Customer Reviews: Nyko Power Grip for Vita - PlayStation Vita 1000 series
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on April 28, 2013
I had a tough time deciding whether to buy one of these since there was quite a bit of polarization between the various reviews. One side says it's great and the other says it's a turd. I give it 5 stars and you can see my comparison/review of this product along with the CTA Digital Hand Grip.
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on March 12, 2013
I've had the Nyko Power Grip for several days now, and I couldn't be more impressed.

Some people really love the Vita and have no qualms on it's comfort level, but for me playing on the Vita is very uncomfortable. I could not find an appropriate way to grip it without cramping my hands or feeling strained. So off I went to find a good grip attachment.

In comes the Nyko Power Grip. I decided on this over anything else because of the addition of an internal power system in the grip itself. I didn't expect much of this feature, but I'm very glad I got it. It works as pictured & described. You lay the Vita into the grip then push in the power block attachment and put the switch in the lock position. If you want to charge the Vita, you don't have to take it out, simply insert the power cord directly into the Nyko Power Grip and it will charge both.

That's right, you can charge the Power Grip. I've fiddled around with it, and how the Power Grip works is after several "break in" charges, it will get a green light. Once that light is green, it means you've got a perfect back-up battery that will actually charge the Vita itself when attached. The Vita charging icon appears indicating as such. I let the Vita battery empty to about ~60% before attaching the Nyko Grip, and it indeed recharged the Vita battery to 100%.

The one downfall is that the grip is not 100% snug, meaning the Vita jostles around just a smidge. Very easy solution to this however, simply tear off two squares of paper and fold them, then place them on either side of the power grip, right under where you'd place the Vita. Just enough thickness so it remains snug, but doesn't put undue pressure forcing the Vita out. If you wanted, you could apply one side of a velcro sticker and that should be adequate.

I would recommend this over any other grip, especially the CTA Digital Grip which is identical but lacks the battery.

-Comfortable, rubberized coating
-Does not look cheap or flimsy
-Actually keeps a large portion of your Vita battery charged
-When attached, looks & feels like a natural extension of the Vita system

-Covers the game port
-Vita fits a touch loose (easily mended by placing paper or similar to fill the gap)
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on October 20, 2014
My second purchase of the Nyko Power Grip and already only maybe a month a half later and this one messed up. But not for the reasons you would be thinking. Battery was working flawlessly on both of my purchases, first power grip lasted me about 7 months but both were met with the same fate, the proprietary female charging adapter port on the inside would just break from the board.

After the second time that this happened I decided to take it apart to see why it was doing this, and from what I can gather is that the adapter portion is not built to firm into the board. It almost seems like a metallic looking adhesive is holding it down, but it doesn't seem strong enough to keep it firm if you plan on playing your Vita with the grip while it is also connected to the charger. In the near future when I finally decide to purchase a 3rd power grip I plan on manually adding my own sauter to the edges on the side so it can sit firmly in place from all the tugging and pulling.

Overall I strongly recommend this product but learn from my mistakes and charge the grip when it's not going to be in use and do not have it connected to the charger while it's in use. I'm only docking a star because the female adapter portion could be stronger and that ended up as the downfall on both purchases.
Wonderful product, it adds some nice weight and if you have big hands like myself this grip makes playing games a dream compared to just using the Vita without the grip.
review image
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on March 13, 2014
If you're like me, you simply can't find a way to hold PS Vita (or PSP, for that matter) that's consistently comfortable for long-term play. These handhelds just aren't designed like that. I've longed for a portable PlayStation console shaped like an actual controller, and while the Nyko Power Grip doesn't quite reach the lofty standard of DualShock excellence, it's a huge step up from using the Vita by itself.

I primarily bought this grip for the increased comfort, not the extra battery life. It doesn't disappoint in either respect. For the former, the grip boasts a very comfortable rubber-matte finish that beats the cheap plastic you'll find on other grips. The backside of the handles have a couple indentations for your fingers to rest in two different formats: you can place your two middle fingers in each groove, resting your forefinger on the trigger, or place your forefinger and middle finger in the grooves and leave the triggers alone. The second method is more comfortable, but doesn't work particularly well for gaming with the increased distance between your thumbs and the Vita's buttons. The first method is still very comfortable--I don't have to support the Vita with my pinkies and greater separation lets me keep me thumbs straighter for everything from button-pressing to moving the analog sticks.

As for the battery function, it works, but there are some caveats. You'll need to do 3-5 complete discharges and recharges before the internal battery will truly "double" gameplay time, as advertised. The LED light system isn't super clear, either. When the grip is working, keeping the Vita charged as intended, there is no indication as such on the grip itself--your only clue is that the Vita's light (on the PlayStation button) will be orange instead of the usual blue. This confused me for a bit, and I thought the grip wasn't working until enough of my Vita's battery had drained for the grip to start charging. The grip's initial, out-of-box charge takes WAY too long, as well--nearly 8 hours, by my count.

But with confusion cleared up, and everything working as advertised, I'm very pleased with my purchase. The grip has already alleviated the hand cramps, uncertainty, and awkward positions that have plagued my Vita experience, and so long as the battery plays its part and continues extending my gameplay time, I'll be happy.
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on October 21, 2013
I'm on my third Nyko power grip with a love/hate relationship with this product. I purchased my first grip over year ago. It worked great for six months until a static spike fried the battery, and this was only a tiny static shock. I was playing my Vita with this grip when a buddy brushed past me and jolted my hand. Vita was fine but the grip was toast. Bought a second one and it died after two months of gentle use. It simply would not charge anymore. My third power grip lasted the longest and clocked six solid months of hardcore everyday use before biting the dust. As rechargeable batteries go, this thing served its full life of well over 300 recharges. This product does indeed have extremely spotty reliability and especially now that NYKO is charging twice the original price, I'm hesitant to buy a fourth.

