Customer Reviews: OCZ Technology 1TB Revo SATA 6.0 GB/s PCI-E Hybrid Solid State Drive With 100GB Cache And Max. Read 910 MB/s- RVDHY-FH-1T
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on October 11, 2011
First one I received was DOA, literally a brick, it didn't even show up in the BIOS.
Second one seemed to work fine for a day.
I installed all the recommended Dataplex software and partitioned the drives following OCZ's instructions to the letter.
All seemed fine till the next morning, when all I could get was this black error screen: "Dataplex error - cache drive not found - try rebooting your system".
I must have tried rebooting ten times, no luck.
All my other hardware is top-of-the-line and relatively new; I've had no problems with any of it.
I found out the hard way that the Hybrid HAS to be the primary drive, and OCZ tech told me they have not tested this unit with other Revo drives on the same system (really?). However the user guide that's included gives instructions on how to install the drive as a boot drive AND an additional storage device.
This Hydrid Revo was added to an already existing system with a 100GB Revo as drive C:(which has worked flawlessly for 6 months)this unit was fried in the attempt to combine it with the Hybrid and was sent back to OCZ for a replacement.
(replacement for the damaged drive was received promptly, by the way)

UPDATE: 10/24/11
I'm on my third Revo Hybrid. Second attempt at clean install of windows. Gets as far as showing the drive to install windows then says: "cannot create partition". This has been an exercise in frustration, I've built several computers over the last couple of years and never had so much trouble with any hardware. This is not just a fluke or bad luck, these drives need a little more R&D.

UPDATE: 10/25/11
Got the drive to finally create partitions but won't install Windows on any of them. The same thing happened with the second Hybrid I received. It says: "cannot install windows on this partition, ERROR: 0x80300001". Today when I tried again, the computer simply won't boot. It says: "BOOTMGR is missing. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart". Great! Everyday a new surprise with this thing. This is really getting tiresome. Now NOTHING boots on the system, not optical, USB or SATA drives, nothing. I'm starting to think that installing this drive has turned my motherboard into $360.00 doorstop. Let's see what OCZ tech says about this.

Final installment of the Revo Hybrid saga:
Tried installing on two other motherboards(Rampage Extreme III and Extreme III Gene) and still had variations of the same problems.
In one instance the drive would not let me install Windows on the HDD but would allow it on the SSD. OCZ tech support was very specific about installing the OS only on the HDD, and that the SSD would only start functioning AFTER installing OCZ's Dataplex software. The back-and-forth emails with OCZ tech support are becoming tedious.

I'm done. Lord knows I tried. I really wanted it to work. Returned the third drive for a refund. I'll use the funds to get another (much more reliable) OCZ Revo SSD instead.

OCZ makes good gear, just not in this specific case IMO. Also the required Dataplex software needs to be revised.

Wow! less than a year on the market and now being sold at half the original price (I paid $500.00).
Looks like OCZ never fixed the problems plaguing this unit and are now trying to dump them.
Your money will be much better spent on a SSD-only 120GB RevoDrive (my 100GB unit still works beautifully)and a 2TB Seagate HDD.
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on April 29, 2012
At $230 after rebate this was a deal I could not pass up. I've tried to install Windows 7 on two of these drives. The first time I installed it successfully but after booting and installing the dataplex software, the drive would no longer boot. I tried another clean install with the same result. I returned the drive. A month later I saw the $100 rebate was back. So I decided to try it again. This time the drive was even worse. My computer would not even boot when the drive was installed so I could not even tell my bios to boot to the Windows 7 CD for the install. My computer would hang at the OCZ Technology bios screen. I am currently running an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD in my computer and I couldn't be happier. However, this product falls short of my expectations of OCZ quality.
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on October 19, 2011
Revised - now runs for about 10 minutes then get blue screen, will have to return the product. Old review - I am psyched about having this "hard drive" installed and running. During install, the issue that I ran into was having my system use the PCI slot as a boot device. It seemed to want to look for any other device despite the BIOS priority. Unplugging my external hard drive during boot-up is all it took. My Windows system rating skyrocketed up to 7.2 out of 7.8 and I have been extremely happy with performance. Only time will tell whether the hot and cold file swapping will work properly for me. If it does, then this is a phenomenal price shift and performance improvement for folks wanting to have a solid state drive for hot files.
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on August 29, 2012
No manual included in the box, so I had no idea that there was software already installed on the drive and there was no need to format.

Plugged it in, the hard drive component disappeared almost immediately from the list of drives after I started the computer up and I could not force remount it.

Tried to install Win 7 on the drive after watching the video instructions that I found after a Google search and poking around the support site. No luck, no drivers for Win 7 on CD with other drivers.

Downloaded Win 7 drivers, installed them on my system - still unable to install Win 7 on this drive.

And the final kicker? The caching software to be used with the system requires a serial number for activation. Which is not in the box, on a label, or on the packaging containing the drive. There are people who have had to call the company to get the number "reset", which impies there is some DRM on it. DRM on system software, a recipe for disaster, folks.

