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on April 3, 2014
Sounds a bit dramatic, but in my case I know this product has brought me back to the land of the living. I'm writing this review in the hope it might help someone out there as it has helped me.

I decided to try this as many have after having chronic health issues for the past 2-4 years, which in the past few months were seriously impacting my quality of life. Carcinoid cancer was suspected, but not confirmed after several tests. Like others, doctors wanted to continue with expensive tests and additional medications as none were conclusive or entirely effective. I had constant gastrointestinal problems, facial flushing, migraines, debilitating fatigue, constant unproductive cough with wheezing, shortness of breath, bloat, abdominal pain, a large, hard lump by my spine was growing and protruding out from my back. It occasionally ached. I had acute pancreatic attacks that felt like I was having a heart attack. The worst was the drying of my eyes which diminished my eyesight and would sometimes result in sharp, excruciating pain behind my eyes, particularly my left eye. I had to tape my eyes shut at night to keep them moist, or pay the painful consequences when I tried to open my eye lids upon awakening. My skin was yellowing, and my eyes seemed to be sinking in their sockets. I was losing hair (fortunately, I have a lot of it), but it was mainly breaking off. I was constantly nauseated which resulted in my eating very little, and only eating a handful of the same things because that was all I could tolerate. Despite this unintentional semi-fasting state, my abdomen seemed to be increasing in size. I no longer had the strength to jog or exercise, had very limited energy, and could easily sleep for nearly an entire day without feeling rested. Quality of life was down the toilet and I became increasingly reclusive. When you don't feel or look well, you find you retreat more and more into yourself. I and my family were certain that once they finally figured out what was wrong with me, (was it CS, IBS, CFS, Chron's, etc.) the prognosis would be grim. I began to mentally prepare for that.

Then one day, I noticed something unusual looking after a bowel movement. Since Carcinoid Syndrome effects the gastrointestinal system, I was advised to be monitoring such things. It was long (4" - 5") and alabaster white, about as thick as thin spaghetti. It had a smooth surface, but at one end it diverged off into 3 separate "segments" which curled at the tips. Whaaaaat is that?! This occurred after eating a large amount of fresh garlic during the previous meal, but looked like nothing I had eaten, ever. About 4 months earlier I had also notice what looked like it could be a small, 1" worm, rice-shaped, but not being sure and not wanting to "investigate" further I dismissed it. I told my boyfriend and being the google wiz he is, he found images online of what I had just seen: roundworms. Toxocariasis, in fact. Toxocariasis is an illness caused by larvae of either the dog roundworm (Toxocara canis) or the cat roundworm (Toxocara cati). We have both a dog and cat who had worms, and I volunteered for a cat rescue group taking care of sick, feral kittens before I started to have the above symptoms.

We figured it couldn't hurt to purge myself of what might be ailing me. Started with Reese's Pinworm treatment, although I had no symptoms for pinworms it did contain a prescription strength dosage of mebendazole, which is also used to treat roundworms. The same day, I took my first dosage of Wormwood. The Reese's certainly got the ball rolling, but did not complete the job. I took half a dropper full 3x of the Now Foods wormwood complex the first day and worked my way up to 2 full droppers, 3x per day by day 7. Be SURE to put the filled dropper as far back toward your throat and tongue as you can without gagging before releasing the dose. Have something to drink right next to you when you do (I had de-fizzed diet 7up to the right, cold water to the left). Shoot the tincture of wormwood down your throat, swallow, and take a drink. You mostly taste cloves. It's strong, but manageable. And the health benefits make the taste issue totally worth it. After a while, you actually want to take your dose. (My boyfriend put his dose in hot tea and said he couldn't taste it when taken that way)

I started to see small, white specimens passing (1/3 to 1/2 the size of a grain of rice), hundreds of them, by day 3 or 4. But it wasn't until day 7 that I saw clear signs of a parasitic infection. My eye pain and inflammation was lessening, as was the size of the lump protruding from my back. And also by this time, my energy level was way up. No more headaches, no bloat, no abdominal pain, no gastrointestinal distress, no chest pain and coughing/wheezing cut in half. By the end of the first 2 weeks, I was passing what could have only been adult worms. Horrifying!

