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on December 10, 2010
<So far, over the past 5 years, I have stuffed one of these bags about 6 times a year far more than I would normally stuff a bag (30 lbs of pillows, blankets, sheets... stuff that compresses a lot) and it has given me no problem at all. No signs of fraying, ripping or zipper issues... zipper works well every time. This was one of my better purchases over the years. HOWEVER I was just looking at the 1 star reviews and it appears that quality control may have changed in 2014. My 2010 versions are holding up very well.>

I really did need a bag AT LEAST 16x40. That was the minimum dimension I could use to store a rolled up twin sized foam mattress for camping.

The bag I received was actually 15x38 from seam to seam (it is a cylinder, so the 15" is the diameter of the circular end.

I did not take off a star because very few people would be as picky about the dimensions as I am being.

The fabric itself feels like very sturdy cloth and the dualing zipper seems very sturdy and there are well sewed carrying handles on each end. Very, very nice.

On the insert the bag came with, it mentions two sizes 16x40 and 18x42. I am guessing that the 18x42 is really 17x40, so I am out to obtain that one instead.

MotoBuys was excellent about emailing to me a return shipping UPS label.

This is the 18x42 in blue: Sport Gear 18 x 42" Duffle Bag - Blue Diamond

<Update 12/18/2010. NorthStarBags replied to my email within 20 minutes and worked with me to get the 18x42 in Grey as they will not have any more in black until March. Here is their response regarding the dimension issue:

We go back and forth with our factory about keeping the quality-up to our specifications all of the time. This is an ongoing battle and I'm sorry that this happened to you. We'll work with the Factory to build these bags to the right size on our future orders.

We have shipped you a SD1842 Charcoal Gear Bag No Charge.

We really appreciate your bringing the measurements to our attention. We have been able to catch all of our spring production. Your attention to details has helped us tremendously and we really do thank-you. Our company is just starting out and we want to build our reputation on Quality Products and Happy customers that feel they are getting a quality product for their hard earned dollars.
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on March 26, 2012
I bought this bag to replace a tent bag that had ripped. Wow, I really underestimated the size of this bag! I was able to put in not only my tent and poles, but also the tarp and the air mattresses and I STILL have room for more! It seems to be very rugged and durable, a great bag for the price. I'll definitely be ordering another one, maybe two!
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on August 5, 2013
Wonderful product - has traveled around the world. It is designed PROPERLY and at an unbeatable price. The zippers are heavy duty, the straps are sewn in tight over large areas so they don't easily rip out like other cheap bags. the cloth is fairly heavy duty - especially considering the very low price of this item. Finally someone actually thought before designing a travel bag - no more stupid flaws or weak tear points.
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on September 22, 2011
I put all my camping gear in this thing and throw it in the back of my jeep. It's great! Tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, camp chair, awning... the whole deal. Great bag!
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on November 24, 2012
I ordered two for my week long camping trip to Oahu with my Girlfriend. All our gear, and backpacks fit nicely with room to spare! Our supplies made it through the airline's baggage handling just fine. No noticeable snags or rips. A couple of odd stains but I think it will wash out.

Was concerned that this bag might be considered over-sized luggage, but the airport gave us no trouble.

Lastly, they fold/roll up nicely (not tiny mind you) and sat in the bottom of our backpacks while hiking around.

Good product, would order it again.
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on February 16, 2014
I bought this bag to use as a soccer referee back in 2012 (Update: Still going strong in October 2015). I'll give you the bad first. Since this is a 5-star review, it can't be that much of a deal-breaker!

Well, the shoulder strap snapped on my bag within two months of purchase. There are two plastic pieces between the shoulder strap and the bag itself: (1) the clip that connects to the shoulder strap, and (2) the "triangle" piece that connects to the bag itself. These two plastic pieces hook to each other to connect the shoulder strap to the bag. On one side, the "triangle" piece snapped. I simply connected plastic clip (1) directly to the bag, and moved on with my life. Then, not very long after that, plastic clip (1) snapped on the OTHER end of the shoulder strap, thus precluding any further use of the shoulder strap. At this point, I started using the hand straps on the top of the bag as shoulder straps, and carried my bag that way. Not too comfortable, but at least I could still carry the bag. To be fair to this bag, EVERY bag I've ever purchased for refereeing has also snapped in the same spot, so this is not a unique gripe.

