the speaker as the screen is blank during calls.

This phone is worth 0 star. I gave 1 star and that is for Amazon. I love Amazon and their prompt services. I recommend Amazon, but never buy this phone from any source. Now since i got 3 bad experiences, i will never buy Nokia phones in the future.
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