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on May 31, 2006
I was a fan of B2K and I knew that they were movin' too fast as far as they career was concerned. I saw too much going for this group in so little time. Anyway I figure that sooner or later in their careers, they all will end up pursuing solo careers, especially Omarion. Let's face it every boy band or group's lead singer has turned to solo careers such as Michael Jackson, Sisqo, Marques Houston, Nick Lachey, Justin Timberlake and so on. When I heard that B2K had broken up, I was a lil' disappointed but not surprised. To know that Omarion would go on to release a solo album was something that I would have expected. Anyway with Omarion's first debut album as a solo act, he has delivered a message to his fans that he has truly grown outside of being just a boy. He has become a young man. Although fans are use to fast and upbeat sounds from B2K I can truly say that it is far from that. Yeah there are upbeat sounds from Omarion such as "Touch" "Take It Off" "I Wish" "Drop That Heater" and "Never Gonna Let You Go (She's A Keepa) but on a more mature level, Omarion delivers more slow tempo cuts such as "I'm Tryna" "Slow Dance" and "Fienin' You", just to name a few. As a fan of Omarion I truly love what he brings to the table and gives him props for his album "O." However there are a couple of tracks that I could care less of such as "I Wish" and "I'm Gon Change." For some reason they just don't appeal to me, but as far as the rest of the album it is pretty good and if I were to grade it I'll give it a "C" for Omarion does make a crossover from being in a boy band to maturing into a young man, singing tunes that he could have never done as the frontman of a boy band.

My personal favorites are: "I'm Tryna" "Fienin' You" "I Know" "Drop That Heater" "Touch" and "In The Dark"

1. I Wish 3/5- it's okay, but I usually skip to number 2. The lyrics nor the beat isn't catchy to me.

2. Touch 5/5- bangin beat! Great for the club! Love the song!

3. O 5/5- first single from the album. Great song! Really shows that Omarion has matured and is ready for more than just walks in the park.

4. I'm Tryna 5/5- I love this song. The lyrics are good.

5. Drop That Heater 4/5- Love the Beat, love the chorus. Good to jam to.

6. Growing Pains 4/5- really expresses his feelings about the b2k breakup. Not a bad song, but not one of my favorites.

7. Take It Off 4/5- Again Omarion truly shows that he's more about walks in the park, he's down to grown folks business. The beat is cool, makes ya wanna bob ya head!

