Customer Reviews: Now Foods Whey Protein, Isolate Pure, 10-Pound
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Flavor: Natural Unflavored|Size: 10 lbs|Change
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on August 12, 2008
I'm a personal trainer, nutritionist, and former bodybuilder. The pure unflavored whey protein isolate is definitely the best protein powder you can find. There are many health benefits to using whey protein, but with all of the artificial sweeteners and additives in most powders, those health benefits are ruined. Insulin sensitivity is a major factor when it comes to burning fat and building muscle. Lack of insulin sensitivity is the reason for sugar cravings and getting the shakes when you don't have your Coke or Pepsi everyday. Whey protein is proven to improve insulin sensitivity more than any other protein source, but common additives like Acesulfame and Aspartame cause insulin secretion much like sugar, and that diminishes the whey's ability to increase insulin sensitivity. The key to burning fat 24 hours a day is to keep your insulin in a low to moderate range, and avoiding spikes.

As for guys trying to build big muscles, insulin and growth hormone are very important for building muscle, but when one increases the other decreases. That's why professional bodybuilders use both insulin and HGH at the same so they can get the best of both worlds. Unless you want to pay $2,000 a month for prescription HGH and insulin, your best bet is to keep your insulin in a low to moderate range so you can gradually build solid permanent muscle while gradually lowering your body fat at the same time. Having a high carbohydrate protein shake immediately after your workouts do help build muscle by filling your muscles with glucose, and that's fine if you're going for the modern Ronnie Coleman look. The low sugar/insulin diet is best if you're going for the lean old school Scharzenegger look. Believe me, women definitely prefer the lean old school bodybuilder look over the bloated pot belly gorilla look of the modern bodybuilder.

So my recommendation for a good protein shake for not only weight loss, but fat loss, and muscle gain; is a scoop of pure whey isolate, a little xylitol, and some plain natural cocoa. The whey kills your appetite and keeps your insulin low, the cocoa is a strong antioxidant and increases serotonin to fight hunger and boost your mood, and the xylitol makes it sweet without causing any insulin secretion in your body. It isn't the greatest tasting shake in the world, but it's still pretty good and it makes losing fat much easier. Having that shake with a small meal a few times a day is an easy way to put your body into a positive nitrogen balance, which means your body is burning fat and building muscle.
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on January 10, 2013
A lot of the criticism levied against this product on here is unfounded. Is this powder the greatest thing ever? No. However much of the 'negatives' reflect customers who should not have purchased this product to begin with. I will attempt to explain why.

First off, people say that it is "too foamy" when blended. Well, maybe you should buy a protein powder with a chemical in it to inhibit foaming.
Second off, people say that it does not taste good. Well, maybe you should buy a protein powder with a chemical in it to taste like some artificial flavor.

This product has 2 ingredients in it, which is why I bought it. I think it's digusting how long the list is on a lot of the boutique powders, and if you ask a sales rep. what they do, they can only give you the company line- which is 90% of the time not even remotely medically accurate. It's basically cutting the stuff need to make more money. So, first ingredient here is Microfiltered Whey Protein. That's what you want, warts and all. Flavor, color, texture- if you wanted WPI- then deal with it. Second ingredient is Soy Lechithin which is less than 1% of the product (it says so on the packaging). That's for (brace yourself, big word coming up) emulsification. In other words, it keeps powder, well, powdery. It basically prevents the whey (milk product) from caking up or breaking down. It's basically in everything you eat.

Sorry to disappoint you that there isn't any more to talk about. Honestly, you can look up whey protein isolate on wikipedia- what it does, what it does not do. Try doing the same with all the rat poison ingredients in other stuff, and then write a review praising how good it is for you. I'm sure there actually is truth in some of it, I just don't find it necessary for what I am trying to do. If you don't like the taste, do what I do- 4 ounces of V-8 V-Fusion and 4 ounces of milk, and a shot of some schnapps. Makes it taste perfect.

