Customer Reviews: Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner with EGCG Single & Multi Pack (Two Bottles each of 200 Soft-Gels)
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on May 15, 2009
This is a great product. I picked up a bottle 5 days ago and started taking immediately according to the instructions: 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch.

The reason for my purchase is that I had been working out hard every day for about 2 months and my weight loss had been extremely slow. I know that there is a lag time from when you first start working out to when the pounds start coming off, but I was getting frustrated that I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Ever since I've turned 40 it just seems like my metablolism has slowed significantly so I needed some kind of boost. Que Green Tea Fat Burner.

The results for the first 5 days have been teriffic. I've lost 5 pounds in 5 days. Now granted, I know I wouldn't have lost 5 pounds if I hadn't been working out along with taking the product, but still, it's hard to argue with the results. It's like a switch has been flipped and my body is now burning off the fat like it should be.

One other thing that I've noticed is that my appetite is suppressed when I take the gree tea. I didn't even buy it for that reason. I just wanted something to help me start metablolising my fat and it's done that and more. I had to make myself eat lunch today so that I could take some more Green Tea, as I believe you shouldn't take this on an empty stomach.

I also have more energy now. It's subtle, but I definitely can tell I have more energy to get going on things that I would normally put off.

Awesome product. You won't be disappointed!
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on October 19, 2010
I have been taking this pill for two months now, and have considerably noticed the difference. My back has less fat, my thighs have slimmed down, not so noticeable but still slimmed down! I've lost side fat, arm fat and some stomach fat. I'm very pleased with this product, I take two pills every morning and every afternoon borderlining the evening, so around 5 or 6 pm. Altough please PLEASE take this with food or even a snack, just take it with some kind of food, not drinks or coffee. If you take this without food, you might have a queasy stomach that makes you feel like you will throw-up soon. Please drink lots of water everyday as well, or else the stomach might seem larger due to lack of hydration, it'll compound water weight and you'll look like you haven't lost any weight at all. With some light exercise this will have you thin and slender in no time. I do some light walking and uphills and downhills, just everyday stuff. I ate anything I wanted, but please stay away from food that will help weight gain instead of avoid it. You can eat it once in a while but dont make it a habit.
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on February 8, 2009
This item is great, I even bought one for my sister and my friend, they both like it, my friend has lost about 3 lbs in 2 weeks, and I like them because they help me control my appetite and they also give me a nice energy boost, without the jitters, just have a light snack or eat something when you take them, if not it could make you feel nausia.
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on September 3, 2013
weight loss is a difficult battle for many of us. this product seems to be helping curb my appetite and/or speed my metabolism. maybe a placebo effect, not sure. it won't replace eating health or exercising regularly. use it as directed. i am losing an average of 1-2 lbs a week with diet and exercise. almost through my first order. i will reorder again.
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on July 31, 2008
I love this product gives lots you of energy. Just make sure you dont take more than stated will give you the jitters.
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on September 30, 2015
This is the only weight loss drug that I've used that actually works so I thought it would be a worth sharing.

Prior to having a full time desk job where my exercise habits are quite sedentary, I've never felt the need to use any sort of weight loss aid as I was able to lose weight more easily by cutting back calories. However, ever since I've hit my mid 20's and no longer have as much free time as I'd like to join the gym after work, I've decided to try a weight loss aid that's more on the natural side just to test it out. My expectations weren't too high as I've read negative reviews about weight loss drugs but this one really has helped me lose at least 2 pants sizes in just 2 weeks.

I did not lose any weight after taking this supplement for one week and man was I quite disappointed. However, since I still have a good amount of pills left, I decided there'd be no harm in continuing to take these supplements daily (2 in the morning with breakfast cereal and 2 in the evening with dinner). Contrary to some of these reviews here, the pills did not disrupt my sleep cycle or kept me up. I was still able to sleep at night with no issues but I had also cut out my normal cup of coffee and replaced it with decaf instead. I'm not sure if it plays a role but one cup of coffee doesn't seem to have any negative effects. Although I did not lose weight by the end of the first week, I was down 5 lbs at the end of the second week and noticed a huge difference in my stomach and thighs area. I actually took before and after pictures and was pleased to see the results compared side by side with each other! My pants and skirts have also loosened up and I don't have fat spilling out all over the place.

