Customer Reviews: Numark Mixtrack DJ Software Controller
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on August 1, 2010
I didn't hesitate purchasing the Numark Mixtrack. After coming across
the link on accident looking at other DJ products. I went to the Numark
website and read more about this Dj Controller. I then went to Youtube
and watched a couple videos on it. I then came here to Amazon to purchase
it the same day after finding out about it.

I've used a lot of Dj controllers before. At Parties, Clubs, Weddings ect.
I always found the more expensive controllers to have the best features. But
with the Mixtrack....I am proven wrong. This controller ranks up there with the
best in my opinion. When I compare this to great controllers like The VCI-300,
The NS7, The Mixdeck, ect. You with this Dj controller can't go wrong. You're
getting a $150.00 Dj controller with all the features Dj's look for, at an affordable
price! With this you're getting a more real time djing feel. You're getting
nice Dj platters/jogwheels, effects, editing tools and a good program. This is
a perfect tool to have on those days you dj a gig. But don't want to bring your
regular djing equipment. Also if your a beginner looking to learn the art of
being a Disk Jockey. This is the right product to learn on.

With this controller, you would need to get an audio sound card. To be able to
hear what your doing with headphones. Native Instruments the same company that
makes the included Traktor program. Has a sound card called the Audio2Dj and Numark has the DjIo Sound card. There are other sound cards available also. The Mixtrack is premapped for use with all Traktor djing programs (Traktor Cue and Traktor Pro) and other approved djing software and hardware. Bottomline is this thing is made to perform and can hold it's own with the big boys. Numark has really outdone themselves with the Mixtrack, and with the success of the NS7, V7, and Mixdeck. Numark can go ahead and add this to the list of accomplishments.

Intermediate and Advanced Dj's can get enjoyment out of this product. Speaking as a Dj myself, using this has not made me miss hot days in the garage mixing it up on my acoustic djing equipment. Now I got something I can use and take with me on the go and use anytime. Not to say this is going to make me stop using my SL1200's and DJM 600. But now I got another option till I get my Numark Mixdeck. Numark has also came out with the IDJ3 which is a similar controller. But it has an Ipod
dock, and has a built in headphone jack and mic output. The IDJ3 cost $300 but has all of the same great features as the Mixtrack. So to end this, I recommend the Numark Mixtrack to everyone that wants to either learn, entertain ect. A very great Dj Midi Controller for an even more amazing price!
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on August 17, 2010
I bought this for practicing my sets in my room, or where ever I can. That, and I wanted to venture into Native Instruments territory (I use Serato).

Build Quality - I wish there was more metal parts (like a heavy mtal plate for the bottom), but it doesn't matter becasue it is light weight, and I can retrofit (hack) a metal plate of my choosing. . .but that'll be later. The buttons are responsive. With Traktor LE, it works flawlessly (packaged with it). I've had no issues with it, and I was fairly impressed with the build quality (being that it's ALL plastic).

My only concerns are pretty small:

1) The Faders.
Over time, thy may get too wobbly, but I'm pretty sure there will be some after market parts (Innofader?) to replace these. Or I may just replace them (line faders) myself with smoother ones.

2) Conencted USB.
This is the part where I don't agree with it. I hack a replacement so I can simply remove the USB cord. But really, it's not a deal breaker.

Price - How can you say no? $150 (no sound card). Rumors show that Numark and Native Instruments may put together a package with a sound card. If you don't want to wait (like I did), you may want to pick up either a Numark StereoIO (roughly $35-$40 ), or spend the good quality on a Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ ($100). I got the latter and the output is great. And with Traktor LE being from NI, Set-up is a FRIGGIN breeze.

If you looking to get started, or want something to just mess around with, don't even hesitate on this!

***UPDATE on OCt 4, 2010***
Numark has just announced a MixTrack Pro for $250. . .This time it includes a soundcard built in, and has a detachable USB cord. . . .At least Numark is now listening!
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on October 7, 2010
The Numark Mixtrack is definently what it says it is. It's a responsive, light, compact controller with some pretty amazing effects. I bought this to be able to DJ shows without having to carry 3 crates of records and turntables with me. While the two decks do act as turntables, the scratch sounds very computerized and the response is off. You have to watch your PC screen to keep track of where you're at in the cut. It is very light, very portable, and pretty responsive. It is plastic, so if you want the professional feel, you won't get it. If you want portable, this is for you. A couple of issues... You'll need a separate soundcard to be able to monitor your cue. This is in the price range of about $90+. And the version of Traktor that comes with it is the light edition which is very basic. The pitch is only +/-8%. I was hoping to be able to make that much more but in the light edition of Traktor that's all thats available. You'll have to upgrade to pro. All in all, this is most definitly worth $150. Just don't expect for it to change your DJ game. If you're looking into getting into DJing, I would suggest just getting PCDJ or another program that you can use a keyboard as the controller. Its easier to control at first and you'll see if you have the ear to mix. If you're looking to go portable, match this with a external soundcard and you, sir, are set.
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on June 29, 2011
Hi there,