I took the 1 week break, then kicked off the next two weeks with another dose of Reese's followed right after with 3 dropper fulls of the wormwood. Within 4 hours of this regime I eliminated what I can only describe as something from a sci-fi flick. It is still hard for me to believe it. Those things were literally eating my life and vision away. By the end of week 3, a small lump appeared in the corner of my left eye, with some hardening around my tear duct. I pressed on it, and opaque-colored fluid began to ooze from my eye. After applying warm compresses and pressure to the area for 24 hours, the lump and harness were gone. And so was my eye pain, dryness, and chronic ocular inflammation. The worm, invading my left eye, had turned - literally. So did the one on top of my right foot, and shimmying down my left thigh. The wormwood had them dieing off and on the run. I did experience 2-4 days of "die off" symptoms during the first and second treatment, mostly a return to extreme fatigue, headaches, and some nausea. But it was nothing compared to how I had been suffering before I took this treatment. You'll get through it. And thankfully I did not experience any of the side-effects some people sensitive to Thujone may have. Please start out with a light dosage and work your way up to the 2 full dropper fulls (or more) 3x per day to ensure you don't have any sensitivity either. Google "Thujone" or "Absinthe overdose symptoms" so you know what to look for.

By the end of the 4th week I felt alive again for the first time in a long, long time. In fact, I had felt so ill for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to feel "normal" again. I felt like I was in my 20's. Tons of energy and a positive mental attitude. My bowel movements are now regular without discomfort for the first time in 4 years. I am no longer wheezing/coughing or experiencing shortness of breath, facial flushing, hair loss, or any gastric or abdominal problems. I am hungry again. My stomach is no longer distended or hard, or tender to the touch. I've lost weight, and started exercising, slowly :), again. I no longer have to tape my eyes shut to sleep and my 3-5x daily use of artificial tears has dropped to 1x or 2x a week. My skin color is even and no longer yellow; I don't have that drawn, sunken-eye, ill look. I feel well again. Interestingly, what was thought to be a tumor against my spine and probably inoperable and cancerous, is now about 1/3 its size before I started taking this stuff. Turns out it was an encysted granulomatous nodule, which is, hold on to your lunches, a worm larvae sack embedded in my muscle wall. Holy American Horror Story Batman...!

This stuff saved my life. Parasitic infections are not routinely tested for or considered when doctors are presented with the symptoms I had... I didn't consider it myself. So often people are misdiagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or even asthma or a myriad of ocular diseases instead. So if you are struggling like I was just a month or so ago, getting worse all the time, and you don't have a sensitivity to the ingredients in this product, what can it hurt to try it? Just be sure to stick with it and take the recommended dosages (I'll admit I sometimes exceeded them, but then I had a large infestation). And, turns out there are some added & unexpected health benefits... now at week six (and off the stuff again for a week, but about to start and maintain a 2 week monthly regimen), my skin is very healthy looking and soft. It looks 10 years younger. My boyfriend even complimented me on it yesterday (and he's Irish :). In January I started menopause. By February I was having non-stop hot flashes. After taking wormwood for 2 weeks, the hot flashes stopped. My estrogen levels increased again and my period returned. I have read that wormwood, an ancient herb/plant, is known for having this healthful effect on women. Do check with your doctor, but even just as a nutritional supplement its antioxident, antifungal, and antinflammatory properties have been documented. And parasites hate it. This product did/does the job for me, and I hope it helps you too.

