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on May 16, 2011
I was hesitant to order this because I saw a recent review saying that the bottom of the device created muffin-like donut holes, but I decided to try it anyway. That reviewer must have a defective unit, because this creates ROUND donut holes as the top and bottom plates of the unit have round holes. I made cakepops using this and the top and bottom plates were shaped correctly and the result was cake balls the size of a regular donut hole (maybe 1.5" wide?). I used strawberry cake mix in a box (with no frosting added) and baked them for about 5-6 minutes in this unit, they came out light brown on the outside (but not crispy) and soft and moist on the inside. The cake balls fit onto a cakepop stick just fine, but I really recommend popsicle sticks because the cakepop is heavier than traditional sized cakepops and may be very top heavy. No complaints with how it performed, easy and simple.

I don't usually write reviews, but I wanted to make sure people were not put off by that other review because that person described the unit wrong. It will create cakepops like the Babycakes Cakepop Maker. This unit will make 7 large cakepops (instead of 12 small pops with Babycakes), they will be larger than traditional cakepops because it is obviously a donut hole maker. I did not make cakepops the traditional way with frosting in the batter, but the Babycakes Cakepop Maker works the same way as this unit and is made with regular cake mix as well. I added two pictures to the gallery to show the first cake balls and finished cakepops I made so you have an idea of what they look like.

The only con is that it took me a batch to figure out how much batter to add to the wells. I found that pouring the batter to fill up the entire well worked best. I'm looking forward to all this little device can make, it's fun!

Update: After doing more cake balls, I found that it was helpful to bake the cake batter until the tops are firm (3-4 minutes), then turn them upside down in the wells and bake for another minute or two so the tops get more rounded and browned. This really gave them a more uniformed round look I wanted for that "cakepop" look. Then I plopped them into an egg carton to keep their shape and put them into the freezer for a little bit to firm up before moving on to dipping them into chocolate. Also, one regular size box of cake mix gave me about 25 cake balls.

Another update, about 2 months of use:

The machine is holding up well and still cooks things consistently and with easy. It's been really wonderful now that it is summer and I want to bake, but don't want to heat up the kitchen. My 4 year old has been helping me pour batter into the machine and it's very easy. We use the Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop, size Medium, and one scoop fills one well perfectly (I added the link below). I have the Baby Cakes Cakepop maker and I find that one much more difficult to fill because it is so small and I overfill it often, making it difficult to avoid the rings around the cake balls. I have to find a scooper for that one too. I have made donut holes, different cake balls and most recently banana bread balls. You can really make so much with this! I made banana bread balls with my Baby Cakes maker and this donut hole maker, so I would have two different sized treats. Most people preferred the donut hole sized balls because it was about 3 bites of bread versus 1 bite with the baby cakes ball. I have added a picture to the gallery so you can see the different sizes of the Baby Cakes balls (traditional cakepop size) and the donut hole balls. When I was looking at them I noticed if I stack the two cake balls together they would make a really cool snowman cakepop, so that's an idea for those feeling adventurous this winter. My husband doesn't like traditional cakepops and says they are too sweet and thick, but he absolutely loves the lighter cakepops that this donut hole maker creates. Everyone is loving this thing and I am having a fun time because it's fast, easy clean up with a wet paper towel and bakes up to my expectations.

Another update, 5 months of use:

Still love this thing! I use it a lot, especially when it's warm and I want to avoid using the oven and need something baked quick. It's been a lifesaver and worth the money just to use it this summer alone, there have been many times before when I wouldn't bake something because I didn't want to heat up the house, now that's not a concern. It is still working as new, last week I made my own batter for brownies, cooked them about 18 minutes and they turned out delicious- moist on the inside but the outside had a little thin crust (not dry though), so the brownies didn't fall a part. I've made brownies a lot with this, they turn out great and are just the right size. The trick with brownies is to carefully lift them out (I scoop them up using a fork and avoid scratching the metal) and put them on a wire cool rack so they have time to firm up. Avoid touching them too much right after baking. You have to figure out the time needed for your recipe, but using the simple toothpick check works on everything I bake with this. The unit is very hot though and it may get a little hotter the longer you use it, so your subsequent batches should be baked at the same time as the first or a little less, keep an eye on your second batch so you can adjust your baking time as needed.

More useful info:

If you are looking for an easier way to make traditional cakepops (baked cake crumbs mixed with frosting, then shaped), check out the Cupcake POP mold by My Little Cupcake. I have used it with my cakepop mixture and it works great and cuts your time down- just make your cake/frosting mixture, put some in the mold, wipe off excess and then pop it out of the mold. You also only need one mold and it's about 10 bucks shipped. My kid dropped it on the tile several times and it hasn't broken, so that's a plus. If it's not in stock at Amazon, google for the company's site.

