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on October 25, 2014
1.) Charge two xbox controllers by just sitting there and looking pretty - check.

2.) Easily place and remove the controllers without drawing suspicion that the product designer was trying to annoy me - check.

3.) Won't empty the wallet. - check

That's all I needed. But in addition to that, the charger looks very slick and form fitting sitting on top of the non-vented side of the Xbone. The indicator lights are angled upwards and don't emit bright light. So, I very much doubt you'll be annoyed if you are considering this for a bedroom.

Protip: This charger works well with a "smart power strip" which ensures the charger is only drawing power while you're watching TV. Another plus for the bedroom set-up - because night time.
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on December 2, 2013
This is a solid product that works great, much like it's predecessor, but Nyko could save themselves a lot of problems with a simple fix in labeling and directions.

You'll notice most of the negative reviews saying it doesn't fit right, followed up with responses like "Well you don't know how to follow directions," or "You put the battery in backwards." Reviewer JoeJoe posted a YouTube video of Nyko installing the battery correctly, but it's easy to see where people are getting confused if you look at the picture I posted in the gallery that compares the installed battery to what's in the directions.

On the battery, there is text that reads "TOP SIDE" with an arrow pointing up. But this is a horizontally laying device, so alternate text would have been much more useful, something like "THIS SIDE AWAY FROM BODY" or even just "THIS SIDE OUT." Additionally, the picture of the battery on the directions doesn't have any of the distinguishing marks that the actual battery has, so it's easy to get the battery disoriented, specifically because the "guide arrow" of the directions closely mirror the "TOP SIDE" arrow that's printed on the physical battery--which would give you a backwards battery if you follow your instinct to align the two.

This would be a very easy fix and save customers a lot of headache. Once you get past that obvious oversight, the product works very well.
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on November 23, 2013
Personally, I didn't find the battery pack overly difficult to get into the controller. I don't know if I'm an outlier or something, since the other reviews complain about it, but it was quick and easy for me.
The battery for this is pretty solid; I've clocked about 10 hours on one and it doesn't show any signs of being close to dying.
Incredibly easy to set up and use. Just pop in the battery and the new controller backing and just drop it on the charger. A screen pops up that shows that a controller is charging, as well as one of three lights that display the charge level on the battery pack (25%, 50%, 75%).
Best used with 2 controllers (obviously), but if you mess with it enough you should be able to put the spare battery pack on and have it charge without the weight of a controller to hold it on, letting you quickly switch out when your controller's battery gets low, although it seems to hold a pretty good charge.
Contrary to one of the other reviews, my batteries did not come fully charged, but this wasn't an issue. I haven't been timing it or anything, but a full charge feels like it takes around a half hour to happen.
As far as I'm concerned, it's an excellent purchase. I had one for 360 too, and I never had any complaints with it. I'm assuming this will be much of the same. (For reference, the 360 version of this charger has 4.7/5 stars after over 640 reviews)

TL;DR: Don't let the other reviews dissuade you. Their low star rating seems to hinge greatly on their inability to put the battery in, not a reflection of the product as a whole. Excellent purchase, good batteries, very easy to use.
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on February 5, 2014
I had high hopes for this.... didn't happen. No problems installing batteries or anything, but I could only get one of the controllers to charge. And that was about 90% of the time.

The second controller I could not get to charge at all. The base would light up for a split second when I placed it in the cradle, but would not stay lit. I would try and move it slightly to get a better connection, but that didn't work either.

I ended buying another style (from Energizer) on BestBuy .com for the same price Amazon had it for ( out of stock on Amazon) and also free shipping. It has been working flawlessly for a month now.

Do not waste your money on this headache.
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on December 4, 2013
I can not tell you that they are definitely putting the battery in wrong, but some people say that the hole does not line up. The reason it doesnt line up is if you put it in the wrong way! The black part of the battery goes on the side of the two metal pieces on the controller. I put it in wrong originally wrong and it did not fit and my controller got hot! Make sure to put it in right. The battery says "top side" and that really is the top side and if you put it in right, it is very easy to put in. Just make sure to put it in right before you send it back. Also, here is a video by Nyko that explains how to insert the batteries: [...]
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on November 28, 2015
It's a great product and environmentally friendly. People are complaining about only one of the charging slots works. I met the same problem. The solution is to clean the metal chips on the batteries, and on the base. I use a pencil eraser, and wipe it with lens cleaners. I also used a toothpick to push the chips on the base out (see pictures, and if you accidentally pop out the chips, just push them back in). Then it works. This saves you time and effort of returning it or exchange it. Hope the charger work at your home.
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on December 4, 2013
I owned the Nyko charge base for the Xbox 360 and Love it. When I saw the local Gamestop got this in I immediately purchased it. Was perfect too because I went there to get a plug and charge kit.

