Customer Reviews: RuckPack (Tropical Peach Smoothie)
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on March 18, 2013
3/19/13 UPDATE - I shared a bottle (from a prior purchase) with my pastor who is a Navy Chaplin. He is also tentative about 'new products'. He texted me that he has tried it today and likes it. I have ordered another box (my 3rd) as a care package shipping directly to him.

3/18/13 I have to admit I was skeptical of the product initially. When I saw it on Shark Tank I thought maybe this is a gimmick (using the military) for the product. Then I read multiple 3rd party reviews. A chance came up for a discount purchase and I bought a box. I had tried 5 hour shots prior to this and crashed within 2 hours (I have a very high metabolism). Ruckpack stuck with me for at least 5 hours before I noticed any sign of wearing off. My mind was clearer and more focused. I accomplished so much more in limited time. When I saw this opportunity to purchase at a discount, I jumped on it. My state doesn't carry the product yet. So I rely on the internet and sales to grab some. It can replace your morning or that afternoon coffee you normally need. I am up @ 6am and have a busy day as a working professional single dad. This product is amazing.
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on March 21, 2013
Update 2014-03-26: I just received the new Blood Orange flavor and it is MUCH improved from the previous Tropical Peach Smoothie. I would have put in a separate review, but it won't let me. If you didn't like the flavor of the original RuckPack, try the new Blood Orange RuckPack! They also put right on the bottle that you can mix it with water, so they are obviously listening to feedback. However, the flavor is so much better I did not need to mix it with water. Also they got rid of the annoying seal under the cap and just redesigned the cap so you can now just unscrew the cap and drink!

Original Review:

I'll start by saying I am not a chain energy drink user. I [used to] drink a full "5-hour energy extra strength" shot only if I was very tired or knew I was going to need to be very alert (for example, before a long drive).

I first saw this product on the TV show Shark Tank. I was impressed by the companies early success and their plans for the future. I also liked that some of the profits go to charity. On the show, the founder explained how this drink is designed to replace all the various supplements and energy drinks that US military members take to keep healthy and alert in the field. After reading more about what is in these things, I was very excited about trying some of it myself. Well, it finally was in stock on Amazon where I like to buy things like this since I have a Prime membership to get free quick shipping.

I received my first box today, and I handed them out around the office to anyone in my department that was interested. Several people who were never interested in energy drinks took this one just because it is not "chemical garbage" but instead a lot of vitamins and other healthy natural ingredients.

I tried one, a long with a few coworkers, and we all liked it (so far, some saved it for later workouts etc). I will say that the flavor is a strong tangy, almost citrus-like, peach. If you are used to the 5-hour flavors (medicine yuck with aftertaste) this will surprise you. I would say it is better because it does lack an aftertaste, but I do recommend having some water nearby to wash it down.

So far, several hours later, I feel good. I am not on an energy trip like the 5-hour does where I feel like I can't sit down and my brain is trying to think itself out of my head. This is more like I got some really awesome sleep, had good meals all day (I didn't), and everything I'm working on is clear (I do IT work). Just for fun I took two practice tests for some advanced certifications and I did very well on them considering I didn't study at all in the last 6 months. Trying to figure out answers seemed easier. I think the best way to describe it would be that I had the clarity I get with the 5-hour product, but without the extremely hyper feeling or the Niacin flush weirdness.

Tomorrow I will be having one first thing in the morning when I arrive at work. If I feel like I do this afternoon, I think tomorrow will be very productive but without the bad side effects of the 5-hour stuff I mentioned. I'll update this review when I have a few more days worth of RuckPack tests :) Just the short experience my coworkers and I have had, I would still say buy it!

Update 2012-04-01:
No, this isn't an April Fools joke. After using several bottles of this stuff I will never go back to 5-hour energy or other similar drinks. I am very happy with how well RuckPack works, and my friends are tired of hearing about it. One of the guys at work actually bought a case for himself the day after I wrote the original review. He drank a RuckPack right before he went to his nightly workout and he said it made him feel great. The workout was one of the best he has had in a while, and he didn't crash at the end of the night. He said that he slept very well and woke up refreshed. He used to take other vitamins and energy stuff, but now he will be drinking RuckPack before his workouts.

Another note, something my boss (who also tried and liked RuckPack) figured out, if you mix RuckPack in water it tastes just like a fruit drink which makes it a very enjoyable flavor instead of the somewhat strong tangy flavor I originally described when drinking it right out of the bottle. I found mixing a full bottle in to a 700mL bottle of Zephyrhills spring water it was the perfect ratio for me to get the best flavor. You will, of course, need to drink 60mL of water first so the entire RuckPack bottle will fit.

In summary, I will be purchasing a lot more RuckPack then I ever would have purchased 5-hour stuff. I feel healthy after drinking one of these, where the 5-hour was an emergency drink I really tried to avoid using because of how I felt during and especially after drinking it. I hope these guys stay in business a long time, and maybe they will add a few more flavors to the product line. I plan to promote them among my friends since I know many people who drink too much coffee and/or energy drinks. This product will be so much better for them.
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on December 14, 2013
I've tried just about every energy drink ever made including some of the more obscure ones.