For people wanting recipes for homemade donuts or cake batter, I usually use AllRecipes (google it) to find easy and free recipes- I love reading user reviews and ratings on them too.

Link to scooper: (I have used this for 3 years now and works perfect. I use it for cake batter, cookies, small pancakes, ice cream, etc. It's fantastic!) OXO Good Grips Medium Cooke Scoop
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 13, 2011
This is a video of making my first batch of donut hole/cake pops using the Nostalgia Electrics JFD-100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery. I prepared a 1/2 box of Sof' Ella Pound Cake Mix, 17-Ounce (Pack of 6) and used the OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop to fill the wells.

The first batch turns out near picture perfect; this batter is pretty dense so I think a lighter/regular cake mix would have yielded a more perfectly symmetrical round shape but these are pretty close as you can see. This being a thicker batter I am guessing this is what I can expect using other thick batters like for muffins, zucchini bread, etc.

I used a couple of very helpful hints from other reviews:

* I flipped the unit over using pot holders at about the 3-4 minute mark. IMPORTANT: the unit LOCKS closed if you apply a little pressure to the lid and this way you won't spill the contents or create a seam on the cakes. I practiced engaging and releasing the latch a couple of times before plugging it in so I'd have the hang of it without it being hot. To release the lid you have to pinch where the black latch meets the top lid at the front of the unit; the top and bottom are pretty hot at this point so I used a fairly thin pot holder to release the catch without burning myself.

* I used a carving fork to gently lift the finished cakes out of the wells taking care not to pierce too deep, placing them the cakes an empty egg carton. The egg carton suggestion works very well (thank you MommaOat!) because while they are hot they can still change shape. I thought I might need to place the cakes in the freezer which was also recommended by the same review but by the time the second batch was complete they seemed cool enough to handle a dollop of whip cream without melting it. Oh, and the first batch cakes turned out *very* good taste and texture wise; slightly crispy outside like if you toasted a rich buttery piece of pound cake, very dense and moist on the inside. Very pretty topped with a tiny bit of whipped cream and a few fresh raspberries which balanced both the heavy and sweet of the cake.

Second Batch: here's where I ran into a little bit of trouble - using the same timing, flip method etc, the top halves were very dark and and the cakes VERY fragile compared to the first batch. I had to use two plastic forks as "tongs" to get them out without breaking them. The instructions state to close the lid between batches to promote even heating which may have been a factor - maybe I took too long reloading it combined with only four of the wells were filled for the second batch. I had read that the unit gets hotter as you progress so I'll need to keep that in mind and maybe bake the second batch one minute less next time. I'll update the second batch results at a later date.

I love that I didn't have to heat up the oven to make these treats; preheating took 3 minutes and I can make as few or as many cakes as needed. Easy cleanup - I let it cool down and wiped with a wet paper towel. Came with 25 nice quality bamboo sticks for pops too. Despite the trouble with the second batch this is a fun gadget and I can definitely see making good use of this with many types of recipes.
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on October 23, 2010
A home delivery service sells a delicious breakfast product-sausage in the middle of blueberry muffin batter but round! Hmm! I bet my machine would do that better! My head began to dream of all the treats I could create with this new idea..bacon,cheese,veggies, in the middle of???? etc.And fruit bites would give a bite of dessert without a pan sitting around.

I bought this maker because of a family tradition--Danish Ebelskiver (a round pancake that takes a specialty pan) with a filling of some applesauce. I have a smooth top stove so the original pan slid around and I never became good enough to enjoy making them often; my family loved them though.

I discovered this baker at a local store yesterday and bought it, hoping to enjoy fresh donut holes and ebelskivers, fritters and beignet type of morning treats. The book mentions bite size brownies so that expands the machine's usage. I can think of many other uses.

This morning, as a shortcut, I tried a small blueberry muffin and enjoyed these. The mix did well but lacks enough baking powder to rise to the top of the doughnut cavity, making them not brown correctly (a small thing since they are thoroughly baked). By using the spoon methodas suggested in the manual to turn them though, I had a dozen bite size muffins for breakfast--fast and easy with no cleanup! No smoke or grease!

Considering a dozen donut holes would at least $2-$3 at a store, I was extremely happy with the results and I get to choose flavors not sold! This is a great item for making snacks or additions to lunch boxes.

You could fill them directly with the filling since the batter rises of the center like lava brownies or a caramel filling. Or use the included syringe type filler to shoot a filling in later.

I will use this machine for many things--consider it a great gift to a single person to enjoy fresh baked treats. I will experiement with several kinds of mixes such as brownies or scones to see what it will do with each. There aren't many recipes in the book but easily available on the internet. I also make up my own mixes for fast treats.

