Garmin nüvi 370 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
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Nuvi 370 map versions Does anyone know if the Nuvi 370 is shipping with the new V.9 (2008) maps for North America, like the Nuvi 350?
I called Garmin support who indicated this was a new unit and should ship with the new V2008 maps, so I ordered one from Amazon. When it arrived, however, it had the older V8 maps. I phoned Garmin support and (after over 30 mins in hold) they agreed to send me the new maps and placed an order for me, no charge.
[UPDATED] asked by M. Barney on July 16, 2007
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I also ordered from Amazon and received my Nuvi 370 yesterday (7/26/07). The unit that I received had the current maps of Europe (City Navigator Europe NT v9), but the older, outdated maps of North America (City Navigator North America NT v8). I called Garmin and they agreed to send me the newly-released North America maps (City Navigator North America NT 2008) free of charge.
Chris L answered on July 27, 2007


To confirm the version of the maps that are loaded on the nuvi, click the wrench icon on the Main screen, click the Map icon on the screen that pops, then click the "Map info" button on the bottom center of the screen that pops.

You don't have to wait on hold to Garvin customer support to get updated maps from Garmin. Register your nuvi on the Garmin website using the two small yellow pieces of paper inside the nuvi carton which have two registration codes, and Garmin's website will automatically recognize if there are new map versions available for your nuvi, and it will offer to mail them free of charge to you, presumably on a CD you can link your nuvi to on your PC to upload the updated maps. In future years, you'll have to buy updated maps if you want them, at something like $70 for just the USA version.
Hal Lancer answered on September 12, 2007

Mike - I called and explained that my new unit came with old software. They where very helpful and are sending me the updated software - no charge. They stated it would take 5 to 7 business days to arrive. No haggling, no negotiating, a very friendly experience. The only issue was the hold time - about 20 minutes.
Amazon Customer answered on August 15, 2007

I received 370 yesterday with v9 European and v8 North American. When you register your unit on you got free North America map free update. Easy.
Vlad P. answered on November 2, 2007


I ordered my Garmin 370 on August 8, and just received it on August 13. Unfortunately, this unit appears to have the outdated map of North America. How can I confirm that the v9 European map is on the unit? How long did it take for you to receive the newly-released North American maps from Garmin? I live in the UK, but will be in PA until August 26, 2007. Am I likely to receive the maps before departing from the USA? I plan to call Garmin tomorrow to request the newly-released N. American maps free of charge. Did your request for the updated maps require negotiation or was the representative easily convinced to provide the maps free of charge?

Thanks for your feedback!
mike answered on August 13, 2007

I just received my 370 today, shipped from Amazon's Sterling VA warehouse. Same situation as Chris - v9 European, v8 North America.
G. Adkins answered on October 10, 2007
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