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VINE VOICEon September 21, 2011
I have used PaperPort forever, ever since Ver. 1. Always the sucker for "New and Improved" I took the half-price-for-the-upgrade bait...again, and downloaded Ver. 14, upgrading from 12.1. (Were they too superstitious to put out Ver. 13?)

With Ver.14 there are a few additions and a few alleged improvements. What hasn't changed is the installation. Why in 2011, after 13 iterations of the program, does it still have to uninstall itself before installing the newer version, especially when it seems to be mostly the same? It also takes all your settings with it, so you have to totally configure the program after installation. This includes changing the PDF Rendering Resolution under Options/Advanced from 200 dpi to at least 300. Otherwise the OCR accuracy will suffer. None of this is hard, but kind of a PITA. Oddly, it leaves the PaperPort Image Printer alone.

Overall it seems more like an upgrade than a new version, but it seems to work the same as Ver. 12.1, which is mostly good. It does seem to be faster, and all of the features I've tried seem to work. The icons for the Quick Access Toolbar are still too small. PDF Viewer Plus seems vastly improved over the dog included with V12. While the Highlight feature doesn't work, everything else seems to, and it no longer crashes when you try to put in a text box.

The program now only saves to pdf format. Saving an item in the old .max format is no longer an option. It will read a .max document, but to edit, copy, or annotate a .max item you must first duplicate it as a pdf.

One interface quirk they haven't fixed: In Win XP, if you have the Windows Task Bar on the left side of the screen and select Scenic, Win XP, or Visual Studio Desktop themes the following will happen: When you open PP you will get a gap on the left side of the screen between the task bar and the PP program window equal to the width of the task bar. The program window will be shifted to the right by that amount. The wider the task bar the wider the gap. If you shrink the window (double click on the title bar) and maximize it it will fit the window properly. This also happens if the Task Bar is on the top of the screen, but not if it is on the right or the bottom. It does not happen with any of the other five themes.

I don't expect to use the PaperPort Anywhere feature. I will update this review as I discover improvements or bugs, but so far it looks like a keeper.

EDIT 12/2/2011
I am downgrading my review from 4 stars to three. I just installed Windows 7 SP1. PP14 works pretty well, but...When I try to print using the PP Image Printer the dialog comes up, it says "Printing Document," the print icon shows up in the system tray, and nothing happens. No document in PP, no error message, nothing. Other people have also reported this, and the update didn't fix this.
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on August 15, 2011
I was a fan of Paperport 7, but needed to upgrade to something that was compatible to Windows 7. That said, after spending five hours re-familiarizing myself with the new, and far more cluttered UI, I came to discover two terrible problems with this $100 product (it's already available directly from the Nuance website).

The first problem is that the OCR software that takes the image you've scanned and turns it into a searchable, editable document is sub par compared to other, free, products that can be found online. The most glaring instance of this illiteracy was that for the six documents I scanned before returning my product, the endings of all cited email addresses were translated "____@gmail . corn". It wasn't devastatingly hard to read, and wouldn't be hard to replace using a pdf editing ability...

...Except that the only way to edit these pdfs of their read errors was to buy an additional Nuance program for $40-50 more.

So, if you plan to scan a lot, be prepared when purchasing this that it'll provide an experience nowhere near as easy as advertised, and services that can be replicated much cheaper, much better, for those willing to spend more time initially learning about the skill of scanning with OCR.

I reiterate: I bought this in good faith, was intimately familiar with prior versions, and it still took me a few hours of frustrating work to get it all working to reach the point I was actually dissatisfied with. I'm a college student who wanted to get my scanning setup sorted out before going back to school.

To add insult to injury, the support and return processes on the Nuance site side were aggravating to no end, as I am convinced that some smarmy employee has labeled the clear form button as "return all". This review was brainstormed during that time of refilling forms, and sent two days later once my head had cleared.

Two stars because if you're willing to pay $50 extra for the editor, this actually could be quite useful for computer newblets who aren't interested in taking a moment to experiment with combinations of freeware. It even comes with a free 1 GB cloud account for your documents, so you can sync content to and from mobile devices (again, something that can be done just as reliably, for free, elsewhere...)

[Edit]: Down to one star, considering how many superior alternatives I've been finding since I stopped with Paperport, as well as in response to how aggressively Nuance has been advertising a product that shouldn't have been considered finished.
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on December 12, 2011
Based on the poor reviews I read about this product, I hesitated for several months on whether to purchase PaperPort 14 Professional. I have used PaperPort 9 for years and really like it. I tried PaperPort 11 and was disappointed because each scanned PDF file was much larger and took more space on my hard drive than version 9. When I finally upgraded to a new desktop computer with Windows 7, I knew it was time to try the professional edition of PaperPort 14. Listed below are some of the pros and cons I've discovered so far...


