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on October 2, 2005
It works great, and it's small (6" high, 5" diameter) and easy to use. May require some experimentation to get times correct for your own microwave. For me: 7 minutes for soft, 8 min for medium, and 9-10 min for hard eggs on high power (700W microwave).

It does get very hot, so you need to remove it from the microwave with a potholder or towel. I place the whole thing under the cold tap, then remove the top, and cool the eggs under running water for a minute before peeling.
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on July 3, 2010
I had a hard time not giving this thing 5 stars. It does a beautiful job of cooking eggs. But the design is flawed and at least a little dangerous, so I deducted 1 star. I hope they correct the design. It could be worth 6 stars.

First the good part. This thing works amazingly well. I tried cooking eggs in a microwave years ago and they were horrible - rubbery, dry, inedible. So I was skeptical. These are perfect. The secret, as others have explained, is the eggs are protected from the microwaves by an aluminum hood inside the plastic lid. The microwaves boil the water and the steam cooks the eggs. Slick.

It requires a little experimenting to calibrate it to each microwave, but then it's fool proof. (Well, judging from some of the 1-star reviews, it's not 100% fool proof, but then fools are very clever. ;-)

The eggs are at least as good as boiled. I cannot tell any difference. None. And the best part is how easily they peel. After rinsing in cold water, crack all around and peel under a tiny stream or water. Perfect every time. Someone said this is typical of steamed eggs, which these are.

I have discovered a couple of cooking variations that Nordic Ware could have included in the minimalist instructions. The standard instructions say to cook 6-9 minutes and let stand for 2 minutes. Let's call this the "fast" method. This is good if you want firmer whites and softer yolks. On my 1300 watt oven, the magic formula is 6+2 for jumbo eggs straight from the frig. That gives firm whites and mostly runny yolks. Increase that to 6+3 or 6+4 to set the yolks. The downsides of this method is you have to be there to stop the cooking and it is very hot.

An alternative, let's call it the "slow" method is to shorten the cooking time and increase the standing time. On my oven, 4+15 with cold jumbo eggs will produce a softer white and a just-set yolk. If I shorten the cooking time to 3:30, the standing time can be 20-30 minutes. The advantages are I don't have to be there and it's much cooler. The disadvantages are that the white is less well cooked and the yolk is more well cooked.

Now for the problems.

1. It looks cute - like a giant egg. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to grab - no handles. After cooking, it's boiling hot, filled with steam, and slippery. The instructions say to let it cool for 2 minutes, then remove the cover and run cold water over the eggs. This is dangerous. After 2 minutes, it's still very hot and if you try to remove the top, your hand will be directly over the steam vent. DO NOT DO THIS. Also, it must be kept level or boiling water will leak out.

Here's a much better procedure. Carefully remove the cooker from the oven using oven mitts or a THICK towel. Set it in the sink and run cold water over the entire unit. After 20-30 seconds, you can remove the lid and continue rising the eggs. When you first remove the lid, the aluminum tray is still very hot as is the water in the base, so be careful.

2. The top does not fit tightly onto the bottom. There are no threads or even ridges. It's just a flat contact and not that wide. When I removed the unit from the oven, steam came out the seal. I had a towel, but I felt the heat through 2 layers of towel. This really needs to be threaded. Even if it's cooled some, there is still the danger of hot water still in the bottom. One reviewer said that his has a rubber seal, which he lost. That seal is between the tray and the base. It does nothing to seal the top to the base. I still think it needs a threaded seal.

3. Steam from the side seam is a problem. I have not been burned, but I've felt steam through several layers of towel.

4. The aluminum hood is sealed to the plastic lid with a gap in between. Water collects in there and does not drain easily. I do not like that moisture is trapped inside that gap. Over time, I worry about mold or other gunk building up. Anything living will get cooked, but I wish it came apart for cleaning.

5. The aluminum tray is difficult to clean if an egg leaks, which happens occasionally. That tray should be plastic or have a non-stick coating. Cooked-on egg is one of the most difficult things to clean. And the shape of the tray, with the holes and the depressions for the eggs, makes it more difficult to get a cleaning cloth in there.

6. One time, with three eggs, one burst, one was very soft boiled, and one was hard boiled. This only happened once. The one that burst was difficult to clean off the aluminum tray. The eggs are not always cooked exactly the same doneness. It's usually not a problem, but I have had one done and one quite soft a few times. I had been placing it in the middle of the microwave turntable thinking that rotating it didn't matter because the microwaves were only heating the water. Sometimes I had gotten one egg cooked more than another. I have tried putting it on the edge and letting it go around on the turntable. The eggs seem more evenly cooked.

7. The depressions in the aluminum tray are too shallow. The eggs frequently tip over. Doesn't seem to affect the cooking.

8. The water fill line is nearly impossible to see. It's just a raised line on a completely white interior. This is not a huge issue. After 1-2 uses, you know about how much water to add, but it's not the best human factors.

Overall, this is a great unit. I am definitely keeping mine. But I would like it better with better safety & usability factors.

09/05/10 Update: The aluminum tray is now sticking to the lid almost every time and it is also sticking to the base. Sometimes I have to shake it vigorously to free it. This is a little dangerous. I can't just pull them apart with my hand because the eggs and water are boiling hot and the eggs could be cracked. I think the problem has to do with the different expansion indices for the plastic lid and the aluminum lining. All of these problems could be easily solved by making the lid fit better onto the base (threaded) and having the tray recessed slightly. Mediocre design. I am disappointed in Nordic Ware. People have been reporting these design flaws for years, but no changes.