For $30 you get two batteries and the charge base. $30 for two controller packs or $25 for a one controller plug and charge tell me?

The way it works is you have to take the battery backcover off the controller, put in the chargepack, then actually replace the cover with a cover they provide for you that has a cutout for the pins to be able to charge on the dock. I find it to be a pretty clean design the pins do not stick out everything works really nicely.
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on October 27, 2015
Our family owns several of these chargers for our Xbox One controllers (and the similar versions for Xbox 360 controllers, and PS4 controllers as well, yes you could say we take our gaming a bit seriously and I do hate leaky alkaline batteries!!). They work very well and so overall this is a product I give five stars and highly recommend. That is, as long as you aren't planing to use them on the NEW Xbox One Elite controller. My pair just arrived today, and while I didn't have specific plans to use the recharger unit for them (I just got the Halo Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One console and so I will be using the recharger unit for those two special controllers) I was disappointed there wasn't compatibility. However, I don't blame Nyko in the least. I'm sure Microsoft has kept those designs fairly tight under wraps, and even if manufacturers like Nyko knew about the design of the battery faceplate (or whatever the correct term would be), I'm not sure Microsoft would give free reign to 3rd party manufacturers just yet (or however that works in the business, manufacturing, and legal worlds) to start copying that battery cover design, etc. You see, the battery cover on the Xbox One Elite controller has illustrations on it, diagrams basically, illustrating how one can set your preferences for customization options. In the past, battery covers weren't embellished with designs (instructions) in general, just blank, so there wasn't any concern of a 3rd party duplicating such designs or information for a certain subset of controller like there is now for this one type of Xbox One controller. The main reason though for the incompatibility (sorry I should have mentioned this sooner) is the latching is different; the cover for the new controller still uses a 3-prong system to attach into the battery compartment/controller itself, but these latch into different locations. See the included pictures, one of the Nyko battery plate (marked with the Nyko branding), and the battery plate from the back of the new Xbox One Elite controller that I just received today. Note, this if the first time I've submitted a review and taken pics, so I'm sorry they aren't very good, and I didn't use a proper background; I will try to do better next time. It is easy to see how the Nyko controller cover latches are spaced very differently, and within the Elite controller, those locations there is now solid plastic so the battery plate cannot seat properly. Without being able to seal the battery compartment, one cannot have the properly covered battery charger in place (the rechargeable batteries themselves do fit, I did check this).

I am not an electrician by any means, so there may be many things at work here as well. I tried placing the controller on the Nyko charger with the battery in place sans cover. No charging light appeared. I have suspicion the battery covers are necessary to keep the rechargeable battery from making extraneous contacts with anything else in or around the battery compartment, or at the very least, to avoid corrosive materials coming into contact with the batteries themselves (sweaty hands, oils, environmental corrosives, humidity etc), as well as physical protection from bumps and shocks. Another things to consider with this new controller are those metallic pedals on the back, designed for remapping buttons. It's very possible they are getting in the way as well, physically, especially when I attempted to place the controller on the charger with just the battery in place (no cover attached). The controller actually looks as if the overall "form" may be slightly different, which if it is (and I'm not just imagining things), that too could affect how the controller is "seated" in the charger and could make the difference between contact and failure. So many things are possible, it will be up to 3rd party companies who manufacture rechargeable units like these to adapt to accommodate the "newest and latest" on the market.