1. Smooth installation.
2. I'm able to retrieve all of my previous version 9 scans automatically. I had made a back-up just in case there was a problem.
3. I'm impressed with the easy to read and change options for scanning. It works well too.
4. I'm happy with the smaller PDF size (like I wanted to see in the basic version of PaperPort 11). I believe this option is only available in the Professional edition.
5. There's a lot of imaging tools - much more than version 9.


1. I get a message screen that Microsoft Outlook could not be found on my computer each time I open PaperPort. I have searched for some way to stop this pop-up window, but I haven't discovered the solution yet. It appears that Microsoft Outlook is required because PaperPort does not recognize the alternative I use called Chaos Intellect. I followed the pop-up window's instructions and made Chaos Intellect my default mail program, but it didn't stop the pop-up window and I'm not purchasing Outlook so I guess I live with this minor annoyance.

2. After I scanned a page I dragged it to my e-mail program icon, Chaos Intellect, to make an attachment with the scanned page for an e-mail I wanted to send. PaperPort froze so I had to use the task manager to close the program. I have 16 gigabytes of memory so I know it's not a hardware problem. Anyway, I've decided I won't be using the drag and drop option to the Send To bar at the bottom of the screen for my e-mail program, but it did work great when I used it with OmniPage 16 (with another pop-up window reminder that it couldn't identify my default mail program and Outlook could not be found).

Finally, my conclusion is that PaperPort is still a good program. Even with that little pop-up window annoyance, I'm glad I upgraded! I'm giving it 4 stars. Like many programs, it takes some time to learn its idiosyncrasies and often it's just poor instructions on how to use the software that creates frustration for the user. I'm hopeful that Nuance will continue to improve the program because I already downloaded a patch from their website that must have covered some previous issues.
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on September 1, 2012
I have been using PaperPort for at least 8-10 years. This version, version 14, is easily the worst in many years as PaperPort has been getting steadily worse since version 10. Nuance really ought to go back and look at versions 8-10 while consulting with a group of veteran PaperPort users when developing the next version of PaperPort. In short, they need, at a minimum, to provide the ability for a user to quickly and easily create a blank PDF whose size and DPI resolution can be set by the user and whose size and DPI resolution can be changed after creation by the user. They also need to give the user the ability to select the level of compression when compressing a document created in PaperPort the same way you could do in version 10. Quite frankly, as a sucker who actually owns versions 8-14, I recommend that Nuance look at what they did right in version 10 (I know some users like versions 7-9 better) because that is the version I chose to re-install on my 2 month old work computer because of my progressively crappier experiences with versions 12, 13 and 14.

While I understand Nuance's desire to focus on PDF because it is essentially the de facto electronic document standard, they underappreciated the versatility of their .max propreitary file format they abandoned in version 14. The .max file format allowed you to convert a photo any other drawing or image (in .jpg, gif, PDF, etc. format) or into a .max document having one DPI resolution that you could open and select part or all of the image in the converted photo and paste it into a blank .max file having a different DPI resolution that permitted you, among many, many, other things, to enlarge or shrink what you cut/paste depending on the DPI ratio. For example, if you simply wanted to double the size of a photo you took, you would convert the photo into .max document having one DPI, create a blank .max document of roughly the same size with a DPI one-half the DPI of the photo .max document, open the converted photo .max document, copy the photo, and paste it into the blank half-DPI resolution .max document thereby doubling the size of the photo. In addition, you previously could right click a photo, PDF, etc, and covert it into a .max document having nearly any dpi resolution and document size (A4, 8.5x11, etc.) which you could then compress when converting the .max document to PDF, jpg, gif, etc. into an incredibly small megabyte-sized document that would not lose hardly any, if any, detail. You could also control the percentage of compression when converting a document in JPEG, GIF, PDF etc. into a new JPEF, GIF, PDF, etc document producing the same great compression results without even having to create a .max document. That is just scratching the surface of what you could do not only using the .max file format proprietary to PaperPort but also what you could do in converting from one file format to another with optimal compression - much of what you can do can only be done using a much more expensive program like Adobe Illustrator. Anyhow, that was then - before version 14.

