Customer Reviews: NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System, White
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on July 5, 2011
Ive been reading great reviews, but users complain of lost suction... I almost didnt order one because of it. To make a long story short and to the point, there is a small silicone band that fits into one of the grooves of the wand. Mine popped off, I just happened to see it pop off or I wouldnt have known to even look for it. If you look at the produt diagram that came with the unit, you can sort of see a band in the groove, but it isnt labled. When it is missing, the unit has no vacuum seal and is ineffective. The problem is that you dont even realize that it is missing. Try using a tiny rubberband, you can get them at Walmart and at Dollar Tree stores in the hair section. Try slipping one into the groove and my guess is it will be just like new. Too bad the company doesnt lable it as a necessary componant of the system and maybe even include a few extras. Customers would be much happier and wouldnt be sending the units back. Hope Ive helped!
Other than that, so far I love my new toy!
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on March 27, 2011
I purchased this unit after seeing the infomercials and reading the product reviews on Amazon. I absolutely LOVED the unit the first 2 weeks I was using it. Then about 4 days ago I was doing another treatment and the unit lost suction in the middle of a treatment on my face. I am quite upset about it as I have come to depend upon the unit to help in treatments of acne scarring and dark marks on my face from sun damage.

I have contacted the seller and am waiting as to what to do about it. I honestly LOVE the product but can't give it the original 5 star rating I would have 2 weeks ago now that the unit is becoming defective.

If anyone else has this problem... please say so. I just am not sure why this happened to my unit, but I would like the manufacturer to send me a new one since I have only had it for 30 days.

UPDATE: I called the company and they were not open for customer service on the weekends. I then emailed them through Amazon and they told me they are not going to give me my money back! They seem to be going by the date I ordered the product and not the date I received in in my home. I fully believe this 30 day warranty is because the company knows full well they are ripping you off! It takes 30 days to really start and see a big difference in turnaround in your skin because of the loss of suction on this thing. I just started seeing good results and now the machine doesn't work at all. It went from sucking air into the tube to slightly blowing air out of the tube. I have filed a claim and will see what happens after that. For the cost of $250.... but something else on here... not the NuBrilliance! Once I can get the money back I will purchase a different unit from another company. Microdermabrasion is wonderful, but this unit is quite cheap for the money. It should be sold for no more than $50!
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on April 29, 2011
Suction gave out after only 6 weeks, but of course, the warranty is only good for 30 days. The company should be sued for not standing behind their product.
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on April 3, 2012
I bought this item directly from the manufacture. (Big mistake on my part!) The price is slightly less for the unit and there were several "bonuses" that came packaged with the order when you purchase direct. Even before the product shipped I had issues with the charges placed on my credit card.

24 hours after I placed the order, excited to receive the product, I checked the status on shipping. It had read glowing reviews on what it does for your skin and I took the 3 year warranty just in case the suction started to fail as I had seen in other reviews. I received express shipment free since I paid the unit in full at the time of ordering. At viewing my status, I saw it was "pending credit card authorization" which I thought was odd. I confirmed the transaction was authorized and the reduction on funds was present on my credit card statement. I contacted Nu Brilliance customer service getting a completely uninterested representative on the phone stating I would have to contact my bank and the authorization was "declined".

In contacting my credit card company, not only did they verify the funds were authorized, deducted from my available balance, but they repeatedly tried to charge my card for same amount SEVERAL times!!?? Thankfully my bank was declining the additional charges they saw as duplicates or there would have been over $1000 in fraudulent charges.

My credit card representative then conferenced in Nu Brilliance customer service with me. They were belligerent stating the card charges were declined, and the goods would not be shipped out. My poor credit card representative was as frustrated as I was after this treatment having to explain to them 3 times, it was authorized, here is the authorization number, only the duplicate charges were declined, what do we need to do to get the product shipped....she still didn't get it. He finally forced the customer service representative to cancel the entire order and verify the cancellation so they could remove all charges from my account. She flat out refused to verify the necessary information to my credit card representative so he can remove and further block any additional charges from Nu Brilliance. At this point we asked for a manager, who in turn stated she would contact their "accounting department" with the request and they would "eventually get back to us".

