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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 25, 2014
* Do you like movies about airplanes in jeopardy?
* Do you like edge-of-the-seat thrillers?
* Do you like to see smart people try to outsmart smart people?
* Do you like Liam Neeson? (He has become America's most unlikely action hero. Stallone and Schwarzenegger should take notes: NO plastic surgery and no phony white teeth!)

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above, have I got a film for YOU!

This time Neeson is a U.S. Air Marshall who, after an airliner is over the Atlantic, receives a text message on a secured network advising him that one passenger will die every 20 minutes until $150M is transferred to an off-shore account. And that is just the beginning of this twisty white-knuckle ride!

We watch:
* Liam Neeson ("Taken 1 & 2") is our hero, a bit the worse for the wear, but a smart, resourceful agent, who can only watch as he is brilliantly framed. We in the audience were as frustrated as he!
* Julianne Moore ("Don Jon") is the agitated gal who negotiates for the seat next to our hero.
* Michelle Dockery ("Downton Abbey") is the chief flight attendant: wary, watchful and determined to protect her passengers.

There are so many suspects, we were as muddled and terrified as our hero, but I have never before been in an audience where a MAN screamed. I was glad he did so I didn't have to!

This amazing PG-13 script was written by John W. Richardson and Christopher Roach; it has very little profanity, an intense plot plus some fisticuffs and gunfire. Director Jaume Collet-Serra ("Unknown") held our attention from the first frame. Most of the story takes place on the airliner, so he had to be creative to keep us focused.

As someone who only has flown small aircraft, I am no more than a lay person, so if there are plot holes in this cleverly crafted script, I didn't spot them. The screening audience applauded and the buzz was noticeable as we exited the theater. Do not miss this thrilling movie!

I love knowing there are such diverse reactions to the same movie. It really IS different strokes for different folks. Amazon will notify me when the DVD is available so I can tell my people.
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I just saw this in the theater and really loved it. Most of you have already seen the promo, so you know Neeson plays a US Federal Air Marshall, who is on a plane, up in the air (40,000 feet or so), when he begins to get texts on his secured line, telling him a person will be killed every 20 minutes until the hijacker gets big bucks randsom money. You also probably saw on the promo, that Neeson is set up to look like he is the hijacker.

Neeson plays Marshall Will Marks, a man with some issues of his own. He also drinks a little, just so you know he is human and his life is not hearts and flowers. Marks is a man with a strong work ethic and will do whatever he needs to --to protect the lives of his passengers when the $xxx begins to hit the fan. Julianne Moore adds to the cast as a passenger, sitting next to Neeson on the plane.

The flick holds your interest as you are right there with Neeson and the passengers, trying figure out WHO is doing all this, and HOW! It's a strong film with a powerful ending. I plan to buy the video for my collection when it becomes available.
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on March 20, 2014
Non-Stop is more of a Hitchock thriller on a plane that a full out action flick. It still had it's moments of male enduced testosterone to keep us Taken fans satisfied. The film rolls along nicely and holds your attention with twists and turns as Liam tries to pin-point the highjacker during flight. Yes, some far-fetched bits and a snappy finish, but Liam is such a grounded actor you don't dwell on it. Great direction also, this could've turned into a shaky-cam, fast paced mess but the movie has patience and pulls you in, not rushing anything.
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on June 6, 2014
I normally do not buy movies because i rarely watch them more than once. However, this movie could not be rented, only purchased. It looked really good and i really wanted to watch it, so i went ahead and bought it, hoping i would not regret it. I am pleased to say not only do i not regret it...i LOVE this movie. I have already watched it three times in two days. I can easily watch it several more times and still enjoy it. It was wonderfully written so there are no "yeh right" moments, if you know what i mean. If you like great acting with great action, then the money is well spent on this movie.
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on May 30, 2014
Usually movies that take place on a plane are typically quite straight forward and "static" I guess you could say, but Liam Neeson plays a great dynamic character that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The best part of the movie is that it is unique in the sense that you do not know who the bad guy is until the very end of the movie and it will make you question what you already know about the charters. I highly recommend this movie!
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on June 2, 2014
If you Love Liam Nesson like I do then this is the perfect movie for you! Its a mystery suspense action film that has you guessing from start to finish. Just when you think you have figured everything out the movie switches things up and has you second guessing your own decisions lol

This is a classic who done it movie. I love how movie stars you have seen in other movies pop up as just casual characters and it ends up being a star studded cast.

I loved this movie from start to finish and if you love Liam Nesson and a little mystery then you will like this movie.
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on June 2, 2014
All the way through the movie it will hold you in suspense and on edge. You will be saying, "It's this's the's a crew of them!" - All I can say is watch it and enjoy a great movie. Five stars from me for sure.
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on June 14, 2014
It exceeded my expectations. Then my expectations have gone way down because many hollywood scripts are incoherent. And I'm going to take the onus off the writers here because they serve up a fast paced, thrill ride that keeps you sitting up straight. I appreciated the characters' cultural diversity. Good ensemble actors who did a very fine job in their roles. The motivation for the actual crime is kept hidden until very late in the film. That messes with your suspension-of-disbelief. Then it pulls you out of the action and you ask, "why would they do that for this motive?" and you are kind of reworking the story. Julianna Moore and Liam Neeson and Michelle Dockery have good chemistry. Again, all the people who aren't marquee names do a really excellent job. A little popcorn, some sweet treats and a nice cold beverage and it will satisfy.
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on April 26, 2015
This movie stars Liam Neeson as a Federal air marshal, Julienne Moore as the passenger next to him, and Michelle Dockery (Mary in Downton Abbey) as a stewardess. Basic plot: someone has an elaborate set-up to extract 140 million dollars or else bring down the entire plane in a way that makes it look like Neeson is responsible. Neeson is a great target since, after the loss of his daughter, he became an alcoholic and was almost fired from his job already, making it easy for the higher-ups to believe that he’s the one responsible. Neeson once again proves he’s not too old to star in an action film and do it plausibly. We’ve seen this basic type of plot before: the unique setting of a confined space, some 30,000 feet above ground lends an especially claustrophobic and dangerous feeling to the violence, including the threat of all the passengers losing control and rioting. I’m surprised this film managed PG-13, but once again it confirms that the rating agencies consider violence far less damaging to young minds than any hint of sexuality. Somehow I still think they have it all wrong. In any case this was a great action-suspense film, with Neeson very much in the lead, on-camera almost every scene, as he desperately tries to figure out who is responsible for setting him up, whether there really is a bomb on the plane, and how to stop a disaster, while almost everyone is working against him: the passengers start believing he's the hijacker, the TSA and Homeland Security and Defense Department think he's the hijacker, his co-marshal on the flight very conveniently (or inconveniently) ends up dead, etc. Don't want to spoil more of the plot, but the POV is very much Neeson's, and I felt it realistically conveyed the sense of paranoia when you don't know who on-board you can trust and who is a possible terrorist or hijacker. Great job.
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on January 22, 2015
I haven't seen every Liam Neeson film in existence but I have enjoyed the ones I've seen. Until I came across this one. It just felt pointless to me. Almost like it was trying to be a vehicle for the woman who plays Mary in Downton Abbey to have a Hollywood film credit or something. I just felt talent was wasted on this film. I don't hate it, but I really do not like it.
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