Today, there is no .max document format and it is incredibly difficult, if not virtually impossible to create a blank PDF canvas in which you can paste something. Even worse, you cannot do so and set or change the DPI of the blank PDF canvas with any kind of ease or in any kind of intuitive manner. If Nuance could change PaperPort so it quickly and easily allowed creation of blank PDFs of any DPI and size while also allowing its size and DPI to be changed at any time after creation, it probably solve the most serious issue I have with PaperPort 14. If they could address this, I would consider buying it again despite its numerous other deficiencies I think others have more than adequately commented about in other reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. However, until this biggie is addressed, I do not recommend buying PaperPort anymore.

In addition, I do not know if other users are experiencing another problem I am having with PaperPort 14, having now had version 14 installed on my home computer (Windows 7 64-bit Professional) for at least 9 months, running PaperPort keeps bringing up a Windows Installer window seeking some sort of component I need to repeatedly cancel before PaperPort will finally run. Even then, it frequently hangs and sometimes even crashes such that I do not use it very much anymore as it is almost unusable. I am fortunate though as I have version 10 installed on my work computer. While version 10 does not work perfectly with Windows 7, not surprising since it was designed to run with Windows XP, it serves my needs far better than nearly-useless version 14.

Finally, if anyone has ever tried to get support from Nuance, you will learn as I have, you are pretty much left on your own. Another reason not to recommend PaperPort.

Lets hope Nuance someday soon decides to put some meaningful resources into what was formerly a fantastic product.
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on January 7, 2014
I've been using Paperport Pro since version10, I've always used it on a PC connected to a NAS of some sort and haven;t had any issues until I had to do a clean install on Windows 8. After the install Paperport crashed regularly when trying to do the things I've always done with it; convert images to pdfs, stack PDFs, complete forms with PDF Plus and print them with Scansoft PDF create. This has always worked; always. So I contacted tech support and paid for assistance. The first thing I found which is fairly typical for tech support folks but should get them fired is that they didn't read my request. I know this because they asked me some of the exact same information I provided to start the request initially and it was in fact listed in the same message just below where they ask me the questions again. That is infuriating but as I said many support folks do this so I let it pass.
The next reply he asked questions I had already answered in the initial support request again 1) was this the same computer; well yes I said I replaced a hard drive not added a computer 2) Had I been using the NAS successfully before- Uh yea because I said "this has always worked in the past". Then he suggested I copy part of it to a local drive and try again. I did and it did the same thing as when it was connected to the NAS. I replied telling him that and adding that the simple act of changing directories was now making it crash.

They told me to upgrade to 14.5 and I did. It made no difference and pointed me to a response in their FAQ that says Paperport doesn't work with a NAS.
They told me to move my files to a local drive. Well as I said local or NAS it made no difference to the crash and secondly I have a network for a reason and moving the files to my local machine makes is not an option.

I pointed out that nowhere in their sale information does it say Windows Networks Only and pointed to their sales page and what it says about PP 14 Pro:
"Enhanced network folder support: PaperPort 14 now takes advantage of fast, reliable thumbnail viewing of documents stored on shared network folders. Additionally, PaperPort 14 locks files in use over the network to prevent problems that may occur when more than one person tries to view or modify the same file."
Again no mention of Windows Networks being the only supported type. (Maybe Apple but I don;'t use it so I don't know how or if it works there does.)
I mentioned that I could upgrade to Windows 8.1 if that would help. They once again did not read the reply. I know because intheir next email they said:
". . .since you are using Windows 8.1, the version of Paperport that best works with it is Paperport 14.5. We suggest that you avail of the installation disc for Paperport 14.5 thru the Nuance Customer Service for you to uninstall the current version and install Paperport 14.5. . ."

The initial product page says "Store, share and find documents on the network or in the cloud"
And their features page lists as a reason to buy "Manage Documents Across the Network, Send and receive documents to and from a shared network folder or Microsoft SharePoint.

Once again no mention that the network must be Windows based for Paperport to work

Not being able to work with a NAS eliminates most small office systems as a NAS is less expensive and easier to manage than a Windows server or even using a Windows desktop as a server under Win 7 or 8. My work requires very specific security for the documents I keep and my desktop doesn't allow it. So even if I wanted to move the files there - and add another terabyte of drive - I couldn't. I am currently seeking replacements that do the job and will dump PP as soon as I make a choice.