Oh, and it does foam up a lot. After blending 9 ounces, I can't pour it all into a 14 ounce glass.
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on September 19, 2015
tl;dr: it's lead, and it's nothing.

I've been using this powder for years. My latest shipment, for the first time, had a sticker on it that says "California Residents Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains a substance known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." Even though birth defects are not an issue for me (I'm male, and I'm also not planning on having kids), it drove me crazy that they didn't say what substance the warning was for. I also failed to find the answer anywhere online. (NOW Foods does have a "California Residents Proposition 65 Warning FAQs" page, but it doesn't specifically cover this product.)

I asked a question on the Amazon product page, but just got the usual collection of replies from people who don't understand that you're NOT SUPPOSED TO ANSWER IF YOU DON'T KNOW. Sheesh.

So finally I figured out that I could contact NOW Foods directly (they have a question submission form on their web site), so I did that. They answered the following day. Here's their response:

"The warning is based on legal settlements with attorneys that proposed the Prop 65 regulation for the State of California that mandates even low lead levels found naturally in the Whey protein be stickered. See our site on Prop 65 info: [link to the FAQ I mentioned above]".

So there you have it. California requires this label if there's a chance of more than 0.5 micrograms per day of lead in a product (I assume for this product they figure people will have one or two servings per day). Obviously it's still under the federal legal limit. The federal regulations seem to be a bit complicated, but for example, they seem to allow up to 15 micrograms per liter in drinking water. They allow 0.5 micrograms per liter (not per day or per serving) in baby food.

So, basically, it's not a concern for most of us. Use common sense. Don't try to live on this and nothing else; the lead is unlikely to hurt you, but the lack of other nutrients will. It's a supplement, not a meal.

I think this is an excellent product. Almost all protein powders have horrible extra ingredients for "flavor"; with this one you're in control. I usually just go with a scoop of powder, a banana, and water for my post-workout shake. (Actually I only use about 2/3 of a scoop; I think they oversize the scoop a bit.)
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on May 12, 2014
This is the lowest calorie, carb, fat content Whey and the best priced that I have found. They do have flavors however I choose to use the unflavored so I can make my own. I have read reviews of bad taste etc., really? Who said to mix it by itself? I mix 1 to 2 scoops of this in 3/4 cup 2% milk, pour a water flavor packet (similar to crystal lite) of choice in, pour into an empty water bottle. Fills the water bottle about half way. Take it to work with me, fill it the rest of the way with iced water. I now have skim milk flavored as I choose. If I want it sweeter I put a packet of Splenda in. Do be aware that even though you are taking in X amount grams of protein there is a formula to determine how much you are actually absorbing so be aware of that when you make your choices. Bariatric Advantage is the one of choice from my Doctor however it is expensive and now sold in 3lb containers not 5lb and I believe is $80+. Also it is best if this is consumed over time to best absorb. I have taken the specs to my Doctor to get the final approval from them. If you are Bariatric do not be fooled by the cheapest product out there. My surgery was done to avoid death from diabetes. I am now fully controlled and on no medication of any kind. ***NOTE*** I JUST RECEIVED CONFIRMED INFORMATION FROM MY DOCTOR & NUTRITIONIST TODAY 5-13-2014 (their words) "You have not only found the lowest calorie, carb, fat content protein, but also the most absorbable protein on the open market out of 26 grams you are absorbing 24 grams of protein" They did however caution this was not considered a meal replacement for bariatric patients due to the vitamins needed are not present. Those vitamins could be added in powder form too. They were impressed themselves with the content and what this product had to offer and will consider placing this on their list of acceptable protein for their patients!! I will further say that they will not consider a product if they do not fully list it's content in every aspect and they deeply research a product you take to them.
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on July 22, 2012
This Whey protein powder is BY FAR the best Whey protein I have found and I have tried quite a few including Optimum Nutrition's best selling chocolate powder. This is pure, natural, unflavored (but I find it DELICIOUS - it tastes so natural, healthy and wholesome) Whey. I was a bit apprehensive of buying this at first because some people mentioned it tasted bad and smelled like rotten milk. I took a chance and bought it since I was really looking for a protein powder whithout artificial flavors and sweeteners. When I first mixed it in a glass of milk and tasted I could not believe it. It was THE MOST DELICIOUS Whey I had ever tasted. I prefer all things organic (I am not saying this powder is organic) and natural and from a controlled choice of natural preservative and artificial flavor free foods over a period of time, I have developed an ability to find the subtle healthful flavors of natural whole foods while others may miss it or may like 'slightly processed' (if not 'artificial') flavors. The reason I am stating this is because I have seen that anyone who has been living on unprocessed, natural wholesome foods will be able to taste more subtle flavors found in nature than the average person thriving on processed foods and artificial flavors AND such a natural food lover will LOVE pure natural flavors like this Whey protein powder. There is something pure, healthy and wholesome in natural flavors which is very different from artificial flavors. Others who are used to strong artificial flavors (ex. artificial chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc) will not be able to appreciate the natural goodness of this powder.