UPDATE: As of 4-14-2016, I have been taking this product nearly 2 years. I am stronger, healthier, and symptom free more so than I was from when the symptoms began in late 2008 until 2014 when I first underwent the treatment. I no longer have painfully dry eyes. I no longer have migraines. I no longer have painful, rampant diarrhea, gas, and abdominal cramping similar to IBS or Crone's Disease. I no longer have wheezing with rails indicative of asthma. My skin looks great and I no longer have sunken eye sockets with discolored skin. I also no longer have symptoms that cause doctors to suspect I have cancer. The lump that once protruded from my spine is so small you have to feel for it to find it. All this changed after taking this product, and CONTINUING to take it....while greatly REDUCED, the symptoms did not completely go away after the initial treatment. It has been an ongoing process. After the initial treatment, I continued to take the product for 2 weeks out of every month, for about a year. After that I took it for 2 weeks every 2 months, until the present day. In addition I stay away from processed foods, fast foods, and reduced my sweet intake. I've increased my intake of raw vegetables and fruit and rarely eat dairy. A few things have not changed: I still have a compromised immune system and get very sick, very easily (especially during flu season) and it last longer than most other people. I still also get very, very fatigued from time to time. Before the parasites came along (and yes, it is true most MD's discount parasites because it is thought to be a rare condition in the US and testing is unreliable), I did always get sick easily. But it went away after a week. Now if I get the flu it lasts 3 weeks or more. And, honestly, I could sleep forever if allowed, :) I write this because I want everyone who reads this to understand it is not a miracle cure. There are no miracle cures. And you have to stick with this, and modify your diet as mentioned above. It is a natural product so it takes time to heal you. This is not big pharma. This product works. If you stick with it, and eat better, live better and take precautions to not become re-infested (if you do become re-infested, and you are taking this, it will continue to protect you), you will feel better. I truly believe I would have died in 2014 if I had not found this product. That does not mean it is a miracle cure. Nor should people take an extreme approach and do multiple cleanses at the same time. Try something simple like this product, or another, at first. Take it one step at a time. Eat better, and move around more. I promise you will feel better. :) That is my hope for all of you suffering out there...L
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on April 2, 2015
ADDED: GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION TO FOLLOW: This amazing tincture just might give me my body and my life back! I have suffered for over 5 years with fibromyalgia, cystic acne, asthma, migraines, degenerative disc disease/ back and neck agony, sleep disorders and neuropathic pain--to name a few. After a few days of taking this stuff, I was already convinced that parasites were the largest part of these problems, if not the MAIN CULPRITS!!! As others have commented about this product, I cannot "unsee" what I have seen in my toilet. Let me just tell you that I might have been truly traumatized had I not a tough psyche and a strong stomach. By day 3, I was seeing pinhead-sized droppings in my underwear-- lots of them--and every day, since then, it is the same. I am horrified by how many worms or eggs are exiting my female parts alone! Cause for ovarian cyst?? By day 6, a dead, white worm [1 and 1/2 inches long] was actually on the pads I have taken to wearing throughout this "cleanse". By day 8, I started having horrible gut cramping and nausea, as I began defecating 6 - 9 times a day-- each time, with one or MORE, roundworms in the toilet bowl when I was done. The longest of these roundworms that have left my body, were 6 - 8 inches long and were defecated after bouts of horrifyingly noxious flatulence and agonizing stomach cramps. I swear, I have lost at least 3 lbs of parasites as of today-- Day 12--and I have lost count of how many roundworms ALONE I have seen in the toilet. I keep taking the tincture, keep visiting the bathroom, and KEEP EXPELLING WORMS!!!! Dear Lord, I see NOW how and why I have suffered so many ailments for so long!!! I expect that, in a month or two, or even three, when I am levelling off on ridding my body of these parasitic monsters...that I shall not only have a very slim belly, but vanishing health problems, by the grace of God! Will update in a few works. YES YES YES -- this stuff works!!!!
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on April 22, 2013
I have three kids my 2 year old likes to play with outdoor cats..what more do I have to say, but worms!! anyway i give this to my kids before works!! you wil feel hungry for a few days after taking this because you will be killing the worms that have been stealing your food from you! Love this it works!!
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on December 21, 2015
This stuff is amazing. I discovered that I have lots of "high risk" behavior for parasites and that 90% of us have them and don't know it. I eat lots of raw produce and love my meat really rare. I eat radishes/carrots, etc., out of our garden after just brushing off most of the dirt. I love to kiss our three dogs on the muzzles frequently and lay on the floor with them, using them or their dog beds for pillows, walk on the grass in bare feet, sit and lay in the grass in shorts and tank tops during summer. After what's coming out of me, I'm rethinking those behaviors.