Paperport works well IF you don't have a network or if you have a Windows based network. It may work if you have a NAS but if it ever fails Nuance will tap dance and try to make it your fault. I love the feature set, I loved (past tense) the way it made my work easier and allowed me to serve my clients more effectively. Somewhere along the line Nuance changed things and broke what I used the most then told me it was all my fault and I was incorrect about it working prior to this event. They appear to follow a checklist for responding to support request and don;t read to see if the data are in the initial request or response. That's annoying and after a while maddening.

I've been in computers up to my neck since the 80's, installed minicomputers, Novell networks, Windows and Citrix servers and served as an IT manager for a governmental agency for two years. I know what I'm doing and I know when folks are tap dancing when they don't have an answer. When I deal with Nuance I can see their feet moving rapidly; Fred Astaire would be proud but I'm just tired of their approach to issues that affects my ability to work. So I'm moving on, I hope you have better luck.
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on April 6, 2012
Customer since Paperport 8 ... most experience with Paperport 9.0 Pro, which crashes under Windows 7, so upgraded to Paperport 14, which also freezes when accessing files stored on a network server. Support for this product is aggravating, to say the least. Nuance apparently does not post solutions or fixes or bug reports anywhere where Google can find them. This product is only good for single-users, home systems, in my opinion.
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on May 20, 2013
This is a moderately good product. It adequately does the job described. Some descriptions are misleading. For instance the product is advertised as "one button scanning" Requires multiple buttons. After scanning is finished, the user has to close the scanning window, push the finished scanning button, highlight the default title, and enter a title
The real problem with this product is support. Even by the standards of the support industry, support from this company is not useful. For example, on their web site they display the products I purchased, the date of purchase, and the serial number. However they cannot find me as having purchased the product on their support database, and therefore are unable to help me. Without support help the product is useless.
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on August 13, 2012
Despite improvements over time, the program fails from a speed standpoint when trying to access files on a network, a server, a NAS, or other external device. It will eventually open the documents, but you had best get a cup of coffee first, for it will take that long if not longer to open. The problem is the failure to improve the way the files are accessed. The company's tech support is practically useless and if you get stuck with offshore tech support, just hang up and save yourself the aggravation. The problem is that there are not many alternatives, but it appears that Nuance is so busy buying other companies that it has forgotten to improve the products that they already had.
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on February 15, 2014
Bought PaperPort 14 Pro direct from Nuance. $99. Downloaded and installed. It would open, I could see the proper screen with my old icons from PP11, then immediately go away and leave me with a box - "Warning 1909" Called Nuance support at the phone number on their web site and talked to a nice English speaking lady, who said all she could do was to give me a different phone number for "tech support". And not a toll free number at that.

I called "Tech Support" and after a wait of maybe 4 minutes, was connected to a person undeniably in India, who could neither speak nor understand English. After many minutes of repeating myself over and over, I hung up. Called the same number again the next day at 8:00 am when they open. Different person, but exact same problem. Neither of us could understand the other. Again, in utter disgust, hung up. But in those 2 messages, all I got was to uninstall and reinstall, using their own patented "uninstaller", included in the software, especially made to uninstall PaperPort 14. Does that sound like they might be having problems if they must develop a special uninstaller ??? I uninstalled and re-installed a total of 5 times, all with the same error message.

Called the third time to request a refund. I assume I will get it, but time will tell. They spent much more time in having me answer "Yes" to 2 questions that basically said I will remove the software (could not wait to do so) and would destroy the CD I also ordered, than anyone ever spent in trying to fix the problem.

AND, in the process of loading 14, it also wiped out my working version 11. Had to dig out the original CD and re-install.

Something bad happened between versions 11 an 14. Every version of 14 should come with a copy of Rosetta Stone.
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on November 6, 2013
After installing the trial of Paperport 14 Pro, and having it begin to crash at about 5 seconds after opening, I emailed Nuance to see if they could help. They didn't even ask me one question. Here is their reply: Thank you for contacting Nuance Customer Service.

Further to your email, I would like to advise you that a trial version is not supported by Nuance. You may go to the knowledge base section of our website ([...] to search for possible solutions.

You may also want to purchase the full version of Paperport 14.0 Professional which might also resolve your issue and you have a 30-day money back guarantee policy with Nuance.

If you wish to purchase the full version, you may call our Customer Service Department at +44 (0) 871 641 2212. The Customer Service Department is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Christine Hillaert
Nuance Customer Service

So then I went to uninstall the trial, and there is no uninstall function, so I went to my Windows Control Panel to uninstall it. There were at least 10 different programs that I am still trying to get uninstalled. Wow. Just, Wow. Sloppy installation of the trial, and now I have a mess to weed through.

I don't recommend this product to anyone.
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