Customer Reviews: Nordic Naturals - Children's DHA, Healthy Cognitive Development and Immune Function, 8 Ounces
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on February 7, 2016
I am writing this review for every parent that has spent hours on homework pulling their hair out, crying and explaining the same thing over and over only to wonder why their child will finally get it and then the next day almost forget it and like Groundhog Day, you're doing it all over again the next day and the next and the next... My son is halfway through the 3rd grade. I have had him tested for ADD but just haven't put him on medication because I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to help him focus without it. He is not overly hyper he just cannot focus long enough to learn and follow directions. He dislikes doing homework because he knows as well as I do that it will be 2 hours of hell instead of 30-40 minutes of just homework. Let me disclose that I have moderate to severe ADD (not the hyper) and I would not be able to hold down my high-level job without the 30mg of Adderall I take daily. However, I was only diagnosed 4 years ago and wish I would have been diagnosed as a child. Although I did excellent in school and graduated Cum Laude but it was a huge struggle and homework always took forever, even in college. I have seen these same struggles in my son since Kindergarten but they have become more apparent since 2nd grade. So all that to say I know an ADD person when I see one (do homework with one). I was at my wits end and although with a heavy heart I was about to give up and ask the psychiatrist to PLEASE prescribe him the lowest dose of Adderall. I am grateful for Adderall everyday but it is definitely a stimulant and it was the last choice for my son but here I was about to put him on it. UNTIL, I started researching 2 weeks ago and found this supplement. I purchased it with much skepticism but also much hope, praying that it would work even just a little so he wouldn't have to take medication. I read a ton of the reviews and checked their authenticity at, which detected 10% fake reviews, 90% authentic reviews and gave it a thumbs up. Let me tell you that this cannot be a placebo effect because I have tried other things with my son (coffee-slight improvement in focus; Smarty Pants Vitamins-slight improvement in focus; time-out-negative improvement on focus; etc). Within 8 days of him taking this, I actually noticed a DRAMATIC difference in his focus, calmness and homework abilities. I will keep udating my review but so far I have "tested" him twice in math, without him realizing it. I gave him problems from 3 weeks ago that took him 5-10 minutes each for him to HALFWAY understand (while getting down on himself feeling like he wasn't smart and while I was pulling my hair out but also trying not to cry because my heart was breaking watching him feel so bad). Both times I tested him in the past 4 days he completed each problem in under a minute with almost NO help from me and calmly, smiling! And let me tell you that this is not because he learned the problems, it's because he was actually able to focus, understand it, "connect the dots" so to speak, and solve the problem. What I mean by "connect the dots" is this: for example, he could count by 5's to 100 but didn't realize that 65-5 was just counting backwards one time. Or he knew 4x3 and 3x4 separately but couldn't connect that no matter what order you write it, it's always 12. He would always look at it as 2 separate problems and take time out trying to solve each one as such. Those are just some simple examples of basic math and I would give others but my review is already super long. Basically, his performance just in math homework is dramatically better IT'S AS IF HE IS TAKING ADDERALL, but he is not! I have cried twice now, tears of joy. It's as if he brain was rusty and just needed some oil and now the gears are turning freely. I would never write a review about something so important, especially when it comes to kids, and embellish, at all. This is just our experience. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and I will definitely respond back. I have been giving him 3ML every night and will do so forever if I can help it. He also notices a huge improvement and has told me that he feels "really focused and concentrated". At $40, this should last 2-3 month for one child. It is so worth it. Thanks for reading my review! A grateful mom
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VINE VOICEon October 21, 2011
We have had our adopted daughter since she was 7 months old. Not being able to breastfeed we wanted to give her as many positive dietary items as we could. Of course we could not do a controlled experiment but this has seemed to help her. She is developing well and she has no problem with taking this or the infant DHA Nordic Naturals at all. The developing great is very encouraging because she has a genetic deletion and her mom was malnourished and had no prenatal care. Our daughter was also underfed for the first 6 weeks plus of her life. It seemed she started doing more with vocalbulary and being interested in things after starting the DHA. Would she have anyway? I truly can't say.