This is an amazing protein powder. When had with water its almost tasteless. When mixed with milk it makes the milk so much more creamy, delicious and wholesome tasting. AND - it can be had with almost anything because it will not impart any strong taste of its own to it. I have a scoop of this mixed in my ULTIMATE MORNING SUPERFOOD DRINK (designed by myself). Here's the recipe that will change your life - One glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (its not to be even compared with packeted orange juices), one teaspoon of Sun Chlorella powder, one teaspoon of Nutrex Spirulina , one scoop of Now foods Whey protein powder and one tablespoon of Nutiva Chia Seeds. This will change anyone's life who tries it. I used to be fatigued, tired, depressed, irritable in a certain phase in the past attributable mainly to work load, irregular hours and a flawed diet. Then I decided to take control of my life - I read everything I could on healthy foods and eating, a natural cruelty free lifestyle and exercise. Long story short - this concoction was one of my several self composed recipes (amongst many other diet, exercise and lifestyle regimens) that changed my life in a way that is UNBELIEVABLE. As far as my breakfast is concerned - with this pure superfood from heaven I am off to a super alert, super energized, super powered and ecstatic day with a calm mind and a warm smile. At night - thanks to this (the mix I mentioned) I sleep the deepest and most rejuvenating sleep imaginable.
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on October 11, 2013
I have followed a low-to-moderate carbohydrate to maintain a healthy weight for more than 20 years. But since I have moved to an Independent Living senior facility it's very difficult to do. I eat my meals in a community dining room, and even trying to eat only small portions of the foods offered I was gaining weight -- 12 lbs. in the first three months. I realized that my problem was lunches. The only thing available was soup and sandwiches, served with potato chips, and usually either potato salad or macaroni salad, all of them high in carbs and too tasty to leave behind.

I have a small kitchen in my apartment, and I got the NOW Foods whey protein isolate to make protein shakes for lunch. With less than one gram of carbohydates and 25 grams of protein in each serving, I can put a scoop of it along with 1/4 cup of frozen berries, a cup of ice water and a couple of drops of liquid sweetener in my blender and have a delicious, nutritious and filling shake that keeps me feeling good all afternoon. And I'm almost back to the perfect size 12 weight I was when I moved in here.

I also have several recipes for muffins using the protein powder instead of flour, and when the weather gets colder I plan to make those instead of the shakes. But so far it's been warm enough to enjoy the ice-cold shakes.
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on March 7, 2012
I bought this Protein Powder because I didn't want a bunch of artificial sweeteners or other random chemical "food products" in my protein powder. That's basically what this is and it's really good but you need to know a few things before buying this:

1. This has virtually no carbs
You need carbs as part of your protein shake in order to maximize the benefits of a post workout shake. There are lots of studies about the perfect ratio of carbs to protein (Google it). Since this is basically pure protein, you need to get that ratio yourself. This means you can't just mix this with water and expect a perfect product. If you want a perfect ratio, you need to do some measuring and math. I just usually mix it with milk and some healthy breakfast shake mix call it good. I've also done chocolate milk with this.