I'm an amateur producer of house music (mainly)(home producing,nothing fancy) and I've been thinking recently of getting into DJing(I have no experience in DJing). Unfortunately the gear in my country is rather expensive (I live in Romania) but luckily a family friend went on a trip to the U.S. and asked me if I wanted anything. I started looking for gear online and I was very surprised and pleased to see things are way cheaper in the U.S., especially online. I came across the Numark Mixtrack during my frantic midnight searches and wouldn't you believe it, only 119$! In Romania, the cheaper ones go for 240 something dollars! Keep in mind this is a digital DJ controller and acts like 2 turntables and a mixer. My opinion is digital DJing is the future (at least for me), seeing it's so accessible and productive.
I've just received mine and it is awesome! The Mixtrack is lightweight, small and obviously very portable. It's made of plastic, otherwise it would've been heavier, but don't let that discourage you. I installed Virtual DJ, plugged the Mixtrack in and that was it! It works with other DJ software, like Traktor, but I haven't gotten around to trying them. If you're a complete beginner, the learning curve is about an hour, maybe less, it's extremely intuitive and the manual is all you need to understand the basics. The platters are well built, although maybe not as responsive as vinyl turntables, you'd have to mess with the setting a bit to achieve desired results. The faders offer resistance and the crossfader is loose, both just the right amount. The big file-finding knob in the middle is perfect for dark clubs and such where trying to find a track with your mouse/touch-pad would be annoying.
You will need an audio interface to be able to cue your songs, monitor with headphones etc. I'd recommend what I will be receiving shortly (I hope), the Behringer UCA202. It's the cheapest I could find, from a serious brand.
What's the difference between this and the Mixtrack Pro? The Pro has a built-in audio interface and a detachable cable, and more software included. I recommend you buy this and an audio interface, instead of the Mixtrack Pro, if you have other uses for the audio interface.
The downsides are: the EQ knobs have a little problem. For example, if you turn the treble knob all the way down and then turn it up slowly, there will be a very short range of motion where nothing happens and then you suddenly hear the treble, instead of a smooth transition. Also, during play the sync buttons insists that you synchronize beats! And before or after playing a song, the cue and play/pause buttons put on quite the light show trying to alert you to cue your song! A bit annoying if you ask me, but I will get used to it or look into some settings to see if I can modify that.
That's all from me for now, ask if you have any questions.
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on January 8, 2012
I listen to a lot of house, drum & bass, dubstep, and other electronic music, and like many the idea of DJing my own tunes peaked my interest from time to time. So I bought the Newmark Mixtrack on a whim to see what I could do and I have to say I'm very impressed with the product. Virtual DJ was already a great piece of software that I would use with my music, but making multiple minute changes to the tracks playing with just a mouse was a pain. The Mixtrack controller lets me access everything I normally would use from the Virtual DJ interface and then some, making for a very cheap alternative to using CDJs to mix CDs without sacrificing access to essential controls. The lights on the mixtrack all look really cool especially with the lights dimmed, and the touch-sensitive turntables work like a dream. I'll probably never become a professional DJ, but I think I've satisfied my itch to beat-match with the Mixtrack controller (along with a ton of YouTube how-tos!)
review image review image
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on December 30, 2011
When I first started DJ-ing, I needed a controller that was compact, had effects, would allow me to scratch, and help me keep a semi-professional image. The Numark Mixtrack does this and does it pretty well. I've brought this little baby with me to three gigs so far and it's served me well each time; it has a pretty easy layout to get used to, has everything you need right on the controller, and even has a scroll wheel so you can browse your music without touching your computer.

Plus fora $120 controller, it comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE (which if you're like me, you don't have a lot of cash to drop on Traktor or Serato) which is basic but gets the job done.

The faders are pretty good, the knobs are fairly well-made and the pitch sliders aren't hard to master and the loop controls are actually really useful and if you can master timing out the right number of measures and starting the loops at the right times, your mix will sound much more professional than without this piece of gear.

Overall I really have few complaints about the Mixtrack considering what it does for me and for its ease of use. Really the best way to get a feel for this piece is to just mess around with it and discover new tricks (few, admittedly, but they're there).