What an awful, awful product with such great potential. Somebody please fix the problems and give this drive the success it deserves.
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on October 16, 2012
I could not get the old c drive to mirror over too the hybrid drive using a number of different software programs. Later I was concerned that if the hybrid drive failed, I would have problems getting information from it as it connected by PCI rather than SATA. All in all I gave up and returned it.
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on December 28, 2011
I have a Core i7 rig I built & overclocked over 2 yrs ago with 6gb of ram. I was disappointed that Battlefield 3 maps loaded slowly so I grabbed one of these, not liking the small size of most straight SSD's. I am impressed! The benchmarks are on-par with a straight SSD yet I get 1TB of space to use. I've been running this for 2 months now without a hitch & am grabbing one for my daughter (another avid gamer).
They did this right if you think about it... PCI-e 4x gives you plenty of bandwidth, the SATA III controller gives you the benefits of increased bandwidth there and the software manages the caching efficiently.
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on November 2, 2012
Allright guys, here's the lowdown.

Things you need toknow:
-It ONLY works with windows (7 for now, 8 later on). No linux or dual booting.
-It's not a single device, it's a PCIE SSD and a separate hard drive attached
-You MUST install the OS to the hitachi drive attached (not the cache)
-It REQUIRES that you install the DataPlex Software

Things I didn't know:
-You need to download the OCZ toolbox for windows in order to update it's BIOS *AND* FIRMWARE, THIS IS THE FIRST THINGS YOU SHOULD DO BECAUSE OLDER VERSION IS WHAT CAUSED MY PROBLEM.
-It's probably not looking too good without those updates when you loose power, I lost all my data on the first dirty shutdown... well not the data exactly, but it corrupted the crap out of the boot files.

After that I did a test dirty shutdown ( a single time) and it recovered ok this time around. I wouldn't trust it to be safely used without a Battery Backup, I bought a CyberPower 1500AVR LCD knowing that it uses write caching.

After that it's been quite a pleasure, I get SSD speeds and 1TB for my main drive. I haven't measured the read speeds but from actual real world usage I can tell you that stuff just pops open pretty much instantly. I use a samsung 830 series at work and this hybrid feels faster. The workstation at work has a second gen core i7 and my home one is a first gen Core i7 960 and my home one beats it in real world stuff. Loading for games where you can read tips in between loads so fast that I can't read 1/2 a tip anymore :). Overall this drive is really innovative, but very strangely implemented so it's hard for some people to grasp the concept of how it works.

The SSD is just a regular SSD, the DataPlex software's job is to hide the SSD then use it to cache files that you read a lot. Reading stuff from the SSD is what makes it fast. The main drive actually holds the data, the point being to use this drive for as little as possible. This job is done transparently by the DataPlex software. In other words it's the same thing as a crucial adrenaline ssd cache, except because it uses PCI Express 4x (6gb/s) instead of SATA it's read speeds are not limited and thus makes it faster. All in all i think it's worth about $150-$200.
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on April 28, 2012
The OCZ revodrive hybrid 1 TB works as advertised: Fast startup, Fast switching users and large capacity. Upgrades to the computer were installation of the revodrive, installation of 2GB memory to give 6 GB total, installed win 7 64 bit and reinstalled software. The hard drive part of the drive is rarely heard whereas my old drive whirred contiuously.
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on November 7, 2012
This is a fantastic product. Once the caching software learns after only a few days, the performance boost is very noticable. A great value when you look at cost per Gigabyte for the storage and performance you get. Installation was pretty easy, plug into PCIe slot, download and register Dataplex caching software and your good. I'm not using as my primary OS drive, I have a 240GB SSD for that, but I do a lot of photo and graphics editing and some movie editing/transcoding, and run that software on the Revo, along with a few games. All run smooth as silk, very snappy.

If you are torn between needing capacity and wanting SSD performance, this is a lot of bang for the buck.
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on January 15, 2013
I bought this probably 3-4 months ago for $160 and at this point I am happy with it. I am an IT professional in my career and it took me 2 months to really figure this thing out. There is no guide that really states how this thing works.

IF YOUR HAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS THING READ ON!!! So when installing at least windows 7 64 bit you must install ALL updates or close to all before even bothering with dataplex software. If you do try doing both it will make your bootmgr seem to disappear and you wont be able to boot. I had a hard time finding this sort of information anywhere. It is ok to defrag this regularly and update after the first initial batch of updates are complete. But I had to install win7 about 5 times in 24 hours before I attempted just taking it step by step. The other thing, when I have to reset this thing randomly sometimes, by unplugging and plugging back in, BIOS seems to think it got DCed and say bootmgr is missing again. So either use boot menu or reselect. I have not tried reseating it while the power on the PC was off.

Other than that the performance is phenomenal, there are a few grips with it. It has its on BIOS which takes about 30 seconds so boot up times overall go up. It does randomly mess up and well there is not much support or forum topics about this thing. I will say also if you change a few Major components of your PC like mobo and some others(dont remember off the top of my head) it may lock your serial of dataplex and you have to call OCZ to get it unlocked. Other than though for me at this point it just works. I wish you could swap out the 1 TB 5400 rpm for something quicker but I wont complain. I wouldnt pay much more than $200 for this. It is SSD speeds with a 100GB cache, much better than the monumentus drives by leaps and bounds.
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