Round one of the NOW product, I had some "die off" detox symptoms for the first few days even following the directions and was very constipated, which doesn't happen to me. So I followed Organic Olivia's advice to take psyllium and bentonite clay (with a two hour buffer before or after meals, meds or supplements since the clay removes nutrients as well as toxins). For weeks I had the "white rice poop" that others speak of (though I don't eat rice) that continued long after my first two week course of treatment.

I started my second round several weeks after the first after getting an unexpected flu (last I had the flu was 1999) and coughing up two roundworms after a severe coughing fit that left me gagging!! (see photo) After googling "coughing up worms" and being reassured this was not a freak occurrence, I realized I needed to start my second round immediately. CDC explains that the parasites' eggs are ingested and live in the GI tract, then get into the blood stream where they end up in the lungs, are coughed up, usually swallowed and the cycle is repeated. Nice...

During the second round, I didn't use the psyllium/bentonite clay route. I used a product I already had but had never used called EZ Cleanse (Butternut bark, ginger root, senna leaf, black walnut hull, cascara sagrada bark, citrus pectin, grapefruit, dicalcium phosphate, digestive enzymes, fructooligosaccharides, gum arabic, cayenne fruit, Bacillus coagulans, milk thistle seed, rhubarb root, fennel seed, buckthorn bark, psyllium husk, cranberry fruit and licorice root.) It does contain walnut hull, so be careful! But I much prefer this method to the psyllium/clay as it doesn't require such careful timing and kept things moving quickly. The freaky thing this second round is that every morning my sinuses are filled with a thick chunky substance that is not mucus, but is within the mucus, and appears to be segments of worms. And I've noticed that the severe itching in my inner ears has stopped. My sugar cravings have gone away as well.

The other funny thing is I almost never get sick, grew up and still live in a rural, sparsely populated area, but magically developed "chronic asthma" and "chronic rhinitis" several years ago that is all year round and requires a daily inhaler and steroids/antihistamine nasal spray. I've never had bronchitis, pneumonia or any respiratory infection, but suddenly developed asthma and rhinitis?? And loss my sense of taste and smell?? Given what's coming out of me and where, I'm now wondering if my respiratory system is freaking out trying to rid itself of parasites.
review image
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on October 4, 2014
Worked wonderfully for my boyfriend and me. We had no problems with this item. I was able to get a lot of parasites out by taking this product following Olivia's protocol (Organic olivia . Com), including a couple big nasty suckers that were about 5 inches long. I would recommend this product to anyone!
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on February 22, 2015
It taste very bad! But I put it in capsule and it's perfect.
This is my fort review ever but I have to do this.
Today was my day 4 and I just pooped something very weird. Looks like a corn seeds but 3-4 times bigger. And kinda hard. It was round but I just pushed on it to see what's inside.
It works for sure!
I'm sorry for this gross pic !
I kinda pushed on it to see what's inside but originally it was kind oval round shape
review image
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on February 19, 2008
Before you go and pay $30 for any anti-parasite pills Buy this, All of those pills use the 3 main items in this extract, wormwood, Black walnut hull, and cloves. I am almost done with my bottle and let me tell you if you ever walked barefoot you have bugs. I eat a lot of red meat, pork and chicken so i thought it was time to see if i was due...... on the 4th day right before bed it felt like ants crawling under my skin, yep that would be the ones that live near the surface and since then not even an itch, not to mention the ones i have seen in eliminations..... so if you ever have spent time out doors barefoot around someones pets eaten a lot of meat"they live in fruit too" dont waste $30 just pick up 2 bottles of this for $14. Two weeks per bottle.
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on December 9, 2015
My background is I'm fit, lift weights, eat clean about 80% of the time, at at my weight or a couple pounds over. I've been doing a lot of reading on detoxing the system and decided to start with this b/c I believe I have excess candida issues and digestive problems....bloating, gas all the time.