One the one hand this product does exactly what it claims: provides a boost to long term nutritional energy without the caffeine buzz or the hard crash afterwards. (of course it has that soft crash, the mid day "lull", but you'll get that from anything you eat/drink if you do not maintain your nutritional intake throughout the day to support it, this isn't meant to be a meal replacement after all)

The downside and the reason I can't rate this more than average is that there are several other options out there for nutritional energy and most of them cost less. V8 energy drinks for example are very similar to this and cost less than 70 cents each, if you catch them on sale I've gotten them for less than 50 cents. They also taste better (In my opinion) because they are based in fruit juice.

If you really break down what these are it is basically a vitamin water; to which you could just be taking normal vitamin supplements and water to achieve similar results. The benefit here is the faster bio availability of it being in liquid form but that same benefit exists in other water or juice + vitamin products at lower price points.

From a nutritional point of view there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with ruckpack; and if what you are looking for is a vitamin water shot they are an option to consider. Just be aware they don't really taste all that great and there are cheaper options out there.

Note: On a personal note, I have transitioned away from the high caffeine energy drinks over the years and I do prefer liquid based vitamin supplements like this for their faster metabolism into the system (I find that for me, a multivitamin pill takes so long to metabolize that it's not really useful for changes in energy levels and they are more suited for end of day usage so your body uses it over night).

So having said that I tend to use nutritional drinks in the morning and afternoon and take my vitamin supplement pills in the evening. I'll probably continue to use ruckpack occasionally just for variety (say once a week or so); but my daily go-to is a v8 energy can (v8 fusion + energy) at a cost of less than $4 for a 6 pack (I've gotten them as cheap as $2 a 6 pack during sales events)
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on November 22, 2013
I've never gotten anything out of "energy shots", but after seeing Ruckpack on Shark Tank and how it was described as a "nutrition shot", I decided to give it a try.

I'm glad I did. Ruckpack's the real deal.

For me, I think it's the huge dose of potassium you get from a single shot. I've always had more energy and mental clarity when I have 3000 - 4000 milligrams of potassium a day, but it's hard to do that without drinking a half gallon of OJ or a ton of soymilk. One shot of Ruckpack has 1000 milligrams, and that really does the job for me. I feel much more mentally alert in just a few minutes after downing a Ruckpack.

Even better, there's no crash, no cranky feeling later in the day.

Give Ruckpack a try. You'll be glad you did.
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on April 16, 2013
Been a personal trainer for more than a decade and been trained myself. Had a lot of drinks and supplements but these are just flatly astonishing.
The only stimulating effect to these shots is nutritive. If you want a stimulant, chase one with a cup of tea, but you won't need it. When you're fatigued these will replenish you and you'll feel glad that you tried it.
Heck I don't even drink a whole one. If I'm flagging I just drink a quarter of one and put it back in the fridge.
Buying my second box right now!
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on September 10, 2013
Several people reviewing this product have mentioned that they were disappointed because it did not give them the energy that they are used to getting from other energy shots/drinks. That is not how this product is intended to work. The caffeine "energy" that you feel when you use the other products is because caffeine is actually a stimulant (read: drug). This product does not provide that caffeine high, so if that is what you are looking for, yes, you will be disappointed. What this does deliver is a natural-feeling energy that does not spike you up and down like caffeine and other "energy" drinks. When I tried RuckPack, within about 10 minutes I did have a feeling of being more alert and energetic, but again--it felt very natural, and was not the buzz that one gets from products with caffeine in it. The energy lasted for several hours. The best thing I like about this is that it feels very natural--no spikes and crashes, but a steady, sustained, natural energy. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the flavor really is intense and does not taste very good. Like other reviewers, I just drank some water afterward.
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on February 4, 2014
It's a good product, I feel a lot better. I've been using it in place of all of the energy drinks I used to drink. It seems like it's expensive but it's really not once I added up how much it was costing me to buy 2-3 energy drinks 5 days/week. Now I just drink one of these on a day where I'm heavily active at my job and I feel significantly better and it lasts most of the work day. Good sustained energy, my body feels better overall and my mind is sharper. The only potential downside is once your body gets used to having them 3-5 times/week you will notice a bit of a difference in how you feel on days you don't drink one. Overall a great product that I will use for years to come.
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on July 2, 2013
I work over 40 hours a week as well as keep very physically active through sports and working out. I don't enjoy drinking several cups of coffee and/or tea in order to have enough energy, as I don't like staining my teeth. I also don't like the amount of empty calories I consume with coffee (since I can only drink it with lowfat milk and sugar). I decided to give these a try to see if it could fix my needing energy problems.

Wow, I could not be any happier with my purchase. You are full of energy after drinking one of these. It's not a jittery, weird energetic either. It's a completely alert, focused energetic. I really enjoy it, and have begun to share it with friends and family. They all agree that this product works, and they have told me that they will start ordering this product as well.

Do yourself a favor. Get energy the natural, efficient and effective way with Ruckpack.
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on November 2, 2013
I got this for my boyfriend- he likes it a lot for working long shifts at a bar. It gives him that extra lift, without being too intense and without that crash that can happen with some products. Plus the company supports our troops so you can feel good about that too!
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on September 26, 2014
I saw this on SharkTank and knew I had to try this. It did not disappoint and the energy boost went on for hours. The taste was really sour and tangy. Perhaps that's one of the ways it helps wake you up.
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