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on June 30, 2011
Bristol has always seemed to me to be a spunky, earnest young woman, so I was expecting this book to be an interesting read with some self-reflection and life lessons that would be helpful to American teens. I can't express in words how disappointed I was after reading it. As many others have commented, Bristol refuses to take responsibility for ANY of the bad decisions she made and seems clueless about how basically calling Levi a date rapist will effect his relationship with his son in the future. Yes, Levi seems like a jerk, but he is still her son's father and like attracts like so why was she with him so long? Her version of the story is not only completely self-serving, but it doesn't ring true. Bristol's credibility is further damaged by how she paints herself as the innocent victim in every situation. Everyone's out to get her and her family. It was extremely tiresome by the end of the book. This was a book filled with whining, complaining, and grievances galore. Bristol assumes the absolute worst about everyone she encounters, yet wants the reader to assume the best about her. I could understand it if having her child had truly destroyed a promising future she had in the works, but in reality she's been rewarded with riches and opportunities other 20 year olds could only dream of. I can't help but worry about Sarah Palin's other kids and what lesson they are learning about the consequences that come from bad decisions. Why wouldn't they also take the easy road to fame and fortune just like their big sister? Shame on Bristol, her ghostwriter and her mom, if she had anything to do with the content of this book. And shame on America for bestowing unearned celebrity on a young lady who clearly is not appreciative or mature enough to handle it. I would have never even considered buying Levi's upcoming book but now I might depending on its reviews. After this drivel, I'm curious to hear his side.

One last thing, how could Sarah Palin call this book perfect??? That was one of the reasons I decided to give it a read. Shameful!
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on June 29, 2015
This book is trash, just like the whole Palin family.
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on September 2, 2015
so cool that she is not afraid to show that she is a fun girl who doesn't mind having fun sex with anyone. love her free 1960's
nature and hope that she inspires others to just have fun and relax and have sex and babies....she is great!!!!!!!
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Corinne Quayle, Tricia Nixon, Sarah Gore, the Agnew girls (Pamela, Susan, and Kimberly), Jennifer and Judith Kemp... all of them, any of them, and other Vice Presidential candidates' daughters must be limp with relief that Mummy didn't find a ghostwriter and publisher to put out a book this sleazy, and so early in a young woman's life.

Bristol Palin professes many things in her life: that her parents gave her a "purity ring" in adolescence (a sure-fire applause line for one of her mother's speeches, had she used it, which she hasn't), that she has had only one sex partner at the age of twenty ("one too many," as Nancy French writes). After being put on birth-control pill at age fifteen, she says, to relieve menstrual cramps, Bristol woke up "cold in a tent" after passing out from too many wine coolers and losing her virginity; and that the young man to whom she announced her betrothal not once but twice is "a gnat." Oh, and that she felt she had to "watch her back" in the presence of Meghan McCain. Bristol's many, many grievances--such as why her family did not routinely fly first-class when her mother was, briefly, governor of Alaska, or why the McCains owned so much Louis Vuitton luggage and had more hairdressers at hand during the 2008 campaign--take up most of this book. And from the foreword by Theodore Roosevelt, the person who actually reads this book has to wonder how much of it Bristol herself read. It also appears to be a catch-all for grievances accumulated by her mother since the publication of Sarah Palin's ghost-written "Going Rogue."

"'Wow!' said my mom," pointing out that the "Dancing With the Stars" finals garnered more viewers than Keith Olbermann, whom Bristol says, "has seemed to disappear, and is more irrelevant than ever." Umm, Keith Olbermann returned to the airwaves this week--poor timing, girl.

The knife-sticking and twisting goes beyond Olbermann, President Obama and the McCain and Johnston families, including Bristol's fellow contestants on DWTS, a competition entered by no other politician's daughter. Bristol/Nancy call the human-interest pieces on Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey, and Florence Henderson "sleekly produced tearjerkers," a phrase difficult to imagine emanating from Bristol's lips, given her trash-talking posts on MySpace and Facebook. Yet she tells her professional dance partner Mark Ballas that their chances are "all in God's hands." Really? After the instructions given on the Internet to Palin fans about how to game the system and multiple-vote for her?

The real victim of this otherwise forgettable book is little Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Children are cruel, as his own mother has demonstrated in 253 pages. Tripp will be the target of playground gibes before he can read.

The real culprit for foisting this tawdry family on the American scene is John McCain. Without him, we never would have heard of Bristol Palin.
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on June 22, 2011
IMO, Bristol proves herself to be a self serving, very loose girl. Her book is just like her Mom's book, full of lies, with an overall mean girl tone. Bristol proves herself to be uneducated, even in the terms of a high school graduate. I will never let my teens read this trash.
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on June 21, 2011
Bristol comes across as a very spoiled, paranoid child seeking attention. At every turn, Bristol speaks of the "wrongs" done to her mother & herself. Don't waste your time. It's all about blaming others with no personal accountability.
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on June 21, 2011
Just another attempt by Alaska's First Family of Grifters to grab more money from the dingbats who think the Palin's have something important to say.

Sorry about the single star -- Amazon won't let me rate it with negative stars.

This review refers to the Kindle edition -- which I deleted from my Kindle after reading.
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on June 22, 2011
NEW YORK (AP) -- Bristol Palin writes in her new book of losing her virginity to boyfriend Levi Johnston on a camping trip after getting drunk for the first time on too many wine coolers.

She awoke in her tent, alone, with no memories of what had happened as Johnston "talked with his friends on the other side of the canvas." She had vowed to wait until marriage. And she had lied to her parents about where she was going.

So she basically calls her ex a rapist and then claims she has no memories of the event clearing her of any responsibility. I think this will be one of her mothers talking points if she goes to any of the 2012 debates. "Abortion is morally wrong and we never even considered it after my daughter was raped. God says every life is precious and Tripp is proof of that."

I hope she is sued for defamation of character.
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on June 25, 2015
After all her clueless blaming of Levi, how does she explain getting pregnant AGAIN without the benefit of marriage.

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on August 1, 2011
I read this book thinking that my opinion of Bristol may change after hearing her side of the story. I was wrong. Like Bristol, I grew up in Alaska. There is no way the story this girl tells is true. She didn't know alcohol got you drunk? Please. This book is dripping with fabricated stories to justify her mistakes. How about admitting you made decisions you regret instead of blaming everyone else? There isn't a "journey so far" if you haven't learned anything or taken responsibility for your life.
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