Customer Reviews: I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It [Explicit]
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on August 30, 2009
Seriously? These guys have a record deal? Thats criminal. These guys make the Insane Clown Posse look like lyrical geniuses. All of their songs are about getting drunk or having sex. There is no substance to their "music" whatsoever. The first time I ever heard of these guys wasn't in a review or an ad, but from Kieth Buckley of Everytime I Die and he was bashing them. Then I heard about Buddy Nielsen from Senses Fail talking smack about them. After that I overheard some dude talking about how bad they are and that it was the worst music he had ever heard. Now its pretty sad if th only publicity a band gets is negative. I really can't understand how anyone could like this "band." The lyrics are terrible, the beats are just recycled Lil Jon and the screaming is more of an annoyance than an addition. Just looking at a picture of these guys makes me want to punch them in the face. Listeing to their music makes me want to go on an all out homicidal rage. The world would be a better place without this band.
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on July 18, 2010
It is truly incredible how any group of talentless hacks can get their grabbag of cash by releasing a 30 minute craptstorm of horrible autoned noise garbage mixed in with terrible growling vocals and absolutely insipid lyrics. Apparently it takes four members to produce such beautiful poetry on laughable vomit festivals like on these songs. Parents, let me ask you - is THIS what you want your kids to listen to? Horrible 2 minute "songs" about a quadro of tools dancing around in a bar and having sex with half the women they see? Do you honestly want your kid coming home with a shirt that says "Skeet Skeet" with fake semen stains on it? Like Waking the Cadaver, another absolutely awful band which I reviewed earlier, these lyrics are absolutely offensive towards women, and these four brainless losers should be put in jail.

This seriously, truly offends me. As I'm writing this review, in fact, I'm getting more and more pissed off with each word. So to save me from getting more pissed off, I'll end this review here - half of our American population are absolute blockheads, knowing we like and produce feces like this.
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on March 21, 2010
"******* horrendous" - Metal Edge
"A mockery to the world of music" - Trash Magazine
"A near-perfect snapshot of everything that's **** about this point in the culture" - British Commentator Warren Ellis

Nevermind what the critics say? It doesn't mater anyway scene kids, because anybody with two workable ears and taste can detect this music is vile ****. Brokencyde is the absolute nadir of music. There is not a shred of any musical worth in this terrible piece of garbage. The beats are hollow, lifeless, and dull, and the synths are 3rd rate knockoffs of 3rd rate disposable 80's synthpop band. The lyrics come from the mind of a thickheaded meathead. Even the title of the album isn't clever, as it is supposed to be a response to the negative critics. Can somebody even answer why this is supposed to even be a comeback? I don't think anybody with a brain can spot the logic (because there is none), but the "hip, ironic" (read: pretentious) scene kids probably think it's a profound statement. Yeah right.

As a matter of fact, why does this band even have four people? I laugh at the fact these guys need FOUR band members, especially considering how bad they are (some people call them the worst band ever recorded, and that's a fact). Seriously, what band gives credit for lights and fog machine? I also like the fact they have TWO vocalists, who do nothing else like it's a challenge to juggle the brainless lyrics and vocals while managing the simple, terrible music. Even if the two vocalists couldn't use either instruments beforehand, how hard is it to learn how to use synths and drum machines, especially when making music this bad? I could program the two instruments in my sleep and come up with something better.

The fine state of New Mexico should be shamed. If you like Brokencyde, fine, more power to you, but I haven't heard something at all that's this bad, so that's saying something. Just avoid.
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on August 3, 2009
god damn brokencyde is TERRIBLE! their lyrics are crude and just disgusting sometimes....and really parents do you want your kids coming back from their show with a shirt that says "skeet skeet" and has fake cum stains on it?
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on May 30, 2011
Oh my god! Do these guys take themselves seriously?! I hope not. I am very open minded when it comes to music, but this is just noise. I discovered this band on youtube. The music and the videos were hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing, but now I'm also pissed off. What crackhead gave these boneheads a record deal? I hope these guys overdose on something. I'd rate this music a -10 if it were possible! They aren't even worthy of a star!
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on July 18, 2009
i stumbled upon brokencyde whilst browsing the net one day and was intrigued simply upon the fact that around 95% of the internet absolutely hate and detest this band and 5% love them.

needless to say, i listened to "freaks" (no stupid post-myspace/txt spelling for me) and turned it off and never looked back. i have to agree with the other reviewers that are saying this band is everything that's wrong with the scene and myspace generation. i'm no goody-two-shoes but compared to these guys i feel like everything i've ever done was right. this album just makes you shake your head.

if you have kids and they want to buy this album, i'd really suggest you don't let them, kids shouldn't be listening to this garbage and you'll probably get a disease just from touching the cd. these guys are the anti-common sense. i'm not a saint but i dont promote telling tweens and teens to get drunk, do drugs, have underaged sex and generally ruin your life all in the name of a good time.

all these cds should be destroyed. i highly suggest they take a swan dive with all of them into a volcano and do the world a favor. i still cant believe that they have a record deal. that's like getting a million dollars for breathing. wtf is wrong with people?!
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on June 22, 2010
Just take one listen to this garbage. This CD combines horrible lyrics which could have been written by 4th graders, pointless screaming (The screaming dude repeats every other word that the other Auto-tuned idiot chants.), GarageBand beats, and more Auto-tune then the Black Eyed Peas, T-Pain, and Lil' Wayne combined. Again, this is the very bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst of the worst. I can't write a sarcastic, humorous review like I have in the past about this, because it's just too BAD. If you still don't believe me that this is the worst album in musical history, look up the music video to "Freaxx". Then, read the lyrics. Oh, and just to make sure, bring some antiseptic, a gask mask, and a trash bag to vomit in. This is somehow labeled in the sub-genre of a sub-genre, something they call "Crunk-core". You can put lipstick on a pig, and not call it a pig, but it's still a pig.

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on December 23, 2009
Can someone please provide me with some golf pencils that I can stab my eardrums with? This makes "Crazy Town" look like The Beatles. IT'S THAT BAD!
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on November 8, 2010
Scene kids combining screamo with hip-hop, crunk, and electronic wankery. I don't know what's worse...that I listened to this, or that I'm wasting my time writing this. Brokencyde is proof that anything can sell, no matter how horrible it is. I guarantee that if the members weren't "hot scene bros" that 15yr old girls thought were cute, then this wouldn't even be on the radio or even known for that matter. Scary how music is all about image these days.
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on February 4, 2015
I was not sure if was going to bother with this, but in all honesty, the more negative reviews these losers get, the better. It is truly hard to believe that there are people who are so musically illiterate that they will actually think this is good. Honestly, until I heard anything by this miserable excuse of a group, I never thought that anything this bad could even be called "music" at all. How very wrong I was. Crunkcore? Seriously? Crunk hip-hop with emo screamo vocals? Combining one type of atrocity with another... how very creative.

Next to this heap of infernal noise (or whatever you want to call it), I would almost be happy to hear Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc... and this is coming from a die-hard fan of bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest and Dream Theater. Yes, it is THAT BAD, no exaggeration! If giving this "album" NEGATIVE one trillion stars was an option, I would stamp it with that faster than lightning. Thank goodness this "band" has not been doing much lately. As another reviewer said, the world would be a better place without them. End of story.
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