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on August 29, 2014
Not as good as her other books. Little too predictable but basic story line is OK. Both stories are a fast read. Found the main female character in Borrowed too whiny but loved the male character. Recommend for a light reading when you want to put the book down at a moment's notice.
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on July 3, 2014
North to Alaska is by Debbie Macomber. It is actually two books combined into one. They are well written as are all of her books. The characters and plot are well written and believable. As you read, you keep thinking, I am glad this didn’t happen to me or I wish it had. A box of tissues at hand is definitely a good thing.
That Wintry Feeling is the first book. Cathy Thompson had come to Alaska to get away from the situation in Kansas. She had never been out of Kansas and saw this as an opportunity to start anew. Her boyfriend, Steve, had broken up with her expecting Cathy to do the apologizing. She didn’t. To get even with her, Steve started dating her sister, Mary Ann. They ended up getting married. Cathy just stood by in bewilderment and let the marriage go through. She has begun a new life in Alaska without a man. As a teacher of basic skills, she saw the children who were having problems and worked with those problems. One of her students was Angela Jones. Cathy needed to talk to her father but had problems getting hold of him so she tracked him down at Alaska Cargo. She found him to be overbearing, arrogant, and a work-a-holic like her father had been. However, he agreed to have Angela tested and to get her a tutor. Cathy thought she had seen the last of him. Instead her friend, Linda, convinced her to answer a personal ad for a date and her date ended up being Grady Jones. Thus began an unusual friendship. He recognized she was running from something and that someone had hurt her badly. Just as things are getting interesting, Steve writes Cathy a letter telling her it was a mistake for him to have married her sister and that he really loved her and wanted her back. Now what will Cathy do? Can she hurt her sister and take Steve back? How can Grady help? Will Cathy keep running?

Borrowed Dreams is the second book. Carly Grieves has come to Anchorage as a traffic supervisor for Alaska Freight Forwarding. She has found she loves Alaska and definitely had made the right decision to come here. Carly had no family, only a close friend who was getting married in Seattle so leaving wasn’t too hard. Carly was a perfectionist and once she was able to afford it, never wore, lived in, or drove anything second hand. She had always been second hand during her childhood and refused to be that now. She wanted to be first in her husband’s eyes and life and hadn’t found that perfect man yet. She still has a lot to do in her life so isn’t in a hurry anyway.
Her first day on the job, she meets Brand St. Clair when he comes to borrow a truck from the company. He invents a rescue so she will give him the keys without waiting on permission from her boss. She is livid when she finds out he lied to her. Brand is all the things she doesn’t want in a man. He is brazen, arrogant, stubborn, and worst of all has been married before and still loves his wife and has children. Although Carly is attracted to Brand, she refuses to be second. What will Carly do now? What will Brand do?
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on July 11, 2014
Reprint of two old stories. Neither of which was good. Nothing in the press said it was not a new release. I waited for this on a preorder and I feel duped by the publisher touting it as a new story by Macomber.
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on March 18, 2014
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on March 21, 2014
Powerhouse author Debbie Macomber has polished up two of her older stories and put them together in one book entitled North to Alaska. The setting is gorgeous and as it happens I was living in Alaska around the time both these books were written back in 1984 and 1985 and her descriptions are right on the mark. The romances however leave a little bit to be desired.

That Wintry Feeling, the first story and in my opinion the better of the two is a tale about a woman whose ex-boyfriend marries her sister so she escapes to Alaska to start a new life. She finds romance that she wasn't looking for with the father of one of her students, but neither character is very appealing. The whole romance with the ex boyfriend is a bit convoluted and I just couldn't connect with these two people. The hero's daughter is sweet though and brings out the best in our heroine which helps a little.

Borrowed Dreams was even harder to feel good about because the heroine Carly is constantly second guessing herself and every move she makes while Brand, a man she met at her office begins to doggedly pursue her for no good reason. She doesn't encourage him, their dates don't go particularly well yet he keeps after her convinced that she's the one for him. Throw in a snarly grandmother that doesn't want to give up her grandchildren and thinks Carly is basically worthless and you've got a whole lot of obstacles for happily every after.