I started with half a dropper 2x/day....but I started later in the day so took 2 doses within a few hours of eachother. The 2nd day it was like I was hit by a mac truck! I was nauseous, weak, drained, foggy in the head, confused. I was supposed to meet someone but knew I'd have to cancel. I knew this was detoxing symptoms and was surprised since I've done detoxing before and never had experienced a reaction this strong. I quickly started drinking Vit C powder mixed in water as I know it helps with detox...and started drinking a lot of water in general. Within a few hours I had a BM and within 5 min from my BM all my symptoms subsided. So I knew it was the toxins overloading my body b/c once they left I was fine...and was still able to meet my friend later.

I vowed NOT to look in the toilet but did by accident a few times and saw what looked like small, soft-shelled egg casings....GROSS. Another time I saw white fluffy stuff...candida. I'm just glad it's working. And ever since that first detox day I have SO much more energy...something I didn't anticpate. I actually enjoy taking it now b/c it makes me feel good. Tons of energy, I feel lighter emotionally and more upbeat...and my stomach feels flatter and is not bloated anymore. I stopped taking it for a 2 days wondering if I'd go right back to how I used to feel... but still had that extra energy on the days I didn't take it. So this new energy could be the released energy that was once being taking up by parasites living off my body...lovely.

I've also noticed it suppresses my appetite (or maybe that's the lack of worms not causing me to eat more?...not sure)...but I've lost a few pounds as a result. I also have little interest in sweets ... when I was offered one several times I wasn't excited like I'd normally be. Since she brought me mini-Snickers since they're "my favorite"...I felt a little obligated after a went ahead and took a bit. It didn't even taste as good; it didn't have the same 'zing'. It was just like...whatever...just a Snickers... For me that's amazing as I'm not never able to keep sweets or Halloween candy around me b/c I'm either eating them or always thinking about eating them.

I also wonder if it's stabilizes my blood sugar because when I do get hungry now, it's a very calm, slow , barely noticeable hunger. Unlike before when I'd be fine and then suddenly hit so hard with hunger and feeling famished I"d have to grab anything quick, just to get it in my system because I could feel a crash coming. Hence why I have a car full of protein bars and nuts. Another reviewer wrote something similar...that she's able to cook longer meals now because she's not overtaken by hunger like she once was, where she had to just eat right away. Only thing is, the "famish" feeling returned the 2nd day off from not taking this. But I haven't completed a full cycle yet....I'm just 2 weeks in....maybe that change will be more permanent once I complete the bottle.
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on August 20, 2015
Yes, this works. I am a firm believer in mainstream medicine and I visit my GP twice a year. But, for good reasons, mainstream medicine is not designed to deal with intestinal parasites. It's too unlikely, it's too hard to detect (stool tests are almost completely worthless), and it the symptoms are too vague. You will be tested and treated for just about every other probable cause before any physician will treat you empirically for parasites.

My story: I had increasingly frequent diarrhea and tenesmus for several months. Near as I could tell, the only thing likely to cause that was human whipworm. US whipworm cases are rare (1 per 1000 population per year), and are not found in my area. My physician refused to test me for parasites on the grounds that stool tests are unreliable. (He's right about that.) Referred me to a gastroenterologist, where there was a 3 week wait for an appointment. I was miserable, didn't want to wait three weeks. Not to mention having no clue what the gastroenterologist would do. So I "performed the experiment". Figured if I could kill a few parasites, preserve them in alcohol, I could then get proper medical treatment. I took this, along with ground dried papaya seeds (which have a good evidence basis as being anti-parasitic). I then went through what I now know as the "worm expulsion dynamics" for whipworm. I passed worm parts for almost two weeks, getting first increasingly sore (as my immune system recognized the dead worms attached to my intestine) then increasingly better (as they decayed and ended up in the toilet). At three weeks, I was fine, the diarrhea which I had (at that point) had for nearly three months was gone.