8. Never Gonna Let You Go (She's A Keepa)4/5- Nice song

9. I Know 5/5- I love this song.

10. I'm Gon Change 2/5- I personally dislike this song. I could never get the feel of it. I usually skip this track.

11. In the Dark 5/5- This track is Omarion on a more mature level. He has truly grown as far as his image and lyrics.

12. Slow Dance 5/5- A nice slow tempo ballad. Nice to play over a candle light dinner or whatever. LOL!

13. Fienin' You 4/5- This is a cool song. Again Omarion is much more mature and talks grown folk!

Overall, "O" is an album that gives fans a more mature Omarion. While fans are use to him singing about takin' a girl out to the movies and hangin' out, Omarion steps up to a new level as he gets deeper into love in you can find that out in songs such as "Touch" "Slow Dance" "In the Dark" and "Take it Off."
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on May 22, 2005
Crap is all thay i can say about this release!! At this point the album is only gold and not even in billboards top 50 albums, which shows that this CD isn't moving units like expected. Usher got the audience, Omarion is just a jester in Usher's court. Save your money and download this crap>
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on February 22, 2005
Great CD..In my opinion I knew my boy would represent with this cd..From the moment i heard B2K was breaking i immediately thought how stupid can those dudes be...I mean Omarion was the only one you really heard in their with the exception of the lil rhymes by lil fizz...This cd starts off and ends great..and definitely make me think that this dude can do some damage with the right producers...favorite cuts have to be the title cut "O" which without a doubt shakes the teeny bopper image, She's a Keeper with Big Boi from Outkast which jamz for the simple fact you wouldn't expect this from this cat and it succeeds, and i also enjoy "Growing Pains" which reminds me of an R n B verison of Lil Waynes "I miss my dawgs"...the chorus alone is sick...if your not to nit picky and critical you will appreciate Omarion over some pharrell and rodney jerkins...this cd has very good production...i can't wait to see the perfromances...great debut...curious to see what the remixes are going to sound like...this guy with the help of others like ciara and usher are bringing back great music with great dancing and performing that Michael Jackson brought it and Janet, Troop , New Edition , Bobby Brown kept moving....great cd
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on February 25, 2005
Omarion has grown up alot since B2K, and because of this the album reaches a broader fan base of the grown and sexy as they say. I would reccomend this Cd to the world. He did his thing.
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on July 12, 2005
Firt of all, this CD shoudl've been listed as having "Explicit Lyrics." The lyrics in this CD are more explicit than those found in John Legend's "Get Lifted." This leads me to write about young bucks (late teens/early twenties) who wanna call themselves being grown or mature. Their idea of being "grown up" is to be overtly sexual and raunchy. That's the problem with young people nowadays. They have nothing to offer the world except for their cheap sexuality. All throughout this CD, most of the songs just deal with sex, sex, and sex. They're some of the most raunchiest songs I've ever heard. We're too dumb to use our imaginations, so let Omarion sing in detail what he's going to do sexually to girl. This leads to another thing. A 21 year old boy like Omarion has nothing to offer any woman except a cheap org*sm and I feel sorry for any chick who get with him. Omarion has no respect for women and that is obvious throughout the CD. Women are just seen as sexual objects to exploit and conquer. Anyway, I didn't enjoy any of these songs and they're not even worth downloading. For Omarion's first solo album, I find this very disappointing. Unless he chills, gets his mind together, and comes up with material worth listening to, he'll regret leaving B2K.
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One thing that can be said about O is the fact that it does have its high points. "O" itself is the star track of the album and proved to be a wise first single. "I Wish" and "Touch" are also strong selections. "Take It Off" is good, but it opens up another can of worms about the album in general. This album has too many "ghetto" references not to recieve an explicit label, specifically in "Take it off" where he says "a n---- really trying to f--- with you". He also comments "I love when you're doing that s--- for me". That is really inappropriate for an unlabeled album and one that will most likely appeal to teens. On that same note, Omarion tries to grow up too much from his B2K days (just as other young stars are such as Mario, Marques Houston, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, etc...). This debut could've stood up better without all the cursing. Also, it is just a bit too urban for my blood. If you are looking for the best contemporary R&B artists I suggest Mario's album (which is better than this by a mile), and Usher's album, which surpasses most of the competition. 2.5 stars.
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on March 15, 2005
I had no idea when I purchased this CD that he was in the group B2K, since I was never a fan of them. I think that will probably work against him here on this CD.

With the whole B2K thing aside it is an "ok" CD. Nothing spectacualar on here to speak of. Filled with slow jams about love and trying to get a girl or get some booty. Kind of something that seems to be WAY too repetitive for newly solo R&B artists (male) these days. It's not a stand out style by any means. I was hoping for a little more upbeat/clubbin' tracks but, again, mostly all slow jams. They are mediocre at best. He has a decent voice but nothing to pine over. I think this is a CD geared more towards the ladies.

The 2 tracks that I feel standout here are: "O" and the club bumper: "Drop That Heater"

Other than that it does not have too much originality to it.
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on March 22, 2005
Everybody needs to give Omarion a break because he didn't want his group to split up. He worked hard tryin' to come out with this cd. I think that he did a wonderful job for this being his first solo cd. I think that his cd is worth buying. I listen to his cd almost everyday.Also he is 20 years old. In a couple of years he is gonna be more mature and his CDs will have alot of improvement in them. Example: Mario ( his second cd is way better than his first one). Give Omarion a chance
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on March 28, 2006
yes of course this is my boo i love him so very much but this cd isn't all that but it's his first time on his own so i believe if this cd was ok the others he's going to make will be off the chain.that's if he makes more but it's a really good cd just some songs are kind of stupid but this cd is aight' for a first timer on his own. awww my baby is all grown up and finally got some packs
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on November 8, 2005
Omarion did a great job on his solo debut album. Omarion grew up on this album and I can see he's very mature on this album. He's using a lot of profanity on his solo debut album. By the way the album is good and my favorite tracks is I'm Tryna,I Wish,O,Growing Pains,Take It Off,I Know,and In The Dark.I gave this album 5 stars and If you don't have the album yet and go get it now!
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