I wish I could say I liked these stories more. They were written early in Macomber's career and her skills as an author have improved immensely and she has always been one of my favorites and will continue to be but it won't be because of either one of these stories. If you want to read some better books by this author that take place in Alaska, check our her Midnight Sons series.
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on May 29, 2015
North to Alaska by Debbie Macomber
This audio book offers two books based out of Alaska from the author.
That Wintery Feeling
Cathy has switched jobs and locations after her boyfriend left her for her sister. She moved to a job at a school in Alaska. One of her students draws her to Grady, a pilot.
She also answers a personal ad and it turns out to be him. Love the travel their dates take them to: alaska pipeline and Denali from the air.
Also lots of wildlife sightings. Her friend that also teaches is attempting to get pregnant and is having problems but there are adoptions that could work.
Cathy receives a letter from her ex telling her how much he misses her. She accepts Grady's proposal as his housekeeper is moving back to the lower states and Cathy will make a good mother for the daughter.
Not only do her mother show up for her wedding but her sister and her husband....
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
Borrowed Dreams
Carly works as an administrator in Alaska after leaving Seattle for a break. She has grown up in foster homes her whole life but her mother never relinquished her rights.
She meets a pilot, Brand and he opens up to her about his past and his troubles as they attend an art showing where a picture compels her and she does evidently open up to him about her fears.
She just wants to be friends with Brand and he persuades her to be more......she finds the artist and meets her in prison and she won't sell the portrait of the child...
Brand comes with kids that she didn't know about. she just wants a guy that nobody else has loved. she wants to be his first...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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on March 27, 2014
I probably would not have bought the book if I had realized it was a remake of " The Wintry Feeling" and "Borrowed Dreams" because I had recently read both those books, However if your customers have not read her other books, then I would highly recommend any of her books. I always lose sleep because I can't put them down until I find out what happens next.
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on June 17, 2014
Haven t read a lot of it yet.Cannot comment any further on this book at this time. Thank you Do not like the way a review is done. It should be as long as you want it not a required number of words . Thank you!
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on March 16, 2014
I like stories with happy endings. I don't always read that kind of book, but when I need one, I can always count on Debbie Macomber. She does good background on the areas that the stories take place, and that brings it more to life.
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on March 19, 2014
This book contains two stories previously published. Both stories have much of the relational tension that Macomber is known for.

That Wintry Feeling is aptly named, as all the main characters spend the majority of their time out in the cold romantically. When the story opens, Cathy and her fiancé have had a fight that resulted in their break-up (though the details are very fuzzy here and you never get a sense of what happened) and Steve (the fiancé) subsequently dating and then marrying her sister. The sister is not very smart throughout the book, as she never gets it that Steve married her out of spite and to make Cathy jealous. Cathy's relationship with Grady (the book's romantic hero) is one of those cliché he's-been-hurt-and-needs-fixing types of relationships. He's a widower with a daughter, and he pressures Cathy into a loveless marriage only to freeze her out of his life as soon as the knot is tied.

I also disliked the way he treated her on their wedding night - forcing her to take all her clothes off even though she was uncomfortable and didn't want to and then forcing her to consummate the marriage in anger. One can only guess how it must have felt to be more or less raped on your wedding night by an angry husband. Steve, the man Cathy is still in love with, tells her the truth about his marriage to her sister but Cathy rejects him, unsurprisingly. The ending was unsatisfying because Steve is never dealt with; we have no idea what happened and we should have seen him dealing with Cathy's sister truthfully in the end.

The second book, Borrowed Dreams, features a single woman and another widowed man, this one still in love with his dead wife. Carly is attracted to Brand in the beginning but then finds out he's been married. He also has 2 kids, something he neglected to mention early in their relationship, as the children don't live with him. He spends the entire book bullying Carly into having a relationship with him while he talks incessantly about his late wife and compares the two women. Carly doesn't want to spend her life as Brand's consolation prize, but Brand needs a mother for his kids and Carly is rather weak-willed and doesn't communicate well. She gives in to his demands repeatedly after he tells her things like he won't take no for an answer and won't let her walk away. He cares nothing for her worries and imagines he's making out with his dead wife whenever they kiss, but Carly puts up with it because (I can only speculate here) he's good-looking and she's lonely. Repeatedly, she pleads with him to consider her feelings and give her time but Brand always selfishly refuses.

She doesn't want to be a secondhand wife and mother but Brand doesn't care. Carly will meet his needs and those of his children. Carly is expected to overlook it when he moans his dead wife's name during lovemaking. Even her best friend treats her like an idiot and tells her to grow up and play second fiddle to a dead woman in order to avoid spinsterhood (please). After they married, when Carly tried to please Brand, he'd harshly tell her not to compete with his dead wife because she'd never win. When she wants to be loved for herself, she's accused of self-pity. When Carly finally realizes she's miserable and wants out, Brand tells her if she leaves him, he'll hunt her down. She stays and he reminds her of his dead wife at every turn, bragging about how his children look just like her. As many of Macomber's heroines do, Carly humbly accepts the abuse.

Both books have happy endings. This is typical of romance novels regardless of the problems in them. Both heroines readily admit they deserve everything they got and the men in their lives are happy they've finally seen the light and their place in the world.
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