2. It tastes mildly bad by itself
It has a very mild flavor but that flavor is a bad "sour milk" flavor as some other reviews have mentioned. Just mixing this and water is pretty much disgusting. However if you mix this with milk, you hardly notice it's even there. It tastes basically like whatever you put it in as there's no added flavors. Don't expect to use this like other protein drinks with just water. That's probably where most of the negative "Tastes Bad" reviews come from. You can't treat this like another protein mix. They have a lot of flavors to mask any bad tastes. This is pure Whey Protein. You have to add your own flavoring.

3. It mixes OK but not great
This is my only real complaint about the product. It's really really fine (think flour) and you'd think it'd mix well. Not so much. It does mix eventually but it takes a while. I've had some powders that clump no matter how much you mix it. This isn't like that. It will eventually mix (I use both and electric blender and the BlenderBall cup) but it takes a while. Since it is fine, any clumps you do get don't have that grainy texture. They actually kind of tend to melt in your mouth (sort of a weird way to describe it but the best I can do).

Final Verdict:
I would recommend this product to just about anyone, but you just have to remember what you are purchasing when you use this product. It's a great healthy alternative to the hundreds of "chemically enhanced" protein powders out there. Just remember that you will be responsible for adding your own flavoring and carbs. Don't mix with only water.
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on April 20, 2011
I will summarize by saying that all the rave reviews on Amazon were spot on in regards to this product: Tastes great with anything including water, is highly soluble, contains almost no carbs and is of course a great value. One thing, however, that alot of folks are leaving out of their rave reviews is that this whey protein isolate powder is low in cholesterol (only 4mg per serving) because it is pure protein and thus does not contain additives. Usually non isolate whey powders can have up to 60mg of cholesterol per serving which can add up to unhealthy daily amounts of cholesterol, depending on your intake. With Now Foods' Whey isolate, you are simply getting your protein with a small fraction of the cholesterol compared to other protein powders. Just thought I'd put that out there. Enjoyable and healthy - you can't ask for a better combo.
review image
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on December 2, 2007
I was a bit skeptical about using this to supplement my protein needs. It mixes easily in a blender, and you really can mix it with nearly everything. I use it to thicken up soups, in smoothies, and I sprinkle some in oatmeal and cold cereals.

Because I need at least 100 grams of protein each day, I find it hard to do that without driving up my fat, cholesterol, and caloric intake. I began using whey protein several years ago, but my lactose intolerance has also gotten considerably more sensitive. Using this product 2-3 times each day has helped me to maintain my protein needs without ANY of the usual side affects from whey protein (without isolate). The price is more than reasonable, and nearly 30 grams protein per serving makes this the perfect protein supplement for people like me.
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on June 22, 2013
I did tons of research regarding protein powder. I was looking to get into shape (specifically increase muscle and decrease fat) and purchase a protein that would help me with that. Everyone says that the powder they use is the best...makes me wonder if they are getting some kind of kick back from the supplement company. I am submitting an unbiased review based only on my experience. I was dreading the possibility of buyers remorse. This product has provided me with RELIEF!

My intent was primarily to purchase to best powder I could find on Amazon while secondarily keeping it affordable.

This unflavored isolate protein has not disappointed me. I use this protein mixed with water immediately after working out for immediate absorption. I also mix this protein with juice to drink while eating meals to prolong absorption.

Some benefits that led me to purchase this over other products:
-Unflavored (I didn't want a bunch of sugary, sweetened, flavor boosting ingredients. I basically sacrificed the "great taste" for a "more beneficial product)
-BCAA or Branch Chain Amino Acids (Based on my research these amino acids are a vital ingredient. I had not heard of them before and glad I researched. I suggest you do the same.)
-Microfiltered (I also recommend that you research microfiltered protein if you have not heard of it.

There are other protein powders that offer more protein per scoop. However, with other proteins also comes more cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugars/artificial flavors and sodium which I am trying to avoid.

I think everyone should do their own research and comparisons. I encourage you to find a better product.
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