Now--doughnuts without the oven or frying! Yeah!!
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on August 12, 2011
I'm fairly satisfied with this product (see my images), but there was a bit of trial & error. I tried EVERY suggestion I could find in order to achieve the pretty, round cake balls that you see on the photo of the box.

Here's what I ended up doing:

I filled the wells completely up and at the 3 minute mark I literally had to flip the machine over in order to get the top to match the bottom. I used pot holders to do this, so please be careful! I'm sure that the manufacturers do not want you to do this, but after trying every other way to get my cake balls to look like the ones on the box, this was the my ultimate solution.

I tried flipping each individual cake over in the wells using a toothpick at the 3 minute mark (like another reviewer suggested) but I did not get a very pretty result.

Bottom line, I like the product, but I'm a little nervous about how I'm using it in order to get the results they advertise on the box. I don't think I'm hurting the machine by flipping it over, because it seems to be a sturdy piece of machinery.

One side note - Do not....repeat, DO NOT use Wilton cake release spray in the wells!!!!! This machine, believe it or not, gets waaaaaay too hot for that spray you end up with gross, brown, smelly grease that you have to wipe out before adding your batter! After I wiped out the grossness, I didn't use any other product in the wells, but the balls came out easily.

Another side note - I used regular yellow cake mix. I found it to be very fragile and difficult to keep the roundness when I removed the cake ball (using a toothpick) even transferring them into an egg carton. I think I might get a better result using a pound cake mix, since that's a more dense cake.

Good luck with it!
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on August 24, 2011
Just received this about 2 days ago, and am very happy. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in my mid 40's, so I grew with wheat products (cakes, cookies, bread, pasta, DONUTS), and only recently had to do without. I do have a healthy diet, and ate donuts perhaps once every 10 years, but the minute someone says "you can't eat this again, not EVER", you kind of get a hankerin' for it. Also, I do understand there are a lot more gluten free products available in grocery stores, but they are still processed, processed, processed, and almost WORSE than the gluten filled counterparts.

I made a batch the first time last night, and I have to say I was very successful. For those who have noted "I followed the recipe and instructions and they didn't look anything like the picture on the box"...........COME ON, get with the twenty first century. Every photo of food on a product box is more than likely created by a food stylist. Nothing looks like the picture on the box.

I find when I purchase products like these, I always check and read all the reviews. Not only can you decide if the product is worth purchasing, but you can get inside tips on how to use a product SUCCESSFULLY. Usually, there will be someone else who has worked out the kinks, and will be happy to share that info with you.

I started with searching the internet on "How to make round aebleskiver" (Danish pancakes). (I found Aunt Else's Aebleskiver. She even sells gluten free mixes). Aebleskiver are the round stuffed apple pancakes, which use the same kind of pan as this donut hole maker. Then I went on YouTube and did a search for "how to make aebleskiver" and found a number of excellent videos on how to use the's CRITICAL that you must open the maker during the cooking process and turn each one with a chopstick or other stick type instrument.
The Youtube videos will show you the proper way to turn the donut.

On my very first batch, I used non-stick spray, not oil or butter, and it worked great. I did a search on the internet for gluten free recipes (aebleskiver, ebleskiver, donut, etc) and there are a lot. I used a recipe with gluten free flour with additional 2 tablespoons of corn flour, xanthem gum, eggs, a bit of sugar and buttermilk. I did not separate the eggs and beat the egg whites separately, I just put the whole egg directly in the mix. I tried putting the jam in the middle, but this did not work well. It's hard to keep the jam in hole, I recommend making the holes plain and filling with jam after done. The jam oozed out of all the holes.
The second run, no jam, I filled the wells just a teaspoon above full, used the turning technique I learned on YouTube, and PERFECTION.

So if you must be gluten free, and crave donuts, but don't want the hassle or fat of deep frying, DEFINATELY give this a try. Just make sure you learn and use the flipping/turning technique during the cooking process, and you too will have tasty, beautiful donut holes..........unprocessed and flavorful. I can't wait to make gluten free bread balls, instead of sticks.

I will try to take photos and upload on my next run.......I just need to not make too many of these, or I will be as big as a house!!! Yum!!!

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on November 16, 2012
I purchased this and the Baby Cakes one. Tried this first. I used their "Quick Donut Holes" recipe, then after cooked rolled them in Glaze and Cinnamon crumb topping recipe I found at site (recipe for Cinnamon Crumb Doughnuts). Love at first bite! Tasted as good as any "fried" crumb doughnuts I've ever had - AND, only one of these satisfied my cravings... so much less fat/cals, etc. for one of these than a whole doughnut.

