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I am a coffee lover and sometimes Amazon or a third party seller will sell products close to the Sell Date. It is probably about 1-2 years old now, but it will maintain it's flavor for a couple of months. But the point is, you were thinking that the product was recently packaged and not perhaps 2 years old. If the seller didn't disclose this info then I suggest calling the phone number on the bag. This company will probably make it good. If you purchased it directly from Amazon, then call Amazon. If it was purchased through a third party seller, I would not waste the time to contact them, unless that seller has a high volume of customers and rankings. If this is the case I suggest you call the seller and see if they will make it good. Third party sellers are similar to eBay, it's all about the rankings and they're many Amazon third party sellers that want to build their business. If they don't come though, rank that seller One Star on the sellers rankings and not reviews. Then call the maker of Eight O'clock and Amazon and complain. They may even give you a freebie for your time. Good luck! M Hyatt-Amazon Buyer.
Jun 16, 2013 by HYATT - AMAZON BUYER
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