A single round of treatment may get rid of some parasites, but whipworm is notoriously difficult. Even the preferred mainstream medication (mebendazole, aka Vermox) has only about a 40% cure rate for a single treatment. So at that point, now that I knew what I was dealing with, I just went ahead and bought Vermox (over-the-counter in virtually every English-speaking country except the US). Taken as directed, Vermox produced the same sequence of "worm expulsion dynamics" as this parasite cleanse, but modestly less intense. (Vermox is completely specific to roundworms -- if you don't have some form of that parasite, when you take it, absolutely nothing happens. Hence I had a completely reliable test, based on a mainstream medication, that definitively showed that I had roundworm-type parasites.)

Here's the kicker. After my second round, with Vermox, I decided I had better be under the care of an infectious disease specialist. Made my appointment, went to see him, explained what I did, had specimens preserved in 70% alcohol (as directed by Quest labs for gross parasite identification) --- and was literally told that I was crazy. I had "delusional parasitosis". The doc did not understand that this stuff works, so I could not have done what I claimed, and ergo, I was a nut job. (Whereas I am, in fact, sane, have a Ph.D., and do research for a living. My wife -- God bless her -- started laughing before I even finished telling her what the doc said. She'd been with me every step of the way through three months of chronic diarrhea. The idea that I was imagining a problem, and my imagination was so wonderful that it turned off the diarrhea after a painful three week recovery period, following this "parasite cleanse" -- was just ridiculous.) Even though I half expected it, based on what I had read here, it was nevertheless one of the most humiliating things I've ever had to go through.

In the end, I'm just happy to be rid of the whipworm in a reasonably timely fashion. I am now fairly convinced that mainstream medicine would not have produced a timely cure, if it had been able to arrive at a cure at all. Even though the entire trade in produce has been globalized, even though NAFTA means a porous border with respect to food trade, even though the USDA banned imports of cilantro from a major Mexican firm just last week due to "toilet paper in the fields", even though I take antacids for GERD (and thus have reduced my natural defenses against parasite eggs), no physician in my area would consider the possibility that I might, in fact, have whipworm. The closest I got was the infectious disease specialist, who apparently thought I had managed to read up on the symptoms well enough to fake it in a conversation.

One word of caution. Juglone (in the walnut hull extract) is toxic in large doses. So taking it is worrisome. I did some calculations based on the known toxic dose for rats and dogs. At the highest plausible concentration that you might achieve in a tincture, my estimate is that the two-eyedropper dose could plausibly be 0.3% (point-three-percent) of a toxic dose for a large (250 lb) person. Even though that seems like an adequate margin of safety, you clearly should follow the instructions and do not take this on a regular basis. This is for occasional use only.
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on November 28, 2015
Works very well.
I have gotten rid of parasites and worms I never thought I would had. When I was taking three dropper fulls a day I got rid of worms up to 12 inches long. I increased the dosage to 6 dropperfulls a day and increased my water intake. I got rid of these black triangle things inside me. I felt so much better after these came out. I am feeling better everyday.

I have done 3 full months with a week off in between. My pain in my body is decreasing, my inflammation is decreasing and the amount of parasites I see is decreasing. Last month I took this along with the capsules of wormwood and ground cloves and experienced increased relief and increased parasites in my bm. Make sure you drink lots of water to clean out your system while killing parasites. You may experience bad symptoms for the first few days as the toxins are released. take a good bowel cleanser or use an oxygen cleaner like MagO7 to get rid of the bowel movement that has many parasites in it. It will relieve your symptoms quicker.
Keep taking this for at least 4-6 weeks then take a break and do it again at least three times then do it twice a year until you can get by with once a year. This has given me most relief with parasites while other things have only scattered the parasites. this kills it.

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