After using the infant version I was curious about the Children's version because per ounce this one is vastly better priced. So here is what I found. The label for the infant's DHA lists the amount of DHA and EPA per 4 ml (a serving size is 1 to 4 ml). The Children's DHA lists a serving size as 2.5 ml. When you correct you are getting the same amount of DHA and EPA per serving. But you get 8 ounces here as compared to 2 ounces. For way less than 4 times as much. What you are not getting is the higher levels of D3 in the infant. This one also has a strawberry taste that the infant does not. So if you are buying this for DHA and EPA, this is a much better per ounce price. I wish I had known that sooner.

I suspect most people reading this review have done some research on DHA and/or EPA. If you are curious to try, I have heard nothing but good things about Nordic Naturals and as I said the Children's can save you a lot of money over the Infant. The infant we put drops in her bottle or food. This one does not come with a dropper. It also does say check with a doctor for children less than 8 months. But the infant, ironically says 1 to 4 ml a day. If you use 1 to 4 ml of this a day you would be giving your infant no more or no less EPA and DHA than you would having bought the infant one.
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on May 15, 2008
My son has CP and is therefore physically delayed. I started giving him this fish oil and he is the best talker and most attentive 2 year-old that his speech therapist has. She is always amazed at how long his attention span is and how easily he picks up on and repeats things. I believe the fish oil helped in all of this. I put it in his drink every night and he doesn't even taste it.
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on April 24, 2012
* My kid seems to like it (or at least not mind it. I put 2.5 mL in his bottle every day and he sucks it right down.
* Great concentration of DHA & EPA - that 2.5 mL is all he needs for a day's worth of DHA.
* Seems to keep well (keep it in the fridge after opening).
* Same thing as their baby DHA (except for the strawberry flavoring), but much cheaper per ounce.

* Pretty strong fishy smell (although this is to be expected - it's cod liver oil), slightly masked by a sort of artificial strawberry smell. This is unpleasant to me, but like I said my kid seems to like it.
* Causes my little guy to burp afterwards, and his burps smell like the cod liver oil. It doesn't seem to bother him at all (he actually giggles), but it smells kind of gross.
* Difficult to pour & measure without additional tools. The baby DHA had a dropper, which was nice. This just has a lid, and pouring from the bottle is difficult. I recommend getting one of those rubber stoppers that have a hole in the top for a medicine syringe and replacing the lid with that. (Like this one - Ezy Dose Oral Syringes with Dosage Korcs - 1 Tsp ).
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on July 1, 2011
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Nordic Naturals Children's Liquid DHA (the Children's and the Jr. formula seem to be the same and we've used them both)! We've been using it for almost 5 years now with our oldest son (he switched to the gels around age 2 or so) and almost 3 years with our youngest. Our oldest was breastfed but was having trouble having BMs, going a week at a time when he was only 1-3 months old. Poor guy. After going from doctor to doctor, all of whom insisted acid reflux was causing him to spit up and insisted on shoving harsh ADULT meds down his throat (and I said simple physics suggests that being stopped up below means the food has nowhere to go but up...duh!). He was up every 15-45 minute all day and night, no exaggeration. It was terrible! Finally, when he was 5 months old, an awesome chiropractor/applied kinesiologist in our town said it was a gluten allergy (on our first visit). I had asked about food allergies all along, but the doctors had discounted my suspicions. Within 2 days of me going gluten-free, he was noticeably happier. The chiropractor suggested the Nordic Naturals fish oil (and some flora) to help his digestive system. The chiropractic visits 2x/week had him going at least every other day, but--within 1 month of starting this fish oil--our son was going every day. I know this all sound gross and like too much information, but it's helped friends of ours whose babies and children have had simmilar problems, especially the acid reflux.