I used another reviewers suggestion to put batter in with med ice cream scoop she recommended - and it put out the perfect size for each cavity. The dough was too thick to pour, which is fortunate as I tried a recipe from Baby Cakes one (much thinner) and excess poured over both machines cavity areas.

The Baby Cakes test was a disaster. What a mess! Makes Doughnut holes 1/3 the size of these. Cavities in that one are so small that I found it almost impossible to not drip batter all over while trying to get LESS than 1 TB in each cavity. Ended up making a funny-looking pancake with doughnut bumps. Baby Cakes might be great for young kids who don't eat much, but end pieces just way too small for me to enjoy - as opposed to this one.
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on August 9, 2011
since I bought this 3 friends have borrowed it. I'm making things from Brownie bites with marshmallow middles to Artichoke heart 3 cheese biscuits - my nanny has gone crazy and the kids love everything. sunday morning waffle batter.. instead of waffles we have little waffle balls - our favorite is making pizza balls with Bisquick mix with cheese and little bits of pepperoni and right before you close the lid put a little dab of tomato sauce.. so great. I'm ordering 3 more today for gifts.. 20 bucks!!! do a search on ebay. some guy is selling them for 200$$ crazy - I LOVE THIS MACHINE.
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on January 19, 2012
I got this device two christmases ago from my mother. I stuck it in a cabinet and forgot about it.The machine I have is pink and green and just says donut hole maker.But its the same one as the one you are looking at that is peach and yellow. Recently, with all the cake pop craze going on I started looking at cake pop makers. Well duh, I dug what I already had out of that cabinet to see if I could create the same thing. The machine could be made a little better. The lid gets really hot and is hard to open with oven mits on. The plastic latch is the issue.Anyways,I tried one of the included recipes and the 5-7 minute cook time is a joke. They were raw and gross but a pretty golden color on the outside. So I dumped that batch in the trash. The second batch I cooked for 10 minutes and those came out better. They still needed to cook just a little longer. I also noticed they kept the round shape better when cooked longer. So,being rather curious as to what a cake mix would do I decided to experiment. I used a Duncan Hines yellow cake mix and cooked the first batch for 12 minutes. Those were slightly undercooked but still edible. So I did the rest at 14 minutes. That did it! So 14 minutes and you dont have to turn over the balls or machine over during cooking time. I read in another review someone turned the machine over so that they would cook better.I dont see any need to go through that. Just cook them longer. They kept their shape,cooked well inside and out,and tasted great! Also,fill the wells all the way up but not overflowing. When I did overfill a well the excess was crispey and just peeled off without messing up the ball. I used Bakers Joy cooking spray since it has the flour in it. I figured if you need to flour a regular pan why not the wells when using a cake mix? Otherwise, I just use a regular cooking spray which seems to work just fine. I guess it's up to the baker. Have fun with this machine...I do! On a side note the machine smoked really bad when I plugged it in the first time. I mean really bad. The booklet said this was normal as with most new appliances do smoke a bit when new. But really this was ridiculous. The second time it smoked again but has since stopped. So all is good. I dont put sticks in them like with cake pops. We just pop them in our mouth and enjoy. They are easy to frost and fun to eat. Thanks for reading my review. And thanks to my mother for taking the time to gift this machine to me.
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on July 10, 2011
I didn't expect these to be so large, but the unit works wonderfully. I have made cake-pops with this (by making the cake batter thicker than normal using less liquid) and they were great. They are a bit too heavy to make cake-pops out of as they don't sit well on top of a sucker stick. If they were slightly smaller, they'd be great for cake-pops. Going to try other desserts like brownies.

I LOVE to make breakfast sliders with the large donut holes. I cut a little off the bottom so it's flat, then cut the donut hole in half. Then I beat 2 eggs and fill the 7 cups in the maker with egg; 2 large eggs fill the cups perfectly (about 3/4 of the way). Cook eggs for 5-7 minutes. Place egg on bottom half of donut hole, top with cheese and meat (I like ham), insert toothpick to hold together and microwave 10-15 seconds to warm. The sweet taste of the donut hole reminds me of a sweet biscuit. This is my favorite use of the appliance!
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on November 5, 2011
I ordered these for cake pops because I don't like the traditional method of crumbling cake and shaping them - WAY too sweet for me. This really worked great. I took the other reviewer's recommendation and used popsicle sticks. I dipped the sticks in melted candy melts to "glue" them into the bottom, then I froze them before I frosted them. Heating some canned frosting for 30 seconds made a great consistency to dip the cake pops. I've also made pancake balls that my family really liked. Do watch the heat though. The machine seemed get really hot the more I used it. It never smoked on me, but they do cook more quickly the longer you use it. These were a hit at my son's Halloween party - with parents and kids alike.
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