I'm guessing Microsoft will be coming out with one (I haven't looked to be honest); at least that one would be guaranteed to work with the Xbox One Elite controller. Until Nyko and others specifically say they are compatible with the Elite controller, one must assume they are not (unless someone else here finds a workaround). Be aware, any "workaround" with existing products, not just Nyko, will not have the illustrations nor the slightly rubbery tactile feel (not sticky) the included battery panel has that is part of the Elite controller (the entire controller has a very special feel to the surface, I'm not sure how to describe, its not sticky, not exactly non-slip but sort of, but a little rubbery-like, and the backs of the handles are a very interesting mesh that seems like it will work nicely maintaining grip especially for those who may be prone to sweaty hands, but I haven't used it yet so I can't to speak to that).

For all other purposes (any Xbox One controller that isn't the Elite) this is a wonderful recharger system. I've not had any troubles with it, and can definitely recommend without hesitation. We have several, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4, and have also given several as gifts. No complaints, and this isn't even a complaint it's a notification about a model change in an Xbox controller that now will require modifying the product to remain compatible. Congrats to anyone else who has just received their new Elite controllers. I plan to download the Xbox One app (which isn't on an App Store, I thought that was a bit misleading, it's actually on your Xbox One), and start enjoying my controller. It was during the loading batteries sequence that I noticed this little "issue" and I thought I would mention it to fellow gamers, so they would have a head's up, as well as any parents, families, etc. who might plan on buying this for the Elite controller (wait until it's said to be compatible, but it works great for all Xbox One controllers other than the Elite because that is a new controller and its design is very different). Enjoy!
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on December 22, 2013
First, let me say that it's easy to see how people mess up putting the battery pack in, and do it the wrong way. At first glance it looks like the battery pack +/- contact points should be in contact with the metal springs that are clearly marked with those symbols inside the controller. But if you look carefully, the symbols go the other way. The battery pack actually goes in with the plastic side against those springs, and the metal contact points facing the other way. But it should be obvious that you've done it wrong as soon as you try to put the cover on. The hole in the cover for the charging contact won't line up unless you put the batteries in the right way.

Now, once you've got it set up, it works great. Unlike the 360 version, there isn't a big pack on the back of the controller to drop securely into a large hole on the charging station, so it is possible to set the controller down on the charger and think you've done it right even though you missed. But this isn't Nyko's fault, this is just the nature of the redesign of the Xbox One controller. Nyko has provided two nubs on the base that fit into the back cover of the controller to secure it on the base. So if you set it down and give it a wiggle, it should be obvious if you've got it on there correctly. No big deal, you just can't toss it on the base from 10 feet away like you could with the 360 version.

Next, the display. I like that this one is not really bright. And once the batteries are charged and the green light has displayed for a short period of time, the display turns off completely. When on, the lights are even less distracting than the 360 version. You can still tell if this is charging from across the room, because the Nyko name and controller outline display in a soft white color on the front of the charger. The charging lights just below the outline of the controller display in red first, then orange, then green for fully charged. Those lights are really small square lights that I can't see unless I'm standing right by the charging base. No complaint from me, I like it that way.

The amount of charge is definitely sufficient. I have not been able to completely kill the battery yet. And I've used the controller continuously without charging for at least 24 hours of gaming, and it was fine. The rumble motors didn't even turn off in the controller. Currently, that's the only indicator I'm aware of that shows the batteries are low.

The only thing that I find lacking in this package is the option to plug the base in and charge via USB. I considered one of the other setups because of this option, but ultimately stuck with the Nyko. But I've already got so many things plugged in for my entertainment system, I wish that I could simply plug this into the back of the Xbox One if I wanted to.

Again, this works great. It does it's job quietly, as it should, stays out of the way, and it does it well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a rechargeable solution for the new Xbox.
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on June 9, 2016
I bought a Nyko charge base for my son's X-Box 360 a few years ago and it worked great. So when I got an X-Box One, I ordered this version and have regretted it since. As mentioned in numerous other reviews, the charging ports are misaligned and will not charge a controller if you simply place it into the base as instructed. I've read all of the suggestions and I'm positive the battery is inserted the proper way and that I'm using it the way it's intended - still it won't charge. The only way I've been able to get it to charge a battery is by removing the battery and placing it manually on the charging points, then resting a weight (I use a heavy duty tape measure) on it to hold it in place. Should I have returned it? Absolutely, but it wasn't worth the hassle of reboxing it and sending back. Sure, it looks cool sitting on top of the XB1, but it might as well be a paperweight sitting there.
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