By the way, I have now been able to avoid the strap breaking issue by attaching carabiners (those keychain hook things...I didn't know what they were called either!) between the fabric portions of the strap and bag, skipping the plastic completely. I added a photo to the product page to show what I mean. It's a cheap, easy way to reduce pressure on the weakest part of the bag.

Now, on to the good, and the great:

1) This bag is HUGE! It is the first bag I've ever used as a soccer referee that could actually fit my flags. My typical loadout is as follows: Assistant Referee flags, 10 referee shirts (5 colors, long and short sleeve), extra shorts and socks, waterproof blanket, set of communication radios + accessories, gallon of water, 3-inch binder, clipboard, and a bunch of small stuff, like whistles, sunscreen, towel, ball pump, etc. Everything fits with plenty of room to spare, which is something I could never say previously with any referee bag. I could even fit my folding chair in the bag, but that just made it too heavy! I use pencil cases and space saver bags to separate the different items, and to provide some extra water protection.

2) Besides the shoulder strap, the bag is very durable. The stitching on the hand straps, the two ends of the bag, and the zipper looks very strong, and has held up just fine despite my attempts to load my entire life into the bag (see #1).

3) Customer service is fantastic! I was skeptical at first, since they don't have an email address on their webpage (I only found a phone number by doing a site search using Google). But if you look at the various 3-star reviews on Amazon, you will often find that a Northstar rep replies to the review with a customer service email address. I contacted that email address (customerservice 'at' northstarbags 'dot' com), and a rep named Doug responded very quickly. Despite the fact that I bought this bag nearly 18 months ago, Doug went out of his way to understand the problem, and provide a fix free of charge that I considered to be above and beyond what he needed to do.

Considering the three points above, it's easy to forget that this bag costs about the same as an entree at Applebees (and provides FAR more value!). I'd consider this bag a good value even at double the price. If you don't believe me, then check the "Best Seller" list for Duffel Bags. This one is currently #4, but look at all the other items in the top 10. They all cost double what this bag costs! That speaks volumes, in my opinion.

I can't recommend this bag enough. Buy two!
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on July 29, 2013
Bought this as cheap motorcycle luggage. It held up over a 1000 mile trip draped over the passenger seat without a sign of wear. Kept the water out through moderate rain. A great piece of motorcycle gear, even if that wasn't the intent.
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on September 8, 2011
I bought this bag to use mostly as a suitcase and it works very well for that purpose. Easy to carry through hallways and up stairs with strap over a shoulder without marking up the walls because it wraps around my body when carrying it like that. Also being long with a long zipper makes it easy to find what you want even though it holds alot of stuff. Well made, too. Should last a long time. Great bag.
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on June 29, 2012
This bag was purchased for son's airsoft sport. He needed a bag large enough to hold his airsoft rifle, the ammo, protective gear, and change of clothes. This bag is light but amazingly rugged and easy to clean. Zippers, pulls all very easy to use and strong. Very roomy still. I figured at the nice cost that I would probably need to replace this bag, but after being put thru some rough workouts (picture sliding down muddy banks, tromped on by boots, used as a shield, etc), the bag cleaned well and looks almost new still. Would also like to see an hidden internal pocket for personal items. It will most likely last for many years. Its wonderful to see such quality and I will remember this brand for future needs.
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on July 17, 2015
Boy Scouts are tough on gear, and so are airlines! We took 21 Northstar duffel bags stuffed with backpacks and other gear through 4 flights and 6 trips through baggage handling equipment with zero problems. Customer service during purchase and shipping was personable and very helpful. I used the precursor to this bag for the same group trip 3 years ago with some minor handling damage to one bag and was happy enough to buy again. This new duffel is even tougher, and the new zippers held up to overstuffed, yank hard Scout abuse! The included shipping strap will make for more compact storage until the next use. This is a 5 Star product for backpack transport!
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