You wont get a better feeling grip for the Vita if you are a fully grown adult. I've never had a hand cramp thanks to this grip, but beware, this is a recharging system that REQUIRES annual replacement. Don't buy this grip and expect it to be the be-all-end-all power solution for your Vita. The battery will fizzle out sooner than you think and you'll be coughing up more dough to replace this thing if you want to keep the battery extension option. It used to cost just $30 but is now $60 which at this point I feel is a complete rip-off considering it needs regular replacement. There are other battery backup options available that will outlast this one, but of course you'll be sacrificing the convenience of system integration.

I would recommend getting this grip as a traveling companion for long air plane rides or vacations. Use the other smaller grips for daily use where you don't need to play for 9 hours. This is a solid product, but it's price gouging and reliability issues will make you feel burned if you use it as a daily platform for your Vita. Your investment in this product will definitely be more worth while if you reserve this Power Grip for intermittent use during long hauls where recharging the Vita simply isn't an option.
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on August 25, 2013
When I bought this product, I loved it. The weight and balance with the grips made the game very comfortable. I enjoyed taking it on trips where I could enjoy a 4-5 hour flight and still have a bit of charge when I am done.

Then, it stopped working.

Issue #1: the battery life started to fade. When I could leave it in standby for several days, it would be dead sometimes by the end of the day after charging it the night before.

Issue #2: the charge connector broke. Charging is now a challenge. I do not know when it happened, but on the last charge, my connector no longer fit snuggly into the unit. Instead it wiggled. It had to be wiggled into just the right position for it to start charging. After a few hours, it would shine green. Still, you have to toy with it for about 5-10 minutes to get it to stay.

This is frustrating. I want to enjoy these grips. I am playing the Kill Zone Mercenaries beta and cannot get more than an hour and a half gameplay before my vita starts draining. It is as if the Nyko's "power" was not even there anymore.

I want to love it. But, I cannot recommend it.
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on February 5, 2014
I love the way this makes the PS Vita more comfortable to hold, and makes it feel more like a console game controller. I also like the fact that it has an internal battery that extends (doubles) the battery life of your PS Vita, which is handy for long airplane trips where you cannot reliably trust that there will be a power outlet on board the plane, or in the airport. But with all things, there is a down side. This will make your PS Vita much larger, and more oddly shaped. That means it won't fit in any of the PS Vita cases or covers. Also, the design is imperfect, in that it hides the memory card slot. You cannot swap memory cards without removing the PS Vita from this Power Grip first. But I still recommend it, because it's the best product of its kind. In fact, while there are other similar grips, I think this is the only one that has the extended battery.
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on November 7, 2012
While it was working, it was a great product. Battery life was doubled, the grip is comfortable. It stopped taking a charge after a month however
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on December 31, 2013
I have pretty large hands and was originally having problems with pain after playing for long periods. After getting the grip i noticed a total difference. It fits perfectly and is SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE! The fact that it adds a number of hours of gameplay with the battery pack is a plus! Love this thing!

Another cool thing is that you can charge it with any power block/usb charger. not just the stupid proprietary sony power supply charger. One less long obnoxious cable i dont have to put in my bag, i can just use my phone charger block. Its also awesome that it will charge the vita before charging the actual grip.

One thing to keep in mind: No data can pass through the grip, just power so you have to take it off to connect vita to pc/ps3/4. Not a big deal though.
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on March 5, 2014
1st, the battery life comparison. Actually timed it based on play time. still rough estimates, but done multiple times to provide consistency.
Ps vita, wifi on, brightness max, playing multiplayer games, grip not attached : 3.5 hrs (game: street fighter x tekken)
Ps vita, wifi off, brightness max, games with no wifi needed, grip not attached: 4 - 4.5 hrs (persona 4 golden, rayman origins)

was actually disappointed that it did not last as long with wifi off. side note; uncharted golden abyss, wifi off: 3.5 hrs. that game drains battery sooo fast.

Ps vita, wifi on, brightness max, playing multiplayer games, grip attached: 7 - 7.5 hrs (game: street fighter x tekken, Dragon's crown)
ps vita, wifi off, brightness max, single player mode, grip attached: 8.5 - 9 hrs (game: mostly dragon's crown with an hour or two of persona 4 golden)

so yeah... it really does double battery life.
now for the charging part. I've read and researched this a lot before purchasing, and have come across complaints/problems regarding charging.

from my experience, initial charging takes 9 hours! 9 freaking hours! that is only the grip itself, and the vita not attached, which would explain some worries that it's broken. when fully charged, the light indicator changes to a solid green.

during use, the ps vita battery does not drain. the only indication you will get that the grip is drained will be a brief flashing red light. if you miss that, you can check the battery indicator on the vita, and if it starts draining, then, the grip is out of juice.
my suggestion then, is to fully charge it, and completely drain it. I have noticed that charge time has significantly shortened when charging the grip even with the vita attached. after about 3 complete discharge of the battery, the last time I charged it only took 6.5 hrs to charge both.

as for the quality of the grip, i'm no expert, but it really does make a huge difference using it for hours at a time. it's more comfortable to hold and does not hinder control input access, if anything, improves it. playing sf x t with the grip was a real improvement. and yes, it does block the access port to the game cartridge, but since I have opted to have all my games on the 64 gb card, its not an issue for me, but I can see how it would be if you prefer physical copies.

(disclaimer I guess: was done over the 1st month of ownership of the grip. will update if I experience any difference, but for now, take it as it is, an excellent accessory to an underappreciated device)
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