Our son overcame the gluten allergy by 12 months, something fow which we are incredibly grateful to our chiropractor and Nordic Naturals! When our 2nd son exhibited the same symptoms, we started him on flora (spray) immediately and the fish oil when he was 6 months old. They've never complained about it as they drink it in their juice or milk, but they've known it since they were babies; start young and it should be a breeze. I admit, though, that the smell of it--though strawberry-flavored--makes me gag. Then again, I abhor the smell of seafood. If you have children 3+, I recommend the flavored gels as they're easier to take than the oil (unless that's in a drink) and prevents the slight smell in their cups.

I'm sure most people are aware of the benefits of DHA and Omega-3s in our diets. I've done lots of research on both, as a parent and an early childhood educator, and am happy that this has those added benefits. As heart disease and high cholesterol are common on my husband's side of the family, the fish oil is a wonderful help for keeping our family's hearts healthy!

I hope this helps at least one person. If the things our kids (and us) have been through can help others, then it was honestly worth it!
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on December 31, 2011
My kids like it, and your just might too`Nordic Naturals CLO, Arctic-D Lemon, 8-Ounce Bottle
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on October 19, 2014
My son is three years old and has sever speech delays. He's been in therapy for two years and his vocabulary consists of less than a hand full of words. After two weeks of giving him Nordic Naturals fish oil every other day we are seeing HUGE improvements. We're even getting three word phrases from him! I'm in tears writing this review because it's been such a long stressful road for all of us. We feel like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The only problem I have is, even though it is flavored, my son hates it. I've tried putting it in his apple juice and it's still a big fat "yuck" lol. I just bribe him with a candy at the end of the whole ordeal. Either way I can't express how grateful I am.
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on February 24, 2012
This is my second order for this product. The first order I have was for an 8 oz and for the infant version. My 4 year old and my 2 year old finished the 8 oz without any complain and my baby have also finished his so I decided to just order this larger package for all 3 of them.

The infant version is only 2 oz. and cost 5x more per oz as compared to the children version. I checked the back and noticed that it has the same content so I emailed the company and ask what is the difference between the two version and if the children version is safe to be used in an infant. The company's reply is that the only difference is the packaging and the flavor. The Infant version is non-flavored while the children version have a strawberry flavor in it. He said that babies don't usually respond well to the flavored version but it is safe to give if the baby is willing to take it. So, I ordered this bigger bottle and transfer some of the content to the original infant DHA bottle that I have and tried it to my now 4 month old baby. The company representative's claim seem to be true as from time to time, my baby will try to push out the strawberry flavored one. I have to split the 1ml tube into 4 small doses. I give him a few drops, wait for him to swallow before giving another drop to prevent spillage.

If you have small children and a baby, try to give this a try an save more as compare to buying 2 separate version for your kids.

Update - 05/14/12
Buying another bottle. After a few days of giving this flavored version to my baby, he started to take it without any problem. We just started him with baby food a month ago and I also started to give him this version in a spoon instead of using a dropper and he takes it without a problem. His 2 other siblings just turned 5 and 3 and still loves this product. My 3 year old actually likes to hold on to the spoon so he can lick it clean.

Update - 10/08/13
Just bought another bottle today. I have been purchasing this since 2011 and it lasts for around 10 weeks per bottle. My 3 kids still loves this. Every night, I get this out and ask "who wants to be smart?" they all say me and tries to be the first one to line up to get DHA and of course the gummy vites I got from Costco.
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on May 17, 2011
You can see your child's mood and behavior improve within a few days. My toddler is focused, attentive, speaking and asking questions in sentences. Calmer, her anxiety in situations has lower ALOT. I love this stuff. Also her immune system has greatly improved. I put it in her apple juice and she doesnt complain.
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on June 7, 2012
we've been using this stuff to keep our 7 year old asthma free for over a year now. After 4 emergency room visits in a year, I decided to take a different route for my child's health. My research pointed to the DHA as a possible help. I decided to give it a try. Never did I imagine that it was going to be a cure to her asthma. I'm a believer..never a day without it now.
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