-Mixer and turntables in one unit that is only a few inches wider than a laptop

-Allows crossfading, scratching, pitch control, speed adjustment, equalizer, and loops --all stuff you'll need if you want to actually DJ

-Easy to learn, easy to use

-Plug and play, other than DJ iO software for Virtual DJ (which you have to buy a separate soundcard to use headphones, and configuring the sound is a little bit of a hassle) it doesn't require much setup

-Most of the buttons light up when you plug in, which is useful if you're playing at a dark party or dance


-After a guest went rough on my crossfader on my first gig, I've been having quite a bit of bleeding (sound from the other song playing when the crossfader's to one side) whenever I fade to the left deck

-The scratching sounds horrible. It sounds way too computerized and isn't cool to listen to and doesn't really enhance your mix in any way (maybe it's the software)

-The faders are pretty good but the volume controls feel like they would become a little too sensitive if I was bringing the volume up and down for every track (as in the sliders would start to slip more easily)

Tips for getting the most out of this controller:

-Get a case for it (I know it sounds silly but trust me, your controller will have a much longer life if you don't toss it in your trunk with your other gear--get a messenger bag or something to put it in, nothing too fancy)

-Keep it away from food if possible (Yeah, pretty self-explanatory)

-Don't let other people play with it (Don't be afraid to look like the bad guy; you bought it, you should have a right to keep it! I've had great success putting a sign on mine when I'm not in the booth that says "This controller costs $120. DO NOT TOUCH" -- sends the message pretty clearly)

So there you have it, the Numark Mixtrack. Pair this with the DJ iO soundcard for headphone capability and you're ready to start DJ-ing without breaking the bank.
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on September 29, 2010
I have a full setup with cdjs and technics tables. But wanted something smaller that I could put at my desk and mix while sitting down.. and to review new music. Picked this up and I love it.

I already have traktor scratch pro and the mapping for it was pretty good out the box. but i remapped it and now i love it. Cant go wrong with 150 bucks.

I spin trance and the big job wheels are nice. Much better than any of teh small job wheel midi controlers. Only other controller I looked at was the VCI-100se. But it was Much more expensive. Save your money and get this little controller. It does everything I need it to do plus more.

Best 150 I have spent on DJ equipment in 10 years. I will probably rarely get infront of the $8,000 in full size analog equipment anymore (unless I am having a party at my house).

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on March 9, 2012
I'm not a DJ and I'm using my controller to learn here at home. First I bought the Mixtrack + Traktor Audio 2 (a common combination), and now have replaced it with the Mixtrack Pro.


The controller interfaces are identical, except that I prefer the Mixtrack's color slightly to the Mixtrack Pro's. Both are plastic crap.

The Audio I/O in the Mixtrack Pro provides more outputs and an input. At the same time, it's cheaper than a Mixtrack + Audio 2, it's a little bit easier to set up, and easier when you want to hear other audio from your computer without unplugging anything. Obviously, I much prefer the Pro set up.


Virtual DJ: Both come with Virtual DJ LE. No difference there. The Upgrade to VDJ Pro is something like $200.

Traktor 2: Both work with Traktor 2, but the Audio 2 mixer came with Traktor 2 LE which you won't get if you go with Mixtrack Pro. I think I prefer Traktor to VDJ, and I'm not sure how else to try out Traktor. Either way, the Pro version is also around $200.

Serato DJ Intro: Only Mixtrack Pro works with DJ Intro. It comes with an install cd, but you can also download the full version for free. Serato makes top of the line digital DJ software and I'm loving it. (Again, in my very novice opinion, that's BETTER and FREE.)


Between the cheaper price point, improved AUDIO I/O, and better software options, I recommend the Mixtrack Pro over its little sibling.
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on April 15, 2011
Works great with traktor pro 2. You will need to find a mapping file online to use the controller for traktor pro.

How to get USB soundcard working for cueing trackings with headphones (Windows 7):
1. Get USB sound card and install it. (I purchased a Creative USB x-fi go! pro, $35)(I've also tried with a $7 usb card and it worked)
2. Download and install ASIO4ALL drivers (use google)
3. Start Traktor Pro
4. Click on ASIO4ALL in notifications bar and enable the USB sound card (make sure its highlighted)**VERY IMPORTANT**
5. Close Traktor Pro and then restart it
6. Go into preference> output routing and change your monitor output to the USB sound card
7. Go into preference> output routing and change your master output to your built in sound card
***IMPORTANT** if you notice pauses when running traktor then simply click the asio4all when Traktor program is open and increase the buffer, doing so will increase the latency, but will get rid of the pauses (glitches).
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on January 26, 2012
The Numark Mixtrack fall short of a quality product simple because there is no headphone jacks which make it impossible to cue when juggling and there are no output to connect to an existing system. There has to be a sound card to make this product worthwhile. I like to preview my tracks and make sure they are sync with the existing track when juggling. I had to return the mixtrack and buy the "mixtrack pro" instead which has all the amenities that was missing.
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