I still like the unit and am keeping it at 4 stars because it's better that anything else I've tried, but these little design flaws are annoying and totally avoidable. C'mon, Nordic Ware, do a little redesign.
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on March 24, 2006
I can't boil eggs that come out perfectly, too many variables. But with the Nordic Egg Boiler, I am a happy camper. You have to experiment with the first two attempts to get the times right (your microwave power and time to cook the eggs per the instructions). But once you've got it down, you get "soft boiled eggs, medium boiled eggs, and hard boiled eggs (may I add, they are easy to peel, very easy!)". On my microwave, I set the time on high to 12.30 minutes. Thats it. I walk away. The microwave beeps at me. So what, let them sit there. When I'm ready I take them out of the microwave (use pot holders - it's still hot), and run them in the tray over cold water. Perfect eggs, whether soft boiled, medium, or hard boiled. I did not want a machine that had it's own heating elements, those machines in time, will break down from the moisture created, and this will result in increased cooking times or complete failure of the unit. The Nordic Egg Boiler works, it is easy to use, and it is simple to use. Nuff said....
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I love hard boiled egg - but it's so wasteful to turn on the stove to boil a pot of water just for me. With the NordicWare egg boiler you can cook up hard boiled eggs on demand, in a low-imapact, ecologically sound manner!

First, a warning. NEVER microwave eggs in a microwave without a device like this! An egg is a completely sealed object. If you just tossed eggs into a microwave and turned it on, they would explode and make a gigantic mess. Usually the solution for this is to "poke a hole in the egg" which as you might imagine is an iffy proposition.

So how does the NordicWare Egg Boiler Work? Well, it is actually pretty cool. First, you put the eggs, 1-4 of them, onto a little internal rack which is sealed by metal. Normally you don't want to put metal into a microwave because it reflects the rays of the microwave. In this case it's a good thing. It means the eggs are NOT touched by the microwaves at all. They are shielded.

So how do they cook?

Beneath that aluminum "protective cage", you put water. So the water DOES heat up because it's not shielded. You are in essence ONLY cooking the water. The water then steams the eggs.

So on our microwave - 1300 watts - I cook 4 eggs for 6 1/2 minutes. Then I let them sit for say 15 minutes to cool off. They are perfect! Also, it takes no "stove watching". I pop the eggs into the container, pop it into the microwave, and forget about it. Eventually I come back and either toss the eggs into the fridge for later or at them.

The cooker itself pops open in to 3 parts - the egg top, egg bottom, and the "rack" and all 3 go into the dishwasher without any problem. Super easy cleanup. It's not even like they are "dirty" - they only touched water, after all. So really you could just wipe them down if you wanted to.

I haven't had any problems with egg explosions. I cook my eggs to "just about hard". So if somehow I got smaller eggs in a batch, they might cook to "medium hard" - but they wouldn't explode. I think you would normally have to be cooking your eggs to "super hard" to get an egg to explode by going slightly smaller on the egg size.

Highly recommended!
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on January 9, 2015
I had one of these egg cookers for years; I even gave one to a friend once I love it so much. Use it all the time. Then one day cooking my eggs as I do many times each week I hear this loud bang in the microwave see the attachment caused the bang. LOL that said I did purchase a new one because I love it so much, and writing down the incident as mine was too old and I should have replaced it years ago.
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on March 15, 2006
I've used many egg cookers and this is the best! It works so easy - fill with water, add eggs, and microwave for 8 minutes. The eggs come out perfect every time. Its very compact and easy to store.
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on May 15, 2012
When I first bought and used this I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. However, I need to warn everyone of the danger of this product. One day an egg exploded after being cooked. Apparently, over time, the protective metal shielding wears off even when the product is never washed with detergent. The eggs sit on a metallic colored base and are covered with a metallic colored shield. This protection is EXTREMELY important because it allows the water to come to a boil but protects the eggs inside from the microwaves. Well after so many months of use I started to see some black color peeking through. I didnt know what it was and ignored it...until the egg exploded that is. I cringe at the thought of what would have happened had I removed the lid and then had the egg explode in my face. I returned it for a replacement with Amazon thinking it was just defective but now months later the new one is showing the same signs of wear. I wont risk continued use. Its not like I washed it and rubbed the protective stuff off. All Im saying is BE CAREFUL.
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on June 1, 2015
I've had the egg cooker for about six months. From time to time the top would pop off during cooking; nothing major. Until today... 2 eggs exploded, blew the door open, and bits of egg were not only embedded inside the microwave, but on my cooktop and the floor below.... It took just over an hour or so to get the oven, cooktop, and floor back to normal. Proceed with caution.
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on May 7, 2005
I've tried some other microwave egg cookers. None of them cooked evenly. This is so easy, you can have 4 hard cooked eggs in 8 to 10 minutes, soft cooked in less. What's more, they seem to peel perfectly.
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on July 27, 2010
Add me to the list of those who had this thing explode in the microwave. Mine exploded just after the cooking time was complete & I opened the microwave door. Egg bits all over the kitchen. Dented in the ceiling of the microwave; I'm sure the microwave would have been destroyed had the door not been open.
I read & followed all instructions exactly. It worked fine for about 8 times over a 3-week period. Then this.
Buy this thing at your own risk.
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