As of right now I am still out $256.64 and have no product or refund. I will NEVER buy or support any product from Nu Brilliance no matter how good because of the multiple FRAUDLENT charges they tried to post on my credit card and lack of customer service to correct a problem they created. If I'm having trouble just getting the item shipped/charged properly imaging if I have to do a warranty return if the product fails within the first 3 years! They have lost a customer and potential repeat business because of what they put me through though my only fault was simply placing an order.
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on September 15, 2011
Please do not even think about ordering the Nu Brillance Micro -Dermabrasion Kit. They sell defective units. It NEVER WORKED AND I RETURNED IT AND THEY SENT ANOTHER DEFECTIVE UNIT WITHOUT MY CONSENT . BOTH units WENT OUT IN THE 30 DAY period and I am still trying to get a refund. It has been a nightmare ! I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Please do not get involved with this company !
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on December 8, 2011
Usually I avoid TV products. Sometimes, when some whatever commercial comes on, and I happen to sit behind the computer and have nothing to do, I research advertised product's scam reviews, whether it's some cream, gold company, face lift or treatment centers. So I know the truth behind those pretty words and pictures.
I come upon this product by pure chance, I was searching something else in Youtube, and I came across a woman, my age (29, but who's counting?) who had a tight wrinkle-free skin, and she mentioned she has been using Nubrilliance microdermabrasion machine for a year. It wasn't part of Nubrilliance promotion, it was simply one of those many beauty bloggers, who write about a new thing every week. That peaked my interest.
I started researching on Amazon different microdermabrasion machines. Here are plenty of products with great reviews, but, let's face it, plenty of them are also not real reviews, just someone trying to sell their product. So if reviewer leaves a glowing review but has only one or two other reviews I ignore that. So I had narrowed my search down to 2 or 3 machines, but the other ones who passed the test had too few reviews, though solid ones. I wanted to see more experience.
With Nubrilliance, even people who leave 1 star have said that "product worked great" until it broke pretty fast. Well, One or two reviewers here gave advise as to what to do if that happens so I placed my order with , just in case, extended warranty.
I didn't see the difference after the first time, but after few times there was clear improvement in my skin texture and my skin wasn't bad to begin with. I have seen some people writing they use it every day, others say they use it once a week. I usually use it around 2-3 times a week, and afterwards I put a little mask on, so I truly try to make it a little "spa day". I am more then happy. I did make sure before the first use that I saw where the rubber band was which loss can cause the loss in suction. I guess only way to loose it is when you change the heads, so I do pay extra attention when I change them.
It is easy to use. I started out with the lowest setting, but moved higher pretty fast - it makes your skin lightly pink, but suction is really not that bad. I use it in the evening, but I think you can use it any time of the day, and go out after using it!
Few more things - watching the DVD that came with the product, it made me laugh how one of the woman promoting it said that "People always think that I have had a lip job, but actually I just use this machine on my lips as well". It was funny because, for me, if someone asks if you have had a lip job done, it usually means your lips don't look natural, and, once again,for me, is not something to brag about. But that is simply personal opinion and don't really reflect on the product itself. If you like those big lips or if you have naturally thin lips, you know you can improve them with the machine.
The Skin lotion and 2 cream set that they are trying to make you buy for 50$ is a ripoff. Whatever you have at home, I guarantee is better, if you don't have anything at home, go to the store and buy some, It will be a better product and will last you more then 2 months. You will get the first sample for free anyway but I threw mine away without using it. First of all, the lotion don't "prepare" your skin in any way, it simply "cleanses and refreshes" and it has no plant extract, beneficial oils, vitamins or minerals in it. The creams are not much better, no vitamins, no minerals, nothing that is good for your skin, true, one of them has collagen in it, but you can buy collagen cream online for much cheaper. They just want to hook you up on 50$ products after every two months. Skip it!
But machine itself is worth the money!

UPDATE: I was right about loosing the rubber band. I was in a hurry and got careless when changing the head, and I saw the rubber band come off, it didn't break or anything like that, so I just placed it back where it belongs. And it works as fine as ever!
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on December 16, 2013
I am an RN who worked in a derm practice doing cosmetic procedures, including microdermabrasion. I transitioned into a new role several years ago, and missed having my free monthly microdermabrasion treatments. On the rare occasion since then, I would splurge, and spend $125 per treatment. I often entertained the idea of buying my own machine, but knowing that the machine I used on patients cost $9000, (even a used one is priced at over $4000), I couldn't justify the expense.
A recent email from one of the popular "deal of the day" websites advertised the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Machine for slightly more than the cost of one treatment by an aesthetician. It was a weak moment, and I took the bait. When the machine arrived, I found it to be very light-weight and the attachments to be very cheap (easily cracked or breakable) and poor fitting. I turned the machine on, and had no suction. In fact, air was blowing OUT of the hand piece. Two calls to the manufacturer provided me with two different responses, neither of which were satisfactory. The first representative told me the problem was a missing gasket-like device, basically a silicone rubber band. (Attempts to fix with a rubber band as others suggested failed.) She would send me one at no cost, but I had to provide credit card information, which I refused to do. The second representative told me that since the machine wasn't purchased through them, they couldn't help me. A call to the company that offered this fabulous deal resulted in a return shipping label, and a credit to my account.
For an additional $20, I purchased the Kendal Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine model #HB-SF01. Right out of the box, the machine seems to be made of much better quality materials. The design is simple, yet everything you need to do a spa quality microdermabrasion at home. The variety of tips included is excellent, with coarse, medium, and fine textures, and sizes that accommodate small surfaces, such as the tip of the nose and eye corners, and larger areas, such as the forehead, cheeks, neck and extremities. The hand pieces and tips are made of sturdy metal, and fit well. Extra O-rings, fuses, and an abundance of filters, both large and small are included. Assembly is easy, although the instruction manual isn't well-written, and for someone not familiar with microdermabrasion machines, might be a bit confusing.
Once I turned on the machine, I felt the vacuum immediately, even when the dial was in the lowest position. I turned it up to the half-way point, and then to full vacuum. I tried all of the tips. This machine is every bit as good as the $9000 ones I've used. I read the other reviewers' comments regarding the On/Off switch. That was my one concern about purchasing this machine, but the response they received from customer service to me was satisfactory. If I have a problem and they are willing to send me the part to do the repair, I don't mind making a simple fix. In summary, I think this is a great machine, and a great value at slightly more than the cost of one spa or physician's office treatment.
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on August 2, 2011
This company will NOT stop charging your credit card even after you return the so called no risk free trial. Consider carefully before you buy! I have been calling and disputing charges for 2 months now.
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on September 16, 2011
Before purchasing this system I read the reviews. I noticed that a recurring theme was "lost its suction". I purchased the product anyway, thinking there was probably a small chance that mine would be defective. I used the system for about four weeks with no problems, then VOILA ! No more suction! Honestly, how can this product be labeled as anything but a "SCAM" ? How does a company get away with selling such a defective product in the year 2011? Don't we have laws against this?
This thing is JUNK. Do not buy it.
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on February 27, 2011
beautiful machine, but it was too loud, suction wasn't strong enough, it doesn't really give u the satisfaction of a MicroDermabration treatment. I was very disappointed, was hoping it would work, oh well... i have returned the item to HS!
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