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on December 30, 2011
Natasha is in her third year of university when she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in California for her final year. She jumps at the chance, even though it means leaving her only friend Poppy to her own devices in England. Once in California, Natasha wants to shed her shy demeanour and be whoever she wants to be in this new place. A place to explore and forget her horrible past of abuse that she suffered from her now deceased parents and her two step-brothers. She meets a group of friends including Kirsten, Mike - and Tyler whom she is attracted to instantly. But she is afraid to pursue a relationship with him since her dealings with the opposite sex are few and far between. This is a great coming-of-age story about getting over your past tribulations and excelling in the end.
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on November 21, 2011
Elle Amberley treats us to a quick read, woven with the lyrics of gentle lessons.

I am struck, Nowhere Left to Hide, showcases how truly valuable our friendships are and how much our female friends, in particular, mean to us as women.

Natasha, the main character, is a young university student who has endured horrific abuses in her life, yet somehow has been able to hold that pain close, see it clearly for what it is, and use it to be more conscientious and sympathetic towards others.

Even those people who were labeled as wicked or difficult, Natasha was able to see past their facade and see their pain was much like hers. Typically these types of people push others away, but Natasha helped them to see their sameness.

Being witness to Natasha's sensitivity, turned people around. Suddenly they were understood. Suddenly they were accepted. Suddenly, they could let that big huge wall down and show their true selves. And isn't that what we all want? To be understood? To be accepted? And to feel safe enough to let the guard down?
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on November 7, 2011
Reviewed By: Crystal Trent Dotson

Natasha Parker is a smart and beautiful young woman who has endured a childhood of distrust , pain , and abuse. She has closed herself off while finding ways to hide from those who caused her scars.

While attending college in England , she is offered to go to Santa Barbara for her last year , while a bit scared , shes excited for the chance. Once there she has no problem finding friends , she hits it off with Mike , Kirsten and Tyler. Her and Kirsten become best friends and Natasha starts spending more time with Tyler, who is trying to figure her out. While trying to build a new life for herself she is still haunted with her past, and finds it hard to open up and trust others. While Tyler is trying to take it slow and not be pushy , Natasha finally opens up to him and tells him her dark secrets, it's a difficult road for her to go down , but it gives her a sense of relief , and helps to make life easier.

Natasha finds love with Tyler , she is finally happy , but after graduation her visa expires and she will have to return to England . With both of them going through emotional hell , Tyler is determined to be with his woman , and does something that no one was expecting.

I enjoyed this book , it is emotional , yet funny and easy going. Natasha had a horrible childhood , but she stayed strong and upbeat. Its fresh and clean and I will be passing it on to my teen daughter and mother.
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on November 14, 2011
Elle Amberley has recreated every fiber of a woman's being in Natasha, the main character in the Book. Every fear, aspiration, expectation,will,strength, weakness...all those things that every woman knows is beating within, makes up the cadence of this story. I loved it from the 1st page and found myself setting the alarm clock to squeeze in a few more chapters before the day begins.

To read this book, is to take a ride of an emotional carousel, laughter included.
A terrific book by an incredible author and an exceptional woman, Elle Amberley.
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on February 21, 2012
I guess this is one of those examples of "something for everyone", and I'm glad others found this to be worth their time, but it was not to my taste in the slightest. I invested myself in about 12 chapters which I think is more than fair, and I just couldn't stomach anymore. I skimmed through the predictable rest until reaching the end, which was no surprise, really. I'm around many young adults, and I just don't see them interacting or conversing in the unrealistic ways the author portrayed. Its hard to settle into a story that's supposed to realistically represent college students in California when the author has them all talk about going to "uni", and not just the transfer student from England. I won't bore you with the numerous other examples. Once I read a pretty obvious grammatical error, as in "Tyler and her went..." it's just about over for me anyway. There are so many rich, entertaining, engaging literary opportunities out there, this just wasn't worth the little time I actually do have available for pleasure reading. The only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because I didn't hate it. Didn't care for it but it didn't go the "abhor" distance either. Maybe I'm just looking for something else out of a book... So glad it was free and I only lost time on it.
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on February 14, 2012
Nowhere Left to Hide by Elle Amberley
Natasha gets a scholarship to study at the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.
She travels to the area and moves in with a woman there who's taken on students before.
Natasha is given a treat by seeing how the US celebrates Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all the while learning for her last year of college, the American view point.
There is something in her past that terrifies her and she is so afraid one of the guys who likes her is going to push her to do something she is terrified to do. She talks to her new girl friend about it and she tells Natasha that she should just talk to her boy friend, Tyler about it to bring the problem up front so they can talk about it.
Love the sightseeing to Getty Museum as we didn't get to go there on our trip to the west coast.
They all get to venture out to the mountains and spend a few days in the snow til health becomes an issue. She trusts him a lot now as they venture to other new places, LA.
Her poems and career take off, now she has a LOT of choices to select from as to what to do with her life. Love the ending!
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on March 25, 2012
"Nowhere Left to Hide," by Elle Amberley, is a wonderfully written story of one girls challenge to overcome abuse, neglect, and childhood trauma, in the midst of a learning to find her way around a new country. Natasha our main character is rich in depth, strength, talent, and compassion.

We follow Natasha as she faces her past trauma and grows into a vibrant woman. It is more than a coming of age story, it is a story that anyone can pick up and find something in it that they can relate to. Elle Amberley, is a masterful storyteller, keeping one captive page after page and I would recommend "Nowhere Left to Hide," to everyone.
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on June 18, 2012
Nowhere Left to Hide is a tale of true love finding you when you least expect, or even desire it. Natasha has spent her life hiding from the aches and pains of childhood memories, and it has left her heart guarded. Natasha's sense of adventure leads her to study abroad where she meets new friends and makes new memories to help wash over wounds from the past. I love a story when you route for the heroine from page one, and Elle Amberly has created that in this book. Beautifully written. Hysterical supporting cast of characters. A read not to be missed!
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on March 28, 2012
Natasha has an abusive past that continues to disturb her, and in order to remain focused she concentrates on her studies. An opportunity to escape those who wish to see her fail, sends her to study in France and America. In the USA she picks up the pieces of her life and embraces a new friend group and lifestyle. The author shows the differences between the two cultures and of how Natasha copes with it all. And of how her new friends perceive her British ways.

All in all a pleasant read of a young woman's trials, tribulations and first love.
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on February 25, 2012
This is a really good story of a young woman who battles her haunting past. I felt her fear and turmoil and down deep her hope of having a normal life. She sets off on a new adventure and meets some new friends and discovers love. The author is able to make the reader feel as though the heroine is you or your best friend and the experiences seem real.
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