Since I work full time at a desk job, my longest exercise is walking around at the office or walking back home from the train station. I'd estimate about a 20-30 minute walk each day combined and that's the most exercise I've done while taking these pills. I don't go to the gym or do anything special but I did change my eating habits by cutting out all processed food (chips, fast food) and replaced them with healthier options like raw fruits, vegetables and more protein. Without changing your eating habits, you're probably less likely to see a significant change in your body.

Overall, I do recommend these pills for weight loss. They have honestly helped me lose some weight I've been having trouble lose without giving me any negative side effects. If you are caffeine sensitive, I do suggest starting off with 1 pill a day and not taking these pills past 4pm as it may disrupt your sleep cycle but if you're not, take the recommended dosage and the weight will come off.

Very satisfied and will continue taking them.
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on October 17, 2011
It really works. I've been taking them for 4 weeks and have lost 17lbs and inches. I'm not starving myself or anything insane. I keep a 1200 cal diet and work out at for at least 1 hour 5 times a week and make sure at least three of those days are cardio of some sort. Although it surpresses your apptetite, I can't really tell, b/c I've gotten used to eating 5 small meals a day wheather I'm hungry or not. Like most the reviews say, it's not a miracle have to do your part, this just helps. It gives me a little boost in the evening for my workouts when normally I would just go home and watch tv.

Eat a "bad" meal and it comes out within hours (sometimes sooner)
I broke out the first couple of weeks
If I don't drink enough water, my fingers swell
If I skip I miss, I get irritated

I can still drink my daily latte with no werid side effects or jitters!
It works

Hope this helps
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on November 17, 2008
I need energy at work, this gives it to me without the gitters of most "fat burners". Dont look for crazy weight loss, or any at all. Its a fairly tame product but it gives me the pick me up of coffee, however with a pill. I dont drink soda, or coffee so this works great. Super cheap as well.
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on October 11, 2009
I use this product for two reasons; the energy boost from the caffeine and the protective qualities of the green tea. I feel I get the best of both worlds.
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on November 16, 2015
As many others have stated, "I rarely review products unless they are really good or really bad", I similarly subscribe to this way of thinking.

Generally with any supplement (and I've bought plenty over the years), I've learned it's always a gamble. There is no miracle pill. But every once in awhile, there are certain supplements that synergize well with your specific body chemistry. This is one of the few that has synergized/worked for me, as I hope it can work for you too.

Let me begin by saying that I am a 32 y/o male, not quite overweight but was slowly gaining weight over the years, specifically around the belly/love-handle area. Upon splurge shopping at Costco, I saw this and bought it. Why not, right?

I used it as directed. 2 pills per meal, per day. However, like many others, I hastily dismissed the drug's efficacy after not noticing any results after about 2 weeks, but kept taking them anyway. Around the 6 week mark, I noticed that my belt needed to be tightened. I then weighed myself for the first time in that 6 week period. I had lost 10lbs! (180lb --> 170 lbs), which was mostly love-handle weight with some belly weight too. I don't know how I hadn't noticed the subtle physical changes in my physique until that moment, but I looked pretty good!

Shame on me, but I hadn't even added any additional exercise sessions over the 6 weeks to aid in the weight loss. Please don't make my mistake of thinking that exercise isn't needed. Think of it as, "Think how much MORE weight I could lose if I exercised with it". I think I just got lucky in that sense.

Lastly, the product does contain 160 mg of caffeine per serving (~4.7 cans of soda!) The strange thing is that I am usually sensitive to caffeine, but for some reason, I don't get an upset stomach, jitters, or anxiety with the caffeine from these. I simply can't explain it. Not to sound like a broken record, but just b/c I had no side effects doesn't mean you won't.

To sum up my review, it worked exceptionally for me. If you can swing the price, I certainly think it's worth a shot. It's by no means a guarantee, but I am confident that you will eventually find a supplement to synergize well with your body chemistry. This may be it, but if not, don't give up! Good Luck!
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